Lost Season 3 Spoilers

A few tidbits of information have been revealed thanks to the Chicago Tribune about a few things we can expect to see in the remaining episodes of Lost season 3. A few of these are pretty obvious, but quite a few of them may be new info to some of you.

– We have not seen the last of Michael and Walt.

– We will be seeing Bernard and Rose again.

– There will be revelations relating to the Season 2 finale scene of an Arctic scenario: Not in these first batch of episodes, but by the end of the season, we will be paying off that reveal in a very significant way. The idea that Penny is looking for Desmond is something that comes in to play [in episode 308] but it doesnt pay off on the island until the finale [of the season].

– Robin Weigert, a.k.a. Calamity Jane on Deadwood, plays Juliets sister in episode 307, and she will be back later in the season.

– Well learn more about Nicki and Paulo in episode 314.

– It sounds as though Juliet and Ben will be around for a while. More on that from Lindelof: I think its safe to say that we will see the last of Alcatraz Island [where Jack, Sawyer and Kate were held] by around the ninth episode of Season 3. Then well be shaking things up a bit. & I love Ben and Juliet, I think they are the face of the Others right now, they are fascinating characters that we still have many stories to tell. I would not fear their death any time soon. Although a lot of people hate them and want them to die.

– There will be a big reminder this season that on the island, its still November of 2004 and only three months have passed, which will help lead to a major shakeup coming soon.

– Rob McElhenny, one of the stars of FXs Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has a small role on the Feb. 7 episode of the show. There are also references in that episode to Star Wars and Clockwork Orange.

Heroes Chapter 12 Godsend – video clip

Masi Oka was recently on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and brought a short video clip from the upcoming Chapter 12, “Godsend” episode.

In the “Godsend”, Hiro tries attempts to convince Nathan Patrelli that someone is going to blow up New York City in the near future, and we see a picture of the culprit from one of Isaac’s paintings which is presumably Peter Pratelli, Nathans brother. Watch the clip below:

Jessalyn Gilsig to join the Heroes Cast

Jessalyn Gilsig is set to join the cast of NBCs Heroes sometime during season 2. It is unknown at this time what her exact role in the show will be but we do know that she will have some type of power. Many rumors are floating around that she will play Claire’s biological mother, but there is also the possibility that she will play a new hero (Hana Gitelman) who is an Israli soldier that will have the ability to intercept and send electronic messages with her brain. Personally I think thats a pretty wack ability to have. I mean yea she will be more efficient in the work place being able to send email “kudos” with great speed to all of the fellow employees but thats about it..

Read more about NBC Heroes.

The OC Has Been Cancelled

Is anyone else as surprised as me to learn this turd burger was still on? I liked it much better the first time when it was called Beverly Hills 90210.

For the 8 people that still watched: sorry for your loss. The words uttered by that blonde dude in the first episode, “Welcome to the OC bitch.” will forever be in our hearts and minds.

Know that OC fans, thier families and friends are in TV Tunr’s thoughts and prayers. We are including a picture of Rachel Bilson dressed as the love child of Rainbow Brite and Lisa Loeb…but hotter.

Street Gets His Cripple Freak On

You learn something new everyday. Last night i learned that people in wheel chairs be getting dey freak on.

While i’m having a difficult time believing that anyone couldn’t get it up for the lovely Lyla Garrity, it is inspiring to know people with disabilities are still getting some action from time to time.

As far as a recap goes:

-Matt Saracen’s Dad came back from Iraq. Acted like an asshole. Then tucked Grandma into bed. This may come across as cold-hearted, but i wish the producers would kill off that crazy old coot. This storyline bores me. I think they are setting up a senario in which Matt moves in with Coach Taylor and his family. Incidentaly, this may be the only way Matt every gets past second with Julie…because he is about as smooth as Eurkel.

-Landry read Of Mice and Men to Riggins. Riggins was thankful so he went and watched Landry’s shitty band play. It was heartwarming.

