Lost – The End!

This is the end…my friends.

As the Lost finale approaches, I’d like to say thank you to all of you who have been regular visitors of the site and for leaving the insightful (and sometimes downright crazy) theories over the years. I’ve read every single one of your comments and enjoyed them all. This site would have been nothing without you.

Enjoy these last 2 sneak previews!

Naveen Andrews – Sayid Jarrah
Nestor Carbonell – Richard Alpert
Henry Ian Cusick – Desmond Hume
Emilie de Ravin – Claire Littleton
Michael Emerson – Ben Linus
Jeff Fahey – Frank Lapidus
Matthew Fox – Jack Shephard
Jorge Garcia – Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes
Josh Holloway – James ‘Sawyer’ Ford
Daniel Dae Kim – Jin Kwon
Yunjin Kim – Sun Kwon
Ken Leung – Miles Straume
Evangeline Lilly – Kate Austen
Terry O’Quinn – John Locke
Zuleikha Robinson – Ilana Verdansky

Guest Stars:
Elizabeth Mitchell – Juliet Burke
Dylan Minnette – David

131 thoughts on “Lost – The End!”

  1. Are You All Everybody ready for the finale tomorrow? I don’t know if I am… If I see it.. there is no more fun to look forward to, is there?

    If one choose to not see the finale, one can always go back and rewatch.. and have theories of how it would end.. but maybe not read&discuss on any lost forum.

    To see or not to see – that is the question..

  2. Maybe Claire helped him.

    It would be cool if we find out that some characters are related, like brothers or something.

    Like Jack and Locke or Locke and Ben.

    Its guessing time…

  3. More bets for the end:

    I think that Desmond pushing the button and turning the failsafe key will play a major role in the timelines explanation.

    Also, what if the time difference between the sideways and the island time – 3 years/2004/2007 – has something to do with the creation of the sideways in 77 and their return to 74??? I dont have the least idea of how it would work, but, thats all i can think of for that matter of 3 years difference.

  4. The electromagnetism will cause a volcano to erupt and the island will sink.

    Jack will be fixing Locke legs that will cause him to walk.That what we have seen In season 1 Episode 1 when the plane crash on the island.

    there will be asian women and on her wrist tere will be a tattoo of the numbers 4,8,15 …

    The concert that desmond, kate and sayid are going is none than charlie concert.

    Sawyer will see the plane that richard wanted to destroy on TV and that will help him to remenber the island.

    Probably we will see walt and david in same class.

  5. jack wife and david mother is none other than juliette. lost will end when it has started.It is a loop. re-watch season 1 episode 1 , the very first ten minutes. figure out when jack woke up he goes straight to the beach, look right and left and there nothing, no plane crash. few seconds later ,he heard a loud noise like the one we have seen when there was time travel and and then he saw the oceanic 815 on the beach. Also while he was running towards the beach, we have seen a shoe hanging on the tree. That his father’s shoe. check it out guys

  6. Nasheeb, post 9.

    Thats exactly what i’ve been saying here for quite some time …

    I posted this countless times…the old school members are tired of me saying it over and over ( like i am in a loop myself).

    So here it goes for the last time for the few ones who didnt read it ( forgive me all the others for the repetition, dont bother reading ahead):

    – Please watch carefully the link below with this in mind.

    After Jack runs like a maniac straight to the beach (strange behaviour for someone who would have crashed in an unknown place), once he gets to the beach its all quiet and he first looks to the right side, where there is nothing , then he hears screaming, and for the briefest of time we can see a glimpse of the left side of the beach over Jack’s shoulder, behind the bushes, AND NOTHING IS THERE ( its around minute 2:20). THE BEACH IS EMPTY.

    In a split second Jack goes to that left side, and just there, a few steps from him, its the whole wreckage of the plane,and all those people shouting, really close to where he was before when we saw over his shoulder, so it appeared out of nothing. It seemed like he walked through a time portal or something. There’s no way it was all there when he first arrived at the beach.

    So it may indicate that possibly when we first see Jack on the show, he is waking up quite in the same way he did after the Ajira flight, when he time flashed.

    And that black cylinder next to his left shoulder on the ground looks just like the baton Ben had when he turned the wheel.

    I am not saying he was not on that Oceanic 815 flight, but all these things i pointed out allow us to think that there’s something else to it, something we are still to find out. My guess is he either turned the wheel or time flashed.


  7. Nasheeb,

    I did see and think exactly the same as you, about ten days ago.

    I thought I had seen something very important but…

    But when I rewatched it.. I saw that the hostess really gave Jack TWO bottles.. and he put one of them in his pocket. Have a look again, and you’ll see it too.


    I rewatched the pilot after you wrote about it the first time. I agree it seems like there really is something in there. (But I dislike the idea of a timeloop..)

