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Lost Questions Finally Answered

A few of the biggest questions surrounding Lost have been answered. All summer long, The Lost Experience game has been going on which promised fans that if they stuck with it and made it all the way through the game some important questions would be answered about the show such as what the mysterious numbers … Continue reading

Interview with Charles Widmore (Alan Dale)

IGN has an interview with Lost’s Alan Dale, also know as Charles Widmore, the wealthy industrialist who financed Desmond’s boating expedition. Like the Henry Gale Interview there isnt much for us Losties, other then this: IGN TV: You also appeared on Lost last season, and that seemed like a character who could turn out to … Continue reading

Hanso Foundation

Trying to Round up all the Hanso Foundation Links they are still playing these commercials

Claire’s Baby Guy A Fraud

Did anyone catch, that they guy who warned claire about her baby admitted to being a fraud? Whats going on with the security cameras? Are they going to tell the Losties about it? Is there any old tape to find out what happened with Micheal and the dead chics? what was that explosion or something … Continue reading