LOST Call Sheet found in a Bar? (Possible Finale Spoiler)

While this could be completely fake and just the LOST people playing on the joke about the LOST iPhone, it could be real so read on at your own peril.

Leaving important things in bars/restaurants: it’s a hot new trend! We called the number listed on the sheet and spoke to a woman named Kelly who wouldn’t verify if the call sheet was real. She said that they do produce fake call sheets to confuse people, because “We’re smart like that.” So it could be fake. But if it’s not, what does it tell us??

Well, it mentions skeleton props. Which, to us, means the Adam & Eve skeletons from wayyy back in season one. Show captains Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse promised that they would answer that mystery for us, so perhaps we get it in the finale.

There is also a lot of language about people being lowered on ropes into waterfalls or something. The boys (there are no girl characters listed on the sheet) are off on some sort of rope-climbing adventure involving water and light. Water and light that Jack is “consumed” by. So make of that what you will.

Jack gets a nosebleed. Like a time sickness nosebleed? MYSTERY.

Most importantly, what does it mean when it says “Jack in Hell”?? That’s capital-H Hell. That’s real Hell. Are we going to Hell on Lost? We just might be.

One thing we do learn conclusively from this possibly fake artifact is that if you’re not on the call sheet, you really need to RSVP to the wrap party by midnight tonight. Get on that guys and have fun. While you’re doing that, we’ll be here, tearing our hair out over this magical mystery document.

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LaFleur – Episode 5.08

Hi All,

Here are this week’s sneak previews of Lost episode 5×08 entitled LaFleur. Also, I’m heading down to South America for a 3 week vacation, so I wont be able to post any updates (OR EVEN WATCH LOST) during that time! I leave it up to you guys to keep the convo going as you always do.

Daniel confirms the flashes have stopped and where they are is where they are stuck.

The Losties watch the Others put a bag over a woman’s head (who do you think she is?), and Juliet saves Sawyer from being shot.

Cabin Fever Recap | Could it be anymore unpredictable?

Could this show be even more unpredictable? After the closing lines of this episode, the answer is yes.

Cabin Fever was the name of this week’s episode, and as you probably guessed it was going to be about visiting Jacob ‘s cabin. I thought this was a very interesting episode and it is quickly hurdling us in the direction of getting us a little bit closer to the answers to some of the bigger outstanding questions we have been asking for years.

The episode opens up with a flashback obviously in the 40s or 50s with a song being played on the record player. The lyrics “Every day things are getting closer, going faster than a roller coaster”. I thought this was an interesting choice of song because as I mentioned, it seems like the overall plot of Lost is going faster and faster each week.

Emily should listen to her mom or a car might hit her.

Emily is also 6 months pregnant with a baby that she wants to name John….Locke.

Hurley, Locke and Ben are looking for Jacob’s cabin. Hurley’s leading the way but had no idea he was doing so. He asks Ben how much further and he replies “I have no idea, I was following you”.

Back on the boat, Sayid informs Desmond that the helicopter has returned. The smoke monster may not have killed them all, but it sure did some damage.

Keamy wants to know how Ben knew all of the information about his past. It doesn’t take them long to figure out Michael has been passing the information to Ben.

Too bad for Keamy, the island is still protecting Michael from being killed. His gun seems to have mysteriously stopped working.

Back on the island, Locke hears someone cutting wood. He finds a man named Horace who apparently is building a cabin for him and his wife. By the way, Horace says he was part of the Dharma Initiative and been dead for 12 years.

He then has a groundhog day moment and introduces himself again and starts the story over again. He also has a bloody nose now and tells Locke he has to find him, and when he does he’ll find Jacob. Since he says he was building a place for himself and his wife, does this mean that Horrace is Jacob?

This encounter with Horrace was actually a dream Locke was having. Upon waking up, Ben informs him that he too use to have dreams. This comment from Ben is another step towards his acceptance that he is no longer Jacob’s right hand man and the leader of the island. Locke is slowly taking over what seems to be his rightful place on the island.

Back to the Locke flashback – The nurse tells her and her mother that John is a special baby. He has had multiple diseases that would normally kill a premature baby, but John has over come them all. Could this be a similar type of situation where the island is protecting Locke similar to how it wont let Michael die?

Emily freaks out and says she cant handle the baby and leaves to not be seen again. Mrs. Locke then goes directly into the question about whom she can talk to about adoption. When she turns around she sees a man staring at her through a window. Richard Alpert, who still looks exactly as he always has no matter how old he is. The look on her face when she see’s him suggests to me that she knows exactly who he is, and she’s not pleased to see him.

The nurse asks if he is the father, and she replies she doesn’t know who it is. I think that question may actually hold a bit of weight as we never saw who Emily was rushing off to see, and it was mentioned that the man was nearly twice her age. Seems like a match to me…

Flashforward even further into the future – Locke has grown up a few years and Richard has come to visit him at his adoption home. Locke seems to have always had a liking of backgammon.

Richard notices an interesting picture that John has painted. Looks a bit like the smoke monster to me.

