Question for the Readers: How is Walt’s Role Going to be?

The biggest question I have with the LOST Finale is: how is Walt going to come back into play?

I honestly have no idea.  He was shown to have other worldly powers early on, escaped from the island and then we haven’t heard from him in 2 or 3 seasons.  Does anyone have any thoughts on Walt’s role?

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  1. OMG! What a horrible fukin ending. I’m pissed.

    They said they WEREN’T going to do the ‘snow globe’ theory. I’m pissed. I called that in the first season. They are all dead.

    Seriously… WTF. Aaron? Walt? They were special. They could see dead people. Those questions were not answered. And to find out they are dead….


  2. I am very disappointed! Absolute waste of time. Nothing is explained and very weak ending. All the ingricate story line, superb acting and intense scenes, theories and mysteries and this is the end? What happened?

  3. Half way through the finale I was feeling hope…liking that the characters were finding each other in the ‘sideways’ life…thinking ok the bomb really worked, they got this other life and they still are interconnecting and finding each other…and thinking the island and all there must die for them to survive this ‘sideways’ life, but finally they are happy and have grown and can move on with their lives…their sacrifices weren’t for nothing…but then…they are all just dead ???? and this was just as the above said the ‘snow globe’ theory????…Like reading a really good book and being totally bummed at the ending…..

  4. I have a gift, I am a sensitive and with this gift I can see spirits, hear them talk to me, touch me, blow in my ear to get my attention which can be such a pain in the ass. I’ve had them try to influence me by doing things for them which they used to do when they were alive. Once did this happen when one spirit tried to take over my body which is a really weird feeling but once you know what they are doing then, out comes the prayer of St. Michael the Archangel, the holy water and I commanding it to leave me alone in Jesus name. That’s why my name here is APACHI, I am a paranormal investigator and for what I saw I too was not impressed because it was like going around, and around in circles and not truly addressing it as according to Ron and notafan had said, if you could not see this that they were dead in the beginning then the writers really sucked and that’s why in season 3 & 4 I didnt come back to till season 5 & 6. I think the writers should really of spoken to people who know of these things and perhaps it would of been a Bravo instead of a slap in the face. Season 1 & 2 were great, some parts of 3 & 4 were ho-hum and 5 & 6, well the ending really tells you, let’s hope this doesnt come back as a movie unless it was to correct their mistakes. Isn’t that what we as sinners go through, we make mistakes and yet we are forgiven . . .the writers have yet to earn theirs!

  5. same story everytime. A series ends and people are pissed.
    Grow up, this is the story. The writers made it. We are not qualified to tell them how the story should have ended. I actually am quite pleased with the ending. It was a peaceful end.

  6. This was the worst ending ever written for a semi-decent TV series. I saw the recap show prior to the final episode. The writers were patting each other on the back. The final few seasons were horrible, from a viewing and writing perspective. Too many loose strings that were knotted up. The story was convoluted. They needed to stick to the Island story. We do not need to know how they hooked up after the flight landed. We needed to know what happened to the characters and the island. There were no discernable answers given regarding the first few seasons.

  7. I liked it better the first time around when it was called “The Sixth Sense” from M. Night Shamylan…it took them six years to come up with “They’re all dead”? Why didn’t I listen to everyone when they said it was all going to end in a swift kick in the balls?

  8. Usually this blog as some interesting comments, but all you people have missed the point. They weren’t “all dead omfg!” They were dead in the alt timeline which was portrayed as a sort of purgatory. It was a place they all met up to move on once their own lives had come to an end. But everything really happened, the Island timeline was wrapped up, MIB died, Hurley became the new Jacob, Jack died and a few made it off the Island. Great ending. Theres loads of annoying little things that will never get answered, but the writers decided the show was going to be about the characters and gave those characters a great ending.

  9. david –

    totally agree bro. i liked it. once you understand it and decide, fuck walt and the god damn hurley bird as questions i need answered maybe you can “move on”

    why did we expect anything on walt? who cares. ending is good. read some articles about it online to get a better understanding

  10. Purgatory? Thats bull! So babies are conceived and born in Purgatory? People get shot by hitmen and die in this Catholic Dogma?! Not to mention spinal surgery.

    This ending was a slap in the face! I was hoping for the “wormhole” explanation (Parallel universe, etc) but was really disappointed with their choice to placate the religious fanatics.

