Desmond is NOT back from the Future

I just wanted to point out how ridiculous it is to suggest that Desmond is the Michael J. Fox of Lost and has made a visit to the future and has returned. There was an article in the USAToday last week where they suggested this. Hmmm how about he is just psychic????

Sorry had to rant. The USAToday is writing ridiculous stories about Lost that just don’t make any sense.

Desmond and the Key Season 2 Finale

When desmond used the key to cutoff the “dam” of electromagnetic energy or whatever, a great light and noise was produced. we saw that the others and henry saw/heard it while holding kate, sawyer, and jack. however, after it ended, they went back to business as usual, as henry gave michael the instructions.

but if that key was so important, wouldn’t henry or some of the others been shocked that it got turned and made a bigger deal about it? in theory, that key being turned changes everything about the island and its powers. but henry and the others just went back to normal after the light/noise went away.

what’s the deal?? any theories?