Michelle Rodriguez likes to wear bed sheets

For some reason Michelle Rodriguez continually makes it easy for me to make fun of her. First it was her hairy armpits, 2nd was her pole dancing incident, and now this. A few weeks ago, Michelle Rodriguez (Anna Lucia) was at Marc Jacob’s fashion show in New York, but apparently she didnt get the memo about the fashion part. It looks like she showed up to the even wearing a close resemblance to a bed sheet or shower curtain, and whats worse she is wearing a an alcohol intake monitor around her ankle. Rodriguez was ordered to wear this for 90 days after her DUI arrest last year.

Michelle Rodriguez image 1

Michelle Rodriguez image 2

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Michele Rodriguez Rides the Pole

Apparently a few weeks ago some lucky New Yorkers got to see Michele Rodriquez (Anna Lucia) in a night club doin the fireman’s dance. She reportedly took peices of lemon wedges to the pole in order to get it good and greased where she then hung upside twirling around on the pole. She did remain fully clothed, but followed up the 20 minute dance with a kiss with an unknown woman in the bar.

Since no one seemed to have had a camera in the night club that night to get a picture of this, I decided I couldn’t let the Lost Review fans down. I figured I’d do a quick little rendition of how I pictured the events taking place in my mind for your enjoyment.

michele rodriguez pole dance

Anna Lucia Back from the Dead

New photos of Michelle Rodriguez (Anna Lucia) have surfaced of her running on the beach on the set of Lost in Oahu, Hawaii. Most likely this will be a flashback of someone, but who? It would probably have to be a flashback of a time before being stuck on the island because to my memory she was never wearing a red dress and flip flops while on the island which means this will be another occurance of the Losties crossing paths before flight 815.

Lost: Say Goodbye to Anna Lucia!

Michelle Rodriguez is Done. Due to constant diva-like behavior, US Weekly claims the producers of Lost are killing off Michelle Rodriguez’s character, Ana-Lucia Cortez, as soon as they have the opportunity. Rodriguez is also facing legal troubles and is due in a Honolulu court next month on suspicion of drunk driving on December 1, her second such arrest in the last two years.

“The producers are fed up with the fact that she barely shows up on the set and is always in a bad mood,” Us Weekly quoted an “insider” as saying. “They said she was getting killed off as soon as they could write it in.”

I’m not exactly sure when they will have a chance to do this but how retarded can you be, she’s on one of the biggest TV hits in history as a major roll and is going to get kicked off. Idiocy at its best. My guess that it will be one of those season enders where “One of these People will not survive” type of things.

I actually like Anna Lucia, she’s kinda portrayed as a super bitch but it seems to me the other Losties just don’t fully get to know her.

What do you think of Ana Lucia?
Also, is the chic hurley is hitting on an Other?

Link to a reliable source for those who doubt