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Hi Everyone,

LoLo was kind enough to create a Facebook group for everyone here at Lost Review. If you have an account on Facebook, go check it out and join up so you can say hello and get to know everyone a little better (there’s already a good number of people there). If you don’t have Facebook, you should consider checking it out…all the cool kids are doing it.

See ya there!

Live Chat During This Weeks Episode

Lost Review on Twitter

I thought it might an interesting experiment to have a live discussion going on during this week’s episode of Lost.  Not only would this be a good way to point out to each other things that we notice during the episode, but it would also let those of you not in the US get a little idea of whats going on during the episode even though you aren’t able to watch it yet. is a service that for some reason is growing in popularity at a ridiculous rate.  It’s basically a place for you to communicate instantly with your friends anywhere in the world, and I thought it would be a great way to try this live chat idea.

If your interested, head over to, and sign up for your free account.  Once you’ve done that, start “following” me by going to the profile page I’ve set up at and hit the “follow” button and I’ll follow you back.  If you want to send a direct message to me enter “@LostRreview” in your message box followed by your message.

In addition to the live chat during the episode, by following me on Twitter, you can stay updated anytime I make a new post here on Lost Review, or if you just want stalk me and find out what I’m up to during the day, I may start putting up some of those types of “tweets” as well.

I have no idea whether this will work well or completely flop, but it should be fun trying something new at least!

Where Do You Socialize?

Random question to pass the time waiting for Lost to start back up. I’ve got a few ideas running through my head and just wanted to see what other sites everyone is spending there time on other than this one. Fill out the poll below and select all that I apply to you. If there are other networking sites like these that you are active on list them in the comments.



Site Update | Custom User Icons in the Comments

gravatarsWhile Lost is on it’s month long break, we too have been taking a little break from posting.  We did make a small update to the site, that some of you may or may not have noticed.  We’ve added the ability for everyone to have their own custom icon next to each comment you make.

All you need to do is go to, and sign up for a free account.  Be sure to use the same email address that you enter in the comments here on  Your icon will be tied to your email address.  As long as you use the same one, all of your old comments will automatically be updated with the icon (though it may or may not happen immediately).

Once you have your account set up, feel free to test them out on this post.  If you comment and its still showing the default icon either you didn’t put your email address in exactly as you did on the Gravatar site, or sometimes it takes a day or so to start showing up.

Lost Review Contest | Win Some Free Stuff

We have kicked the idea around before about running a contest here on and giving away some free prizes to our loyal readers. We are still playing around with the idea and wanted to get input directly from the source. I have a few ideas of how the contest will work which I’m not going to go into detail yet. What we want is to know what you guys would like to see in terms of prizes.

Optimally, we would like to have multiple prizes with multiple winners. What we want from you guys is to add to the list of all things you’d like to see us give away as prizes. Keep in mind that we will most likely not be giving away ridiculous prizes such as a house or a car, so make sensible requests. It can be Lost related, or completely off topic. In fact the contest will probably be most successful if we do have a good mixture of items to give out.

You guys have a few weeks to come up with things as I work out some of the details so keep the ideas rolling in by leaving them in the comments.

Below are a few ideas that I’ve had so far in terms of what to give away. If anyone is interested in donating prizes of any shape or form in exchange for some free advertising on the site, that would be amazing.

  • Seasons of Lost on DVD
  • Lost clothing or other merchandise
  • Lost soundtrack on CD
  • Lost via Domus (the video game)
  • Lost Posters
  • Lost Mind Games (a book full of trivia, quizzes, etc. about the show)
  • iPods
  • iPhones
  • Cameras
  • iTunes gift certificates
  • gift certificates
  • an autographed picture of myself – for the ladies only : )

Anything goes and no ideas will be ignored (completely anyway) so start leaving some comments of things you’d like to get your hands on. We’ll be providing more information and details on the contest in the not so distant future.

Top Commentators | Are You Number 1?

commentsWe get a ton of comments on the site and I thought it might be fun to add a little section in the right hand sidebar of the page that displays who our top 10 commentors. I’ve disabled mine and Evans name since we had quite a bit more than everyone else since its our site and I wanted to give everyone else a chance to have their name displayed. If you have a website and list it in your information when leaving a comment, your name will link to your site and most likely will send some additional traffic your way.

So have fun, leave comments and interact with each other about all of your Lost theories and ideas! And don’t try to boost your comments with garbage comments or spam..they will be deleted. – New Lost Community

During these months that seem to be dragging between lost season 3 and season 4, we’ve been taking a little break from posting. We will be back in full swing once we draw closer to the start date of Lost in early 2008. We do however want to let everyone know that we have begun working on a new Lost project that we want you all to be a part of.

You can check out the new website at If you’re familiar with then you’ll have no problem figuring out what the new site is all about. For those of you not familiar with Digg, the site is a community that allows you to submit interesting links that you come across from any website that has anything at all to do with Lost. Once submitted all other members of the site are able to vote on the submission. The more people that vote for it the quicker its moved to the homepage for everyone to see and visit. The name Lostmarks is our attempt at being creative by combining the word Lost with Bookmarks…get it..LostMarks..

We spend a good bit of time subscribing to Lost RSS Feeds and checking out the Lost forums for any new information on the show to post here about. We thought there must be a better solution than looking at all these different sites for new information. Then we thought about Digg and how it’s users submit content from all over. It’s such a simple idea, but it’s genius at the same time. We decided to create a similar idea that’s focused on one of the greatest shows on TV…LOST.

We encourage everyone to sign up for an account, and start submitting any and everything you find about Lost. The more people that join and submit the better the community will be. And unlike Digg, we dont discourage you from submitting your own articles from your websites. If it’s good content, its good content and the community will vote on whether they like it or not. So dont hold back..if it’s Lost related then we want it submitted.

Calling All Bloggers

Do you love Lost? Do you enjoy blogging? Can you write in somewhat coherrent English? If you answered yes to all 3 of these questions we may be interested in having you write for the Lost Review blog. We have tons of people leaving comments and leaving great points of interest, and we would like to invite some of you to become regular contributors to the Lost Review blog.

You will be free to write however frequently you would like to about anything related to Lost from spoilers, gossip, theories and whatever else you can come up with. The more contributors we have, the better this site can become so we are certainly open to having as many of you that are interested in contributing. We can’t afford to pay anyone, so it would be purely out of enjoyment and love for all things Lost.

If you are interested, we would preferrably like to see some type of writing you’ve done previously whether it be a personal site or blog you own or even if you have just left comments here on our site. Send us an email at [evan] [@] [] or just leave a comment here on this post letting us know and giving a little info about yourself and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


New Translations for Lost Review

We get quite a bit of traffic from outside the US, and even though English is a great language many of you may not speak it well or even at all. So now you have the option of choosing from English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Koreen, and Russian.

These translations are done automatically, not by hand, therefore they may not be perfect, they may not even be close but they should at least get the idea across. If there is any cuss words or anything like that not translated properly it wasn’t on purpose. The translation can be done by choosing the flag of your respective language from the sidebar on the right.

So if your one of the many visitors outside of the English speaking countries, take advantage of this new feature and let us know if things are coming across clearly or not. Thanks!