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Join on Facebook

Hi Everyone, LoLo was kind enough to create a Facebook group for everyone here at Lost Review. If you have an account on Facebook, go check it out and join up so you can say hello and get to know everyone a little better (there’s already a good number of people there). If you don’t … Continue reading

Live Chat During This Weeks Episode

I thought it might an interesting experiment to have a live discussion going on during this week’s episode of Lost.  Not only would this be a good way to point out to each other things that we notice during the episode, but it would also let those of you not in the US get a … Continue reading

Where Do You Socialize?

Random question to pass the time waiting for Lost to start back up. I’ve got a few ideas running through my head and just wanted to see what other sites everyone is spending there time on other than this one. Fill out the poll below and select all that I apply to you. If there … Continue reading

Site Update | Custom User Icons in the Comments

While Lost is on it’s month long break, we too have been taking a little break from posting.  We did make a small update to the site, that some of you may or may not have noticed.  We’ve added the ability for everyone to have their own custom icon next to each comment you make. … Continue reading

Quick Poll for Lost Review Readers

As I mentioned before, I’m planning on doing at least one Lost Review Contest and possibly a few more. The first thing I’d like to find out is where the majority of our readers are and what kind of interest there is in the contest. If you think you might want to enter, just answer … Continue reading

Lost Review Contest | Win Some Free Stuff

We have kicked the idea around before about running a contest here on and giving away some free prizes to our loyal readers. We are still playing around with the idea and wanted to get input directly from the source. I have a few ideas of how the contest will work which I’m not … Continue reading

Top Commentators | Are You Number 1?

We get a ton of comments on the site and I thought it might be fun to add a little section in the right hand sidebar of the page that displays who our top 10 commentors. I’ve disabled mine and Evans name since we had quite a bit more than everyone else since its our … Continue reading – New Lost Community

During these months that seem to be dragging between lost season 3 and season 4, we’ve been taking a little break from posting. We will be back in full swing once we draw closer to the start date of Lost in early 2008. We do however want to let everyone know that we have begun … Continue reading

Calling All Bloggers

Do you love Lost? Do you enjoy blogging? Can you write in somewhat coherrent English? If you answered yes to all 3 of these questions we may be interested in having you write for the Lost Review blog. We have tons of people leaving comments and leaving great points of interest, and we would like … Continue reading

New Translations for Lost Review

We get quite a bit of traffic from outside the US, and even though English is a great language many of you may not speak it well or even at all. So now you have the option of choosing from English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Koreen, and Russian. These translations are done automatically, … Continue reading