    Nevertheless, it’s very strange how Jack after a few steps is in the middle of the other losties. We never saw all the beach at left, behind Jack. Could it be that the producers were “cheating”? Probably not.

    I guess you are right, it could be very important and the explanation is hopefully comming in the finale!

  8. jonathan,

    Ok, after rewatching again I correct myself. We can see nearly all the beach at left, behind Jack. And endeed it’s empty… But don’t we hear some screaming voices?

    Well.. a lot of questions.. will we ever know the answers?

  9. To You All Everybody!

    Here is my craziest idea for today!

    In the sideline world.. I think MiB really sank the island..

    And the dream he had as a boy, of leaving the island and going home.. has com true..

    He is living in that sideline world.. as a boy..

    His father’s name is.. JACK! Yeah, he is Jack’s son!

    MiB = David!!! 😉

  10. Man,, this is so sad, I am really going to miss lost, I wish it would never end 🙁 🙁 Sad Sad Sad

    I think its going to be a crazy confrontation between Lock and Jack, wonder what’s gonna happen at that concert..
    And NotAGoodCandidate, what a crazy idea man, lol, funny, David is the man in Black 🙂

    But you know, the most exciting thing, is the beginning of the finale, the very first couple of minutes, I think its going to be awesome, insanely exciting, it always has been, in every season.. what do you think? Jack waking up??

  11. It would be pretty insane if everyone ended up at the concert and Jacob appeared and explained to all of them that they are in a sideways world.

    Also, I think the MIB may die because he’ll get unstuck in time like Desmond but without a constant.

  12. I hope all of you are right but I honestly believe Jack will sacrifice his life for Locke in the sideways world to help free him to protect us from the evil which is MIB.

    My birthday tomorrow and I will watch the last episode of the show I have involved myself into. Thank you guys for always making this forum special. I will post on Monday.

  13. Final scene: close up on Jack’s eye as it closes in death sacrificing his life for the greater good. He became the man of faith.


    Jack will fix Locke’s legs…. Locke will go to the island and kill Flocke… everyone will die on the island because they need too and the second timeline folk will return to the island to live happily ever after… something like that…

  15. Carlton and Damon… have said… everyting is summed up int he first 3 episodes of the first season……

  16. maybe jack is protecting the oceanic 815 passengers as part of his protecting of the island in his jacob role?

    maybe he flashed through time to come back to the crash from a point in his future. maybe we have been watching him trying to help the island by coming back in time?

  17. Hey folks.

    First, Scott- Thanks a million for this blog. I have endless fun posting on it and reading the crazy stuff over the years. I hope you do not have bad withdrawals!!!! I will, but all things good things must come to an end.

    Richard7669- Happy birthday. I wish Sun were here to spend it with you!!!!

    Adam- Good point re post 25.

    Notagoodcandidate: Pist 15 re MIB = David- I was howling after I read that!!1 But, if you are right, I will not believe that you work for the show (as I have before), or that you broke into their computers, but are a secret love child of someone on the show who gave you inside info!!!!

  18. Sweden says Hallo! It’s 8.15 in the morning. Ooops.. 8.15 well.. what can I say..

    jonathan, aren’t Aaron to light/blonde to be MiB? Maybe he is Jacob? Well, I guess there is a 50-50 % chans here. LOL!

    Adam RE 25, interesting theory about Jack traveling back in time to help the losties. But it seems he had forgotten that. Still, you may have something there!


    Welcome back! Well.. I’m still howling (wtf does that word mean? anyway, sounds good to me) after reading your idea about a secret love child! LOL!! 🙂

    I wish that would be true.. Well, I am really a twin and the lighter one.. so I’m just saying.. .. .. Jacob!!

    About more crazy theories.. I wish I could say that I believe that Jack, Hurley and Sawyer was fooled by Jacob.. because it wasn’t Jacob.. but I can’t fool you with that theory. 🙁

    But anyway, it would have been something, if MiB took the shape of dead Jacob.. 😉

  19. In 24 hours it’ll all be over… for you guys in the U.S. anyway. Over here in Charlieland, Sky TV will be broadcasting The End at the same time as it’s on the States – i.e. 5 o’clock in the morning(!)

    Much as I’d love to watch it live for once, I don’t have Sky TV and I ain’t about to start paying that Aussie arsehole Rupert Murdoch (who, by the way, I’m sure Charles Widmore is at least partially based on) any of my money. Plus 5am on a Monday morning is too early even for Lost.

    So I’ll be going to work and doing my best to keep off the internet and not watch any entertainment news for the whole of the 24th, then I’ll get home, crack open a cold one and, roll up a big fat one and hook up with tvshack.

    Anyway, it’s been a blast guys, hope you all enjoy it and I’ll see you on the other side, brother…

    P.S. Happy Birthday Mr 7769 to quote Ben Linus in Man Behind The Curtain: “You do remember birthdays don’t you Richard?”

