Will the Island Bring Locke Back to Life?

I for one hope that by bringing Locke’s body back to the island he will NOT magically jump out of the coffin and start playing backgammon again. However, I’ve started watching Lost again from the beginning just to see if I pick up on anything that I’ve missed or forgotten.

In part 2 of the pilot Claire mentions that she has not felt the baby (Aaron) move since yesterday (the day of the crash). Baby’s normally kick and move and all that good stuff, but Aaron is either being lazy and sleeping for 24 straight hours or he died in the crash.

Later on in that same episode Jin is making some fish and he wants other people to try it first to make sure its not poisonous. Hurley declines, but Jin is able to talk Claire into trying it. Not 2 seconds after she puts it in her mouth and swallows, she instantly feels Aaron start kicking. Could it be that the fish she ate which came from the island brought Aaron back to life?

Penny and Desmond are Adam and Eve?

Remember back to season 1 in the episode “House of the Rising Sun” when Jack stumbled upon a cave and found two skeletons with two stones in their pocket – one black and one white? We never found out who these 2 skeletons belong to, but do you think its possible that it’s Desmond and Penny? The below image shows multiple screenshots pasted together of the skeletons, the stones, and then the interesting fact of two objects in Desmonds apartment from the epsiode “Flashes Before Your Eyes” that look very similar to these two stones. This in combination with an old quote from the producers hint that the time differences have been planned from the very beginning:

“What is the meaning or significance of the two skeletons that Jack and Kate found in the cave of season 1?”

CUSE: The answer to that question goes to the nature of the timeline of the island. We don’t want to say too much about it, but there are a couple Easter eggs embedded in “Not in Portland”, one of which is an anagram that actually sheds some light on the skeletons and hints at a larger mythological mystery that will start to unfold later in the season.

LINDELOF: There were certain things we knew from the very beginning. Independent of ever knowing when the end was going to be, we knew what it was going to be, and we wanted to start setting it up as early as season 1, or else people would think that we were making it up as we were going along. So the skeletons are the living — or, I guess, slowly decomposing — proof of that. When all is said and done, people are going to point to the skeletons and say, “That is proof that from the very beginning, they always knew that they were going to do this.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

So what do you think, are the skeletons Penny and Des?

lost adam and eve skeletons

Is Henry Gale (Ben) the Wizard of Aus?

A comment left by one of our readers (Allie) really got my attention because growing up The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies. There is tons of symbolism used throughout Lost, and one that I’ve missed completely is the references to this movie. Check these out:

1. Henry Gale is the name of Dorthy’s uncle who turned out to be the dishonest Wizard who crashed in the Land of Oz in a hot air baloon. Ben uses this story when he is first caught by the Losties.

2. Zeke was the name of one of the men working on the farm in Kansas. He turned out to be the Cowardly Lion in Oz.

3. This one is kind of a stretch but, the map that Locke saw was compared on another site to a map of Oz. You can see the 2 maps here and here.

4. In the first episode of season 3 there were two legs/feet sticking out from under the house.

5. In Flashes before your eyes, desmond sees a scaffolding fall and kill a man wearing red shoes that were sticking out from under the crash.

6. One of the episode names was called “The man behind the curtain”.

7. When the blast door came down on Locke’s leg, Ben came back in and Locke said “You came back”. Ben replys “Well of course I did. What did you think, I was going to leave you here”. In the movie, Dorthy is locked in the witches tower and the tin man and scare crow come into save her. Dorthy says “You came back.” And the Tin Man says “Well of course we would Dorothy, what did you think, we were going to leave you here?”.

8. James Goodwin was the name of one of the others. This is the name of the wizard in the Russian translation of The Wizard of Oz by Alexander Volkov.

9. Juliet’s episode was called Not in Portland…sounds kinda similar to Dorthy saying We’re not in Kansas anymore.

10. Juliet also asks Ben multiple times if she can go home and talks only about how she wants to go home. This is the whole story of the movie with Dorthy trying to get back home to Kansas.

11. The others list that Michael must bring to them in order to save Walt included 4 people – Kate, Hurley, Jack, and Sawyer (Dorthy, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow)

12. In the novel “The Number of the Beast” by Robert Heinlein, Glinda the Good Witch reminds two pregnant women that nobody gives birth in Oz.

