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Jack IS Claire’s Half Sister

After one of the episodes with Jack’s dad in Australia arguing with a young blonde woman there was wide speculation that Jack and Claire were related. In an interview with USAToday, Locke confirmed this theory when he was asked: Q: One of the biggest flashback mysteries was Christian Shepherd’s (Jack’s father) argument with a blond … Continue reading

Lost Season 3 Episode 2: Further Instructions

It’s Claire-centric and her flashback features Mike and Jan, a hippie-ish couple in their 50’s. They are warm and kind, but also tough and protective when the situation calls for it. [< a href="">Television w/o pity] Also from SecretAgentMan on those forums “Also appearing in Claire’s flashback, in #302, called ” Further Instructions”, is ‘Eddie’, … Continue reading

Lost’s Emily deRavin gets married

The actor Emily deRavin who is 24 and plays Claire Littleton on ABC’s Lost recently became married to Josh Janowicz on June 19, 2006. The wedding was held in Melbourne Australia and which was small and only friends and family were invited. The two are currently living in Los Angeles California with their dog, Bella.