  20. Sorry for taking up this question again, but no one have given it a “proper” answer yet.

    How can Desmond be so damn calm & confident?

    It seems to me he is up to fight against the pure evil Devil Black Smokie Monster Flocke.. AND ALL HE DOES IS SMILING!? WHAT THE F…?

    This strange behaviour from Desmond makes me totally crazy..

    Or maybe not? Oh.. I don’t know what to say about it! What’s going on???? Well.. it’s only LOST.. I guess. OK! OK!


    🙂 🙁 🙂 :)… 🙁 …… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Does anyone remember when Ben was caught in the trap and captured by the losties. He claimed himself to be something like Henry Gale and told the losties that he came to the island on a parachute.

    I guess today’s show we will know who was Henry Gale and what the parachute was doing on the Island and how Ben was caught in the trap?

  22. What if we see all the losties taking the plane returning to sydney. This could be the final scene of Lost.

    What if we see Locke and Jack playing backgammon in the hospital as the last scene.

    what if the claire is going to give birth to a twin Jacob and MIB as the last scene.

  23. 4. I wonder why Flocke complained about his brother has stolen his body? Ok, his body died but he took it back as Smokie. And if he hadn’t Ben to kill Jacob, he could still have his old “skin” (the MiB Body) left.

    8. Btw, after seeing the last couple of episodes, I’ve found it a bit strange that he is stuck in Locke’s body (or a copy of it) after Jacob died. Wtf? It felt like Smokie’s ability to choose a human skin was certainly independent of Jacob.

    15. Maybe Jacob invented some RULES when he got his “power”?

    16. BUT! BUT! BUT! Why didn’t Smokie change back to the MiB Skin in the few seconds after Jacob was killed by Ben? (Clark Kent would have manage to be Superman in a nanosecond, if he wanted to).

    23. Still think it’s strange that Jacob took the protector job so easily when FMother wanted it. The same goes of course for Jack.

  24. Sad.

    What a sad day. Thank you LostReview for providing a place for us lost junkies to come hang out. I’ve enjoyed reading the theories and will miss the show, story and emotional connection that we have all shared with LOST.

    I’m very sad to see it all end.

  25. re my post 25

    maybe he is pretending not to remember. maybe he knows exactly what he is doing. the tatoo’s on him on the show at least means he walks amongst us but is not one of us. maybe this means exactly what im saying maybe he is there from some future to help them or defeat MIB. could be why he knows to run to the beach. could also be that because of what is tattoo’s say. could just be possible.

    and i have watched that first scene with him on the beach and unless the editors totally fucked that up there is def nothing there and then all of a sudden something. could also prove me right if he is time traveling. he just got there before the plan crashed.

  26. Adam

    Remember he drew the second bottle that the hostess gave him on the plane from his pocket just before running to the beach. So definitely he was on the plane and was not on the island before the crash.

    we will see how rose and bernard rescue desmond from the well.

    There will be a waterfall scene inside a cave invoving Jack ,ben , Locke and desmond. Flocke will go to the bottom of the waterfall and here he is off the island. The Ground will rumble (like if a volcano erupt)and then level of water will be rising and here it goes the island under the water.

  27. Notagoodcandidate– Howling means a good laugh!!!

    And, I have a theory as to why Desmond is so calm. I think that somehow he was reincarnated as Jacob. I mean he now is just like Jacob– cool and calm no matter what. Just thinking back to when Ben came to kill him, His feathers never got ruffled. It was all part o the plan. Likewise, Desmond has a job to help the off-island losties realize their purpose, and has been going about it the same cool and calm way. Well, that is my ten cents!!!!

    Scoppie- you are getting hosed over there where you live, and I agree not to give Murdoch any money. You’ll get through the day and will have a great night when you get to watch the finale.

    I also think that Desmond will somehow absorb the source of light on the island without dying, and that will sink the island.

  28. Adam,

    “he walks amongst us but is not one of us”

    I had forgotten what Jack’s tatoo ment. Happy you enlighten me on that. Agree there is probably a deeper meaning of that tatoo. I can’t imagine Jack pretending not to remember.. but I guess everything still is possible!

    I would love to see the finale tomorrow (Sweden). But at the same time I don’t think I’m ready to “seperate” from Lost. I want to have one episode left.. for ever..

    In other words: I want to eat the cockie AND still have it! I guess I’m not the only one..

    Of course I want to see and read what You All Everybody thought about THE END!!

  29. Totallylost, yeah I could guess something liked that (howling).

    About Desmond. You have an interesting theory there. And certainly Des behave like Jacob in the off island timeline. Still I have big problems to understand his cool&calmness on the island..

    Well.. honestly speaking.. there are a damn LOT OF THINGS I have big problems to understand! I could go on for days and nights to tell about it.. LOL!

    I hope we all get “the most important questions” answered in the finale!