The writers have said that Lost is not a dream, nor is it purgatory. In the movie, the Land of Oz was all a dream, but in the actual book, the story was all really happening. Has anyone else noticed these references to the Wizard of Oz, and have you noticed any others?

Another Lost Theory – Time Displacement | Reader Submission

Just got this comment posted in another theory post we had and I thought it deserved its own post. It’s kind of twisted and confusing but seems like it could be very likely.

I read one show reviewers theory of “Lost” arguing that there is time displacement between the island and the rest of the world, and the season finale eerily fit this theory perfectly.

What that would mean is, I think, this: the 815 survivors are living in December 2004, three months after the crash, but in the outside world it’s 2007. That transmission by Charlie to Penny was in December 2004, and at that point Penny had no idea where to look for Desmond. But off the island 3 more years have passed, and Penny sent a search party to the area based on the nearly 3-year old contact with Charlie.

So Penny DID send the boat, but in 2007, not in December 2004 when Charlie talked to her.

Confused? Yeah, it can be confusing, but the time displacement theory I read that I base this on explained itself quite well, and what I just explained would fit perfectly. I just wish I would have bookmarked the link because I haven’t been able to find it again!

If you think about it, it could explain how Ben knows everything about all the Losties and how he could manipulate them int al getting on that plane…


Explanation of Lost | Reader Submission

Another good theory from one of our readers, Isreal (israelcanasa.com). Check it out and leave your thoughts.

Instead of the island being just a black rock, why not make it an electromagnetic anomaly that serves as a gateway to an alternate reality(Quantum Theory/Multiple Universe) – that’s why one episode was also entitled “A Tale of 2 Cities”. This reality has different constants, and slightly different laws of physics. Hence explaining why women from our reality can’t get pregnant, and faster cell regeneration. It also explains why the outside world can’t see it. And perhaps why the compass’ north points to a different direction.

Dharma or Hanso wasn’t the first to get there. There have been people throughout the ages who accidentally got there and perhaps built a small civilization – thus explaining the 4-toed foot. Or we can also take it further that this reality has different a kind of humans. Humans that have exceptionally higher psychic powers. And perhaps Humans that have 4 toes? The islands’ natives communicate through their mind and have psycho-kinetic abilities. The power of these natives can only be disrupted through loud sounds – thus the Sonar Fence. Guns aren’t meant to kill them, only to drive them away. Alex gave a gun to Lock to drive Jacob away in case Jacob does something. It can also explain the loath of Jacob to human technology. The Dynamite that Jack used against the Black Smoke drove it away. These natives are also able to take forms of people from a person’s memory, or perhaps induce these illusions. The Black Smoke is not Jacob but the native’s defense system or primary weapon against intruders.

This electromagnetic gateway opens up when there’s an intense storm, or a surge of electromagnetic anomaly. Dharma knew about this that’s why they built the swan to release the anomaly in 108 minute intervals. There’s no satellite from the outside world involved here. When Desmond tried not to push the button, the gateway opened up for a while making Flight 815 crash. Take note that the others had no idea that a plane will crash, that’s why Ben had to order a profile search for each of the passengers. During the crash, the reality of the Losties split into 2. One was left in the our world, the other was on the island. The original world found the crashed plane.

Dharma also made an artificial underwater gateway, that’s why people had to go there through a submarine. Also, the cable serves a line of communication between this dimension and the outside world (The cable passes through the artificial gateway).

When the Swan imploded, the anomaly was detected by the outside world. Pen(Desmond’s lover) has put up a search team that will constantly monitor the electromagnetic anomalies around the coordinates where Desmond disappeared during his quest. They were lucky to identify the exact coordinates, so Pen sent a search and rescue team. But the SaR Team can’t find the island since it’s on another dimension. However there was a storm during the search, which opens holes to this reality. Naomi got in, but her chopper didn’t, Desmond and his gang only heard the sounds of chopper crashing.

The results of the Swan’s implosion also resulted in the destruction of the artificial gateway that Dharma built. Thus the Others can’t communicate anymore with the outside world. The can’t go out anymore also. Also, Desmond acquired some ability to see the past and future of alternate realities. We don’t know if Jacob has anything to do about that.

