Lost – The End!

This is the end…my friends.

As the Lost finale approaches, I’d like to say thank you to all of you who have been regular visitors of the site and for leaving the insightful (and sometimes downright crazy) theories over the years. I’ve read every single one of your comments and enjoyed them all. This site would have been nothing without you.

Enjoy these last 2 sneak previews!

Naveen Andrews – Sayid Jarrah
Nestor Carbonell – Richard Alpert
Henry Ian Cusick – Desmond Hume
Emilie de Ravin – Claire Littleton
Michael Emerson – Ben Linus
Jeff Fahey – Frank Lapidus
Matthew Fox – Jack Shephard
Jorge Garcia – Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes
Josh Holloway – James ‘Sawyer’ Ford
Daniel Dae Kim – Jin Kwon
Yunjin Kim – Sun Kwon
Ken Leung – Miles Straume
Evangeline Lilly – Kate Austen
Terry O’Quinn – John Locke
Zuleikha Robinson – Ilana Verdansky

Guest Stars:
Elizabeth Mitchell – Juliet Burke
Dylan Minnette – David

131 thoughts on “Lost – The End!”

  1. Loved “The End”.

    For those of you interested here is a link letting us know that on the season 6 dvd there will be a 12-14 min video (epilogue) with Hugo and Ben. Some rumours that Walt will be involved too.
    Also on that site there is a release from abc stating that the plane wreckage at the end of the show was not an actual part of the show but just to give the viewers a chance to reflect and prepare for the next program (the news).

  2. I must say though I thought there was going to be a lot more to say from the regulars on the site. Everyone seems to be signing off. “Letting go” lol.

    I couldn’t put my first feelings for the end better then Jonathan in post 81 “I have to say that i disliked the finale with my brains but i loved it with my heart.”
    After stepping back and looking at the big picture (as well as re-watching the end) I have to say that I really enjoyed every part of it.

    Bobozero post 99 – That is not the way that I see it but for everyone it could be a little different. Everyone, including Jack, had the flashbacks, it just took Jack’s father to tell him that he was dead in order for Jack to let go. Everyone else was able to come to the realization during there flashes. At least that is how I see it.

    Best line Kate ever had in the show “KATE [chuckling]: Christian Shephard? Seriously? ” and I never picked up on it until I was re-watching the episode.
    He was also the one who ended up leading them into the light at the end. (Nice job Adam on all the religious theories)

  3. Big thanks to Scott for the website. It was my first time ever blogging and I must say that reading everyone’s thoughts from week to week brought me a lot of joy and laughs. I am very glad everyone was so courteous to all visitors. I feel like I got to know a bit about some of you and along with the show you will be missed.

    See you in another life Brothers (and Sisters).

  4. Acer_7 post 91 –
    There was a facebook group created there a while back but I think it sort of died out I think I am still a memeber but I haven’t checked it out in a lonnnnnngggg time.
    Maybe something for you to look into?

  5. The lack of feedback and the signing off of a lot of people here just shows how disapointing this was.

    In my opinion the fans had it right at first, purgatory = island, this was a cheap trick to say that the fans were wrong, and to be honest, im fine that some people enjoys these sentimental moments, but im sure a LOT of people also wanted a bit more than that, not just 120 mins of it..

    The thing is that, this show was a lot more than about love and relationships, they spend entire seasons talking about time travel, special people and rules, in the end they decided to introduce new characters that brought nothing to us but even more questions, they ignored totaly whatever was going on for the past seasons, they just filled 120 minutes of peole kissing each other and having forced moments that would bring them back memories..(most of these are inconsistent, as a lot of things in the end)

    I thought it was pretty simple/basic and even insulting for the rest of the seasons, that always made us think and speculate, i felt empty and defrauded..it was full of inconsistencies and plot holes..

    I understand a lot of you enjoyed the pretty moments, but it wasnt ALL that lost was about, lets be honest, it was a LOT more than this.. and they screwed it..

  6. How could it have ended any better? I keep reading people bitching about the end. But, how could you possibly do it better? We’ve all known all along that this was Jack’s show. It may have been an ensemble cast, but it was all revolving around Jack. I am as guilty as anyone for asking for answers that we all knew would never get answered. After seeing the end of this show, I could care less. Call me an apologist of the show, but I have no complaints. It was a badass hair-raising ending to a badass hair-raising TV series.

    I have read this blog for years, but only recently started posting. Thank you guys for having me join the discussion. I’ve never posted on a blog before this, but I never had a reason to before LOST.

