Behind the Scenes of the Lost Set | Part 2 and 3

I posted part one of the behind the set video clips here. Now Parts 2 and 3 are available below:

Behind the Scenes Parts 2 and 3

Part 2:
This one features Hurley who wants to know how he lost all his friendships from the island, a closer look at the sub, Henry Gale’s baloon, the freighter, and something gets blown up

This one feature Sun, Jin, and a tour of the beach

Lost Orientation Film 6 – The Orchid

Here is the newest orientation film from The Orchid. This was shown at Comicon. The message that flashes up in the middle says “God loves You and he Loved Jacob”.

Amazing Lost Plane Crash Video and Synchronized Events

This is a pretty awesome video of the Lost plane crash and all of the surrounding events. Someone spent a lot of time planning and piecing this thing together but it was well worth it.

You’ll see the Losties on the plane, Desmond and the Hatch and the others as the events unfold as if it was one episode and not 3 seasons.


Horses Cows and Eye Patchy – Oh My

The upcoming episode of Lost entitled Enter 77 looks to be a very interesting one. Earlier in the season, we saw mysterious man wearing an eye patch come on to one of the TV screens while Locke and company were exploring the Pearl station. Personally I’m pretty sure its number 2, but we will certainly find out more on Wednesday.

The video clip below shows Sayid exploring the jungle, when he comes across a big cow. Thats pretty weird right? At first I thought it was going to be similar to Kate seeing the horse, and Sawyer seeing the polar bear, but it turns out Eye Patchy is quite the farmer and has all kinds of animals at his little shack. Check it out.

Lost Season 1 and 2 Blooper Outakes

Every show has them, but this is the first I’ve really seen of any of the bloopers and out takes from Lost. The clips include scenes from both season 1 and season 2 of Lost and some of them are pretty funny.

Lost Season 1 Bloopers

Lost Season 2 Bloopers