Richard goes on to tell Locke that he thinks he’s special and wants him to come to his school. He then shows Locke a few different items and tells him to choose which ones belong to him. Locke chooses the sand from the beach, a compass, and….a knife. The knife seems to have been the wrong choice as it angers Richard and causes him to leave.

I believe the one he should have chosen was the Book of Laws. I read an interesting theory that some people think Richard was a descendant of the Black Rock ship and that he thinks Locke is the reincarnation of Hanso.

Back to the island – Locke has figured out from his dream that to find Horrace he needs to go back to the big grave where all of the Dharma Initiative is buried. He seems to be trying to pick the right object again. Except this time he’s digging through bodies looking for Horrace. Once he does find his body, he finds a map to the cabin in his pocket.

Back on the boat – Keamy tells Frank to gas up the chopper because they are going back to the island. He then demands a key from the captain and goes to unlock a safe. He pulls out what he refers to as the “Secondary Protocol” which also has a Dharma logo on it. He says it will tell him where Ben is going and that Widmore is sure to be right.

I believe where Ben is going is to the Temple that he has already sent all of the others to for safety. I also believe this is yet one more sign that Widmore has been on the island and may have once been a “leader” of some sorts just like Ben is now.

The captain doesn’t seem to agree with Keamy’s tactics and goes to tell Sayid and Desmond that they need to hide. During this scene we also see the doctor is alive and well in the background, and we also hear the SOS message from Farraday coming in on Omar’s phone.

Sayid asks for the zodiac raft so he can go back to the island and start getting the others off of it. The captain surprisingly agrees to this plan.

Back to Locke’s flashback – He’s a bit older still and seems to be in high school. He’s also been stuffed in a locker with a bloody lip, apparently not one of the cool kids.

His guidance councilor informs him that Mittelos Laboratories is interested in him coming to school there. Remember back when Richard was recruiting Juliet? He was recruiting her for a company called Mittelos Laboratories.

Interesting that Locke is being recruited for a science camp after all this time on the island he has been a man of faith vs. Jack who is the man of science. His councilor tells him that he is a scientist and that he can’t be the prom king, quarterback or superhero. Locke responds with a strong “Don’t tell me what I can’t do”. This scene reminded me of season 1 when they guy told him he couldn’t do the walkabout because he was paralyzed.

Back to the boat – Sayid and Desmond go to get on the boat. Only Desmond says he’s not going. He’s been on that island for 3 years and he’s not stepping foot on it again. He’s closer now to Penny than he ever has been and he’s not going to do anything that involves being back on that island. Sayid goes on with out him on a barring of 305.

Back to Locke’s flashback – He’s now grown and paralyzed. He is being pushed by an orderly who tells him not to give up, and that anything is possible. Before they showed his face, I somehow knew immediately that it would be Abaddon. And I was right.

He tells Locke that he should believe in miracles because he had one happen to himself. While waiting for the elevator he pushes Locke right to the edge of the stairs. I thought for sure he was going to push him down as he has been portrayed as a somewhat bad guy. But he doesn’t.

He tells Locke that he needs to go on a walkabout. – A journey of self-discovery. He tells Locke he found out what he was capable of on his walkabout. Could his walkabout have been on the island?

He tells Locke that he will soon understand what he’s talking about, and that he plans on running into him again and that John will owe him one.

Back on the boat – Keamy is loading up the helicopter and Frank tells him he’s not taking him. The doctor is also unluckily in this scene. Keamy says he will start killing people one by one until Frank agrees to fly him. The doctor happens to be the closest person and his fate is sealed with a knife to the throat. Just like he washes up on the island. Keamy goes on to also kill the captain of the boat. Frank agrees to fly him back.

Back on the island – This time on the beach with Jack. Jack and Juilet have a stupid conversation to pass the time for the helicopter arrive and it flies right over their head. Frank also throws a package out as he goes over.

The package ominously lands on Claire’s old hut, as you can see Aarron’s crib. The package contained a phone that showed the location of Keamy. Jack took this as a sign to follow them, but I think it was a warning for them to stay away.

Back to Ben Locke and Hurley – Finally, what we have all been waiting for since the first glimpse of the cabin. The have found it again, but Ben and Hurley are scared of haunted houses and decide to stay outside and share a candy bar.

Locke goes in by himself and that shadowy figure is waiting for him. Only this time we get to see his face. As we all figured out long ago, it is Christian Shepherd sitting there with a smile on his old dead face.

He’s not alone though. In the corner, we see Claire sitting there with an almost satisfied look on her face. I’ve said it since the second her house was blown up that she is dead, and I think this helps confirm that theory.

She’s not freaking out that she’s sitting in a cabin in the woods with her father on a mysterious island; she’s not asking if Aaron is OK. She just says “Hi John. I’m fine, I’m with him”.

Christian tells him not to worry about Claire right now and to ask the one question that matters. Locke asks “How do I save the island”. Christian responds with the most unexpected and stupid answer possible.