Ben didn’t like Dharma. The natives used the memory about his mother to entice him to join them. There are also people from Dharma that revolted against Dharma and joined the natives. Those are the people that we saw with Ben when they killed everyone in Dharma. Ben now took control of the Dharma’s research. Now this is where there is still a gray area. Who are the people that Ben has contacted outside. If he’s Dharma’s enemy, how could he have that much resources to do business outside of the island. I’d guess that Dharma didn’t know what really happened inside the island since they are still sending food to the station. Right now, I guess that Ben’s Research Objective is not for the Human Race but for the Native’s own reasearch. The natives are using Ben to research about humans. It seems that the purpose of the natives is to teach humans their kind of morality and discipline. They want to know why humans can’t reproduce on the island. They’d want to breed humans there to “make them better”. So far, some of the Losties like Cindy and the kidnapped Losties are already brainwashed with the Native’s doctrine.

Desmond on the other hand was sent there by Dharma as a replacement for Radzinsky. Pen’s father is perhaps related to Dharma. Dharma used the race and the boat to stir Desmond into the island perhaps because Pen’s father think that he should be away from Pen. It seems that Ben led Dharma to believe that there was a contamination or an outbreak of some sort(Explaining the sudden deaths of most of the workers). That’s why they’re cautiously using protective suits(at least on camera). Inman already knew what is really happening on the Island, he knew that the natives already took control. He just wanted to fool Desmond and Dharma so he can get out of there. Dharma used a pacific storm to bring Desmond into the island. Of course they already knew that there will be a storm on that island, they just led Desmond there.

Whether this Electromagnetic Anomaly is accidental/natural or purposely created by the island’s Natives as a prelude to a world invasion, we don’t know. Dharma knew that the world is destined to meet a great crisis. Perhaps they’re trying to stop the Natives. It also seems to me that the natives has already started influencing the original reality. Explaining why Hurley won the lotter using the numbers. We still don’t know the extent of their influence on the relationship of the Losties.

Another Theory on ABC’s Lost

The contents of this post were left in a comment by one of our readers. It was a pretty good read and figured I would turn it into a post so others could see it.

The island is largely black rock – a naturally occurring magnetic mineral. It has the uncanny property of storing electromagnetic currents – like a big magnetic tape.

Magnus Hanso – grandfather of Alvar Hanso and venture capitalist – captained his ship The Black Rock to the island in the nineteenth century. He intended to use slaves and dynamite to mine the fabled black rock and sell it. However, he was caught in a storm – as many have been near the island – and was shipwrecked.

He survived, but the slaves were lost. Whilst making a boat to leave the island, Magnus thought he could hear the screams of his cargo as the ship sank. He thought the melancholy would pass, but it did not; in fact, it was as though he could literally hear their thoughts in the last moments of their lives – even in their foreign tongue.

The whispers, the voices, the memories were stronger in those areas that were predominantly black rock. They were coming from the black rock itself. As lava cools it records the earth’s pattern of magnetic currents at the time; in a similar way, the black rock was storing all electromagnetic activity – light, sound, thought, memory.

Of greater significance to Magnus was that the black rock also held the pattern of the future. Magnus was able to faintly sense how things would be.

Magnus made a boat, returned home, kept his mouth shut about what he’d discovered, and bought the island. He came back many times and was able to navigate the safest approach. On the island, he would meditate on what the future held – what the rock was telling him – and then commit this to paper. He would then return to centres of commerce and use these predictions to speculate and invest in forthcoming wars, selling munitions. He amassed a great fortune. The secret of the island and the wealth was passed down through the Hanso family to Alvar Hanso in the 20th century.

. . .

A mathematician named Valenzetti calculated a mathematical formula for the end of the world, the ‘core numbers’ of which are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. These numbers occur everywhere, he said, and predict earth’s destruction. This finding was presented to the United Nations; they did not believe or care and so discarded it.

Alvar learnt of this formula and knew that it was correct as it correlated with what the island had revealed to him. He enlisted the help of Valenzetti and many others to form the DHARMA Initiative, the purpose of which was to change these numbers – and so avert the predicted destruction of earth.

DHARMA was based on the island. Although the organisation was highly secretive, Alvar felt he had to share the island for the greater good of mankind. The greatest scientists he could find were brought to the island – as were gifted children who had great mental ability bordering on psychic.

