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Lost Season 4 Finale Recap

The Lost season 4 finale was chocked full of action, answers (whether you liked them or not), and as always more questions.  Who was in the coffin, how does the island move, will Desmond ever be reunited with Penny, why are the O6 lying, and many more all were answered.  These are the questions that … Continue reading

Lost Season 4 Alternate Endings

Who’s in the casket?  It’s Locke, no its Sawyer, no wait it’s Desmond.. Incase you haven’t heard about or seen the alternate endings of season 4’s finale, the producers filmed 3 different endings to help curb the spoiler leaks.  Good Morning America showed the alternates which you can check out below:

Season 4 Finale Discussion

Just wanted to give everyone a place to discuss the season 4 finale until the recap goes up.  Below are a few of my favorite quotes from the episode. To me, this has to go down as one of the best episodes of Lost to date. Locke: “You do know he said not to put … Continue reading

Season 4 Finale Sneak Peeks

You’ve patiently waited, so here are multiple sneak peeks of tomorrow night’s 2-hour finale! Jack and Locke confront and blame each other at the Orchid station. Kate and the Others have a plan to take out the Freighters. I think this is what Ben was telling the person when communicating with the mirrors. Michael wants … Continue reading

Season 4 Flash Forwards in Chronological Order

Check out the below video.  It takes the flash forwards from season 4 and puts them in chronological order.  And just to make it a little more Lostish the video is exactly 8 min. 42 seconds long.

1 more Sneak Peek for There’s No Place Like Home

Just because I love each and every one of you – Here’s one more pretty long sneak peek for tonight’s episode There’s no Place Like Home. On a side note I saw on another site that today is Frank Baum’s birthday. He is the creator of The Wizard of Oz where the famous line “There’s … Continue reading

3 More Previews for There No Place Like Home

Keamy wants to land NOW and he’s planning on heading to the Orchid. Daniel knows about the secondary protocol and he’s not planning on sticking around to see it played out. Sayid is back and he’s only planning on taking 6 back at a time. I wonder which 6 it will be?? The Orchid is … Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Home Video Previews

Here’s 3 video previews of this week’s Lost entitled “There’s No Place Like Home”. Not only does it suggest that the O6 is going home, but its another subtle reference to The Wizard of Oz. Sawyer meets back up with Jack and Kate. Informs them that Claire is gone, and warns Jack against going after … Continue reading

Cabin Fever Recap | Could it be anymore unpredictable?

Could this show be even more unpredictable? After the closing lines of this episode, the answer is yes. Cabin Fever was the name of this week’s episode, and as you probably guessed it was going to be about visiting Jacob ‘s cabin. I thought this was a very interesting episode and it is quickly hurdling … Continue reading

Cabin Fever Video Previews

Here are a couple of video previews of this weeks lost called Cabin Fever. Desmond and Sayid see what happens to smokeys victims. Also I see Doc Ray in the background..and he’s not dead now. Locke tells everyone about Ben’s murder spree, and says they’re going to go see them. Michael seems to have taken … Continue reading