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Street Gets His Cripple Freak On

You learn something new everyday. Last night i learned that people in wheel chairs be getting dey freak on. While i’m having a difficult time believing that anyone couldn’t get it up for the lovely Lyla Garrity, it is inspiring to know people with disabilities are still getting some action from time to time. As … Continue reading

Lyla Garrity Slam Page

Friday Night Lights episode tonight basically surrounded Lyla Gherty and her struggles as being labeled the school ho-bag.  I don’t think Winne Cooper would have ever done anything like that but of course Kevin Arnold doesn’t have game like Tim Riggins.       One of the 18 subplots of this episode was Qb1’s struggles to get coaches … Continue reading

Is Lyla Garrity America’s New Winnie Cooper?

While suggesting that someone could ever displace the firm hold Winnifred had on America’s hearts as the quintisential girl next door may seem blasphemous, it is a question that must be asked. While Minka Kelly’s character can never live up to the virginesque mold created by the lovely Danica McKellar, especially considering she gave up … Continue reading

Friday Night Lights: Steriods and Thugs

Smash Williams is on roids and only his sister can tell.  QB1 Matt Serezan’s first date with Coach Taylor’s date was technically a bomb but she liked it, but I must say the actors in this show are a weee bit old but if I was sophomore and high school Coach Taylor’s daughter is a … Continue reading