Various stations were set up on the island to perform these experiments: the objective of which was to change Fate itself. One experiment was the Swan; initially, it was just a Skinner Box – a psychological experiment to test two subjects’ willingness to repeatedly press a button because they were told it was important. The intention here was to see if their faith in their ‘duty’ was sufficient to budge Fate a millimetre. It didn’t work.

Another station – the Pearl – was set up. This experiment was based on another pair of subjects who were told to observe the actions of the occupants of the Swan. The objective here, based on Quantum Theory, was to see if – by observation alone – the outcome of the Swan could be affected. It was not and neither was Fate.

. . .

It was decided to try and dam the flow of Destiny from the island to the outside world – to stop the current.

Jacob was selected as the most gifted child. He was able to move small objects with his mind, which is shown in the Orientation film.
It was hoped that if the rock could store human memory electromagnetically then, perhaps, the reverse could happen and a human mind could absorb this electromagnetic memory from the rock. The intention was always to change Destiny.

Jacob was placed at the epicentre of the island’s power in an underground chamber. Powered up, wired up, and observed by a team of scientists including Dr Marvin Candle, Jacob attempted to absorb Destiny from the black rock. Unfortunately, he failed; there was an explosion, referred to later as the “incident”.

At that moment, Jacob lost all corporeal form and was merged with the black rock itself. But he survived. His consciousness was embedded in broken fragments of the rock. His consciousness was able to move objects – as he had in human form… but now it meant he could lift himself – in the form of rock fragments and move freely. The naturally-ocurring electromagnetic field around the area of the Swan assisted in his mobility and sustained his life.

Jacob was able to move as a black cloud of dust and re-form himself into different shapes. He soon learnt that he could also use electromagnetism to conjure up images and sound. And later still, that he could ‘read minds’ as we saw he did with Eko.

DHARMA had failed in changing Destiny for the better and had actually made things worse by creating a massive anomaly. Alvar was despondent. He and his wife returned to the island to die. They laid themselves down in two alcoves and allowed Jacob to peacefully end them. In Alvar’s pocket was a pouch containing two stones – one black and one white – one for him and one for his wife. They thought that if they could, after death, find these two stones and reside in them as separate consciousnesses then they would allow Jacob to absorb them into his form. As long as the black rock existed, they would be immortal. It worked; and Jacob became a ‘three-headed’ entity, referred to as ‘Cerberus’ on the blast door map created by Radzinsky. (Cerberus was the three-headed guard dog of Greek mythology).

. . .

The ‘incident’ (as described by Dr Marvin Candle – who lost an arm – in the Orientation film) now necessitated the periodic release of the electromagnetism. The periodic build-up of power sustained Jacob/Cerberus and allowed for continued analysis of Destiny by the remaining scientists; the periodic release prevented another disaster. The whole area of the ‘incident’ was concreted. And now the Swan had a genuine use: to release electromagnetism every 108 minutes to an orbiting satellite with a 5 minute pass-over. For this task they conscripted the help of two people they knew to be spies: Radzinsky and Inman for USSR and USA respectively.

They realised they could not – or should not – try to change Destiny. However, the long-term effect of the incident was to create an anomaly in Destiny that might itself be the cause of the predicted cataclysm on earth. This needed to be corrected now. The anomaly had pulled in a ship of scientists – including a pregnant Rousseau – and shipwrecked it. [What was left of] DHARMA realised that this ship was never ‘meant’ to be shipwrecked on the island and that their meddling with Destiny would create anomalies of wider and potentially more dangerous significance.

The scientists sought to correct their mistake before it snowballed. It was a difficult task to perform without screwing up Destiny further but they had the resources.

. . .

Bea Kulgh, a DHARMA initiate, sensed a shift from an idealistic community in ‘Otherville’ towards a totalitarian cult headed by a powerful triumvirate leader. She reached out for others who felt the same, but it was impossible – any disobedience meant being brainwashed in the re-programming room (where we saw Carl). During her tour of duty in the Pearl, which was still active at the time, she was able to secretly communicate with Radzinsky and Inman via the computer. She fed them information from which – with their own reconnaissance – they were able to produce a map of the island and the hatches, which John Locke saw on the blast door in Lockdown. They removed part of the Orientation film that forbade communication via the computer so that, if they were found out and replaced, their replacements would not be hindered by that rule. And they formulated a plan to escape.

