Street Gets His Cripple Freak On

You learn something new everyday. Last night i learned that people in wheel chairs be getting dey freak on.

While i’m having a difficult time believing that anyone couldn’t get it up for the lovely Lyla Garrity, it is inspiring to know people with disabilities are still getting some action from time to time.

As far as a recap goes:

-Matt Saracen’s Dad came back from Iraq. Acted like an asshole. Then tucked Grandma into bed. This may come across as cold-hearted, but i wish the producers would kill off that crazy old coot. This storyline bores me. I think they are setting up a senario in which Matt moves in with Coach Taylor and his family. Incidentaly, this may be the only way Matt every gets past second with Julie…because he is about as smooth as Eurkel.

-Landry read Of Mice and Men to Riggins. Riggins was thankful so he went and watched Landry’s shitty band play. It was heartwarming.

-Coach Taylor is in the running for the Texas QB coach position.

-This is just a general observation: Connie Britton who plays Coach Taylors wife, Tami, is hot.

Next week, In addition to the Easter egg hunt that NBC puts us through each week to find out which day the show airs, we will learn why Tyra is such a dirty, dirty whore.

Lyla Garrity Slam Page

Friday Night Lights episode tonight basically surrounded Lyla Gherty and her struggles as being labeled the school ho-bag.  I don’t think Winne Cooper would have ever done anything like that but of course Kevin Arnold doesn’t have game like Tim Riggins.       One of the 18 subplots of this episode was Qb1’s struggles to get coaches approval to date his daughter along with the constant Smash Williams steroid scandal that would make Barry Bonds proud.  Smash is popping pills like they are Flintstone vitamins but yet no one seems to notice.  Only minor changes of course, a 40 time that would make Reggie Bush proud, chronic nose bleeds, but just wait till his new little honey find out his cock  is the size of a jellybean.  I can see the disappointment now.

Lyla quits and comes back to the cheer squad and then recognizes her inner slut by saying “yep the whore with the web page” and then goes into the competition like the season veteran she is.

The interesting thing about this show is that Steve Logan, former coach of the ECU pirates, says this is not too far off of how towns are in the west in regards to high school football.   I find that pretty wild, considering when I was in high school in NC the football team’s superstar took a backseat to the Golf team’s superstar (me)!

Is Lyla Garrity America’s New Winnie Cooper?

While suggesting that someone could ever displace the firm hold Winnifred had on America’s hearts as the quintisential girl next door may seem blasphemous, it is a question that must be asked.

While Minka Kelly’s character can never live up to the virginesque mold created by the lovely Danica McKellar, especially considering she gave up the nappy before her boyfriend pulled his first wheelchair wheelie, the similarities are astounding.

Both have long auburn hair and fantastic asses. Both dated guys with letterman jackets (I know Kevin’s was a Jets jacket, but it looked liek a letterman’s jacket). Both are cheerleaders. Hmm, maybe they don’t have that much in common…..

Anyway, the point remains that Lyla is the new generation’s Winnie. Giving a whole new crop of young men Umbro tents across this great land.

Friday Night Lights: Steriods and Thugs

Smash Williams is on roids and only his sister can tell.  QB1 Matt Serezan’s first date with Coach Taylor’s date was technically a bomb but she liked it, but I must say the actors in this show are a weee bit old but if I was sophomore and high school Coach Taylor’s daughter is a foxy piece of tail.  Riggins got his truck smashed in because he boinked Lila Gherety and everyone found out about it but its ok, he came through in the end with a clutch block that freed the roided up Smash to scamper into the end zone for the game winning TD versus the rival from the other side of the tracks.  The team, fans and coaches celebrated by jumping up and down but QB1 went to get him some of the coach’s daughter.  My DVR cut off so I was unable to see the previews for next week but I’d guess it would have something to do with QB1’s second date, Riggins and Lila either bumping uglies again or apologizing to just about everyone and more roid rage for Smash.  Oh yeah, don’t forget Dillion pulling out a close win in the end.  Hope I didn’t ruin it for you 🙂