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Lost iPod Game Released

This is somewhat old news, but I forgot to post it. Apple has released a new Lost inspired game for your iPod and is available through iTunes for purchase (Lost iPod Game – iTunes link). “Join your favorite castaways in their quest to seek the truth and survive in the official iPod game of the … Continue reading

ABC Lost Icons

I came across the icons today for the Mac. They are in a pack of 7 and include the different Dharma Initiative hatch symbols. You can see a preview below: Download link: You can find more icons on our Lost Icons categories.

New Lost Konfabulator/Yahoo Widget download

The newest version of the Lost widget counts down to the season premier of the new season on october 4th. This version of the widget also includes a seperate video player which streams all of the lost season 3 previews directly from ABC’s page. The widget includes 14 skins for you to choose from. Authors … Continue reading

Lost Yahoo! / Konfabulator Widget

A new widget has been put together that works on both Mac and PC Yahoo! Widgets Engine or Konfabulator depending on when you downloaded it. The widget is a countdown for when the Lost Season 3 episodes will began to air and was created by Richard Murray. The Lost Season 3 Timer says at the … Continue reading

Huge Map of the “Lost” Island

Here is a huge map of the entire island, as well as flight patterns of Oceanic 815 and Henry Gales balloon. As well as many other peices of information about the island. WARNING: This image is HUGE. It will take a while to load especially if using dial-up. You may want to right click and … Continue reading

Lost Icons for Mac OS X

If your running Mac OS X, a nice collection of LOST icons has been created and is available to download for free from The set includes 35 Lost icons of various objects from the island including the hatch, a lottery ticket with the numbers on them, and many dharma innitiative products and supplies. The … Continue reading