Radzinsky had been seeing images of his past – as all of the Losties have. He saw people he had tortured whilst working for the KGB. These visions were actually produced by Jacob/Cerberus. The point of the visions was as intense, life-changing therapy. It is believed that a person can overcome their own past, nature and fears to transcend into something pure and fit for DHARMA. Radzinsky had been seeing visions of a person he had tortured; he had cut out the prisoner’s eye.

The culmination of the ‘therapy’ is a Test. We saw Eko fail his Test by refusing to repent for his past – this ended badly for him when he chased after Jacob/Cerberus. We also saw Hurley fail his test when he refused to take a leap of faith off a cliff – as urged by his imaginary-turned-real friend Dave.

Radzinsky’s Test was to cut out his own eye – “an eye for an eye”. He knew none of this was real, but they had a plan to escape for which he would do anything. Kneeling before his victim, as Eko would do, Radzinsky used Inman’s US Army knife to cut out his own eye, thereby passing the Test.

. . .

When Radzinsky awoke, he was greeted by Benjamin Linus and the other Others. He was given a tour of ‘Otherville’, told the rough outline of DHARMA and what it meant. He was given a glass eye and was put to work. He appeared to be receptive to DHARMA’s aims but, in reality, all he wanted was to escape. He proceeded with the plan.

At the right time, he blew up the Arrow hatch, killing several people. He radioed Inman, in the Swan, immediately and ran across the island towards him. It did not take long before Jacob/Cerberus tracked him down, but he timed it right so that his dash would coincide with the rain showers to give him the biggest headstart possible.

Radzinsky made it to the Swan where Inman had prepared the trap. It was dark by now, and a bright light shone from the hatch; Jacob/Cerberus followed it down. Inman could see Jacob/Cerberus through his array of mirrors from the safe vantage point of the Swan lounge area. He saw Jacob/Cerberus approach; Jacob/Cerberus moved toward the open door. Radzinsky fused the lockdown door bringing it crashing down and turned the water on. The area outside the door – where Jacob/Cerberus was – filled with water. An exposed fusebox near the ladder caused a massive electrical current to pass through Jacob/Cerberus. Unfortunately, a small part of Jacob/Cerberus got under the door before being completely disabled. This part reformed as someone from Inman’s past – a daughter perhaps, or a fallen comrade – whoever it was, Inman had not yet had the visions and was frozen with emotion. He could not act to destroy this loved one in front of him and would not heed Radzinksy’s frantic pleading that it was not real and that they needed to escape now while they could. Radzinsky left him behind.

[The fusebox and water pipe are seen by Jack the very first time he goes down the hatch ladder – season 2, episode 1.]

Radzinsky continued with the plan and left the Swan with the film cutting. He made his way to the Flame where he knew he would be able to communicate with the outside world and be rescued. When he got there, he was surprised to find it deserted and, what was more bizarre, prepared for him: there was a plentiful supply of Vodka, there was a computer that played chess, there was a cat, there was even a picture of Nadia Comaneci on the wall – the Olympic gymnast who shared his birthday. He sat in front of a bank of monitors and began trying to reach the outside world – it had been such a long time. Flicking through the channels, it became apparent that the Berlin Wall had fallen and so had the Soviet Union with it. Communication was pointless. He spent the next few days in a drunken stupor. At last, Benjamin and the Others came to him.

They agreed on a truce; he had killed some of them but he could not be held completely responsible as he had not passed the Test in truth and had not been truly ready to join DHARMA. They allowed him to live so long as he never came to their camp, never fraternised with any of them, and worked at the Flame as their communications man. He would be completely autonomous, with his own livestock. He asked about Inman; they told him that Inman had been ‘persuaded’ that Radzinsky had killed himself – they had placed a faceless corpse in the Swan for him to discover when he woke up, which he would assume to be Radzinsky’s and so bury him without questioning.

At this point, the cat changed shape becoming a swirling mass of black dust – it was Jacob/Cerberus albeit temporarily smaller. Jacob/Cerberus renamed Radzinsky as Bakunin – after the famous Russian anarchist – as he had rejected his leadership. He told him that his trap in the Swan had interfered with the release of electromagnetism and had created another anomaly: a light aircraft from Nigeria was brought down. The crashing of a small plane and the loss of a few lives in itself might not be such an anomaly – as Destiny can ‘course-correct’ to a certain extent – what was more problematic was that the plane was carrying drugs. The consequence of the plane crashing – when it had never been destined to crash – was that there would be a massive slump in supply of the drug, affecting many more lives (including Charlie’s) – and the knock-on effect was incalculable.

