Lost iPod Game Released

This is somewhat old news, but I forgot to post it. Apple has released a new Lost inspired game for your iPod and is available through iTunes for purchase (Lost iPod Game – iTunes link).

“Join your favorite castaways in their quest to seek the truth and survive in the official iPod game of the hit television series Lost. Help Jack search for dynamite, tend to the wounded, and avoid the black smoke. Relive the crash scene, open the hatch, and ultimately try your best to escape from the Others. Immerse yourself into their mysterious world with authentic settings and a genuine storyline created by the writers behind the hit show.”


– The official iPod game providing total immersion into the world of Lost.
– Storyline created by the writers behind the series.
– Play as Jack and interact wtih other main characters of the series, including Kate, Locke, and Sayid.
– Production quality that measures up with the Lost phenomenon: faithfully reproduced settings, intuitive and extremely varied gameplay.
– Explore the island’s main sites including the beach, the jungle, inside the Hatch, and the Black Rock.
– Relive the most eventful moments from the series, such as the crash scene, running from the black smoke, and meeting the Others.
– Take on a multiude of challenges such as exploration, hunting, helping the wounded, and searching for dynamite.

New Lost Konfabulator/Yahoo Widget download

The newest version of the Lost widget counts down to the season premier of the new season on october 4th. This version of the widget also includes a seperate video player which streams all of the lost season 3 previews directly from ABC’s page. The widget includes 14 skins for you to choose from.

Authors description:

I’m pleased to announce Version 3.1 of the LOST Widget.

After a lot of hard work, I have been able to include a separate video player streaming the latest previews direct from ABC’s website!

Please leave your comments.

Head over to the Konfabulator Lost download page and give it a try.

For those of you that dont know what Konfabulator/Yahoo Widget Engine is, it is an application that allows little applications to sit on your desktop. There are thousands to choose from for both Mac (yay!) and PC (booo).

Lost Yahoo! / Konfabulator Widget

A new widget has been put together that works on both Mac and PC Yahoo! Widgets Engine or Konfabulator depending on when you downloaded it. The widget is a countdown for when the Lost Season 3 episodes will began to air and was created by Richard Murray.

The Lost Season 3 Timer says at the bottom that the season will begin September 21st but actually Lost Season 3 will start on October 4th. Im not sure if the counter is counting down to the September date or the correct October 4th date, but I didnt feel like doing the math to find out. If you download it and figure it out let me know in the comments

Lost Icons for Mac OS X

If your running Mac OS X, a nice collection of LOST icons has been created and is available to download for free from InterfaceLift.com. The set includes 35 Lost icons of various objects from the island including the hatch, a lottery ticket with the numbers on them, and many dharma innitiative products and supplies. The image shown is a preview of the style of icons. Currently the ABC’s Lost Icons are only available for the Mac operating system and can be downloaded from the link below:

Click to download