Something Nice Back Home | Some Answers, No Action

After last week’s been centric episode full of action and excitement, I should have expected a much slower paced episode this week. While the episode was a bit slow, it certainly started off with a shock. We saw a Jack flashforward where he is off the island and he has kids toys and some ladies underwear laying around. Either Jack has some weird fetishes or he has a woman and kids staying with him. Turns out that his lady friend is in the shower, and for once we weren’t forced to figure out who was in there. None other than Kate steps out and then we find out the toys belong to Aaron. This, and the fact that Christian Shepherd made multiple appearance were the most interesting events this week which I will go into more detail about when I do the full recap.

All in all it was a slow episode but I think it set up multiple necessary situations in the future that will allow for a great season finale. What did you guys think of Something Nice back Home?

Something Nice Back Home | Sneak Preview

Juliet sends Sun to get some medical equipment from the station where she checked her pregnancy. Apparently, Jack needs an appendectomy (saw this in another really short clip). Daniel wants to go help sun make sure she gets the right instruments for some reason. Finally, people are wising up and not trusting them. I for one hope he gets show in the leg.