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Will the Island Bring Locke Back to Life?

I for one hope that by bringing Locke’s body back to the island he will NOT magically jump out of the coffin and start playing backgammon again. However, I’ve started watching Lost again from the beginning just to see if I pick up on anything that I’ve missed or forgotten. In part 2 of the … Continue reading

Penny and Desmond are Adam and Eve?

Remember back to season 1 in the episode “House of the Rising Sun” when Jack stumbled upon a cave and found two skeletons with two stones in their pocket – one black and one white? We never found out who these 2 skeletons belong to, but do you think its possible that it’s Desmond and … Continue reading

Is Henry Gale (Ben) the Wizard of Aus?

A comment left by one of our readers (Allie) really got my attention because growing up The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies. There is tons of symbolism used throughout Lost, and one that I’ve missed completely is the references to this movie. Check these out: 1. Henry Gale is the name … Continue reading

Another Lost Theory – Time Displacement | Reader Submission

Just got this comment posted in another theory post we had and I thought it deserved its own post. It’s kind of twisted and confusing but seems like it could be very likely. I read one show reviewers theory of “Lost” arguing that there is time displacement between the island and the rest of the … Continue reading

Explanation of Lost | Reader Submission

Another good theory from one of our readers, Isreal ( Check it out and leave your thoughts. Instead of the island being just a black rock, why not make it an electromagnetic anomaly that serves as a gateway to an alternate reality(Quantum Theory/Multiple Universe) – that’s why one episode was also entitled “A Tale of … Continue reading

Another Theory on ABC’s Lost

The contents of this post were left in a comment by one of our readers. It was a pretty good read and figured I would turn it into a post so others could see it. The island is largely black rock – a naturally occurring magnetic mineral. It has the uncanny property of storing electromagnetic … Continue reading

Everyone is “Flawed”

In the most recent episode, Par Avian, eye patchy says something about how they are all flawed. How are they all flawed you might ask? Well I’ve said it a hundered times. Everyone on flight 815 was responsible for someones death that they were close to. Tonite this theory was proven once more with Claire … Continue reading

Tricia’s Lost Theory

[From Guest Poster Tricia] Ok guys after reading all your notes and expending a good 3 hours reading here are some possibilities. Evan what do you think? Remember the drawing that Locke draw, 5 hatches all around and a question mark in the middle. It means that there is one more hatch we haven’t seen … Continue reading

Anon’s Season 2 Lost Theory

[ Just my theories to the end of season 2: At the end of season 2, we see the the two guys in the polar station measuring something with their equipment. They directly inform Desmonds former girlfriend who said before ‘with money you can find everyone’. So it is clear to me that the job … Continue reading

Rick’s Lost Theory

[guest Poster, RICK] I had an idea about the Others and why they believe themselves to be the good guys. The black smoke, the defence system seems to judge people and decide whether they should live or not. It let Locke and Eko live because they were good people but killed the pilot because he … Continue reading