NBC to increase marketing tactics for Heroes

The 2nd half of Heroes Season 1 is set to return in early January 2007, and NBC is planning a huge marketing push to get even more people interested in the show.

The new promotions being set up by NBC includes a 10,000 tshirt give away to those in attendance for the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelpha Eagles game on Christmas day, and to the fans that manage to get on TV wearing the shirts will receive 100 dollars from NBC. Furthermore, a 13-minute “catch-up” episode, highlighting the characters, their powers and summarising the events of the first half of season 1, will be available to all Netflix’s subscribers.

“Fans are hungry for whatever they can get,” NBCU TV group’s chief marketing officer John Miller said, “but this one is for the people that have heard about it but not gotten into it.” So if your one of the people that have heard good things about the show but were’nt interest in trying to play catch up from the previous 11 episodes, this little 13-minute recap will be the perfect opportunity to get the gist of what is going on in time for the 2nd of half of the Heroes season to start up Janurary 22nd.

American Idol Premier January 16th and 17th

American Idol Season 6 is set to premier for a 2night extraveganza on January 16th and 17th in 2007, and will be a 4 hour event. American Idol will show at 8/7c on the Fox network.

If your like me then American Idol doesnt really interest you all that much. That is except for the first couple of nights of the show during the auditions. Theres nothing better than sitting on the couch and seeing the weirdest specimens that America has to offer get infront of a camera, singing, and thinking they are the best singer since Belinda Carlisle. You can always see these people coming because they usually look something like this :

This year the auditions were held in Seattle, Minneapolis, LA, Memphis, and Birmingham. If you would like to check out some photos taken at the auditions and get a sneak peak in to the upcoming American Idol season check out the American Idol Photo Gallery, or check out some videos at the American Idol Video Previews .

ABC’s Day Break Cancelled

Day Break, starring Taye Diggs, was ABC’s attempt at filling a time slot while Lost was on break filming new episodes during the Lost Season 3 break.  I personally liked the show and thought it was alot like Lost in that you never know exactly whats going on.  Apparently only me and a handful of others did enjoy the show though, because ABC has decided to pull the show from the line up.  Instead of showing something semi-good, they decided the George Lopez Show would be a better replacement to run until their new shows “Knights of Prosperity” and “In Case of Emergency” debut on January 3rd.  It would have been nice to at least find out what the plot of the story was on Day Break before pulling it.  Now we may never know if the ground hog see’s his shadow or not, and summer will never come..thanks alot ABC.

In other ABC cancellation news, William Shatner’s game show “Show Me the Money” has been pulled.  I never watched this show but the commerical for it made me laugh every time with their catch phrases such as “Shat-tastic”, “Shaterrific”, and other clever references to Mr. Shatner and past tenses of Poo.

Yul Be Dissappointed in the Survivor Cook Islands Finale

*If you don’t want to know who won the 13th Season of Survivor, stop reading now*

One of my vices that I picked up in college was watching Survivor.  My roomate, Mark, and I would always end up watching survivor and even after college the tradition has carried on as we both get sucked in year after year.

This 13th season of Survivor was located in the Cook Islands but the biggest, or supposed to be biggest detail, was that this season the teams were divided by race to start.  Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, and Asians were how the teams were split up.  As the blacks and Hispanics were slowly voted off, the groups merged and the race card barely even played a part in the entire season.

This season was kind of bland, there wasn’t a whole lot of deception other then the “Mutiny” that CBS had to put in there to spice things up a bit.  Teams and alliances stuck together and basically the game went on as you suspected it would have.

Yul Kwon, found the immunity idol on Exile Island, on the 4rth day and used it to his advantage the whole way and while Ozzy, the mexican surfer, dominated all the challenges and provided food for just about everyone, he somehow ended up just one vote short.  Ozzy played the game perfectly, until tonight.  Up to the finale, he dominated all the challenges, and played the game cool and honestly.  He didn’t deceive anyone or give any false promises and I thought he was clearly the best survivor.

Ozzy’s downfall, outside of having to compete against 2 lawyers in the finale which as usual is all questions from jury members, was to not play up the one aspect that could have made Yul Kwon look human; the immunity idol.

Yul was depicted, as one jury member put it, as “The Godfather.”   While sure he was the man behind the scenes orchestrating the schemes that helped him bring Ozzy and the two tag-a-longs to the finale, he was only put in that position by chance.  Yul was the 3rd person to go to Exile Island and was able to find the immunity idol with the third and obvious clue to its location.

Ozzy could have easily used this against him in the Finale.  He should have played it up that Yul was lucky to find the immunity idol and that any one of them could have been voted to Exile Island and been in Yul’s position and made the same decisions Yul did because none of them were anything special.  And he on the other hand, dominated just about every immunity challenge and at the right times.  He not only won the challenges but was instrumental in putting his team in the position they were in by constantly giving his team the lead in all the challenges.   Between not bringing those two points out in the open and riding Yul’s coattails on Johnathan’s, “what would you do with the money question,”  Ozzy ended up being the best individual player in Survivor history but as so often happens, that person ends up leaving empty handed.  At least he got a car.

Ozzy didn’t get outplayed, he got out-lawyered.

