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Desmond is NOT back from the Future

I just wanted to point out how ridiculous it is to suggest that Desmond is the Michael J. Fox of Lost and has made a visit to the future and has returned. There was an article in the USAToday last week where they suggested this. Hmmm how about he is just psychic???? Sorry had to … Continue reading

Lost Season 3 Episode 4: Every Man For Himself (Desmond)

“This Desmond-centric episode features flashbacks of his time in prison. It features Warden Harris, a nasty man with a hate for Desmond. ‘Munson’, a mild-mannered gov’t bureaucrat in his 30’s who shows his dark side when he finds out he has been betrayed by his wife.” [Source Link]

Desmond and the Key Season 2 Finale

When desmond used the key to cutoff the “dam” of electromagnetic energy or whatever, a great light and noise was produced. we saw that the others and henry saw/heard it while holding kate, sawyer, and jack. however, after it ended, they went back to business as usual, as henry gave michael the instructions. but if … Continue reading