    OH YEAH….I almost forgot. Was it just me, or was Vincent in the final moment of the show? Yeah, I know, it wasn’t exactly what I thought, but close enough!!!

  7. The thing is KB, that this ending wasnt even JUST about Jack.. sure the ending was, but they all had flashsideways of characters during these entire series, and still i would be fine with a finale about emotions and pretty moments, and not a scientifc one about time travel, if it was properly done, not some random glued situations with inconsistencies..

    Again, my problem wasnt the finale itself, was the fact that it had little to do with what we have been seeing for the past 6 years, they discarded the series..

    Im sure a lot of you liked, but the ones that didnt are entitled to an opinion, i wouldnt call it “bitching” either…


  8. The end of lost was very obvious… both timelines meeting, everyone crossing each other’s paths… but in the end, it all comes back to the fact that they were all dead. The crash did happen and they all died and the island was some sort of purgatory since they were lost (not physically, but within the course of their lives).
    Amazes me that i had actually thought of this theory, read post 125 – Everybody Loves Hugo Sneak Peak Preview !! I amaze myself hahaa

    However, this theory could be wrong or at least full of discrepancies since:
    – michael and walt are not in the church but they are well dead
    – anna lucia is missing too
    – what is desmond and penny doing there?
    – why didn’t ben come in the church (evil v/s good)?
    – why is the scientist, what’s his name… yes FARADAY, waht’s he doing in the church??

    and plus, if you think about it, freighter was real, helicopters were real, etc… i mean kinda purgatory but in a bizarre dimension

    Well fellows, was nice chatting with you all. Let’s start a Dexter forum! 🙂 im glad Lost is over.

    See you in another life brothers!

  9. Hello guys. I needed some time alone.

    At first i was very disappointed, since , as some of you said, i was always trying to figure out what the hell was happening on that god forsaken island.

    But now i am deeply mourning the loss of lost, so i tend to remember just the good stuff.

    My dear Karen, i respectfully think you got everything wrong.

    They did not die on the crash. The island was real. Only in sideways they were all dead. The sideways is a timeless place, maybe hundreds of ears later. Some died on the island, like Charlie, Faraday, Charlotte, Libby, Jack, Hugo, Ben, and some escaped the island, like Kate, Sawyer, etc.

    They saw themselves in the sideways the way they all remembered each other.The sideways was kind of a purgatory.

    Mathew Fox and Michael Emerson confirmed what i am saying in interviews.

    The last images we saw, of the silent wreckage, were not exactly part of the episode, but something ABC put for the transition to the next program.

    Nevertheless, there are still many things i didnt understand, like all of you.

    I’ll point some, even knowing they are not so important:

    – Why Desmond’s vision in season three, of Claire and Aaron leaving in a chopper didnt come true?

    That vision led Charlie to sacrifice himself and die, leading to their rescue of the island and what came next.

    – How come Jack survived the eletromagnetic energy when he put back the giant cork? The place was definitely ”energized” when he put it back.

    – Why did the water of the stream and the waterfall of the cave suddenly dried up when the cork was unplugged?
    I know that place held the source of eletromagnetic energy of the island, but why did it happen to the water?

    – When Desmond was charged with the eletromagnetic energy in Widmore’s test, when he returned to the island did he have he knowledge that they were all dead in the sideways?

    And since this forum is coming to and end, i also want to say i was really happy to be a part of it.

    To the old school Jason, Adam, Richard, CPL, Jones, Scoopie, TL, BLF,Karen, Scott (probably forgot someone), i will always remember all of you.

    The best part of the show was to come here and share it with you.
    You were like a family i had, of people i never met.

    Lost is dead. Its the sideways now. I need to let go.
    I have you all in my heart.

  10. So,

    If the flash sideways were the afterlife it had nothing to do with the atomic bomb? So why did Juliet send the message ‘it worked” after she died?

  11. Hallo everyone!
    This is the first time writing here. I am not an English native speaker so forgive me if my words might sound a little bit awkward..
    So some thoughts from me:

    I really liked the end and I found it extremely moving. It was ALMOST the perfect end. Jack sacrifices himself to save the island and the others, Hurley becomes the new Jacob, Ben atones himself for his past mistakes by staying with Hurley protecting the island and the others continues with their lives as they wished to. Plus, they all have this second chance-this limbo to meet each other again after they all have died at some point to let go.. Almost perfect…

