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Lost Writers Reveal There was Never a Planned End!

35 Subplots left unresolved 18 real plots left unanswered Now in a recent interview a writer revealed to his buddy that: I was watching football with one of them, [and] I was telling them how much I loved the show. I’m like “how are you going to pay all this stuff off?” And he looked … Continue reading

Lost Season 3 Ep. 21: Did You Notice…

In the Lost Season 3 Ep. “The Greatest Hits” did you notice…. …that the woman Charlie helped while she was getting mugged was Sayid’s lost love Nadia …that the mugger was Charlie’s brother …that the scene with Charlie in the rain, was the same scene Desmond had with Charlie singing on the street corner. …that … Continue reading

Answers from the Lost Creators

From a recent interview with lost writers and creators, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, a few hints and whats to come for Lost when it returns for 16 straight episodes on Feburary 7th. We will be given clues about the meaning of Jack’s tattoos, more information on what is going on with Desmond and his … Continue reading

Eko Final Words “You’re Next” and Kate’s Boobs

Thoughts on tonights episode – Very crazy. – I think the Others are hiding from that island which has something crazy about it (ie the black smoke) – I’m gonna miss Eko, he was pretty cool, but you can tell his story and backstory was drying up. – Locke is going to find the other … Continue reading

Fun Lost Facts About Whos Killing Who

I came across this list of everyone on the islalnd who has up until now killed someone. If you see anything missing feel free to add them in the comments. Sun – Colleen Michael – Ana Lucia, Libby Sawyer – Tree Frog, Other, Edward Mars, Man he thought was Sawyer Ana Lucia – Goodwin, Shannon, … Continue reading

Lost Character Connections

We know everyone on Lost is connected in some way or another. But there are many many ways most of the characters are related and we are willing to bet that theres at least one on this list you didnt know about. 1. Hurley owns the box company that Locke works for 2. Locke inspects … Continue reading

Lost Questions Finally Answered

A few of the biggest questions surrounding Lost have been answered. All summer long, The Lost Experience game has been going on which promised fans that if they stuck with it and made it all the way through the game some important questions would be answered about the show such as what the mysterious numbers … Continue reading

Meaning of the Numbers in Lost Revealed!

The Lost Experience, the ongoing online “alternative reality” game that promies to help fans solve some of the series mysteries, says that those who complete the third phase of the challenge will learn the meaning of the numerical sequence 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. I haven’t finised the 3rd phase yet but if … Continue reading

Get ‘Lost Diaries’ via Cellphone

Get ready for Hurley the filmmaker in The Lost Diaries, a new series of mobile-phone episodes, or “mobisodes.” In a preview shown to more than 4,000 Lost fans Saturday at Comic-Con, Hurley (Jorge Garcia) finds a video camera, which he uses to record events on the island. Plans are for 13 two-minute mobisodes on Verizon … Continue reading

Lost is Solved

So the story behind “Lost” is now solved: In 1975 the UN artificially constructed the island for use as a military base. It was later used as a test site for research involving mental health and accelerated learning. The UN’s aim was to use advanced computer technology to solve the world’s energy crisis. The plane … Continue reading