Will the Island Bring Locke Back to Life?

I for one hope that by bringing Locke’s body back to the island he will NOT magically jump out of the coffin and start playing backgammon again. However, I’ve started watching Lost again from the beginning just to see if I pick up on anything that I’ve missed or forgotten.

In part 2 of the pilot Claire mentions that she has not felt the baby (Aaron) move since yesterday (the day of the crash). Baby’s normally kick and move and all that good stuff, but Aaron is either being lazy and sleeping for 24 straight hours or he died in the crash.

Later on in that same episode Jin is making some fish and he wants other people to try it first to make sure its not poisonous. Hurley declines, but Jin is able to talk Claire into trying it. Not 2 seconds after she puts it in her mouth and swallows, she instantly feels Aaron start kicking. Could it be that the fish she ate which came from the island brought Aaron back to life?

Lost Season 4 Finale Recap

The Lost season 4 finale was chocked full of action, answers (whether you liked them or not), and as always more questions.  Who was in the coffin, how does the island move, will Desmond ever be reunited with Penny, why are the O6 lying, and many more all were answered.  These are the questions that we have been wondering about for quite sometime.

It seems that more than a few are frustrated by the continuous new questions, but I’ve learned to accept them.  This is the writer’s style.  They give you pieces of information, often times out of order, and let you, the viewer, try to piece them together.  It keeps you coming back for more and it keeps you interested in the show.  Is it so bad that you have to think while you watch TV once in a while instead of being force fed a storyline?  That said, I thought this was a great season finale.  Now on to the recap starting with the freighter:

On the freighter:
Sun and Jin have made it back to the freighter and now know Michael is there.  Sun makes a comment to him about being pregnant which Michael looks sort of surprised and says, “that’s great”.  I could be wrong but I think Michael did something to Sun on the island in season 2 where he blindfolded her or something.  I’m not 100% sure but I think during this same event, he may have raped Sun.  I’m going out on a limb and saying that Sun’s baby is Michael’s and not actually Jin’s.  Either I’m a genius, or way off on that guess.
Desmond, Michael, and Jin try to deactivate the bomb.  They are unable to do so and decide to freeze the battery using nitrogen.  With only 1 canister, they run out quickly and Keamy’s death and no pulse being transmitted results in the bomb being activated.

Christian Shepherd appears to Michael saying, “You can go now”.  Many are questioning still whether or not Michael is dead.  To me, the statement “you can go now” coming from another dead person is a pretty clear signal that Michael is dead.  Everyone wanted to know what happen to Michael when he left the island in the boat.  His story has been told, he has redeemed himself, and he is dead.  I have to admit its pretty funny that the writers of Lost can detonate a bomb with a man standing an inch from it and the viewers still question his death.  They have us wrapped around their pens and they can do whatever they want to us.

On the island:
Jack confronts Locke who tells him he’s not supposed to leave the island.  He fails to convince him, and tells him he has to lie about the events that have taken place if he makes it off.  Jack will realize that he does indeed have to lie when he see’s the island has disappeared later on in the episode and he has to take back his comment that “there’s no such thing as miracles”.

Ben has turned himself over to Keamy, but as he said he “always has a plan”.  The rest of the others surround them and take them all out with nothing but some blow darts and rope.  I’m assuming this is what was communicated to them with the mirror-flashing scene.

Daniel comes back to take more people back to the freighter.  He tells Charlotte and Miles to make sure they are on the next boat because he knows it will be the last one.  Miles makes an interesting comment to Charlotte that its weird she would want to leave after all this time she’s been spending trying to get back. This confirms that our friend Charlotte has indeed been on the island before, but when? Ben’s old friend maybe?  I don’t think so, because Ben and Charlotte have met on the island and they did not recognize each other.  If he did recognize her, it wasn’t very nice of him to shoot her.

Ben meets back up with Locke and once in the Orchid, Ben tells Locke to watch an orientation video that explains the purpose of the hatch.  The video reveals that the station is capable of moving objects in both space and time.  The “vault” is the device that is suppose to be used to do this, but Ben seems to know there’s a secret cave behind the vault which leads to the real time machine or frozen donkey wheel (whatever you want to call it).  How does Ben know that it is behind the wall?  It would seem that the wheel has not been turned since the creation of the Orchid station, as that is the only way to access it.  If that’s the case, how does Widmore know of the wheel?  Was he there on the island prior to the Dharma stations being built?  Many have guessed that he was one of the members of the black rock ship that was seen in the middle of the island and that the reason he cant find the island again is because he was the last one to move it and turn over leadership to Ben.

Another interesting thing in the orientation video, Halliwax says the rabbit will “appear” to have disappeared, but in reality…. then it cuts off and starts to rewind.  I think this is a slight clue that the island hasn’t physically moved but just appears to have disappeared.  A lot of people said they didn’t like that the island just disappeared.  Not really sure what they wanted to see with an entire island moving, but I think this is why the writers went with the disappearing method.