Bakunin was tasked with tracking down the effects of the anomaly as it spread through the world and to profile each person whose life would be significantly affected by it. These people were connected one way or another to this crash or to each other and the anomaly would ripple outwards creating greater and greater waves. Bakunin tracked them down using the Flame. These people were – one way or another – put on the same plane at the same time and brought to the island so that Destiny could be corrected…. Jack, Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Rose and the rest of Flight 815. Destiny and DHARMA were course-correcting.

. . .

Bakunin returned to the burntout Arrow station. He was remorseful. He deposited his hollowed-out Bible containing the film cutting, his glass eye which had been a gift from DHARMA, and the radio he had used to communicate with his friend Inman.

. . .

When Desmond turned the failsafe key in the Swan and caused it to implode, he was rescued by Jacob/Cerberus, but not before he had absorbed much of the Swan’s power. Now, DESmond does not see the future but DEStiny – how things are planned to happen – not necessarily how they will happen.

Everyone is “Flawed”

In the most recent episode, Par Avian, eye patchy says something about how they are all flawed. How are they all flawed you might ask? Well I’ve said it a hundered times. Everyone on flight 815 was responsible for someones death that they were close to. Tonite this theory was proven once more with Claire being the reason for the accident that her and her mother were involved in. While her mom is still typically “alive” in the flashback, she does eventually die as claire tells sun her mom “USE” to be a librarian.

In a previous post I did quite a while ago, here is a pretty big list of everyone from flight 815 and the persons death they were responsible for. Do you see any deaths missing?

All lost characters have killed someone.

I dont really have a theory to why this coincidence seems to be showing up, but I have a pretty good feeling that the reason they are on the island has something to do with this.

Tricia’s Lost Theory

[From Guest Poster Tricia]

Ok guys after reading all your notes and expending a good 3 hours reading here are some possibilities. Evan what do you think?

Remember the drawing that Locke draw, 5 hatches all around and a question mark in the middle. It means that there is one more hatch we haven’t seen yet and maybe there is where the “others” live, eat, sleep, write, will bring Kate, Jack and Sawyer. Here are the first 4
1. Where Locke, Eko and Desmond are
2. Where Anna Lucia, Libby, Eko and the other 3 where staying before they found the other group
3. Where they took the expecting mom (I forgot her name). Later she found the place herself
4. The place that Locke and Eko found, where they watched the other video and found out about the notes.

So what is in the question mark, maybe there is where they will find all the answers, computers, people, notes, and the real person in charge and all of this is, of course underground (here is where locke was being pulled into a hole by the black smoke.) Someone said that the hatch on the beach was a hatch from another place besides the swan-place, this could be it.

For sure coming back next season: Locke (to obvious why), Desmond (to obvious why), Walt is one of the most important characters of the story, especially with his abnormal capabilities. Appearing few places in few occasions, the polar bear (note singular – there was only ever one). if you go back and watch that episode, you see that Walt is reading a comic book with polar bears in it.
again in Walt’s flashback when the bird slams into a window (at his stepfather’s place) – he was reading something on birds at that point.
Walt cannot leave the show.

Now something that nobody has talked about. Hugo got Lotto numbers from freaky guy repeating the numbers over and over and over. I bet this guys was in the island before and made back to civilization, same numbers and lost his mind, I wonder why? He might even be the guy that was there before Desmond.

Are there any “others” inside the group of the losties?
I am the only one that wonders how has Charlie is being able to survive and still be alive, okay this is what I think:
Charlie was with Claire (pregnant girl) when she was taking by Ethan
He never told anybody what happen, he was in silents for a long time.
He was hanging from a tree from his neck, but was still alive
He supposedly is the one that shot Ethan
On the 5/17 episode he gave some Dharma shots for the baby, he said he found them where? He said, he used it himself, he sure knew a lot about it.
Way back in one of the first episodes, he dated a girl (brown hair) Her dad had a lot of money and power and he offer Charlie a job, which he didn’t take, did he?
He wasn’t taking along with kate and the other guys, because he is a nice guy or because HE IS ONE OF “the others”? If you agree with me in any of this thoughts, please let me know if I am forgetting any more clues.

