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LOST Call Sheet found in a Bar? (Possible Finale Spoiler)

While this could be completely fake and just the LOST people playing on the joke about the LOST iPhone, it could be real so read on at your own peril. Leaving important things in bars/restaurants: it’s a hot new trend! We called the number listed on the sheet and spoke to a woman named Kelly … Continue reading

LaFleur – Episode 5.08

Hi All, Here are this week’s sneak previews of Lost episode 5×08 entitled LaFleur. Also, I’m heading down to South America for a 3 week vacation, so I wont be able to post any updates (OR EVEN WATCH LOST) during that time! I leave it up to you guys to keep the convo going as … Continue reading

Cabin Fever Recap | Could it be anymore unpredictable?

Could this show be even more unpredictable? After the closing lines of this episode, the answer is yes. Cabin Fever was the name of this week’s episode, and as you probably guessed it was going to be about visiting Jacob ‘s cabin. I thought this was a very interesting episode and it is quickly hurdling … Continue reading

Trying Twitter Out Again

Decided to try this live update on this week’s episode again on I also added a little widget to the side bar on the right so you can follow along here if you’d like. If you would like to follow me on Twitter you can do so at

Top 10 TV Nerds of All Time

Its been far to long since I blogged about my favorite sport. Tv Watching. So here you go, here are the top 10 nerds of TV history. Its a pretty good list, but I’m sure there are others that are worthy of this title. I was going to copy and paste the content on to … Continue reading

Brent’s Top 10 Hottest TV Moms

Scott, Evan and I have decided to each post our top 10 lists of hot television Moms. Feel free to tell Scott and Evan how wrong they are at your convenience. Scott and Evan wouldn’t know a hot TV MILF if one was sitting on their sofa. Behold the list to beat all lists: 10. … Continue reading

Lost Review is back

Lost Review has been pretty inactive over the last couple of weeks.  Thanks to Pete we have now been moved over to a different CMS system and we no longer will have to worry about the rediculous amounts of comment spam that we were getting hit with on a daily basis.  I have lots of … Continue reading