Santoro leaves fame in Brazil to find ‘Lost’

There is a good article in the USAToday for those who are wondering about Rodrigo Santoro’s character, Paulo. Paulo’s love interest is new Lostie, Nikki.

The day before, he visited the Lost production office for a wardrobe fitting and met Kiele Sanchez, the woman cast as his love interest, Nikki. He describes her as “sweet,” but adds that “her character is going to surprise a lot of people.”

What is most surprising about these two cast additions is how little they have appeared on-screen.

Santoro and Sanchez made their debut two weeks ago as never-before-seen crash survivors. They have a bit more to do tonight on a treacherous trek through the jungle that will leave someone dead.

The article goes on to talk more about Rodrigo Santoro’s personal life and his acting background. Worth the read in my opinion.

Meet the Latest “Lost” Soul

The producers of Lost have discovered yet another way to add mystery to the already inscrutable show: By hiring actors no one’s heard of.

Fresh off the castings of Elizabeth Mitchell and Rodrigo Santoro comes word that actress Kiele Sanchez has signed on as a regular to the ever-expanding cast.

Sanchez most recently graced the small screen as one of the Sorelli sisters on the WB’s Related; she also appeared, albeit briefly, in the short-lived fall series Four Kings and Modern Men. Per her profile, Sanchez’s résumé also boasts the venerable role of Pepper Spray Cutie from the Farrelly brothers’ Stuck on You.

As with Mitchell and Santoro before her, producers are keeping mum on the details of her character, only confirming that her name is Nikki. That means we don’t officially know whether she’ll be an Other, a hitherto unseen Oceanic Flight 815 survivor or a member of the off-island world. Or anything else.

(SPOILER ALERT: Now’s the part where we speculate about how she fits in on Mystery Island so parties wishing to be kept in the dark should simply hold on for the producers’ next non-announcement or for the season to begin in October.) reports that the 28-year-old actress will be a potential love interest to the recently cast Santoro. The Love, Actually star, dubbed the Brazilian Tom Cruise, is supposedly playing an Other, and rumors are rampant that Sanchez in turn will be one of Zeke’s cronies.

Sanchez’s addition to the cast marks the third and final addition to Lost’s upcoming season. Last month, producer Carlton Cuse announced that a trio of new faces–two female, one male–would join the show as regulars this year.

In addition to Santoro and Sanchez, producers have also confirmed that former ER star Mitchell has signed on to the series. While the show runners, per usual, kept quiet on details that were of either any interest or consequence, the Hollywood Reporter claimed that her character, Juliet, would become a love interest for Jack (Matthew Fox), potentially dismantling the two seasons-strong tug-o’-war between him and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) for the affections of Kate (Evangeline Lilly).

Producer Damon Lindelof said last month that the triangle would have a quick resolution, with Kate choosing between Jack and Sawyer within the season’s first six episodes.

Lost’s kicks off its third season Oct. 4.