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James Latham Sawyer is in the Casket

Yet another reader submission on who is in the Casket. Keep the theories coming, and if its somewhat thought out makes possible sense, I’ll keep posting them for everyone to read. “its James Latham (Sawyer) heres why… Sawyer shows back up and has changed his name to James Latham. He tells Kate to stop looking … Continue reading

Who was in the Casket | Best Theory I’ve Heard so Far

According to the letters that we can read, some people seem to think that the name listed might be Jeremy Bentham. Jeremy Bentham is the name of a philosopher, similar to John Locke, Rousseau, Hume, Mikhail Bakunin, etc. Someone on the island could have the alias of Jeremy Bentham, or something similar…but I doubt it. … Continue reading

Season 3 Finale – Flashback FlashForward FlashGordon? Who Knows

So our site has been down most of the day apparently it got so much traffic it crashed harder than oceanic flight 815…..*crickets* But now that its back up here’s a few more noteworthy thoughts about the Lost Season 3 finale. I saw this earlier today and thought it was some pretty good thinking: “I’m … Continue reading

Who was in the casket in the Season 3 Finale

Heres a pretty good screenshot of the newspaper Jack was holding with the article about who died and was in the casket at the funeral home. The name looks something like J_____ _antham. I cant think of anyones name that starts with a J except Jack Juliet and Jacob, and I’m not sure what Juliete’s … Continue reading

Dear Lost – I didnt like your Season 3 Finale

Dear Lost, Tonight was the season 3 finale. I’ve been watching your show now for about 2 years. Every Wednesday that a new episode is on, I sit with anticipation that maybe..just maybe…something will be answered. Season 2’s finale was very good. It answered questions, it presented new ones, and left us hanging wanting more. … Continue reading

Lost Season 3 Finale QUESTIONS and ANSWERS

Lost Season 3 finale just ended and naturally there are more questions than answers but this is what I noticed. Jack with a Beard is after they got back from the Island. What time period we do not know. Whose Funeral was that where no one was attending? Ben? Jack flies a lot so he … Continue reading

Lost Season 3 recap

If you missed an episode or just want a refresh on all the events of Lost season 3, then dont bother watching the special with the producers. Just read this recap. Not only will you be caught up, you’ll also have a stomach ache from laughing so hard. Enjoy!

Cassidy is in the Looking Glass

Evan pointed out in the last post that the we may not have recognized the two girls in the Looking Glass hatch pointing guns at Charlie, but we have seen them before. We believe the blonde to be Anne, Bens childhood friend on the island, and the other to be Cassidy, Sawyers ex girlfriend/con. Cassidy … Continue reading

Russian Translation of Ms Klugh and Mikhail (Eye Patchy)

Here is a quick and rough translation of what was said between Ms. Klugh and Mikail during this past week’s episode “Enter 77”. The dialogue took place outside when Sayid had Ms. Klugh, and Mikhail had Locke in hostage. Klugh: Mikhail. Mikhail! You know what to do. Mikhail: We still have another way [out]. Klugh: … Continue reading

Lost 3×08 Flashes Before Your Eyes Images

Lost-Media has posted a few new images from the upcoming episode 8 of season 3 “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. This will be the Desmond centric episode and most of the images appear to be from his flashbacks. That old woman looks pretty mean if you ask me. From the pictures I’m thinking that she is … Continue reading