-Coach Taylor is in the running for the Texas QB coach position.

-This is just a general observation: Connie Britton who plays Coach Taylors wife, Tami, is hot.

Next week, In addition to the Easter egg hunt that NBC puts us through each week to find out which day the show airs, we will learn why Tyra is such a dirty, dirty whore.

Jodie Sweetin – Pants off Dance off!

Ah little Stefanie Tanner, the middle child that no one loved from the hit series Full House. She had to compete with the likes of the older and wiser DJ, and the cuteness of Michelle. In all honesty she had no chance at being liked the most. Unfortunetly, this lead to the downward spiral of a meth addiction for Jodie Sweeten, but she has cleaned up her act and is set to appear in her own show called Pants off Dance off on Fuse TV.

Pants off Dance off is not only a stupid name, but it sounds like it will be a stupid show as well. The contestants, called “Pancers”, on the show will dance to their favorite songs and well..take their pants off (along with all other clothes). Other contestants will be there to discourage them, though im not sure why. The dancers will be competing for prizes and all will recieve at least 200 dollars for their appearance on the show. The dancers will only go down to their underwear on TV, but on the official Pants off Dance off website they go all the way nude (but pixeled out).

The show will air on Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern time. I have a feeling this show will be cancelled faster than Daybreak was. On the brightside, Jodie is now hot and recently divorced, so shes back on the market. Maybe Joey Gladstone will finally be able to get a date..

Real World Denver = Crap

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize the formula MTV is going for on EVERY single Real World cast.  It is the same people with different hairstyles every season.  The gay, the party guy, the religious person, the black militant, the hot mentally disturbed always drunk big boobed party girl, the semi-normal girl who falls in love with the first roommate who looks at her, and the disturbed emo depressed girl.    This Real World Denver cast is no different.  All the classic signs but they seem to have found the most ultra disturbed group of individuals possible.

Take last nights episode.  Brooke (emo depressed spoiled girl) walks around Denver and can’t find a nail salon, gets a few cat calls, and when she gets home and is upset Tyrie (the militant) makes a joke of her use of the word “ghetto” and she freaks out.  Calls her mom, exaggerating the whole time about the house and her life and the best part about it is her mom calls her out which she promptly responds “Mom, throw me a bone here.”

This cast sucks the fat one, I wish MTv would change things up once and a while and actually have a non stereotypical cast.  I’d be a lot of fun on that show. Give me a ring!

ABC’s Daybreak.. Way to Leave Us Hanging

Scott posted the story a week ago about DayBreak on ABC being canceled and let me tell you I am not happy.  I didn’t particular love Daybreak but it was interesting and I at least wanted to see what happened or how it was all happening.  Instead we get left off with the guy getting buried by the dump truck and then one of the girls, who I’m not sure if that is Hopper’s sister or some other tramp.  I was looking forward to watching next week’s episode after the preview but now that it is no longer on the air I am gonna be left hanging.

I know they have to at least have a few more episodes shot and ready to be aired why not at least throw them up online so idiots like me can finish watching the show.  It doesn’t take anything on their part and it would make me and the other 10 people who watch the show happy.

So what’s the hold up?

Heroes – Are You on the List?

NBC has recently put up a promo commercial for the upcoming episode of Heroes entitled “Are you on the list?”.  It is a quick glimpse into whats to come in the 2nd half of Heroes season 1.  We left off with apparently Peter Patrelli finding out he himself is the bomb that is destined to blow up NYC.  Im not so sure this is really as it seems though.  Heroes will return in early January and many questions will be answered including this one as well as the introduction of a new invisible man hero.

View the Heroes: Are You On the List Promo.

American Idol Season 6 Promo Commercial

Heres a quick promo commerical for the upcoming Season Premier of American Idol Sesaon 6. It features kiddy versions of Simon, Paula, and Randy judging a pretty crappy singer and then flashes to present day where they do the same thing of sitting behind a table and getting paid to basically do alot of nothing.