While down in the Orchid, Keamy pays them a visit.  At first I thought it was going to be eye patch man, but its just Keamy in his bulletproof vest.  Ben lays a smack down on him and stabs him to death.  We find out that he is wearing a heart monitor, which triggers the c4 on the freighter if his pulse stops.  My favorite line of the episode follows with Locke saying, “you just killed everyone on the boat”.  Ben replies “…So”.  Just when you’re starting to like Ben, he drops that line and is back to his evil old self.

Ben informs Locke that Richard and the others are waiting for him and will answer all of his questions and be at his command because the person who moves the island can never return.  Many of you complained that you didn’t like the donkey wheel that was used to move the island.  However, remember the 4-toed statue, and the hieroglyphics that we’ve seen all over the island.  The island and all of its mysteries are ancient.  Again, I’m not sure how people would have like to see the island be moved but I think there was some logic behind the wheel.  Found via another site, “In Buddhism, the Wheel of Dharma is depicted by an eight-spoked wheel, symbolizing both the Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism”.  The logo is shown below and matches up pretty precisely with another logo we are familiar with.

frozen donkey wheel
Another interesting thing about the wheel is that often times, animals are tied to this type of contraption and they walk to make it turn.  If you remember, a polar bear with a collar was found in the Sahara desert.  The same place Ben comes out at.  Hmmmmm….

While Ben is working to move the island, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, and Frank take off in the helicopter only to find out they have a gun shot in their gas tank.  Sawyer decides to be the noble one and jump off to eliminate as much weight as possible.  Before jumping though, he whispers something to Kate. My guess is that it has to do with taking care of Cassidy and Clementine.  The chopper makes it back to the freighter just in time to fix the whole, pick up Sun, Aaron and Desmond, and to watch Jin DIE in the explosion.  Yeah, I said it Jin is dead.  He was on a boat with a pile of c4 that exploded.  He was arrested for a DUI.  He is dead.  He may be back as a ghost or whatever we are seeing with the rest of the dead people, but Jin is dead. And if one of you say anything about him being in a flash-forward buying a baby present, so help me : )

As they are flying back to the island, the O6 receive quite a shock as the see the island disappear before the eyes, and they run out of fuel yet again.  They are forced to crash in the ocean and miraculously no one is hurt or killed (although Desmond needed a little mouth to mouth action from the doc).  While on the life raft, they see a light and a boat out in the distance.  The scene was pretty reminiscent of a previous finale where the others came in a boat and took Walt.  This time they were created with a much nicer face than Mr. Friendly though.  The boat belongs to none other than Penny.  After 4 long seasons, Des and Penny are finally reunited.  At this point, Jack tells everyone they must lie about everything because he knows Locke was right.

The story Jack works up is that he and the rest of the O6 are crashed on an island, set off in the life raft, and ended up in Mumbata.  From there you know the rest of the story. Frank also sets off in another lifeboat and plans to use the same story of crashing in the helicopter.  I wonder if he will cross paths with Farraday’s boat?  Desmond of course stays with Penny.

The episode opens up where season 3 left off with Jack telling Kate, “we have to go back”.  She’s a bit angry at the idea of going back and doesn’t want to hear anymore talk of it.  Apparently, Jeremy Bentham talked to all of the O6 trying to get them to come back to the island.

Walt comes to visit Hurley in the mental institute.  Is it just me, or does Walt look like Kid from Kid n Play?  He tells Hurley that Jeremy Bentham came to see him too and wants to know why the O6 are all lying.  Hurley says it’s to protect the ones that didn’t come back.  Walt than says “like my father”.  Here, Hurley says yes, but I think he is lying to Walt about him being dead.

Sayid pays a visit to Hurley as well.  Before going in, he asks a man what the time is (who replies 8:15 – nice numbers…).  Sayid promptly shoots him and is obviously taking the next person on the list out.  Because he is watching Hurley, the people on Ben’s list are obviously after the O6 on Widmore’s orders.  Once inside, he tells Hurley that Jeremy Bentham has been killed and it was made to look like a suicide.  He also wants to take Hurley somewhere safe away from the rest of the people on the list.  Oh yea and, check mate Mr. Ekco.

Sun goes to see Charles Widmore in London.  She mentions that she is a Director at her father’s business.  I saw in the comments that people thought she was using Widmore’s money to buy out part of her father’s business, but this is wrong.  She specifically says that she got the money from her Oceanic settlement.  She informs Widmore that they have common interests and gives him her card.  She also says “As you know, we aren’t the only ones who left the island”.  The motive here I think is to get us to think she wants to work with Widmore to find Ben as the common interest.  But as she’s walking away he asks, “Why would you want to help me?”  Sun doesn’t respond here, she just walks away with a worried look on her face.  My theory is that Jeremy Bentham also paid Sun a visit and has instructed Sun to go after Widmore and merely pretend to work with him.