Now I am not sure about this one but I still have my doubts.
Libby is part of the experiment. Gave the boat to Desmond, Was at the same place with Harley (hugo), They didn’t show as much about her. She was holding a thick blanket when she was shot. So we didn’t see her get shot, just looks like it. She was a nurse, psychiatric doctor, a scientist?
If when sawyer shot at the guy with the fake beard, the bullet bounced off him episode 5/17, it means that the bullets are fake and Libby is not dead, and maybe just maybe Anna Lucia is not dead neither. Charlie could have change the bullets long time ago and they have the fake ones all this time, Remember when Michael try to shot the big bird and the bullet was fake? So maybe Ethan and Libby are still alive. Now I know what are you thinking what about Jack, would he know if somebody is not dead. Could he, is he on it too?

Thats anybody else has any more seat numbers, other than these ones?
Anna Lucia’s seat was 42f,
Jack’ seat was 23A
Rose’s seat was 23D
Bernard’s seat was 23E

Anon’s Season 2 Lost Theory

Just my theories to the end of season 2:

At the end of season 2, we see the the two guys in the polar station measuring something with their equipment. They directly inform Desmonds former girlfriend who said before ‘with money you can find everyone’. So it is clear to me that the job of the two people in the polar station was to find Desmond. The question is how.

I dont think that they were looking for someone turning the key on the island causing the bright light we saw. This would mean, that they knew, where Desmond was and what mechanism is on the island. This would mean that it is a big conspiracy and Penelope is part of it. If she knows everything, why didn t she just rescue him? So its rather unlikely that the two scientist see the ‘explosion’ on there system.

But, what could Peneleope (or the people she pays) have done to track Desmond? Someone might have put a small transmitter in his boat. When the boat was on the island that was covered by some ‘magnetic shield’, the signal of the transmitter could not be received by any receiver outside. So she may have paid peaple to build up stations all around the world searching for that signal. When Desmond turned the key, the ‘magnetic shield’ disappeared and the signal could be seen on the screen of the two guys in the antarctic station (which is propably the next station to the island).

And about the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’: Dont take to seriously, what the others, especially Henry, say. As we know, he is very good and lying and playing a role. I am pretty sure, everything we see of them is fake (clothes, false beards, the boat). Even if he did not lie, it may only be his personal few. For example a terrorist may also say: we are the good ones.

Another thing that is very clear now to me is, that Henry is the leader of the others. It was clear when Michael released him in the hatch by just seeing in his face or when he talked about the leader of the others (He is a big man). He is arrogant and big-headed and that might help in season 3 to fight him.

Just my thoughts … [anon guest poster]

Rick’s Lost Theory

[guest Poster, RICK] I had an idea about the Others and why they believe themselves to be the good guys.

The black smoke, the defence system seems to judge people and decide whether they should live or not. It let Locke and Eko live because they were good people but killed the pilot because he was not (I know thats a big assumption).

If you look at the map on the blast door in all the scrawled notes it mentions the Cerberus system and a malfunction in this system. Now in Greek mythology Cerberus guarded Hades so could our black smoke be Cerberus?

My Theory:

The Cerberus system escaped and went through all the DHARMA iniative tunnels under the island (it must use tunnels as it tried to drag Locke into one ages ago and on the map Radzinski/Kelvin wrote ‘a mouse does not rely on just one hole’ or something like that). All the stations concreted up their access to these tunnels which all lead the question mark, this could be represented by the crosses on all stations which point inland on the blast door map. DHARMA workers were killed and spared by the Cerberus system. The ones that were spared, legged it back to the Pala Ferry and went back to their barracks (Mark Wickman/Marvin Candle mentions this in the Pearl orientation video). They then happily spent the better part of two decades continuing their research on and off island believing themsleves to be good. Although, their character could have changed over two decades of isolation.

This could mean they also lived through the Swan ‘incident’ and therefore this could explain their lack of concern at the end of ‘live together, die alone.’

I feel quite satified with that in general. Of course the whole blast door map could be rubbish and is just there so people like me spend time thinking about it.

BTW, when I said could our black smoke be Cerberus I didn’t mean the nine headed dog I just meant the Cerberus system.