Top 10 Hottest Evangeline Lilly Pictures

With 2 weeks to go before Episode 9 – The Shape of Things to Come and no new real info, I thought to myself “What better to post than pictures of Evangeline Lilly?”.  I’m sure the girls would rather see a top 10 Sawyer post, but …. tough luck 🙂

So here are my picks for top 10 hottest pictures of Evangeline Lilly aka Kate.


evangeline lilly bikini









Evangeline Lilly Baithing Suit Slips – Reveals Naked Butt

In what had to be the highlight of my day, a friend of mine sent me a link. Usually I’m a little hesitant to click on anything from him but this was a pleasant surprise. Evangeline Lilly (Kate) was out in the ocean doing a little surfing when the godess known as mother nature sent a wave hurling towards her with mission of providing this photographer with a fantastic shot. The wave was kind enough to pull the backside of Evangeline Lilly’s Bikini bottom down revealing her somewhat flat ass. I dont care if it is flat, she is still hot and that little hobbit Charlie is one lucky man to be with her.

So enough rambling, here is the image of Evangeline Lillys baithing suit falling down.

Evangeline Lilly Naked Butt

Black Smoke Monster Attacks Evangeline Lilly’s House

This past week, Evangeline Lilly’s (Kate) home in Kailua, Hawaii was attacked by the black smoke monster and engulfed her rented home in flames.

A quote from Evangeline’s rep:

“Yes, it is unfortunately true that her home in Hawaii burned down this morning. Thankfully, Evangeline is safe as she was on set already when it occurred. There is no official statement, and I have no further comment or information to provide at this time.”

Is this what Mr. Eko meant with his dying words to Locke “You’re next”? Doubtfull, but in all seriousness to Evangeline..if during this time of turmoil you need a place to stay, you are always welcome to my one bedroom apartment anytime.