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The Woman and Son Jack Rescued from the Burning Car were….

Rachel Carlson also known as Juliet’s sister and her son. Its not apparent whether Jack knows this or not but if you look closely at the pictures you can see a resemblance. It also makes sense since Juliet’s sister had a baby boy, although we don’t know the time frame I think its pretty safe … Continue reading

Juliet and Angelina Jolie gettin it on (Video)

I came across this video the other day and was very surprised at who was in it. The video seems to be a clip from some movie which im not sure the title of. If anyone knows please leave it in the comments so I can rent it..for research purposes.. The video contains Angelina Jolie … Continue reading

Lost Adds New Female Character

Hot of the trails of the information Evan dug up about the addition of Rodrigo Santoro in Lost Season 3, new information has been found about a second new character to make a regular appearance in the show. Actress Elizabeth Mitchell (also in the tv show ER) has signed as a regular cast member in … Continue reading