    HOWEVER, from my point of view , besides the numerous unanswered questions that left me hanging with the impression that they didn’t have other choice but to give this ending since themselves didn’t have the answers, the biggest mistake was that at the end, they manage to somehow underestimate the value of the island. Lost was brilliantly built mostly upon the mysteries and powers of the island, the action, the questions generated thru ought the seasons. This was the focal point that brought the audiences interest. And in a second level upon the human relationships. Of course a good ending should be mostly based upon the relationships of the protagonists with each other , this is what can generate feelings , and this is what remains at the end, but what about the island??That was is? Flock is dead, Jack is sacrificed, Hurley is the new Jacob , then the church-heaven-light and finito???? I spent 6 years for this?? Without getting answers in basic questions?????? They suddenly realized that what counts the most are the feeling of the protagonists for each other? I mean this is not what Lost was all about. And that was its beauty and its interesting element!! If it was a tv show for human relationships then this would be the best ending ever…But Lost was not Beverly Hills..
    I am not saying that i regret watching this epic-fantastic tv show. Quite the opposite . But i really feel that this show deserved a better ending. Althaugh i cried soooooooo much at the end, from my point of you they didn’t keep the balance between emotions, characters and answers. They didn’t manage to stay true to what LOST was all about. They gave us a simple and trivial ending, a more ‘political correct’ ending, to this complicated show ….
    That’s are my feelings.

  12. Lost, really poor ending……..and that’s the truth. You ran out of ideas and it was time clearly to give in. I won’t lie I enjoyed and thought the end would answer all the questions you created. I kind of knew you were going downhill the moment it hit episode 15, because if you think about it, your story line does not tie up and you only left viewers more curious and a lot of unanswered questions. Wish I never watched it from the beginning,,ha, joking but please release another ending and answer all our questions before getting rated as a good series….

  13. Hi to those of you left reading this thread.
    I have now hd time to digest the ending, and watched it a second time after reading some of the views about it. I have come to the conclusion that I am deeply disappointed with how the show ended. I cannot deny that the show was highly emotional and brought a tear to the eye on several occasions; though some of the moments of awakening felt very forced (eg Sayeed), and others made little sense (eg Sun – surely Jin would have been her trigger, not Juliette doing an amnio scan).

    Sideways world just didn’t work for me in the end. I have read several interpretations of what it meant, or how it might have worked. Whichever, option you chose to adopt, it is then full of holes that render it an impossible premise. It’s a real shame because options for an emotional climax that would have been more successful in terms of continuity had existed. Sideways world could have fitted into the story so much better than the very random way in which it was actually done.

    On the island there is obviously a whole story that is completely untold. Hurley and Ben protecting the island (from what……?) Desmond still on the island (what happens to him?) Are there any other people still left alive on the island besides Rose and Bernard? Are there any factions still trying to find the island?

    As for the bigger questions……..if we are now led to presume everything that happened really did happen……..why did they all have to go back to the island after having escaped it once? (Jack Yes, Hurley I guess so) but why ALL of them? Why would the world have ended if Smokey got off the island? Who built all the ancient temples on the island and how? The list is endless…….

    I think there is room for an alternative ending, or one which deals with the island rather than the characters. There is also room for a movie or something relating to the island. I am not sure if it would be any good though, or even if the writers have the slightest clue about how they would answer the questions.

    All I know is that I am left feeling unsatisfied with the current ending because it only met part of my needs.

    Big thanks to Scott and the rest for the site and the insight.



  14. jonathan & Bruna,

    I think I agree very much with your opinions (post 109&111).

    Yes, it was a very emotional ending. And I was very pleased with it immedately after watching it. 🙂

    But.. all the unanswered questions.. That’s of course a big dissappointment. 🙁


    I wonder if it all has to do with money… What was the highest priority for the Lost producers? Guess it was to have so much people seeing & enjoying the show as possible?
    So.. introducing more and more mysteries & questions could be very good.. Seems like they weren’t too much worried about SOLVING&EXPLAINING everything (at least all basic questions) in the end.. because that wasn’t a high priority thing.. No more money in it..

    And now they whish very many of us will buy the DVD of the last season?? LOL!!! (and there they will help me and other losties with a better understanding? Right?)

    Yes I will probably buy the DVD.. but that’s because I’m so addicted! LOL!! (but a part of me wish that all true Lost lovers DON’T BUY THE LAST DVD!)

    I hope this wonderful forum will last as long as possible! Thanks to people behind it!!

    In the future.. I’ll TRY my very best to feel happy&satisfied when remembering Lost.. but I’m still confused.. still lost.

  15. wonderer RE 110,

    Good question! I have no good answer but I guess Juliet before dying had a flash from the afterlife? So she saw that they all will meet again? Maybe she didn’t understand where the flash come from so she thought they really were alive?

