Lost Writers Reveal There was Never a Planned End!

Evangeline Lilly is still hot.
Evangeline Lilly is still hot.

35 Subplots left unresolved

18 real plots left unanswered

Now in a recent interview a writer revealed to his buddy that:

I was watching football with one of them, [and] I was telling them how much I loved the show. I’m like “how are you going to pay all this stuff off?” And he looked at me and goes “we’re not.” And I go, “What do you mean you’re not?” He said, “We literally just think of the weirdest, most fucked up thing and write it, and we’re never going to pay it off.” And I look at him and I’m like “that’s such bullshit! You are completely fucking with the audience.” I want to bring a class-action lawsuit on behalf of everyone who watched “Lost” all those years.

This really sucks. All that time people spent analyzing everything and they writers were just bullshitting us all along. Unbelievable!!

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Question for the Readers: How is Walt’s Role Going to be?

The biggest question I have with the LOST Finale is: how is Walt going to come back into play?

I honestly have no idea.  He was shown to have other worldly powers early on, escaped from the island and then we haven’t heard from him in 2 or 3 seasons.  Does anyone have any thoughts on Walt’s role?

LOST Call Sheet found in a Bar? (Possible Finale Spoiler)

While this could be completely fake and just the LOST people playing on the joke about the LOST iPhone, it could be real so read on at your own peril.

Leaving important things in bars/restaurants: it’s a hot new trend! We called the number listed on the sheet and spoke to a woman named Kelly who wouldn’t verify if the call sheet was real. She said that they do produce fake call sheets to confuse people, because “We’re smart like that.” So it could be fake. But if it’s not, what does it tell us??

Well, it mentions skeleton props. Which, to us, means the Adam & Eve skeletons from wayyy back in season one. Show captains Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse promised that they would answer that mystery for us, so perhaps we get it in the finale.

There is also a lot of language about people being lowered on ropes into waterfalls or something. The boys (there are no girl characters listed on the sheet) are off on some sort of rope-climbing adventure involving water and light. Water and light that Jack is “consumed” by. So make of that what you will.

Jack gets a nosebleed. Like a time sickness nosebleed? MYSTERY.

Most importantly, what does it mean when it says “Jack in Hell”?? That’s capital-H Hell. That’s real Hell. Are we going to Hell on Lost? We just might be.

One thing we do learn conclusively from this possibly fake artifact is that if you’re not on the call sheet, you really need to RSVP to the wrap party by midnight tonight. Get on that guys and have fun. While you’re doing that, we’ll be here, tearing our hair out over this magical mystery document.

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Amazing Lost Plane Crash Video and Synchronized Events

This is a pretty awesome video of the Lost plane crash and all of the surrounding events. Someone spent a lot of time planning and piecing this thing together but it was well worth it.

You’ll see the Losties on the plane, Desmond and the Hatch and the others as the events unfold as if it was one episode and not 3 seasons.


The Woman and Son Jack Rescued from the Burning Car were….

Rachel CarlsonRachel Carlson also known as Juliet’s sister and her son. Its not apparent whether Jack knows this or not but if you look closely at the pictures you can see a resemblance. It also makes sense since Juliet’s sister had a baby boy, although we don’t know the time frame I think its pretty safe to say that they are connected. Everytime they show Jack saving someone’s life off the island it has been someone we eventually see connected to him…
juliet’s nephew