  11. I get the purgatory thing, and I understand why they were all there waiting for one another to cross over. What I don’t understand is where did Ben go? Did Ben go to Hell? I also wanted to know what happened to Richard. Did he get to see his wife again? Everyone in the Church was from the JET but one. Why? Only one person in the Church was not from the Jet? Everyone else was on the orignal Jet. So why were the rest not there? I could care less about Walt, he got to know his father and support him. That was all I needed to know there. Who is the new Black Smoke guy? Did he appoint another? Things like that need answers.

  12. Patrick i think the answers to those questions which are important (to the writers) are there. Ben was still having trouble letting go of the guilt he suffered beacuse of what he did. Thats why Locke’s forgiveness meant so much to him. It was a step towards him being ready to let go, but he wasn’t there yet. Thats why he didn’t enter the church. Richard got on the jet and lived his life, thats all the writers want to give you, i think thats good enough. IMO they gave hints with his gray hair that he was finally ageing, so i guess he lived a normal life. His wife died a very long time ago and no smoke monster to bring her back, so i doubt he saw her again until he died. As to who was in the church and why? I don’t know, think about it and come to conclusions, thats what the writers want. For example, i don’t see why Sayid would need to find Shannon. I thought that was a bit out of place. Jacob said the black smoke was a mistake, so i think that once he was killed that was it. I was expecting Jack to become a new smoke monster after he came out of the well. But hey, maybe he did…..

  13. Brad purgatory i just a name beacuse people might know it. It obviously wasn’t purgatory, hence the stained glass with all the different religious symbols. It was just an idea that was a bit like purgatory which is why people are calling it that. As Christian said, it was a place they created to find each other and move on together. It worked for me. Much better than they’ve all been dead since day 1, or it was all Jacks dream.

  14. Horrible cheesy ending. Walt was such a major part of the story in seasons 1 and 2 and then he just sort of fell of the map. What started off as a wonderful tv show turned into a confusing and convoluted cliche. The writers took the easy way out by making them all dead instead of answering significant questions. Also what were the numbers! They were never explained either!!!!!!!!

  15. Frankly I’m pissed. Six years wasted. The show seemed so promising and then they give us crap like the finale! The writers must have thought if they gave the viewers a cute happy ending and reunited all the couples we’d just forget all our questions well no we didn’t! Shame on you lost!!!!!

  16. I can’t believe it the season finale answered no questions whatsoever!!!! im fukkin pissed off!!!!

  17. In multiple episodes Walt demonstrated supernatural powers, then he was kidnapped by the others who preformed some sort of tests on him (what were these tests?) Remember how he kept on randomly appearing soaking wet and whispering. Also remember when Ben shoot John and then pushes him into the pit full of dead Dharma people, John is dying until Walt randomly appears over the grave and heals Locke’s gunshot wound. This was a fairly major plot point yet Walt’s role in lost petered out and was never answered

  18. Confusing… not bad, but I wish for better answers. Was the island worth protecting? What kind of light did they try to protect? Would the world come to an end without the light? I want to know this. Plus, Jacob’s brother was laid to rest, so where did the Smoke Monster come from? I can draw conclusions but still want clearer answers.

  19. ending definetly could of been much better however, im pretty sure alot of you seem to think that they were dead the whole time or something? pretty sure every one who lived or got off the island, like kate, sawyer, miles, claire etc… lived there full lives and whatnot afterwards, the island was “reality”. just because in the flash sideways you find out there all dead in that, doesnt mean they all died at the same time, they did say “there is no, now, here” soo basically after everyone had passed on this alternate reality or heaven or whatever was their way of reconnecting with one another in the after life.

  20. I read it from Jack’s point of view. It’s his death and memories that come up at the end. Hence the father back from the dead, Ben who left outside, and all the main characters who were his closest friends. This leaves aside micheal, walt who were sort of forgotten, mike, the pilot etc and the 30 others plane crash survivors.
    Memories suggests that some of the guys survived: kate sawyer, claire etc…

  21. They weren’t all dead! (at the end they were, but everyone died at another time) Look all episodes again and maybe you’ll understand. I think the ending was great. The whole serie was great, but it was a difficult one.. So, i understand some of the reactions here.. You really have to pay attention and think about every little thing that happened. This is not a simple ‘sex and the city’ serie. Not everyone is going to follow the difficult plots in have to use your brains! I liked it alot! Especially how they used different ‘timezones’ in a way i never saw before. (this is where a lot of you get confused..cause it’s not a ‘sixth sense’ idea..well, maybe some things.. but you see that all the time in series/movies nowadays)

    Yes, there are a few questions about Walt and other little things.. but i’m sure when i watch the whole serie again, i can figure that out too. At that time, i was focused on other things..

