Leaked Image from Season 3 Episode 2?

I was looking through the screenshots available on ABC’s website from A Tale of Two Cities today and there seemed to be a picture included in with them that certainly was not in the show lastnite.

Im not sure if this may be a scene that was cut from the final version, or possibly a slip up and an image from next week’s episode 2. Either way, I wanted to posted it and let you all have a look at it in case ABC caught it and took it down from their site.

The image features Jack in his holding cell laying on his back on the table with a young girl standing in there with him looking at him. The girl may be real or it may be something he is imagining. I guess we will have to wait until next week to find out.

What are you thoughts on the picture?

Lost Season 3 Episode 2 Spoiler Images

Several images have been leaked from the set of Lost Season 3 episode 3 entitled “Further Instructions”. Most of them seem to be surrounding Locke’s upcoming flashback which is reported to reveal how he injured his legs and ended up in the wheel chair.

It also looks as though Charlie has lost his hearing, at least temporarily since locke is having to write out things and draw pictures for him to communicate. Also, Desmond seems to be a little strange after the blast in the hatch because he is now wearing a tye dyed skirt.

We also see 2 new characters in Locke’s flashback of a young man and an older man. At first I thought the older man was the Other that wears the fake beard. But looking at it closer they are not the same person. Although that would have been quite the plot twist. The younger man could possibly be Lockes son that has not been mentioned before.

What are everyone’s thoughts on these 2 new characters and how their role will play out, as well as the other images?

Locke & Charlie
Locke Hunting
New Character
Locke & Charlie
Locke Drawing Picture
Locke building something
Charlie and Claire
New Character
Locke and Charlie building
Locke Flashback
Locke gets a traffic ticket
Desmond in a dress
Locke writing to Charlie
Locke writes to Charlie2
Locke and new character
Locke and young boy
Locke flashback

Lost Season 2: the Balloon Revealed!

I found the following on a Lost blog which I apologize, i can’t find the link to anymore but I had saved the text to read later so here it is.

“….So I stumbled across this picture on a French Lost website the other day. The alleged story is that there was some terminally ill kid from Australia who did one of those “Make a Wish” things. Much like if I was about to die, he requested to visit the set of Lost… and took some pictures with the cast and crew. He then uploaded them to the Internet to share with some friends. No big deal until we were introduced to Henry Gale. Then one of his pictures became very interesting…

A couple of things:

1. Every website that has posted this has taken it down literally hours later. I searched on the Internet for any trace of this last night and couldn’t find it anywhere. There’s no mention of why it’s gone, but it’s gone. This could be a good test to see how closely Big Brother is watching me. If it’s gone tomorrow, you know why! (Note: Part of me thinks it would be pretty fun to get some “official legal letter” threatening my little Blog site. I would probably frame it and proudly display it over my mantle.)
2. This doesn’t prove Henry to be an Other or not. This could be Desmond’s balloon from his “race around the world” story that Henry just stumbled across at some point and decided to use as his story. (Except, how would he know if Desmond had already told Jack and Co. he was in a hot air balloon? Then they would be like “Nice try Henry, heard that one before.” Hmmmm…)
3. This whole story surrounding the picture could be fake. The picture could be photoshopped. The picture could have come from anywhere, in relation to anything… but it has the smiley face on top, as Henry said. It’s crashed in a jungle, looking like the Island on Lost, and weirdos on the Internet even confirmed (before their writings mysteriously vanished) that this would be the type of balloon that could travel across the ocean. But I leave it to you, faithful reader, to make your own judgment.

I’m such a rebel.”