First 4 minutes of Lost season 6 Video

A preview of the first 4 minutes of Lost Season 6 has been posted online.  Enjoy it while you can because it may end up being removed.  It starts out with where we left off in season 5 with Juliette blowing up the bomb.  And then we finally find out what happens when the bomb goes off…

I’m unable to get the video to embed here, so you’ll have to watch here –

President Obama has access to all of Lost’s Secrets

In case you haven’t heard, the President’s State of the Union Address typically falls on or around February 2nd (the same night as the Lost Season 6 premiere).

Lost producer, Carlton Cuse, posted the following on his Twitter account:

“In exchange for moving his speech, Damon and I promise to answer ANY questions the president has about LOST.”

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs assured that it was unlikely the president’s speech would conflict with the premiere.

However, the White House declined to say when Obama will deliver the speech, which he will likely use to push for his domestic priority of healthcare reform.

No Presidential Address on Lost Premier Night

The Variable – Episode 100!

Thanks to Richard for finding these previews of Lost’s 100th Episode “The Variable”. An interesting name that ties directly back to the episode entitled “The Constant”. It looks to be a great one.

Farraday tells Jack that it is not his destiny to be back on the island, and in fact, he shouldn’t be anywhere near it.

Juliette looks to be packing her things and leaving to head back to the beach camp. Sawyer asks if she still has his back, she asks him the same thing – with a doubtful tone.

Farraday meets up with Dr. Chang and tells him that he needs to evacuate the island due to what’s sure to be “the incident” that we’ve been hearing about forever. He tells Chang he knows this because he’s from the future. Too bad we cant see Chang’s face to see how he reacted to hearing that.

Some Like it Hoth

Not much of a preview for this episode. We already knew Hurley finds a body bag. Anyone seen any other previews? This is the only one I’ve been able to find.

Thanks to Kris C, here are 3 additional previews.

Miles, Radzinksy, and a few others bring a dead body out of the woods with a bullet hole in the head. Guess we now know who’s in the body bag. Or at least what they look like. It appears to be a new character. Anyone want to guess whether or not Radzinsky is the one who shot him and why?

Juliette and Kate meet back up. They tell Roger that someone came and stole Ben instead of telling him the truth about Kate giving him over to Richard.

Miles and Hurley compare their super hero abilities of talking to dead people. Hurley clearly is the winner.