  16. About the numbers.. 4 8 15 16 23 42..

    ..yes they were in the lighthouse.. every candidate was given a number and during all the years (or centauries?) they have been crossed over when the candidates died (or sometimes because other reasons).

    So.. only the “Oceanic 6” were the remaining candidates..

    Question.. who and why were this numbers left on the hatch (remember when they had dynamite to break in to the hatch. Hurley saw the numbers and tried to stop the planned explosion).

    WHO wrote them? And WHY?

    Did Jacob already know what would come in the future? No one of these six candidates died.. They succeded to leave the island..

    Ok, Lost isn’t pure science I guess.. so logical answers to many questions can’t really be found because they doesn’t exists.. (LOL). I guess nobody asks why aliens (in movies) always speak english! Some of our questions should probably not ever be asked, so we can forgive the writers when they not answered them.

    But other questions could be (and should be) answered. I hope again that this forum (THIS LIGHT CAVE!)will continue to exist a long time enough, so we could try together to improve our understanding! I’m always happy to read everyones posts here!

    See You All Everybody in another life, but until then I hope I’ll see you more in THIS forum! Thank you!

  17. Wonderer, post 110:

    What if Juliet said ”it worked” not refering to them altering history by setting off an atomic bomb, but only referring to her method of unsticking a candy bar from a candy machine ?

    NAGC,post 116, about the numbers, i guess we will never realy know their exact meaning and influence.

    You didnt mention the valenzetti equation, so here it goes:

    ”The Valenzetti Equation is the mathematical equation developed by the reclusive Princeton University mathematician Enzo Valenzetti. Its creation was the result of efforts made following the Cuban Missile Crisis by the United States and the Soviet Union to find a solution to the hostility and danger of imminent global disaster created by the Cold War. The equation was secretly commissioned through the UN Security Council and is used to predict the time of human extinction.

    According to the 1975 orientation film in the Sri Lanka Video, the Valenzetti Equation “predicts the exact number of years and months until humanity extinguishes itself.” During the video, Alvar Hanso also states that the radio transmitter on the Island, will “broadcast the core numerical values of the Valenzetti Equation.” The numbers, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, are explained in the Sri Lanka Video, as the numerical values to the core environmental and human factors of the Valenzetti Equation. Alvar Hanso also states in the video that the purpose of the DHARMA Initiative is to change the numerical values of any one of the core factors in the equation in order to give humanity a chance to survive by, effectively, changing doomsday.”

  18. The numbers were put on the hatch by the DHARMA people. It was the serial number for the hatch. I always thought it was kinda dumb myself.

  19. jonathan, thanks for the info about the valenzetti equation.

    A theory about what you wrote about the very first episode of Lost – the pilot. Not a good theory but here it comes..

    Maybe Jacob wanted some of the losties (Jack!) to hit the ground in a “safe” way” so he “flashed” Jack to the ground BEFORE the plane break in parts? And in addition to this, Jack travelled some time (minutes?) back in time? Therefore he could run to the beach before the crash?

    Remember Faraday’s experiment – the time on the island was “different” to the time near the island (Widmore’s boat).
    There was a dead body floating in to the beach (from the boat, the doctor I think?) but when they called the people on the boat that person was ALIVE at the same time…

    So travelling from & to the island could also sometimes be a travelling in time..

    But don’t ask me WHY JACK RUN SO QUICKLY TO THE BEACH if the plane wasn’t there yet..

    Well.. I guess we will never know about this.

  20. OK…. ALL OF THIS CAN HAPPEN (THE ENDING IF ONE TAKES THE TIME TO UNDERSTAND…HERE IT COMES….. AGAIIIIINNNN!!!! IMAGINARY TIME!!!! I have been saying this all season. The easter eggs have been put out there… and if one takes the time to understand how Imaginary Time works especially in conjuction with Real Time and Space Time…. The ending and this season coupled with ALLLLLL the seasons, on could strongly understand the ending in a much clearer way. Here is one link to get the curious started…


    Now obviously Fate, Destiny, Forgiveness, Redemption, and more then ever LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE was the subjectmatter addressed. I encouorage all to start with these four, put them in context with the time theory…. and work backwards.

  21. Jason Re: post 94
    “In a recent interview on The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack, actor Jorge Garcia (Hurley) confirmed to the podcasting duo that the epilogue (which will run approximately twenty minutes) that the epilogue would be much more lighthearted than the finale was, and that it would also answer one of the biggest questions of the series since season two: the Hurleybird.”

    Thought you would like to know.
    Thanks for the links, I’ve read a breif history of time and love all of the imaginary time stuff.