    SPOILER 4: It was Zoe who helped Desmond out from the well!

    SPOILER 8: John Locke will be reborn in the light cave!

    Btw, didn’t Flocke said something to Sawyer about that he had a crazy mother? Maybe he didn’t mean the Fake Mother.. (why should he – he knew she wasn’t his mother!) Maybe he ment John Locke’s mother? (wasn’t she a bit crazy? or maybe my memory fails here?). If he ment Locke’s mother, it could only mean that..


    The same could be true about Fake Christian.

    Well.. that was my very last theory about Lost. Wrong again – of course! 🙂

    Brothers and sisters.. SEE YOU IN ANOTHER LIFE! 🙂

  30. Noyagoodcandidate– I agree that flocke will go into the light again, and will somehow be reborn as locke who will be happy to stay on the island!!!!

  31. So I just moved to the west coast… DAMN. Lost is on in 10 mins EST.

    That would be crazy if Claire had twins in the sideways time, although the ultrasound only showed one baby.

    I’m betting against the time-loop theory, no facts to back it up, just an opinion.

    We should find the importance to Desmond and his immunity to electromagnetism tonight!

    BTW, Fringe is a great show and answers to questions come quickly. The show seems to go on tangents quite often but the Sci-fi aspect is very interesting! I suggest start watching it…next season.

  32. Ok, so quick thoughts as I sit here in some shell shock.

    Here’s what i think happened.

    -So the sideways universe happens at some point long long in the future.

    -Everyone is dead at this point since it happens long in the future (whether they died on the island, or from old age, or something later on)

    -This is why Ben told Hurley he was a great number 1 and Hurley told Ben he was a great number 2. Since they had already at that point been working together on the island for years, millenia, what ever.

    -They all meant so much to each other that their spirits decided to find each other using the template of their lives in that moment in time (when the plane crashed) since all were alive at that point, and they all found each other and remembered the most important moments of their lives. People like Michael, etc., weren’t welcome, or maybe his spirit (like Ben or Ana Lucia) just wasn’t ready.

    Still, none of this explains Farady’s theory, or Juliet’s “it worked”, or much of anything else, so I need to think more about this.

  33. SPOILER from the review of all the shows:

    sooo MIB died; killed by Jacob. MIB = Smokie = nearly everyone we’ve seen dead.

  34. So yes, they were making it up as they went along. There was no resolution planned as they strung out the mysteries. But of all the TV series that end with an abstract “God did it” sort of ending, I have to say that this is the best I’ve seen. The producers don’t deserve a pat on the back though. They could have easily made a story equally moving with an actual resolution, they just couldn’t be bothered.

  35. Well, I loved it. I guess the sideways world was a staging area or place of limbo where everyone could meet up with the important people in their lives.

    Also, I am not totally sad that I did not get answers to every singe question. It worked, and the debate about whether all were alive, dead, etc . . can continue.

    Not sure I was satisfied with the way smokey died, but at least he is dead.

    When Vincent laid down next to Jack, I lost it. Well done, and Bravo.

    I need to process more as well.

  36. This was the worst possible end to one of the greatest shows. I had 122 questions and got 2 answers. It is like the writers got overwhelmed and gave up. The writers are flawed. What I regret most is that I got many people hooked on this show and wasted their time. We still don’t really know what the island is, what the light is, what the numbers mean, what is up with hurly bird, walt…like I said I have 122 question. It was cheezy the fact that they had all religious symbols in the church. There is no now, there is no here, no dead, no alive? I would feel better if it was all just a dream.

  37. I’ve heard a lot of stupid things coming from people who clearly don’t understand the ending. Some people, for some reason, think that the flash sideways was due to the bomb in 1974?? Its nothing to do with that. What happened on the island happened. Kate, Sawyer and the others escaped and lived whatever life the lived, Hurley and Ben took over on the island, and Jack died.

    As for the flash sideways, its was a meeting place in a kind of limbo where they all reunited after death. Personally I thought it was an incredibly clever twist that I only saw coming very close to the end.

    My personal thought on the ending was it was incredibly moving and emotion. I personally cried, both because it was so beautiful and because it the end of a brilliant TV show.

    Sure, there are plenty of questions left unanswered, but I think they answered enough of them to give the show a proper ending. People will be debating for years about the whos and the whys left unanswered, but overall I am extremely pleased with what I just saw.

    I personally don’t see it as a cop-out ending. The writers finished the story arc on the island, and wrapped everything up. They obviously figured people would be annoyed if they didn’t know what happened to those who left on the plane or on the island, so they added in the afterlife scene to give it the ultimate end, so that there could be no ‘but what happened to…?’ questions.

    tl;dr :: The finale was amazing.

