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Leaked Image from Season 3 Episode 2?

I was looking through the screenshots available on ABC’s website from A Tale of Two Cities today and there seemed to be a picture included in with them that certainly was not in the show lastnite. Im not sure if this may be a scene that was cut from the final version, or possibly a … Continue reading

Lost Season 3 Episode 2 Spoiler Images

Several images have been leaked from the set of Lost Season 3 episode 3 entitled “Further Instructions”. Most of them seem to be surrounding Locke’s upcoming flashback which is reported to reveal how he injured his legs and ended up in the wheel chair. It also looks as though Charlie has lost his hearing, at … Continue reading

Lost Season 2: the Balloon Revealed!

I found the following on a Lost blog which I apologize, i can’t find the link to anymore but I had saved the text to read later so here it is. “….So I stumbled across this picture on a French Lost website the other day. The alleged story is that there was some terminally ill … Continue reading