Amazing Race Just started but its already over

Rumor out there that the list of Amazing Race cast offs that was leaked is actually correct. The list got the first 3 right and if its accurate on the 4rth I’ll be very very happy. I really dont care about any of the teams on this episode, they are all jackasses, I just like seeing where they go and what they do.

Here is the list if you wan to see it [link to the list]

Amazing Race All Stars and Other Reality BS

I’m not sure if its Amazing Race All Stars or what not but they have included the most obnoxious, annoying, and pathetic group of people. I know its supposed to be intriguing but these reality shows who have formed some template for a cast and began recruiting people is getting quite annoying. Take Survivor for an example, 18 out of their 19 “castaways” were recruited for Survivor Fiji with over half of them being out-of-work actors from LA. The Real World does this crap too, except every season rather then getting actors they get the same cast cut out of a mold. Gay guy, emo/depressed person, militant black guy, hot party chic, spoiled girl, frat boy, and the isolated person who has never experienced anything in life. Its extremely sad and getting old fast.

Amazing Race brought back Rob and Amber for the zilionith time along with the annoying midget who has put on about 30lbs, Mary and David and a bunch of other people I really could care less seeing. Uchenna of Uchenna and Joyce said it best, “we were giving the chance of the lifetime, twice!” Why not give it to someone else? I don’t get why these shows keep peddling out retreads. If I didn’t like seeing where they were going and what they were doing I don’t think I’d watch.