Lost Cast Video Interviews

Here are a few interview clips with the cast of Lost where they talk about where they left off with their character, and they reveal little bits and pieces of whats to come for them in the remainder of Lost Season 3. The interviews are in order of Claire, Hurley, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Kate, Charlie, Desmond, Ben, Juliet (so hot), Bryan Burk (producer) in the first clip. In the second clip its Jack Bender (producer), Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (producers),

As previously stated, the cast confirms that they will have a lot more focus in the episodes since we havent seen any of them in the last 6 episodes. We will find out more about whats going on with Desmond and his powers, the Charlie/Claire relationship, the Jack Kate and Sawyer triangle, Sun and Jins pregnancy, Juliets backstory, why Locke was in the wheel chair, Jacks tattoos, more about the dharma initiative and Eye Patchy guy and how the others relate to one another.

Clip From The Final Episode Of Lost

Well you’ve been watching lost now for 2 and a half seasons, your anciously awaiting the remainder of lost season 3 and you think to yourself how in the world can this show come to an end that will keep everyone happy. Well apparently the lost producers have allready begun filming the final episode of lost and here is a sneek peak at the ending…

By the way, if you couldnt figure out that Captain Jack Sparrow isnt really coming to save them all, this is fake and just for fun.