DayBreak Goes to the Interweb

A show I became mildly interested in during the mid-season break of Lost Season 3, was Daybreak.  Unfortunately, it was one of those shows where only little pieces of the puzzle were answered each show, and then ABC decided to cancel the show.  The cancellation wasn’t the real surprise but I questioned why they wouldn’t put the shows they already shot online. Well, I guess ABC execs are avid readers of TVtunr because they have decided to show the rest of Daybreak online.

Here are the dates that the episodes of Daybreak will be released:

  • Episodes 101 through 107 (Previously Aired): Jan. 29
  • Episodes 108, 109 and 110: by Jan. 29
  • Episode 111: Feb. 5
  • Episode 112: Feb. 11
  • Episode 113 (Series Finale): Feb. 19

[via IGN]