General Observations about the Lost Characters

Over the last couple days I have become hooked on the show Lost. I always heard people talking about it with such enthusiasm that it was near impossible for me not to check it out. So I went to my local video store and proceeded to watch disk 1-6 of season 1. Once that was done I obtained all of season 2, up through the most current episode and watched them all, so I am now caught up with everyone and left hanging for the next new episodes. Watching them back to back to back and many more backs, I was able to see a lot of things about the people on the island and thought Id list them out. Maybe theres some stuff you didnt catch.

1. None of the people on the plane should have been on the plane.

– Kate – she was going to leave the guys house in the middle of the nite, he caught her and talked her into staying. He then turned her in the next morning to the Marshall guy.
– Charlie – His brother tried to keep him there to help with his drug addiction. He wouldnt listen and said he had a plane to catch.
– Jack – The lady at the desk said she wasnt allowed to let the coffin on the plane, but he talked her into it and he got on with it.
– Sun – She was going to leave Jin, but changed her mind at the last minute and got on.
– Claire – She was going to give the baby to some people, but changed her mind when the pen wouldnt work, talked to the pyschic guy, and he gave her the plane ticket to go give the baby to another family(even though he knew it was going to crash and was making sure she took care of the baby like he said she had to).
– Sayid – Government had plane tickets for him to leave the same day, but he said to change it so he could claim the body of his friend that killed himself

There are plenty more of these but you get the point that they all had a reason not to get on the plane but they still did.

2. All the people on the island have something wrong with them that was fixed by being on the island.

– Rose – Whatever was killing her was gone
– Locke – He can walk again
– Charlie – Had a drug addiction, now hes not using anymore
– Hurley – Crazy and fat. Now hes changing
– Jin & Sun – Jin couldnt have babies. Now Sun is pregnant..though im not sure that is really his or if its her english teachers. But she said she hasnt been with anyone else.

These are all I can think of right now for this one.

3. They all lost something or someone.

– Jack – his wife left him.
– Anna Lucia or whatever the girl cops name is – Lost her baby in the shooting.
– Locke – his dad and girlfriend left him.
– Claire – her boyfriend left.
– Charlie – his band broke up.
– Kate – lost her boyfriend in the car wreck.
– Michael – his sons mother died.
– Hurley – lost his friend because of the money.
– Shannon – her dad died and her step mom deserted her.
– Sawyer – his parents both died.
– Sayide – Lost the woman he loved.

Im sure there are more of these as well, but you get the point.

If youve noticed anything else that Ive missed, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Did Anyone See The Hand In Lost

When Kate brought Sawyer out of the hatch after he woke up from his infection, there was a black horse outside. Did anyone see the hand on the right hand side of the screen? Probably the horse’s trainer or something!!

The hand is at the end of Season 2 episode 9 – “What Kate Did”, when kate takes sawyer out of the hatch. Obviously visible on the right hand side of the screen.

Did Anyone Notice The Car In LOST?

There was a car in the background of LOST. I swear to the world it was there and I have a screenshot of it!
Car In ABC Lost

When Anna Lucia and Goodwin were taking their break and discussing the knife, you could see the white truck moving in the background. It was faint but if you look right between them then you will see it in motion as it looks like it is driving up a road. I’m not sure if this was purposeful or just an accident but I’m positive anyone with a taping of tonight’s Lost will see it.

I’m guessing the only explination for it is that no one on the Lost production crew noticed it, or they are going to give ‘The Others’ a truck or something, I guess they do have a boat so why not? 🙂

Did anyone else see it?????

**other points of note**
Does Mr Echo have a Dharma tattoo? it look like it
Why do the Pirates have a gun and the others don’t?
The pirates seemed bearded and rough as apposed to the others who say they are only “taking the good people”
Any relationship b/t Mr. Echo and the fact all the whispers are echoing?
Why didnt Anna go and get the knife?
Are the people they kidnapped safe like Goodwin says?
Cindy was the flight attendant, FYI