Colie has a secret crush on Brooke

This may have been the best Real World Denver yet. If you haven’t watch it yet then stop reading here.

Brooke call Colie a bitch because she asked her about a dirty pot in the kitchen. A classic roommate battle for sure but I wonder what Brooke is going to think when she watches the tape of the incident and then her complete exaggeration of the incident. Hilarious.

Even better Brooke blew up on Jenn for calling her a brat. A classic blow up where she yelled at the top of her lungs, turned bright red, and then ran out the front door with her busted ankle and flip flops! She is the most pretentious, stuck up, spoiled brat I’ve ever seen.

Colie, she seems to love a new person other day, has her boyfriend come to town and they proceed to molest each other but before they get down and dirty they go to a lunch spot and run into Matt, Jenn and Matt’s Ariz. St friends. Maybe the best part about it is that Matt and Jenn get completely wasted at lunch and are all over each other which drives Colie nuts in front of her boyfriend. Its pretty obvious that Jenn and Matt end up boinking all over the house next episode which I’m sure Colie is gonna love. I guess she forgets she has a BOYFRIEND and wants her cake and matt’s cock too. What a needy tramp!

I can’t wait for next week, I have a feeling that Colie is going to say she wants Brooke to be her boyfriend too. Why not she says it to everyone else. Daddy issues maybe?

I think the best part about the episode other then Brooke blowing up and Jenn being half-naked, was Matt’s friend for ASU straight out told Colie, that she has a boyfriend and has no reason to want Matt.

Pyscho explosions, trampery, cat fights, and flat out sluttery makes this one great episode!

Real World Denver = Crap

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize the formula MTV is going for on EVERY single Real World cast.  It is the same people with different hairstyles every season.  The gay, the party guy, the religious person, the black militant, the hot mentally disturbed always drunk big boobed party girl, the semi-normal girl who falls in love with the first roommate who looks at her, and the disturbed emo depressed girl.    This Real World Denver cast is no different.  All the classic signs but they seem to have found the most ultra disturbed group of individuals possible.

Take last nights episode.  Brooke (emo depressed spoiled girl) walks around Denver and can’t find a nail salon, gets a few cat calls, and when she gets home and is upset Tyrie (the militant) makes a joke of her use of the word “ghetto” and she freaks out.  Calls her mom, exaggerating the whole time about the house and her life and the best part about it is her mom calls her out which she promptly responds “Mom, throw me a bone here.”

This cast sucks the fat one, I wish MTv would change things up once and a while and actually have a non stereotypical cast.  I’d be a lot of fun on that show. Give me a ring!