Meaning of the Numbers in Lost

The Valenzetti Equation is a fictional book by Gary Troup is a book that speaks of a mathematical equation that can predict the apocalypse, and the end of the world. One theory that I came across about the numbers that continue to show up in Lost is that they are the result of the Valenzetti Equation equalling 4 8 15 16 23 42.

The theory looks at the numbers in a different way then just a string of numbers adding up to 108 like some other theories people are using to try and figure out their meaning. This one uses the set of numbers as a date and time which if Valenzetti’s equation is correct would be the end of the world.

The date would be April 8, 2015 at 16:23:42, or 4/8/2015 at 4:23 and 42 seconds. This thoery can be backed up with a little bit of information from the show such as when the blast doors came down on Locke’s leg he saw a map, which included a phrase “low relevence to Valenzetti related research activity.

Also, the man the Hurley got the numbers from in the insitution. Some how that man knew the numbers, and possibly knew what they meant which is why he went insane. Knowing how the world was going to end could lead a man to insanity.

The numbers are obviously a sign of bad luck, as seen with all that has been happening to people around Hurley after he used them in the lottery and won. There is certainly evil about the numbers, and what could be much worse than the world coming to an end?

Why Lost Killed Libby

Why Lost Killed Libby
It’s confession time again: I’ve known for weeks that Lost was going to send Libby (Cynthia Watros) off to the big island in the sky at the end of last night’s episode, and, just like with Ana Lucia, I kept my big, spoiler-obsessed trap closed. And once again, my restraint has yielded a pretty nifty reward  an exclusive postmortem courtesy of exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse!

Ausiello: Why did you kill off Libby?
Carlton Cuse: We felt like we had run out of story for her. It happens. While we did develop the romance with her and Hurley, we didn’t see enough in the way of avenues for where to go with that character. And we were starting to think about what sort of stories we were going to be telling for the characters in Season 3, and we just didn’t have enough for Libby that we were excited about. That was on one side. On the other side, we thought, well, shooting Ana Lucia is going to be dramatic, but what will really make it incredible for the audience is that it’ll be completely surprising if we shoot Libby, too. And it would be enhanced by the fact that Ana Lucia is not a particularly sympathetic character. But if we added Michael shooting Libby also, who is a very sympathetic character, that would really ratchet up the emotional stakes of the rest of the season.
Damon Lindelof: And all of this was obviously, first and foremost, the idea that Libby’s got this mysterious backstory, of which we’ve only given you the tip of the iceberg. We know she’s spent some time in the mental institution with Hurley, and the idea of killing her before she had an opportunity to explain how she got there… we have a master plan for how we’re going to tell that story, but it’s all posthumous. You’ll start to learn Libby’s moves through flashbacks over the course of the next season. So we’re not done with Cynthia, but Libby is dead.

Ausiello: So we’ll see Cynthia next season?
Damon: You’ll see her in the [May 24] finale, in fact.

Ausiello: But will we see her next season?
Damon:That’s our plan.

Ausiello: Were you pissed off that news of her CBS pilot leaked? It seemed like a repeat of what went on last summer when the trades speculated that Maggie Grace might do X-Men 3, and then she was killed off a couple of months later.
Carlton: We were trying to be helpful to Cynthia as an actress, because she is a wonderful person and we wanted her to have a chance at a job on another show. And an unfortunate side effect of that was that people [interpreted that as], “Well, obviously that means something is up about her time on Lost.” It’s unfortunate, but I guess at the end of the day, hopefully it didn’t get too spoiled in the press, and, more importantly, we gave the actress a fighting chance to get a role on a show for next year. It was important to us that, if we were going to kill her off, we also try to support her, just as her friends and [out of respect] for her desire to get another job.
Damon: It’s the price you pay as a producer ’cause you have a choice, and the choice is, essentially, you can force an actor to sit out an entire season…
Carlton: … by exercising our exclusivity.
Damon: Yeah, by saying, “You’re not allowed to go out for other stuff until we formally tell you that we’re not picking you up,” or you can be a human being about it. And although we anticipated the possibility of this getting out, it seemed like a no-brainer. At the end of the day, a story running in The Hollywood Reporter is one thing, but once they start talking about it on Entertainment Tonight and in TV Guide, which have much [broader audiences], then it’s officially spoiled. Like, if my mom calls me and says, “I heard Cynthia is leaving the show,” then I know that it’s been spoiled. You have a readership that reads Ask Ausiello on the Web that is vastly different  those are people who are seeking spoilers. As opposed to someone who picks up USA Today and reads, “Cynthia Watros got a CBS pilot! What does that mean for Lost?” Then it’s like, now suddenly 10 million people know.