  38. So am I right to think they’ve left it on purpose that whether the island is real or purgatory like, either way it is an opportunity to redeem yourself and ultimately be with the people you were destined to be with?

    p.s Smocke vs Jack was awesome. Was waiting for Jean Claude Van Damme to officate…

  39. terrible

    deus ex machina: god did it!

    almost as bad as the Battlestar Galactica lousy ending

    all that complexity, all those loose threads, all that mystery and it is just a dream!

    it’s jack’s fever-dream at death

    yikes … the internet is full of much more creative theories and fan fiction than what the show’s storytellers gave us

    sentimental tripe

  40. God doesn’t come into it! The whole island story finishes itself off perfect, with the MIB being killed by Jack, the island being saved and Hurley taking over protecting the island. The afterlife flashes sideways were just to wrap everything off. The Island itself has nothing to do with afterlives or God.

  41. I was numb for the last 10 minutes. The show was completed perfectly in my eyes. The cryed both times i watched the finale bank to back. This was the best show I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t matter what people say about unanswered questions because what ultimately happens was amazing. Thanks for the ride.

  42. GREAT Finale!!!! I loved it!!!

    I really enjoyed the long ride!! All in all it was well done! It was an excellent show!! and i definately not regret watching the show for the past six years!! I´m still a big fan..

    In the moment i need a bit time for myself to get clear thoughts. So, right now i don´t know yet exactly what i should think about the end..

    They don´t really explained the sideways world? Alright, they moved on but what now? In the real world no one knows about the sideways, right!? so this is why i hoped to get a clear answer about the importance of the sideways world and how it affects the people in the real world on the island?? It seems the two different timelines were actually no Timelines, it exists just one, the current reality on the island and the sideways world is just life after death, heaven or hell! That´s it!!
    So the island was never that special as some people always mentioned to be…..MIB was right, “it´s just a damn island”

    MiB´s dead was really bullshit! I hoped he turns for a last time into smoke before he dies so easily! his death was just lame!!

    What the hell is about WAAAAALLT!?!? I hoped we get a little bit info about him but nada, nothing! that sucks!!

    Okay, this were the things i don´t liked or i don´t understand yet, BUT otherwise the end was BRILLIANT!! We got answers for the most important questions about the plot. So now i think i understand—-NO, actually i am confused! What is the island actually?????lol

    I need to watch the long journey again, to get clear thoughts!!!


  43. After waking up numerous times last night and every time thinking about the show here are some of my thoughts.

    This was more than an ending than I could hope for. Once Jack embraced his father and he realized he too was dead flashback to the island then the dog laid beside him and they died I cried.

    It was never about Kate and Sawyer, Sayid and Nadia MIB or Walt. But what everyone needed to get through the other side.

    The scene with Jack and Flocke fighting and he made MIB bleed to show he could conquer it was very revealing.

    Jin and Sun to come full circle with their marriage to realize they needed each other.

    Sayid to find happiness beyond Nadia.

    Sawyer to realize he too could love and be loved.

    Kate to forgive herself enough to be loved.

    All of these were what we wanted to see and sure they left some questions. Why? So we can talk, or maybe because everything in life isn’t buttoned up. We don’t always know why things happen to us we accept them and move on.

    I can sort of understand some of the negative post but please don’t demean the show we have all spent A LOT of time involving ourselves in.

    I can honestly say I don’t regret ever watching the show and the ending “for me” was totally terrific. Any show that makes my emotions that raw how could you possibly be that upset.

    Thank you guys for the birthday comments and now that the roller coaster has stopped I wont be asking for my money back butI would wait in line again it was worth it.

  44. I wanted to say that i really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you guys here! It was really fun discussing everything with you ALL in the last few years. Thank you all and i think we´ll see us in another life!!! Thanks Scott for opening this site!! THANK YOU ALL for the nice time!!!!

    by the way…..if someone needs more answers i recommend the DVD box which will come out on August 24, i think!? The producers stated there is 20 minutes additionally storyline in the DVD set. I for myself will need to get this..

  45. I wasn´t right with my thougths how the final is going to end! At least i wasn´t that wrong.

    For all the “loophole” believing people here who thought Jack, Sawyer & Co are repeating on the island again and again, and who said Jack “flashed into the pilot” because the fim was just badly produced!! – I told you it´s not that way!! sorry guys i needed that..

    TL…..your owe me something and i still want to get this in capital letters!!lol

  46. So the whole time what was real and what wasnt? Why are they all getting together in the afterlife? so they did crash on the island? im still confused. i loved all the moments when they remembered each other I thought that was awesome but what does remembering each other mean? Im not sure what that has to do with anything. So who wasnt in that last scene?

    Lapidus, Miles, Faraday weren’t there right? Are they not dead? is that why desmond told hawking daniel wasnt coming with him?

    when did they all die? in the original crash?

