The Woman and Son Jack Rescued from the Burning Car were….

Rachel CarlsonRachel Carlson also known as Juliet’s sister and her son. Its not apparent whether Jack knows this or not but if you look closely at the pictures you can see a resemblance. It also makes sense since Juliet’s sister had a baby boy, although we don’t know the time frame I think its pretty safe to say that they are connected. Everytime they show Jack saving someone’s life off the island it has been someone we eventually see connected to him…
juliet’s nephew

Matthew Fox (Jack) to disappear from the cast

At least for a short time, actor Matthew Fox (Jack) will not be seen on Wednesday nights when Lost Season 3 returns in early 07.

There have been many rumors that one of the leading cast members will be killed off soon, but I dont believe it will be Jack. In an interview (shown below) the following is stated:

“Rumors have been flying faster than a plummeting plane that Matthew Fox’s character, Jack, has been written out of Lost. Now we can reveal that this is, in fact, partly true. Although he insists he has no plans to leave the show permanetly, Matthew recently confirmed his character will not appear in several new episodes of season three.”

“The Show has shooting for two weeks and I havent’ been there. And the show will continue to shoot for another two weeks, and I’m not there”, he admitted. “I’m not going to tell you the reason why suddently, for a couple of episodes, Jack Shephard is not around. But there is a reason within the story, absolutely.” Don’t worry, Jack will be back. Just when and how is anyone’s guess.”

My guess is that we are just going to be on the other side of the island with the other Losties like Desmond, Hurley, Sayid, Locke, and Charlie. Thus far, Lost Season 3 has been all about Jack, Kate, Sawyer and what’s been going on at the Other’s camp. Everyone has been wondering what the rest of the people have been doing, and this is probably just the opportunity to build out the story for them more.

What do you think? Jack will die, Jack will finally get off the island for helping Ben with the surgery, or Jack is just taking a vacation in Hawaii while the rest of the story is filled in on the other side of the island?

Jack IS Claire’s Half Sister

After one of the episodes with Jack’s dad in Australia arguing with a young blonde woman there was wide speculation that Jack and Claire were related. In an interview with USAToday, Locke confirmed this theory when he was asked:
Q: One of the biggest flashback mysteries was Christian Shepherd’s (Jack’s father) argument with a blond Australian woman in the episode Two for the Road. Christian wanted to see his “daughter” and the woman would not let him in her house. Wild speculation followed and most people believe Claire could be Jack’s half sister. Will there be any more information revealed this season? Conor Hogan

Which his response was:

A: “I have no doubt that Claire is Jack’s half sister. Trust me  the people that are creating this story do not throw (stuff) like that around lightly. He knocked on a door and a woman said, ‘You’re not being a part of her life. I want you out of her life.’ People who pay really close attention to the show know that that woman is Claire’s mother. And that’s why Christian ended up going to Australia. That was put there for people to think that specific thing and so therefore I think that we will find out that that is absolutely true and in fact that her child is Jack’s nephew. In my mind, this is a slam dunk! To find out they are actually related by the same father and they don’t have any idea  after all their moments during the birth of the baby, is really great stuff!”

Terry O’Quinn (Locke)

Here is the rest of the interview which doesn’t offer too much to us.

oh Phuket! Lost Questions and Answers.

Why was Jack in Phuket Thailand? And why did he learn to play poker there?

The blue drawing that Locke saw on the back of the blast doors, looks like a map to me. If i had to guess Desmond (the guy in the hatch when the Losties came along) drew it. He seemed to have an intimate knowledge of the hatch and tunnels. But why on the back of the door that no one knows how to get down?Lost Map

How kickass is Sayid? I was hoping he was gonna dig up that grave. Rumor is Jack and Kate take ‘Henry Gale’ to offer him as a trade. I wonder what for? Micheal? Walt?

What’s up with the food drop?

Now that they found a balloon and a parachute, do they attempt to build another boat with a sail this time?

What was the music and voice Locke heard? I know it was a countdown but what triggered it?

Is Locke losing his faith in the island? He seems to be starting to question his judgement

What are your thoughts and comments?