  22. The writers couldn’t even figure out the answers to half the questions, so I highly doubt some random fan will.

  23. Anyone have a guess as to how long Hurley and Ben Protected the Island after Jack died? And will this be a spinoff of Lost or will it be the movie?

  24. alot of the people left the island on a plane.when did they die?!!!!!!!
    and also clair and sun had their babies years before their death!!!!
    its so confusing i dont even want to think about it anymore!!!
    i dont think the writers gave as much thought writing it as we are now!!

  25. This last episode is definetely bullshit.
    I’m not talking about the second-line story ending. This is great and emotive. But this is a wonderful end for the season six timeline, not an end for the whole Lost.
    I’m not talking about what happens on the island neither… this is a good ending. I liked Jack taking Jacob’s place, and die when smiling seeing the plane, and give the place to Hugo. But it is an empty ending for what happened from the beginning; and this makes the whole series empty, because we do not know what were they fighting for. We don’t understand why anyone has done anything in any season. Why is important to join Jacob and not the man in black. Why Ben and Widmore tried to control the island and did their movements against the oceanic people knowing they were candidates, or what rules they had. Why the people went to the island to be part of the Others, what the temple people wanted…
    Why was it important to protect the island. What if they didn’t?
    They missed just ONE thing to be a great ending. They just needed to make Jacob, Ben, or Widmore tell why they protect the island; just to tell what THEY KNEW and has been kept secret all the time for the oceanic people. Without this detail, the whole series has no meaning.
    You can watch it again from the beginning, and you’ll understand nothing again about the hatch and the button, about the war between the others and the oceanic people, or against the dharma initiative.
    They didn’t even have to tell what the heart of the island is. Just tell what they all wanted it for and why it was important to do what they did. Why did they die for? We still don’t know it.

  26. good ending!!! what part of they were not dead the whole time dont u people understand. they were only dead on the alternate timeline, which if we think about it wasnt really alternate. it as long after they all died.. it was like the ¨pre-heaven¨ they created for themselves after setting off the bomb…it was the space in which theyre lives are led to peace and the plane does land..(theyre original idea for setting off the bomb)…they all had to meet up to create peace for themselves and be able to let go and finally cross the door wich leads to the paradise..hurley becomes the new jacob and jack dies in the island.. the ones that make it out die sometime.. hurley becomes the new jacob but new people get to the island after and the same story that has always been happening on the island (they get there and corrupt and destroy) happens again.. and we all hard chirtian say to jack.. ¨we all die sometime, some before you and some long after¨ meaning the people that died before him, and then hurley, who god only knows when he couldve died…they all met up because theyre plan did work, except not in the exact way the wanted,, it worked in the afterlife…

  27. and the questiosn without answers… the numbers were the degrees on jacobs tower… i think it wouldve been kind of tupid if they just had an alternate life .. like a paralel universe… because it leads to nothing… there wouldnt really be an ending because paralel universes just like parelel lines never cross eachother…

  28. the end is quite cofusing… juliet before she died said “it worked”… meaning the bomb worked and somehow their plane landed only that those ont he island did not know that… so I dont know how sawyer became a cop (i mean he was a criminal on the way to australia)… i dont think it about them arriving at their destinations… i think they reincarnatred somehow

  29. Don’t worry guys..I am going to make lost season 7. And I will explain everything in 2 episodes.


  30. Quite simply, too many questions were left un-answered. The programme I started to watch six years ago was not the programme that finished. I still reaped huge enjoyment from it, but the writer’s have left me feeling cheated. Not many programmes nail the finale, and whilst this wasn’t a failure on the scale of the X-files, it certainly wasn’t Battlestar G either.

  31. It was an absolute waste of time. I bet that the writers did not have the answeres at the first place. I liked the nice offer of Rajesh and I support him. I think if he makes the season 7, the ending would be better than this shit….

  32. MMMh, I seem to be the only one perfectly happy with the ending. Maybe my interpretation is wrong? To me, Jack died on the island. Hugo took over from Jack with Linus as a number 2. Together they stayed on the island for a while. (Until Hugo gives the job to the someone else or until you don’t know what. It’s their further life on the island). Kate, sawyer and the rest escape en take up their life back in LA. Everyone who died on the island actually died and everyone who survived lived on, until eventually, they all individually die and go to a parallel universe were they live another life, separated from each other. The bounding they’ve build up on the island is so strong that, even in the afterlife where they have no knowledge over their previous life, they can find each other. But only when in contact with their match.
    So imho, the motive for everyone on the island is simply survival. The actions they take are just product of their nature and who the get manipulated by. Some people just want to get from the island others feel that there is something more going on. But the don’t know that until Jacob tells them: we have to stop evil from spreading over the world and keep it on the island. Jack takes a great risk in putting out the light, because evil can leave the island now. But it’s also the only way to kill it.
    Eventually jack sacrifices himself to turn the light back on in time and the world is save until, who knows, someone else arrives who want to put out the light. But not whithout getting past Hugo and Linus. Ha!