  47. adam:

    EVERYTHING was real except the sideway flashes that started happening in season 6. To “Move on” they all had to remember.
    And the people that weren’t there just weren’t ready yet, everyone in the church has found love so i guess that’s why they’re ready, that’s also why Ben didn’t want to move on yet cause he hasn’t found his true love yet (He probally likes that french chick so he’s going to score her first I guess haha).

    And in the sideway flashes everyone is dead and they proballu occur somewhere in the far future where everyone is dead…. maybe some died because they were old or whatever.

  48. OK.

    No loophole, CPL. Only in my head. At the moment more a hole than a loop. So you were finally right about something.

    The island was real. It all happened.

    The finale was touching and beautiful ?

    Yes it was, if you consider the characters.

    I wouldnt say the same about the mithology and mysteries.

    So the sideways was a purgatory. Timeless place. They were all dead there, each of them died in a different time.They needed each other to move on into the light and rest in peace.

    I think i could live without that. If the story would stick to the island it would be just fine.

    Hurley the new Jacob Ben new Richard. Ben is not ready to move on, like Ana Lucia. Richard must be alive, as well as Lapidus and Miles.

    The cavern of light was like a giant Swan.

    Desmond went to the core of the eletromagnetic energy and pulled the cork, releasing it, like when he failed to push the buttons.

    With the EM released, the monster, wich was a manifestation of this contained EM, lost his powers and could be killed( and also could then escape the island).

    Jack and Locke’s confrontation was a la Matrix way.

    If the cork wasnt put back, the island would be destroyed just like the Swan. So Jack did it and therefore died.

    The EM of the island was secured again.

    And their souls will rest peacefully ever after.

  49. Adam, did you see the movie ”the passengers”?

    The flashsideways is just the same. They were all dead and didnt know it yet. Very original.

  50. When i say the monster could leave the island i mean if it wasnt killed first.

    But with the EM released it would be possible for him to leave.

  51. Jonathan- good post i believe you’ve realized a lot.

    The thing I believe that everyone gets hung up on is that in the church Aaron was there with Claire. Jin and Sun’s baby wasn’t there because they didn’t need it to move on. Jin only needed Sun and Sun needed Jin as well.

    I can’t say I totally loved the ending but I feel satisfied that the ending closed the circle and there will be no more. I didn’t want there to be a hole for someone to try and take our show and revive it some other way.

  52. I think it’s kinda cool that many things are left open for interpretation. Let’s face it…. when they did give answers, many of us complained. Sometimes, our individual imagination/thinking is better than having a laundry list of answers handed to us. Sure, I wanted a little more than what they gave, but overall this ride was awesome. And the ride continues b/s you will always think about this show. Had every question been answered, the show would not live on in your hearts and minds for nearly as long.

  53. Amazing finish!!! Beautifully taken. I was really confused last night if I do like it or not (just the ending, the rest of the finale was awesome) but after thinking about it over and over again I really like the ending.

    Sideways or not, it was just extra for us to realize that they moved on or wanted to move on and find their real love.

    The sideways is a time period in which all the losties had died and is so far into the future that The Island has sunk by that time.

    Thanks for the awesome ride!!! 🙂

  54. Thats how i took it. The flash sideways was created by them to find each other again because they all loved and needed each other. so the island happened, jack dies and the people on the plane get off and live their lives out (thats why kate says she has been waiting for jack for a long time) she got off the island and lived her life. Ben and Hurley remained on the island until presumably they died. They did say that Hurley could make rules like allowing people to leave so maybe Desmond was allowed to leave to be with Penny. Either way they all died and need each other to pass over.

    The more interpretations I read the better because it helps me understand what it was I saw.

    im very satisfied.


  55. Okay… so…. The consensus seems to be that they needed to rememeber/find closure/reunite in order to move one. And it seems like the only people in the church, were people who were “brought” to the island.

    The only exception appears to be Penny. Why is it that her soul could not move on? She was never on the island. Is it that she could only move on WITH Desmond? Or did Desmond need her like Jack needed his father? Just seemed strange that she was the only non-Lostie going into the afterlife with the rest of them.

    And I like the idea that some of the characters (Ben, Russo, Anna Lucia, etc) souls were not ready. And I think you have to assume that others have moved on just fine b/c they already had their salvation (i.e. Alpert, Michael). But they could have found SOME way to give Michael and/or Walt a purpose to be there.

    Or… the sideways world was not way in the future, and there is another explanation. Hmmm………….. 😉

  56. Michael was stuck on the island. He was not in the sideways. He said so in Jimmy Kimmel.

    Maybe the boy who played Walt grew so much that they didnt know what to do with him.

  57. “the others” a movie with nicole kidman has similar concept as far as not knowing your dead.

