Lost Moments 11 VW Van and Skeleton

Lost Moments number 11 offered a pretty crazy scene in my opinion. It features Sawyer and Jin (this is a bit of a spoiler that proves Kate and Sawyer get away from the Other’s part of the island), talking about the right things to say to the ladies. The weird part about it is they are somewhere in the jungle leaning up against an old school VW van with a skeleton propped up next to them which doesnt seem to be bothering either of them. This one screenshot brings up quite a few questions such as where on the island are they? Who’s van is that and how did it get on the island (I doubt theres a VW distribution center located there)? Who did the skeleton use to belong to and how did they die? Is Jin trying to mac on a new lady or just appease Sun who is preggers with someones baby.

lost skeleton vw bus

New Lost Moments Clip

Here is the most recent Lost Moments clip previewing the new upcoming episodes of Lost Season 3. This clip is actually one worth watching as other Lost Moments clips have not been very revealing in content. This Lost Moments clip shows Jack being held in what use to be either Sawyer or Kate’s cell and he is talking to the stewardess from oceanic flight 815. She apparently has been converted into an Other as she seems perfectly happy to be in the situation. She says they are there for “watching”. What are they watching, and was she in on this the whole time? Did she know about the island prior to the flight and cause the plane to crash? Only time will tell, I for one hope the remainder of Lost Season 3 will be better than the first half. There are so many twists that this show could possibly take from here on out, it is sure to lead into a great Lost Season 4 which starts somewhere around August.

Lost Moments – Number 3

Here is the Lost Moments 3 preview from this past weeks episode of Day Break. It shows Hurley and Charlie rummaging around through Sawyers stash of goods. Desmond tells them both he needs them to come with him. Thats about it for this one. Not much can be guessed about whats going on here, so I guess we’ll just have to wait until Feburary 7th when the show returns for the 2nd half of lost season 3, and then hopefully a not so long break before Lost Season 4.

Lost Moments – Number 2

Here is Lost Moment number 2 from the past episode of Daybreak. This one featuers Hurley talking to Locke asking him if he has any super powers like the fantastic 4 and Desmond. Locke says all he saw was Desmond running through the jungle and asks Hurley if he thinks thats a super power. Hurley says no, but future seeing is.

So do you think that Locke and Charlie also have some type of power like Desmond seems to have? I for one hope not. If this show turns into super heroes (or maybe peter patrellie and the other cast members from NBC’s Heroes will show up) vs. the Others, Im done with it forever.

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