Question for the Readers: How is Walt’s Role Going to be?

The biggest question I have with the LOST Finale is: how is Walt going to come back into play?

I honestly have no idea.  He was shown to have other worldly powers early on, escaped from the island and then we haven’t heard from him in 2 or 3 seasons.  Does anyone have any thoughts on Walt’s role?

What We learned in The Glass Ballerina

Quite a few peices of information shown in this episode prvovide details to many of the questions people have been asking for a while. Below is a complete round up of everything I noticed:

– The others have contact with the outside world
– Ben has been on the island his whole life
– Sun’s baby is most likely Jae’s (the english teacher)
– Juliette is high ranking within the Others group
– Kate is wearing Alex Roussous dress
– Alex is somehow connected to Carl
– Ben’s name is Benjamin Linus
– Ben will take Jack home as long as he cooperates
– Jin understands some english
– The losties have been on the island 69 days and the current date is November 29, 2004 – I wonder if they will have a christmas party? Secret Santas maybe??
– The writers of the show are boston red sox fans.

And now for the new questions that have been opened up:

– What does Ben want Jack to cooperate on.
– If Ben knows everything going on with the island how come he didnt know about Desmonds boat.
– is Colleen dead, if not what role will she play in the future
– Did Jae (english teacher) really kill himself, or did Sun do it, or maybe Sun’s father
– Is Suns baby really Jae’s?
– Ben says they are on the island for a reason and have contact with the outside world. Whats that reason, and how are they contacting the outside world.

Any others I’m missing here?

Meaning of the Numbers in Lost

The Valenzetti Equation is a fictional book by Gary Troup is a book that speaks of a mathematical equation that can predict the apocalypse, and the end of the world. One theory that I came across about the numbers that continue to show up in Lost is that they are the result of the Valenzetti Equation equalling 4 8 15 16 23 42.

The theory looks at the numbers in a different way then just a string of numbers adding up to 108 like some other theories people are using to try and figure out their meaning. This one uses the set of numbers as a date and time which if Valenzetti’s equation is correct would be the end of the world.

The date would be April 8, 2015 at 16:23:42, or 4/8/2015 at 4:23 and 42 seconds. This thoery can be backed up with a little bit of information from the show such as when the blast doors came down on Locke’s leg he saw a map, which included a phrase “low relevence to Valenzetti related research activity.

Also, the man the Hurley got the numbers from in the insitution. Some how that man knew the numbers, and possibly knew what they meant which is why he went insane. Knowing how the world was going to end could lead a man to insanity.

The numbers are obviously a sign of bad luck, as seen with all that has been happening to people around Hurley after he used them in the lottery and won. There is certainly evil about the numbers, and what could be much worse than the world coming to an end?

What does the 4 Toe’d Statue Mean?

We know the hatch our survivors discovered has the codename Swan and that it is the third of six. Time to add a second hatch and call sign to those we know of. The hide-out the Tailies have inhabited featured a logo nearly identical to that of the Swan. While still bearing all the Dharma Initiative markings, instead of a swan, the logo is skewered by an arrow.

We have two logos for two hatches, but whats the connection? After constant requests for answers about the numbers, specifically whether they are co-ordinates for the islands location, the producers cryptically replied, Viewers should be looking to the sky for answers and not the ground. With that in mind, a very subtle clue has been dropped in the Swan hatch pantry. Every single item of food there bears the Dharma logo, except for one the Apollo chocolate bars. Now, this may take a moment, but bear with us. The theories of what might actually be taking place on the island just went mythical mythically Greek, to be exact.

Firstly, Apollo was the name used by the ancient Greeks to describe a cluster of stars seen in the northern hemisphere, made up of six constellations.

Cygnus The Swan
Sagita The Arrow
Orion The Hunter
Crater The Goblet
Corvus The Crow
Ophiuchus The Serpent Handler

The naming of the chocolate could be seen as just a sneaky way to inform viewers where the hatches got their codenames. But a bit of study into the Greek god Apollos story and the virtues he represented reveals a lot of themes running parallel with those of Lost! He was the god of disease (the sickness), healing (Lockes legs), medicine (Jack/Sun), shamanism (Locke/Mr. Eko), prophecy (Claires psychic/Walt), and finally wisdom and reason (the faith vs. science debate). He was the god of light, while his brother Dionysus represented darkness, the battle between black and white another key theme in the show. He rode a swan north each winter and was the patron defender of flocks and herds, not unlike our good Dr. Jack Shepard!

