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The Incident – Lost Season 5 Finale

4 Sneak Previews of the Lost Season 5 Finale The Incident.

Follow the Leader

6 Sneak Previews for this week’s episode of Lost – Follow the Leader! Jack and Kate watch as Faraday’s shot (and killed as confirmed by the writers). Jack tells Kate that he thinks this is the reason why they are all back. To put things back the way they are suppose to be. Some unknown … Continue reading

The Variable – Episode 100!

Thanks to Richard for finding these previews of Lost’s 100th Episode “The Variable”. An interesting name that ties directly back to the episode entitled “The Constant”. It looks to be a great one. Farraday tells Jack that it is not his destiny to be back on the island, and in fact, he shouldn’t be anywhere … Continue reading

Some Like it Hoth

Not much of a preview for this episode. We already knew Hurley finds a body bag. Anyone seen any other previews? This is the only one I’ve been able to find. Update: Thanks to Kris C, here are 3 additional previews. Miles, Radzinksy, and a few others bring a dead body out of the woods … Continue reading

Dead is Dead

Two sneak peek’s for Lost Season 5 episode 12 – Dead is Dead Ben wake’s up and is back to his typical tricks. Saying he killed John because he knew the island would bring him back to life. John has a calm cool demeanor, and for once seems to not actually believe what Ben is … Continue reading

Whatever Happened, Happened

Juliet and Kate work to save young Ben, but she needs Jack to do the operation successfully. A familiar situation as she was the one who was operating on Ben’s spine. Hurley and Miles discuss the reality of Back to the Future. Miles confirms that Ben can’t die and that “Whatever Happened, Happened”. Sawyer informs … Continue reading

He’s Our You

Hi All, I just got back from S. America lastnight and had a great time. I haven’t had a chance to catch up on Lost yet (I did get to see LeFleur, but still have to see Namaste) but am glad to see everyone continued to comment and post links to the videos. If your … Continue reading

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham – Episode 5.07

Here are 3 fresh sneak peeks into tomorrow nights episode of Lost – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. The first one looks to be just after Locke turns the wheel. He lands in the Tunisia (written on the license plate), which is the same place Ben landed. Then picked up by a couple … Continue reading

Canton-Reiner Anagram Fun

I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned in the comments yet, but did anyone else notice another little hidden anagram on the van Ben was driving? The name of the carpet cleaning company was Canton-Reiner and if you rearrange the letters, it spells out Re-incarnation! I think this is a little hint that Mr. Locke … Continue reading

316 – Episode 5.06

Because its Valentines Day and I love you, here are 2 sneak peeks into Lost episode 5.06 entitled 316. As pointed out in the comments, the title 316 may refer to John 3:16 in the Bible. If so, you can expect this episode to be about Jeremy Bentham aka John Locke and the sacrifice In … Continue reading