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DayBreak finally comes to an end

One of the most underrated shows in recent history, Day Break, was not even allowed to finish its first full season on air. Instead halfway through it was demoted to online only and the viewers were left hanging. I did sit down and watch the finally 7 episodes online but I doubt I could summarize … Continue reading

ABC’s Daybreak.. Way to Leave Us Hanging

Scott posted the story a week ago about DayBreak on ABC being canceled and let me tell you I am not happy.  I didn’t particular love Daybreak but it was interesting and I at least wanted to see what happened or how it was all happening.  Instead we get left off with the guy getting … Continue reading

ABC’s Day Break Cancelled

Day Break, starring Taye Diggs, was ABC’s attempt at filling a time slot while Lost was on break filming new episodes during the Lost Season 3 break.  I personally liked the show and thought it was alot like Lost in that you never know exactly whats going on.  Apparently only me and a handful of … Continue reading

ABC’s Daybreak Blog

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