Finally, Apollo was born on a mythical island that he formed sacred bonds with.. It was not joined to the earth, but rather floated the seas surrounded by swans. Could Claires baby, Aaron, already known as a special child, have ties to the island established long before he was even conceived? Could the gods themselves have wanted this child on the island? And before any theories about Aaron being the new Messiah spring to mind, remember this the verb apollyo means to destroy
Once last thing for all you wonderful message board posters that have been asking for more clues about the numbers. Jump on Yahoo!7 search and look up Apollo, and then check out the The Messier Marathon. The Messier Marathon was developed by Charles Messier in 1774 to catalogue 110 objects in space so as to not confuse existing stars with comets. Our new friend, the Arrow logo? Its part of the Sagita constellation, the Archer, and the two major stars in that constellation are M8 and M23

Lost Season 3 Starts October 4rth 2006


They will be screening 7 episodes then and the rest of the season – 18 episodes beginning in Jan or Feb 2007.

I just posted more info about Lost Season 3 in the comments below
Everyone who Surives Season 2 Finale will be back! Link here
-Season 3 will have no more repeats
-No New Regular cast members joining for Series 3 of Lost

Just posted about the season 2 finale and the ultimate theory!

Just a reminder to those who are fans of ABC’s show Lost, Season 3 starts OCTOBER 4TH 2006 I’m really excited about this season hell, I can’t stand the breaks this show has for months at a time. Anyway, be sure to tune in OCTOBER 4TH 2006 for Lost!

For those of you who want to catch up and jump into Lost, there is a 1 hour special (i think its 1 hour) starting at 7pm or 8pm est.

*edit it is only 1 hour.

**see comments below added a Lost Season 3 interview
***edited again added another Lost Series 3 update below! NO more repeats! 🙂
****Lost Season 2 Finale info blogged about as well.


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NightmareinBlue’s Lost Questions

O.K. People, here it goes:
Let’s get serious andanalize what we know for a fact, before e start asking the really important questions and try to form a theory.

There are of course many elements, relations and little bits of data to scrutinize and slowly put into to place like a puzzle. But it is my honest opinion that there are 4 elements wich are the most important and if understood fully and pieced together with each other can really provide us the key to the secret of lost:

– Dharma iniciative;
– The Numbers;
– The Others;
– The Island’s “supernatural” Phenomena (i.e. black smoke, electromagnetism, monsters, bears, the bird, etc.);

If the whole thing is part of some kind of a psicho/sociological experiment, how can we explain for example the black smoke that roams the place or better yet the numbers sequence that keeps popping up related to events, people, the computer code that is suposedly saving the world?

Are the Others some kind of “left over” from the Dharma Iniciative? If so what are they doing there? Why do they take the Children? (oh, and by the way contrary to what i saw in another post, the others have actually killed people: in the first night the “other Losties” spendt on the other side of the island and the guy who’s name i can’t remember that Ana Lucia had traped in the hole).
Is there really a infection that justify’s the quarantine? if so why haven’t we ever seen anybody get sick? If not why do they gave the vaccine to Claire’s baby when they took her? What’s their relation (if any) with the numbers and the island’s phenomena? Why do the Others use fake beards indigent clothes and false names?

If everybody was brought to the island purpousfully, how to explain the intrincated relations between them and the Numbers?

In order to discover the secret we must conjugate the various sides of the question: the supernatural, the psichological or sociological, the mathematical and the relations (not only between the “losties” but also between them and the Others.

A New Lost Theory 3 Groups

I have a theory:

I think there is 3 parties on the island. The others, Dharma folks and the losties. The others where on the dharma observe project but found stuff out that made them stand up against the Dharma folks. Dharma project still have the losties in the project and the others took their leaders away to get better/stronger for a rise against the dharma folks.

Libby looks like she could be a agent that recruit people for the Dharma project.

The other losties left at camp+Hugo are still in the project and the others don’t want the Dharma folks to end the project. Well the others have contact with the outside because the boat uses fuel and the used advance methods of catching them.

Russo, The Others, Alex

i dont know if anyone has noticed this before but there is one ”other” who seems to think that they are bad! that is russo’s daughter,,, who sent claire back with her baby! why would she do that if they were all doing good.. i think they are collecting the children as they are easiest to turn,, as far as michael being different i think that is because he has been threatened a lot not to say anything and has been put under alot of strain… this would make him reluctant to show happiness for his dad when he see’s him 4 THE SECOND TIME. remember he showed enthusiasm when he saw his dad in the tent and that got him told off,,, although was that all an act?

From our Guest Poster – Curt