Time for a Kate flashforward.  We see Kate sleeping in bed alone.  Presumably this is after she and Jack are no longer living together and probably right after their meeting at the airport where he tells her we have to go back.  Kate is woken up by a phone call with some familiar whispers that we are use to hearing on the island. Apparently, the voice is speaking backwards because when played in reverse it says something along the lines of  “You have to come back before it’s to late”.  After the strange call, Kate hears a noise and goes to check on Aaron and she finds someone in his room watching him sleep.  Its creepy dead Claire and she has some words of warning.  “Don’t you DARE take him back”.  Kate then wakes up from her dream completely freaked out.  I think the writers again are leading the viewers in the wrong direction.  The obvious person she would be talking about is Aaron, but I think she is talking about taking either Ben or Jeremy Bentham back to the island.  We’ll see how it plays out though.

Jack’s flash-forward is the end of the finale and he’s back at the funeral home with the coffin containing Jeremy Bentham.  While looking at the coffin, Jack gets an unexpected visit from Ben.  He tells him that the only way to get back to the island is to get everyone to go back together, including dead John Locke.  He also says he has a few ideas on how to get back because of course, he “always has a plan”.

Season 4 Finale Discussion

Just wanted to give everyone a place to discuss the season 4 finale until the recap goes up.  Below are a few of my favorite quotes from the episode. To me, this has to go down as one of the best episodes of Lost to date.

Locke: “You do know he said not to put anything metal in there right?”

Sawyer calling Frank “Kenny Rogers”

Ben saying “So?” when Locke says he just killed everyone on the boat.

Christian Shepherd: “You can go now Michael”.

Frank: “Where’s the island??”

Ben:  “I said all of you have to go back.  We’re going to have to take… him.”
Now go for it! 😀

Season 4 Finale Sneak Peeks

You’ve patiently waited, so here are multiple sneak peeks of tomorrow night’s 2-hour finale!

Jack and Locke confront and blame each other at the Orchid station.

Kate and the Others have a plan to take out the Freighters. I think this is what Ben was telling the person when communicating with the mirrors.

Michael wants to freeze the bomb.

Theres a hole in the chopper…and Sawyer is on it. Why does he not make it off as one of the O6 but everyone else there does?

Locke is about to find out the mysteries of the Orchid station. Will we or will we wait till season 5?

1 more Sneak Peek for There’s No Place Like Home

Just because I love each and every one of you – Here’s one more pretty long sneak peek for tonight’s episode There’s no Place Like Home.

On a side note I saw on another site that today is Frank Baum’s birthday. He is the creator of The Wizard of Oz where the famous line “There’s no place like home” comes from.

In the clip we see the O6 on the plane, Jack’s still wearing his I’m the leader pants so do what I say. Everyone looks pissed or scared…something isn’t quite right with them. Aaron is the 6th..the end.. no more maybe its him or him or her!

3 More Previews for There No Place Like Home

Keamy wants to land NOW and he’s planning on heading to the Orchid. Daniel knows about the secondary protocol and he’s not planning on sticking around to see it played out.

Sayid is back and he’s only planning on taking 6 back at a time. I wonder which 6 it will be??

The Orchid is a “green house place” that apparently has the ability to move the island.

From these clips I’m guessing Hurley runs away cause he wants to get off the island and he meets back up with Sayid and the other O6. They get off the island, Ben and Locke are successful at “moving the island”, and thats why Widmore cant find it and Jack cant seem to get back.

Any other thoughts?

There’s No Place Like Home Video Previews

Here’s 3 video previews of this week’s Lost entitled “There’s No Place Like Home”. Not only does it suggest that the O6 is going home, but its another subtle reference to The Wizard of Oz.

Sawyer meets back up with Jack and Kate. Informs them that Claire is gone, and warns Jack against going after Keamy. Jack seems pretty mobile for someone who just had some pretty unsanitary surgery.

Ben communicates with mirrors to the others in what appears to be the temple.

Sayid does indeed make it back to the island

Cabin Fever Video Previews

Here are a couple of video previews of this weeks lost called Cabin Fever.

Desmond and Sayid see what happens to smokeys victims. Also I see Doc Ray in the background..and he’s not dead now.

Locke tells everyone about Ben’s murder spree, and says they’re going to go see them.

Michael seems to have taken quite a beating for being a spy.

Horace seems a nice guy. Even though he has random nose bleeds and claims to have been dead for 12 years.

Something Nice Back Home | Some Answers, No Action

After last week’s been centric episode full of action and excitement, I should have expected a much slower paced episode this week. While the episode was a bit slow, it certainly started off with a shock. We saw a Jack flashforward where he is off the island and he has kids toys and some ladies underwear laying around. Either Jack has some weird fetishes or he has a woman and kids staying with him. Turns out that his lady friend is in the shower, and for once we weren’t forced to figure out who was in there. None other than Kate steps out and then we find out the toys belong to Aaron. This, and the fact that Christian Shepherd made multiple appearance were the most interesting events this week which I will go into more detail about when I do the full recap.

All in all it was a slow episode but I think it set up multiple necessary situations in the future that will allow for a great season finale. What did you guys think of Something Nice back Home?