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Heroes Chapter 12 Godsend – video clip

Masi Oka was recently on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and brought a short video clip from the upcoming Chapter 12, “Godsend” episode. In the “Godsend”, Hiro tries attempts to convince Nathan Patrelli that someone is going to blow up New York City in the near future, and we see a picture of the … Continue reading

Jessalyn Gilsig to join the Heroes Cast

Jessalyn Gilsig is set to join the cast of NBCs Heroes sometime during season 2. It is unknown at this time what her exact role in the show will be but we do know that she will have some type of power. Many rumors are floating around that she will play Claire’s biological mother, but … Continue reading

Heroes – Are You on the List?

NBC has recently put up a promo commercial for the upcoming episode of Heroes entitled “Are you on the list?”.  It is a quick glimpse into whats to come in the 2nd half of Heroes season 1.  We left off with apparently Peter Patrelli finding out he himself is the bomb that is destined to … Continue reading

NBC to increase marketing tactics for Heroes

The 2nd half of Heroes Season 1 is set to return in early January 2007, and NBC is planning a huge marketing push to get even more people interested in the show. The new promotions being set up by NBC includes a 10,000 tshirt give away to those in attendance for the Dallas Cowboys and … Continue reading

Heroes Chapter 11 – Fallout Plot Description

From TV Guide, tonites episode of Heroes will be the finale until the show returns early in 2007.  Chapter 11 “Fallout” has the following plot description: “The heroes struggle to come to terms with the Texas tragedy; more is learned about the nuclear bombing predicted in Isaac’s painting; Matt and Audrey (Clea DuVall) pursue a … Continue reading

A New Hero To Be Introduced – The Invisible Man

On the January 22nd episode of Herores, a new hero named Claude will be introduced who has the abilit to make himself invisible. “Claude, an invisible man played by British actor Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who), appears January 22. He’s been living with his invisibility for many years and has come to grips with it, so … Continue reading

Chapter 11 “Fallout” Images

A few images have been released from the upcoming mini finale of Heroes entitled “Fallout”. While some of them arent very interesting, some are. The images feature Niki Sanders being reunited with her son Micah. Nikki was shown pulling the trigger aimed at her ex-husband D.L. Hawkins, could this mean he is the Hero that … Continue reading

Heroes – 6 Months Earlier

Tonites episode of NBC’s Heroes entitled 6 Months Earlier answers quite a few questions about the show and the heroes.  The title, 6 months earlier, comes from Hiro traveling back in time in order to save Charlie, the waitress,  and we are shown how all of the “heroes” begin to learn about their powers. It … Continue reading