Yul Be Dissappointed in the Survivor Cook Islands Finale

*If you don’t want to know who won the 13th Season of Survivor, stop reading now*

One of my vices that I picked up in college was watching Survivor.  My roomate, Mark, and I would always end up watching survivor and even after college the tradition has carried on as we both get sucked in year after year.

This 13th season of Survivor was located in the Cook Islands but the biggest, or supposed to be biggest detail, was that this season the teams were divided by race to start.  Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, and Asians were how the teams were split up.  As the blacks and Hispanics were slowly voted off, the groups merged and the race card barely even played a part in the entire season.

This season was kind of bland, there wasn’t a whole lot of deception other then the “Mutiny” that CBS had to put in there to spice things up a bit.  Teams and alliances stuck together and basically the game went on as you suspected it would have.

Yul Kwon, found the immunity idol on Exile Island, on the 4rth day and used it to his advantage the whole way and while Ozzy, the mexican surfer, dominated all the challenges and provided food for just about everyone, he somehow ended up just one vote short.  Ozzy played the game perfectly, until tonight.  Up to the finale, he dominated all the challenges, and played the game cool and honestly.  He didn’t deceive anyone or give any false promises and I thought he was clearly the best survivor.

Ozzy’s downfall, outside of having to compete against 2 lawyers in the finale which as usual is all questions from jury members, was to not play up the one aspect that could have made Yul Kwon look human; the immunity idol.

Yul was depicted, as one jury member put it, as “The Godfather.”   While sure he was the man behind the scenes orchestrating the schemes that helped him bring Ozzy and the two tag-a-longs to the finale, he was only put in that position by chance.  Yul was the 3rd person to go to Exile Island and was able to find the immunity idol with the third and obvious clue to its location.

Ozzy could have easily used this against him in the Finale.  He should have played it up that Yul was lucky to find the immunity idol and that any one of them could have been voted to Exile Island and been in Yul’s position and made the same decisions Yul did because none of them were anything special.  And he on the other hand, dominated just about every immunity challenge and at the right times.  He not only won the challenges but was instrumental in putting his team in the position they were in by constantly giving his team the lead in all the challenges.   Between not bringing those two points out in the open and riding Yul’s coattails on Johnathan’s, “what would you do with the money question,”  Ozzy ended up being the best individual player in Survivor history but as so often happens, that person ends up leaving empty handed.  At least he got a car.

Ozzy didn’t get outplayed, he got out-lawyered.