Ausiello: How did Cynthia take the news?
Carlton: She was sad. I think it’s really hard. When we make those calls they’re incredibly hard calls to make. I think, obviously, people like working on the show. It’s not a bad job to be living in Hawaii and working on a successful television series. Truthfully, she did take it kind of hard, which motivated us to help her get another job.
Damon: And also, it happened at a time when we were really writing to her. She was stepping up her game. We had just put the script out for “Dave,” in which she was heavily featured and that relationship with Hurley was starting to develop, and in response to the awesome work she was doing, that sort of made us feel even more emboldened to go ahead and execute the double murder because we thought her death would really resonate with the audience.

General Observations about the Lost Characters

Over the last couple days I have become hooked on the show Lost. I always heard people talking about it with such enthusiasm that it was near impossible for me not to check it out. So I went to my local video store and proceeded to watch disk 1-6 of season 1. Once that was done I obtained all of season 2, up through the most current episode and watched them all, so I am now caught up with everyone and left hanging for the next new episodes. Watching them back to back to back and many more backs, I was able to see a lot of things about the people on the island and thought Id list them out. Maybe theres some stuff you didnt catch.

1. None of the people on the plane should have been on the plane.

– Kate – she was going to leave the guys house in the middle of the nite, he caught her and talked her into staying. He then turned her in the next morning to the Marshall guy.
– Charlie – His brother tried to keep him there to help with his drug addiction. He wouldnt listen and said he had a plane to catch.
– Jack – The lady at the desk said she wasnt allowed to let the coffin on the plane, but he talked her into it and he got on with it.
– Sun – She was going to leave Jin, but changed her mind at the last minute and got on.
– Claire – She was going to give the baby to some people, but changed her mind when the pen wouldnt work, talked to the pyschic guy, and he gave her the plane ticket to go give the baby to another family(even though he knew it was going to crash and was making sure she took care of the baby like he said she had to).
– Sayid – Government had plane tickets for him to leave the same day, but he said to change it so he could claim the body of his friend that killed himself

There are plenty more of these but you get the point that they all had a reason not to get on the plane but they still did.

2. All the people on the island have something wrong with them that was fixed by being on the island.

– Rose – Whatever was killing her was gone
– Locke – He can walk again
– Charlie – Had a drug addiction, now hes not using anymore
– Hurley – Crazy and fat. Now hes changing
– Jin & Sun – Jin couldnt have babies. Now Sun is pregnant..though im not sure that is really his or if its her english teachers. But she said she hasnt been with anyone else.

These are all I can think of right now for this one.

3. They all lost something or someone.

– Jack – his wife left him.
– Anna Lucia or whatever the girl cops name is – Lost her baby in the shooting.
– Locke – his dad and girlfriend left him.
– Claire – her boyfriend left.
– Charlie – his band broke up.
– Kate – lost her boyfriend in the car wreck.
– Michael – his sons mother died.
– Hurley – lost his friend because of the money.
– Shannon – her dad died and her step mom deserted her.
– Sawyer – his parents both died.
– Sayide – Lost the woman he loved.

Im sure there are more of these as well, but you get the point.

If youve noticed anything else that Ive missed, feel free to leave them in the comments.