Once outside, Ben asks “Well? Did he tell you what we’re suppose to do”. Locke responds with “He wants us to move the island”.  Move the island?? I dont know if this means phsycially move the island to another location or some other out of context meaning.  Some are guessing that he wants to move the island to the antarctic region and tie it back into the fact that Ben was wearing a parka.  I have no idea, but I guess moving the island would explain why Jack is unable to crash on it again with all the trips he’s taking in the future and why Widmore isn’t able to find it.

From the previews I saw, next week Sayid will make it back to the island, Sawyer will give Aaron to Kate, and the Oceanic 6 become the Oceanic 6 and finally make it off the island. I guess that means that the remaining seasons will be happening off the island and the island will only be a mere flashback. That is unless there are people still alive as we have been led to believe.
What did you guys think of Cabin Fever?

Top 10 TV Nerds of All Time

Its been far to long since I blogged about my favorite sport. Tv Watching. So here you go, here are the top 10 nerds of TV history. Its a pretty good list, but I’m sure there are others that are worthy of this title. I was going to copy and paste the content on to this page but for some reason I felt a little guilty. So for some pretty funny reasons, and descriptions of each nerdlinger check out the original post on Wikia.com.

Top 10 TV nerds of All time.

1. Professor Frink (The Simpsons)
2. Samuel “Screech” Powers (Saved by the Bell)
3. The Lone Gunmen (X-Files)
4. The whole cast of Head of the Class
5. Gilligan (Gilligan’s Island)
6. Marshal Flinkman (Alias)
7. Steve Urkel (Family Matters)
8. Paul Pfeiffer (The Wonder Years)
9. Wesley Crusher (Star Trek)
10. Gil Grissom (CSI)

Personally I find the list a little lacking. I mean come on wheres Mark from Step by Step, Both guys from Weird Science, Data from the Goonies. There are many more that would have been a better choice than whoever these start trek, alias, and X-files folks are.

Who else is missing, I’m pretty sure we can put this list to shame.

Brent’s Top 10 Hottest TV Moms

Scott, Evan and I have decided to each post our top 10 lists of hot television Moms. Feel free to tell Scott and Evan how wrong they are at your convenience. Scott and Evan wouldn’t know a hot TV MILF if one was sitting on their sofa. Behold the list to beat all lists:
cast of Silver Spoons
10. Marge Simpson – voice of Julie Kavner – The Simpsons: I know it’s a cartoon, but Marge has a nice body. Don’t judge me.

9. Cheryl – Courtney Thorne-Smith – According to Jim: Just typing the name of this horrendous show makes me feel dirty. The kind of dirty you can’t wash off. Regardless of how awful this program is and that the only people that enjoy it are brain-dead, mouth breathers, i first fell in love with Courtney in the short-lived sitcom Day by Day and will continue to consider her hot no matter how crappy her career decisions continue to be.

8. Abby Bradford – Betty Buckley – Eight is Enough: Doesn’t get enough credit for walking in to a marriage where she would be the step mom to 8 kids. Throw in the fact that Ralph Macchio was always hanging out and that she had to deal with Buddy Lembeck and this is a lady who never got the credit she deserved.

7. Maggie Malone Seaver – Joanna Kerns – Growing Pains: It was hard to stomach her using her maiden name on broadcasts, but if Jason, Mike, Carol, Ben and to a lesser extent Chrissy and Leonardo Dicaprio were cool with it…who am i to judge?

6. Clair Huxtable – Phylicia Rashad – The Cosby Show: Remember the one where she busted Theo and Cockroach for making fun of some fat chick and getting kicked off the track team? I’ve loved her ever since.

5. Rebecca ‘Becky’ Donaldson Katsopolis – Lori Loughlin – Full House; I truly despise this show, but she once “danced” on a BMX bike for the movie Rad. This gets her hot ass a pass.

4. Carol Brady – Florence Henderson – The Brady Bunch: the original hot TV mom. Florence was only a couple of years older than Barry Williams, so it’s no surprise that the allegedly got bizay. For some reason, i think that’s kind of hot.

3. Jamie Pressly – Joy Turner – My Name is Earl: A new-comer to TV MILFdom. I suspect that she may go down in history as the hottest white trash chick of all time. Sorry Roseanne.

2. Meridith Baxter – Elyse Keaton – Family Ties: she was an unapologetic hippy and a world-class architect. I think you could bmake an agrument that in the early days of Family Ties she was hotter than Mallory…you’d be wrong, but you could make an argument.

1. Erin Gray – Kate Summers Stratton – Silver Spoons: I am fully aware that she was only Ricky’s step-mother, but come on…Col. Wilma Deering?

Lost Review is back

Lost Review has been pretty inactive over the last couple of weeks.  Thanks to Pete we have now been moved over to a different CMS system and we no longer will have to worry about the rediculous amounts of comment spam that we were getting hit with on a daily basis.  I have lots of posts saved up regarding lost season 3 and the remaining episodes that resume on Feburary 7th at the new 10pm slot, and will be getting them up shortly.