  58. I loved the finale! It was so good to see Hurley, whose heart was so big, get to do what he does best. And take care of people. Jack being the hero. Sawyer and Juliet finding each other again. I was so afraid that the last episode was going to be a big war and a huge blood bath. So I was so relieved to see that it didn’t have to be that way. That some were able to live. Some were able to stay. And many lived for much longer than what we saw. Absolutely love the idea of Rose and Bernard living out their lives on the island with Vincent!
    I wished we could have seen when Boone and Ben had their island awakening moment. And I wasn’t completely sold on Shannon being what did it for Sayid. I thought the conversation with Hurley telling him that he believed in him would trigger it. I thought their were other relationships on the island for Sayid that would have been more profound than his short love for Shannon.

  59. Jason- upon further reflection I believe you have been right on the LOVE expect of the finale. They needed each other to move on and to wait to help the ones you love would be an interpretation.

  60. I loved everything about the finale, but I’m very disappointed in the show itself that it didn’t go back in time more often this season… we only had two episodes (one of which was not that good [Across the Sea]), and we never discovered who built all the ancient buildings/structures and when they were built. Whew.
    Other than this (slightly) minor ordeal, I thought the ending was great. I was waiting for a flashsideways explanation/cometogether, and honestly I wasn’t expecting the whole “we’re all dead” thing. Awesome, awesome finale.

  61. Now that said, I just wish they make a book out of this show and explain most of the important unanswered Qs in there. 🙂

  62. My dearest C.P.L.– allow me to show you the fine art of falling on your sword.



  63. Well folks, it is time for me to officially sign off. I have fallen on my sword for the last time!!!!! It has been quite a ride. Like the show, I need to get a little sentimental and call a few of you my name (and in no special order):

    1. Scott- thanks again for creating and maintaining this great site. You have spent a lot of time reading this stuff, and my hat goes off to you.

    2. Richrad7669- It seems like you are happy with how things ended, and Sun was happy. So was Sawyer. If you are happy, I am happy. You are the best!!!

    3. Jonathan- I call you the brains behind the scenes. I absolutely loved your posts!! Via Brazil. See you at the Olympics!!!!

    4. Jason, Jason, Jason– what’s to say about you but love, love, love. You had it right all along. Peace-out brutha!!

    5. C.P.L.- aka Chris, my German speaking friend (although from Switzerland if I recall right). Anyway, I will miss you and watch out for those falling swords!!

    6. Scoppie- If I had to guess I would swear that you were some kind of professor, given the intellectual-ness of your posts. Well done, and always a great read.

    7. Adam- I think you had more theories than anyone and your posts always had good stuff. It has been a pleasure reading them.

    8. Jones- You always had great stuff on your posts. I wish I was as smart as you!!!!!

    9. To my fellow ladies, Ronni, Karen, and Biglostfan- the girls still rule, always and forever!!!!!!!

    10. To some of the newbies (KB and notagodcandidate), and to the oldies who kind of disappeared- Lolo, Moohaha, Wolowitz, Dick Sargent, and Acer_7- farewell my friends.

  64. All I can say is wow. what a ride we have all been on these past few years. I think that it ended the way it should.
    And I will say I cried quite a bit. I think not because of what was happening but a realization that the end has come. This feels more personal, like all the things I have been doing in my own life for the past 6 years. Lost has definately been my constant. no matter what happened in my life the one thing I could always look forward to was Lost, it always was like a distraction from life. trying to figure out just excatly was going on and how it will all end.
    I want to say its been a pleasure conversing with all you guys and will not be soon forgot.
    Now as for myself I feel

    I can finally move on!!!!!!

  65. well well… im very much looking forward to the end of Lost. Must say last week’s episode was quite allright. To me, its going to end by the cross of both worlds (which is already happening) but dont have too much of an idea how exactly it is going to be.

    ENJOY tomorrow! i will only be able to watch it thursday ;(

    And Scott, for all it’s worth, thanks for the website and everyone for the insights, theories, hipothesis, etc – it was cool !

  66. TL, thanks for all your kindness with me and to everyone else. Always the first to comment everybodies posts, even if its just to not leave it unattended.

    I have to say that i disliked the finale with my brains but i loved it with my heart.

    I guess you all know what i mean.

  67. Amaaaazing! Yeah.. what a ride! LOOOOOOVE! 🙂

    Tears!! 🙂

    I can’t find more words. I agree with the most positive people here! One could say “everything wasn’t perfect” but I believe one could say so whatever the end would be. I mean, I don’t think it is possible to please everyone.


    Thank YOU ALL EVERYBODY! You great people here! So great, interesting and crazy theories and so on! I’ve LOVED it all!


    Thanks to all the people who has worked and produced Lost!
    Clearly the best show I have ever seen!

    See you all in another world! 🙂

  68. Has anyone on here seen the movie Primer? Movie has a time travel theory although it’s presented in a different fashion. Just saw it and it’s really cool. Have to watch it twice maybe 3 times to get it. Crazy.

    I think someone on here recommended it to the group.

    Take care everyone, it will be odd not having an episode to read and write about every week.

