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Man Robbed Sawyer and is Sentenced to Prison

According to USA today: A man who robbed Lost star Josh Holloway and his wife at gunpoint in their Hawaii home has been sentenced to 13 to 30 years in prison for his three-week crime spree. The sentence was imposed Tuesday against 23-year-old Ruben Royce after he pleaded guilty to multiple charges in February. Judge … Continue reading

Lost is being Cancelled

I am sad to announce that I came across a disturbing article while reading up on some news. As I was going through the daily habit of checking out whats going on in the world, I found this article and could hardly believe it. Apparently due to continuing decreases in ratings, producers have decided to … Continue reading

Oceanic Airlines Contest on Xbox Live

Microsoft is running a contest on Xbox live called the “Taking you places you’ve never imagined” sweepstakes. The winners of the sweep stakes will win various prizes from ABC and Microsoft, so be sure that your personal information is up to date in your profile settings. In order to participate in the sweepstakes: * Fire … Continue reading

Time Magazine Claims Lost #2 Returning Series

Time Magazine put out its top 10 returning shows for 2007 and to no surprise of mine, Lost was #2 trailing only the Sopranos. Season 4 of Lost begins in Feb 2008 (Lost Season 5 begins Jan 2009) and is supposed to be the wildest season yet. I can’t freaking wait! See the top 10 … Continue reading

Lost The Video Game Trailer

UbiSoft has been working on a Lost video game, and after seeing the trailer it looks much better than I would have imagined it to be. Im not sure how fun of a game it will be. I mean especiallly if have to be John Locke and have to sit there and press the computer … Continue reading

Lost Season 3 DVD Release Date

Miss an episode of Lost Season 3? Need to rewatch an episode to make sure you saw it right the first time? now has Lost Season 3 “The Unexplored Experience” DVDs up for pre order and if you order now you get a 30% discount. The Lost Season 3 DVD set is currently schedule … Continue reading

Alex and Rousseau Finally Re-united.

USA Today has an interesting article on the Alex, Rousseau and Ben family reunion in last nights Season 3 finale. Nothing really ground breaking, just thought I’d at least share. [link to USAToday]

Lost Coming To Your Cell Phone for Free.

If you watch Lost or any other ABC show for that matter you will now be able to watch your favorite show on your cell phone for free, that is if you are a Sprint customer. ABC and Sprint have inked a deal to bring the most popular ABC series to your Sprint cell phone. … Continue reading

Reasons why ABC’s Lost Sucks

I found this post today and thought it was pretty funny; number 8 particularly made me laugh. The post is basically a summation of 10 points of everyone’s complaints about the show with a tirade of foul language mixed throughout each one. Below is a summary of his points, but I highly recommend checking out … Continue reading

Lost Will Return in fall for another year

I’ve documented it before that Lost has been written out for seven more seasons, well they are still only signed on for a year at a time but last night ABC signed up Lost and several other shows for the fall 2007-2008 season.