More Users Lost Questions

There are a few things everyone seems to have forgotten about.

Firstly, end of season 1 – the thing that drags locke down and makes the weird noise.

Secondly, What are the voices in the trees?

And in the second season what is that black clould thing that floats in front of echo?

Whats the crack with walt when he was talking to Shanon?

Why have all the stations been abandoned?

Whats in the other stations on the map?

My theory is the island is a place beween heaven and hell for the lost people to be tested. Echo knows this i think. The button tests their faith.

Desmond and the Key Season 2 Finale

When desmond used the key to cutoff the “dam” of electromagnetic energy or whatever, a great light and noise was produced. we saw that the others and henry saw/heard it while holding kate, sawyer, and jack. however, after it ended, they went back to business as usual, as henry gave michael the instructions.

but if that key was so important, wouldn’t henry or some of the others been shocked that it got turned and made a bigger deal about it? in theory, that key being turned changes everything about the island and its powers. but henry and the others just went back to normal after the light/noise went away.

what’s the deal?? any theories?

Top 10 Lost Questions

As the finale for Lost Season 2 approaches, more people are blogging about it then ever before. I found on a list of Lost questions and have added to them and reposted them here. The finale is supposed to be bigger and better then the first season and shocker, leave us hanging until Lost Season 3

LOSTs big questions:

1. Walt.

Where is he?
Why does he seem to be so important to The Others?
Was that him on the computer?
Can he really manifest things?
Whats up with that soaking wet in the jungle talking backwords stuff?
2. Hanso.

What was that map in the hatch?
Whats with that training video?
What are the Dharma logos all about?
We know the hatches all have different logos, but what is with the logo on the tail of the shark?
Was the foundation behind that food that fell from the sky?
Whats with the powerful magnet?
3. Ethan.

Crazy doctor or Crazy martial arts badass?
What happened to that underground facility where they were keeping Claire?
Is Danielles daughter still alive?
Why they hell was she down there in the first place?
4. Desmond.

He ran away from the hatch. Where the hell is he? What is he doing?

5. Black Rock.

6. Healing / Harming.

Locke can walk, Rose doesnt have cancer anymore, Libby isnt crazy anymore, Sun is pregnant.
Charlie is going crazy, Hurley is seeing things.
Is there a disease?
7. The Numbers.

These things are everywhere. This is one that better come to a satisfying conclusion.
8. Henry.Is he really an other?
Who was the real Henry?
Did he really not press the button?
What happens if you dont press the button?
Is Henry Gale the big man on campus. (my prediction is it comes out he is one of the leaders of the Others
9. The Monsters.

The chain-link monster thing, The Black Fog, The Shark&
10. Michael.

Is he brainwashed?
Is he an Other?
Did he make a deal with the Others?

This is a running total so add yours to the list….

Lost – More Questions and Answers

After watching the latest episode of Lost, your left feeling just as Lost as always. A few answers to some old questions, and a whole set of new questions opened up. We finally saw, to no surprise that Walt is alive and o.k., and we learned that the others put micheal up to letting Henry go. Thats about all that was answered in this episode. Now for the new questions.

1. What did Walt mean when he said that the others were lying and they arent who they say they are?

2. What kinds of tests were they making Walt take?

3. How did they know Sawyers real name, and why did they want those particular 4 people, and no one else.

4. The young girl involved with kidnapping Micheal was the French womans daughter. Why was she so concerned with Claire and whether the baby was a boy or girl?

5. Where did Charlie get the vaccine from and what does it actually do?

6. Why does Mr. Echo want to move into the hatch? Most likely to let the timer run down and see what happens.

7. Whos boat was that at the end, and what/who is on it?

8. Michael said he wanted a boat if he brought the 4 people back. Is he going to leave the island with only his son or will he take anyone with him if he gets the boat?

9. How is Sayid going to stop Michaels plan of taking the 4 people back and turning them over?

Next week is the 2 hour season finale and hopefully a lot of these questions will be answered. If you have any theories to the answers to the questions leave them in the comments and well see whos right and wrong.

Did Anyone See The Hand In Lost

When Kate brought Sawyer out of the hatch after he woke up from his infection, there was a black horse outside. Did anyone see the hand on the right hand side of the screen? Probably the horse’s trainer or something!!

The hand is at the end of Season 2 episode 9 – “What Kate Did”, when kate takes sawyer out of the hatch. Obviously visible on the right hand side of the screen.

Did Anyone Notice The Car In LOST?

There was a car in the background of LOST. I swear to the world it was there and I have a screenshot of it!
Car In ABC Lost

When Anna Lucia and Goodwin were taking their break and discussing the knife, you could see the white truck moving in the background. It was faint but if you look right between them then you will see it in motion as it looks like it is driving up a road. I’m not sure if this was purposeful or just an accident but I’m positive anyone with a taping of tonight’s Lost will see it.

I’m guessing the only explination for it is that no one on the Lost production crew noticed it, or they are going to give ‘The Others’ a truck or something, I guess they do have a boat so why not? 🙂

Did anyone else see it?????

**other points of note**
Does Mr Echo have a Dharma tattoo? it look like it
Why do the Pirates have a gun and the others don’t?
The pirates seemed bearded and rough as apposed to the others who say they are only “taking the good people”
Any relationship b/t Mr. Echo and the fact all the whispers are echoing?
Why didnt Anna go and get the knife?
Are the people they kidnapped safe like Goodwin says?
Cindy was the flight attendant, FYI