  22. Jason, my brains are totally fried after thinking about the imaginary stuff, and i think i cant take it no more, i gotta let go.

    In this process of letting go, i’ve been watching another series, wich i highly reccomend:

    Breaking bad. Its awesome. Its in the third season.

    I saw the first two seasons last week and it gets better and better.

  23. Breaking bad… I will have to look into this… thank you

    and Jones… YES!!! THE HURLEY BIRD… THANK YOU!!!

  24. I would like it if Hurley and Miles and the Pie Maker (from “Pushing Daisies”) and Tallahassee (from “Zimboland”) teamed up and build a team.
    In a way, they all communicate with dead people.

  25. guys, it´s over and i´m kinda glad of this because it was sometimes a real torture!

    time to start watching new shows, and to the people which are saying “oh my god, it´s so hard to find a new show what is as good as lost was”! hey, there were plenty of excellent shows in the past years which were by the way as good as lost and better!! i.e. prison break or supernatural

    get over it

  26. Prison Break could’ve taken a cue from LOST. After the first season, it just moved way too fast. Too many people died and the storyline ran out. They had to hit the reset button and put them back into a prison. They could’ve strung out the second season for at least two seasons if they had done it right.

  27. I agree with you that the first season of prison break was the best, but when i look over to how Lost went on after the first two season, then i have to say prison break was done much more better. I was a huge lost fan but lets be honestly for one second. The sixth and final season wasn´t that what most people had expected! No one can tell me that it was just great. I was since the beginning such a big fan of lost and i´ve said right after the final to myself that it was great because i didn´t want to face the truth and see that it was actually horrible and i wasted my time in the past six years with lost, i just don´t wanted to see through the real thing. Each of you lost fans knows exactly what i am talking about!

    Let´s face the truth. A couple weeks are over and the final season and especially the grand finale was just disappointing!! When i look back to the beginning and the switch to the big finale, mhhhhhhh, i could kick the crap out of the two homos “Darlton” – Sorry guys! but thinking of the finale makes me angry because they wasted the most time with damn feelings of the fucking characters -sorry again! but honestly, the show Lost was about a mysterious island, that´s the reason i started a long time ago watching this show. It was the thought of crashing on an lost island in the middle of nowhere! Still a great idea!! But it ended with 80% character bullshit and the rest was the island mythology! I didn´t watch lost just because of the characters, quite the opposite, it was the mysterious island, WASN`T IT GUYS`!?!?

    Once again, sorry for my bad statement for lost (and my bad english of course) but now i realized that they screwed this totally up BUT i am NOT pissed of, no i got over it and i am done with the island!!!!


  28. I have recently realised that Jacob knew long before that he was going to be killed AND HE ALSO KNEW WHEN IT WOULD HAPPEN! And even more.. he planned what to do AFTER being killed.. well I mean he planned what ILANA should do after he was killed.

    Ok, I believe most of the big fans realised this LOOONG before me – LOL – but still I have to point it out.

    For anyone who don’t believe this, I suggest you to look at the episode when Jacob visits Ilana at a hospital. He tells her what to do with the candidates AFTER he is killed.. (Lead them to the temple and ask Richard what to do next.)

    So Jacob knew – before the “Oceanic Six” flied back to the island – what was comming.. Ilana was trained just for that moment.. (and later she “played” with the dynamite! Oops..).

    And to You All Everybody: Don’t complain to much! Even if you didn’t like the end you haven’t waisted six years. The total time of Lost was 120 hours. That makes roughly speaking 20 hours per year! Think about how much time you spend looking at television and at bad/low quality films and stuff!

    I’m not saying that I was totally pleased with everything about Lost. I was a bit dissapointed with the end, but all together I think it was the greatest show I’ve ever seen.

    I’m sure there will be even better series someday in the future! I’m looking forward to it!

    Be positive! Life is greater then!

    See you all in another life! Perhaps on The Island?

  29. Hi to all,

    I think that it is a bit late to speculate about Lost, but I have vague thoughts that the sideways are not what most call “purgatory”. I think it because Desmond was able to be there mentally, while was “tested” via EM by Widmore. And later, before Jack and FLock put him down into the cave, he told Jack, that he was in that place and can also take Jack to there… Taking into account, that earlier Desmond was in similar situations when his mind “switched” between times (or realities), it can makes us think that the sideways are some alternative reality in far future, to where losties minds somehow moved… crazy idea ???

    What do you think (in case there is still a desire to share ideas)? Sorry for English it is not my native language.

    Anyway may it is good that not all questions are answered – we can continue reflecting on the show…

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