  33. It seems like the writers didn’t know didn’t know how to end it and didn’t want to asnswer questions in fear that they would offend some viewers. So they decided to end in a way that can be interpreted in any way you can. The first few seasons were very well written although they spend way too much time on things unimportant (too many stories of the past, like the story of the guy and his girlfriend who kill each other over diamonds which had no significance what is so ever). The last few seasons the storyline got out of control and sloppy and no real answers were revealed. Important questions like what is the island, what is the light, the dharma, others, the darkness, the numbers, and other little but annoying question like, the name of characters, illusions, the number, walt, damn bird, rules, and so on. But it looks like it is time to forget about getting answers and move on to other show although it is hard to find other shows as good as this one. It seems all new shows now are either about vampires or sex. If anybody has any answers to some of the questions please post them. Thanks.

  34. OH GOD DAMN IT !!!! QUOTE :
    *Peter, on May 24th, 2010 at 7:18 pm Said:
    I can’t believe it the season finale answered no questions whatsoever!!!! im fukkin pissed off!!!!*
    -You’re not pissed off because of the show, you’re pissed off because you have NO BRAINS! thats why!. (There are some other stupid comments around but this is an example of a A*sho*e writhing. God damn!)
    Firstly I never saw the show.By girlfriend did and she liked the end because she can be critic(constructive criticism) on what she saw. She can understand the show and why the finale ends up like this. I’m here bcause I what to know some stuff by other people. Thats why this Site was created firstly.
    Dont complay saing “Ahhh, writers are d*cks !” Thei’re NOT! THEY what YOU to UNDERSTAND YOUR WAY the things and talk ABOUT IT !!! Don’t shout some stupid crap out your mouth every time a show series ends! JEEZ !–‘
    Get a brain and use it!

  35. BTW, see the title of the blog :

    “Question for the Readers: How is Walt’s Role Going to be?”

    “Question for the Readers: Do You Like The Finale?”

    I do not know about the Walt, but my GF have some interesting points out of it. I’ll ask her and come to post it here, if you don’t mind. Cyall

  36. I would just like to say that I think the ending of Lost was an add on. There was no real thought put into it and there where no questions answered i.e.
    1) Why did Hurly, Desmond, Walt, and Miles, (and maybe some other characters) have power?
    2) What the heck was the island.
    3) Why did the man in black change into the black smoke.
    4) When Juliet say’s that what they had done had “Worked” she was wrong I guess because they are still on and it never changed a thing.
    5) What happened to the Kate, sawyer and the rest when they left the island? And what did Hugo and and ben accomplish together?

    I think that the writers were on a deadline to close the show and they took the easy way out because they had nowhere else to go with the story at the time.
    The ending would have even mad more sense if they had let everyone die on the island and then they all met up in their so called purgatory and then they all went to an afterlife together. Or they could have simply explained that the island was purgatory and those who died on the island are those who had to move on. or some crap like that would have made more sense.
    But no they gave a fruity ending taking away from the great show which they had made before.

    In closing Lost from 1-5 season and even some of the 6th season was a grate show the last 30 minuets ruined the whole thing. Oh well

  37. I think Walt will play a great role in Lost Season 7, titled “Return of the Lost”. Then, the children of Kate and Sawyer, Claire and Sawyer, and Miles and Lapidus will return to the isle and Walter will be their leader.

  38. i was soooo pissed off. i think they must have cut the show short. like made their money and that was it

  39. I guess you’re missing the point. They ARE all dead, but they weren’t dead during the show, they were alive. The scene in the church is like a heaven where all they are together again, many many years after the island events happen. Hugo says to Ben “You were a good number 2”, maybe they were number 1 and 2 for a thousand years, we don’t know, i guess it was a perfect ending…

  40. what the fuck??? this was just not expected in d end…atleast viewers deserve a sensible and meaningful ending..atleast i couldn’t grab the whole story…there were many loopholes in between which were left as it is….i seriously couldn’t digest the end…

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