Lyla Garrity Slam Page

Friday Night Lights episode tonight basically surrounded Lyla Gherty and her struggles as being labeled the school ho-bag.  I don’t think Winne Cooper would have ever done anything like that but of course Kevin Arnold doesn’t have game like Tim Riggins.       One of the 18 subplots of this episode was Qb1’s struggles to get coaches approval to date his daughter along with the constant Smash Williams steroid scandal that would make Barry Bonds proud.  Smash is popping pills like they are Flintstone vitamins but yet no one seems to notice.  Only minor changes of course, a 40 time that would make Reggie Bush proud, chronic nose bleeds, but just wait till his new little honey find out his cock  is the size of a jellybean.  I can see the disappointment now.

Lyla quits and comes back to the cheer squad and then recognizes her inner slut by saying “yep the whore with the web page” and then goes into the competition like the season veteran she is.

The interesting thing about this show is that Steve Logan, former coach of the ECU pirates, says this is not too far off of how towns are in the west in regards to high school football.   I find that pretty wild, considering when I was in high school in NC the football team’s superstar took a backseat to the Golf team’s superstar (me)!

Denny Crane!

Thanks to the writers of Boston Legal for putting the liquor back in the workplace.

As each episode ends Denny and Allan Shore sip on Scotch and talk about life, the law and ladies.  I’m hoping that this trend continues and that soon all places of work will start providing employees with delicious alcoholic beverages.

As high paid attorneys, the lawyers of  Crane, Poole & Schmidt have few sorrows to drown. In fact, i would argue that they need the warming effects of liquor far less than those in other professions.

Fast food workers, for one, should be required to be inebriated at all times.  This way they are cheerful while serving the customers and have an excuse for routinely botching orders.

Is Lyla Garrity America’s New Winnie Cooper?

While suggesting that someone could ever displace the firm hold Winnifred had on America’s hearts as the quintisential girl next door may seem blasphemous, it is a question that must be asked.

While Minka Kelly’s character can never live up to the virginesque mold created by the lovely Danica McKellar, especially considering she gave up the nappy before her boyfriend pulled his first wheelchair wheelie, the similarities are astounding.

Both have long auburn hair and fantastic asses. Both dated guys with letterman jackets (I know Kevin’s was a Jets jacket, but it looked liek a letterman’s jacket). Both are cheerleaders. Hmm, maybe they don’t have that much in common…..

Anyway, the point remains that Lyla is the new generation’s Winnie. Giving a whole new crop of young men Umbro tents across this great land.

Friday Night Lights: Steriods and Thugs

Smash Williams is on roids and only his sister can tell.  QB1 Matt Serezan’s first date with Coach Taylor’s date was technically a bomb but she liked it, but I must say the actors in this show are a weee bit old but if I was sophomore and high school Coach Taylor’s daughter is a foxy piece of tail.  Riggins got his truck smashed in because he boinked Lila Gherety and everyone found out about it but its ok, he came through in the end with a clutch block that freed the roided up Smash to scamper into the end zone for the game winning TD versus the rival from the other side of the tracks.  The team, fans and coaches celebrated by jumping up and down but QB1 went to get him some of the coach’s daughter.  My DVR cut off so I was unable to see the previews for next week but I’d guess it would have something to do with QB1’s second date, Riggins and Lila either bumping uglies again or apologizing to just about everyone and more roid rage for Smash.  Oh yeah, don’t forget Dillion pulling out a close win in the end.  Hope I didn’t ruin it for you 🙂

Heroes Chapter 11 – Fallout Plot Description

From TV Guide, tonites episode of Heroes will be the finale until the show returns early in 2007.  Chapter 11 “Fallout” has the following plot description:

“The heroes struggle to come to terms with the Texas tragedy; more is learned about the nuclear bombing predicted in Isaac’s painting; Matt and Audrey (Clea DuVall) pursue a new lead in their hunt for Sylar; Niki makes a difficult decision, which will allow her to keep her family safe.”

as well as:

“The tragic events in Texas have sad, serious repercussions for many of the “heroes,” their families and friends. Meanwhile, shocking details about the moments leading up to Issac’s (Santiago Cabrera) predicted New York City nuclear bombing are revealed. Later, Issac’s newest painting has fascinating future implications for a hero in crisis. Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) takes the first steps along his new path. Matt (Greg Grunberg) and F.B.I. Agent Audrey Hanson (guest star Clea DuVall) pursue a break in the Sylar case. Horrified by Jessica’s recent actions, Niki (Ali Larter) makes a tough decision to protect her family.”

A New Hero To Be Introduced – The Invisible Man

On the January 22nd episode of Herores, a new hero named Claude will be introduced who has the abilit to make himself invisible.

“Claude, an invisible man played by British actor Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who), appears January 22. He’s been living with his invisibility for many years and has come to grips with it, so he’ll give us a different view into this hero world, [Heroes creator Tim] Kring explains. He’s big, imposing and charismatic, and will become a mentor to Peter – albeit a tough, reluctant and stern one. He’ll help Peter learn to use and control his powers.”

What other types of heroes might there be out there still waiting to be introduced to the show. I for one hope there is a silver surfer, and maybe a guy with a skull for a head thats on fire and rides a motorcycle…wait thats a different show…