    Now I’m going to have to do work at work…

  69. The defining feature that makes a program a soap opera, according to Albert Moran, is “that form of television that works with a continuous open narrative. Each episode ends with a promise that the storyline is to be continued in another episode”. Wikipedia.
    If LOST is revolutionary in any way, it is simply that it has transformed the soap opera format into something that is completely new. We’re all talking about the finale and what it means, and completely ignoring all the high drama of previous episodes and series. No one’s talking about the numbers, for example, or Locke and the button (2 or 3 hours of viewing at least), the war between Linus and Widmore (hours of viewing) to name but a few of these intense moments of drama. But why aren’t these important to us now? In the same way that what happened in Coronation Street 10 years ago isn’t important.
    This series cannot be compared a program like The Wire in any way – plot development, characterisation, script – but it can be compared the melodrama played out in Neighbours where we’re absolutely absorbed by what happens one day, and are capable of forgetting about it completely just a few weeks later.
    In LOST, almost every episode introduced some new kind of mystery. In fact they threw so many at us that the only way to keep watching was to forget what had come before. The only kind of program that requires its audience to accept these kind of radical changes is a Venezuelan ‘culebron’ where the characters spend their days trying to kill each other or locked in a dungeon in high heels and a mini-skirt. And then get married a couple of weeks later.
    Please, correct me you can think of a format that is more similar.
    The characters go from being psychotic killers to normal people and back, from episode to episode. Surely no one took Claire seriously when she started walking around with a gun and her hair all messed up.
    And why isn’t anyone talking about how poor the script was. Almost every conversation, every scene was the same cliff-hanger nonsense. “Do what I want because a. if you don’t something terrible will happen b. all your dreams will come true.” Please. This is 100% venezuelan. In comparison, I think of the scene in the Wire where McNulty is confronted by D’Angelo’s mum about her son’s murder, and it still breaks my heart. And this is being compared to a scene where people who spent a good part of their lives trying to kill each other all kiss and make up in a church for no good reason? …
    At best LOST is a soap opera with an identity crisis (identity crisis because soaps don’t ever finish) , at worst it was just a bad program and the writers have been stringing us along to see how much of their nonsense we would swallow.

  70. Before I can say I liked or disliked the ending I need to hear some thoughts from other perspectives.

    Okay so down in the light hole we saw numerous skeletons probably just showing multiple people had tried to pull the cork. Or maybe they had and Fmother or some other had to put it back.

    Jack didn’t die because he put the cork back, he died because he was gutted…the knife wound.

    What is your take of the plane flying over Jack as he was dying at the end? And how did he get out of the light-hole? It was like he time traveled back to the location from Season 1 Episode 1 and the plane that flew over was the Oceanic 815…

  71. Onething that threw me off last night was when Jack somehow was washed out of the cave and he lay in the same position as MIB when was when he(MIB) was washed ashore(from inside the cave). not sure if this was anything to be noted. just seemed strange.

  72. Another interesting note: once the plug was pulled from the Light-hole Flocke became human and could be injured. So if he were to leave the island its not like he would be some superhuman, smoke monster ravaging the country side. Would it really have been that bad if he left the island?

  73. Scott (not that one), RE 87,

    I’m support your idea. Flocke would probably be a “normal” human being if he had manage to leave the island.

    An alternative ending could have been that he changed totally to the good old John Locke when the MiB&Smokie part has left his body&soul.. Imagine when he lie there at last on the rock.. still alive.. screaming..

    .. “Jack! Heeeeelp meee!”, “I need your help Jack!”

    “It’s me Jack! John Locke! Please believe me! Heeelp me!”

    ..and Jack believes him.. and the all help him and fight together to manage to leave with the sailing boat..

  74. TL……I have to say that you were the perfect entertainer on this site!! Always the first to comment other posts!! I never thought i would say this but i will miss your comments, i always enjoyed them!! BTW..thanks for showing a professional fall on your sword!lol
    DANKESCHÖN for the nice message in german! special thanks to you Kim for a nice ride and best wishes to ALL of you..

    Goodbye from Austria!!!

  75. I do not understand what specific answer we needed from this show, is it the menaing of life or what…I beleive there is no problem with the ending and the answers we got but feel a little bit uncomfortable realizing only now that the whole story would have been better off with 2-3 seasons not 6.


  76. Guys..
    I liked the ending but I didn’t like how they didn’t explain the mysteries. It is like wrote the first 3 seasons and then OH DEAR, how are we going to explain all of that ?
    So, that’s the best they could do.

    I repeat again that I loved the ending and the emotions involved. The mysteries were the one of the best things in the show . . they should have explained more !!

    Jonathan . . the sadest thing is there is no LOOP !!! (www.timeloooptheory.com)

    Lostreview.com . . Thank you for these wonderful years. Although I am not a frequent participant, I have always been a frequent reader for every discussion. How can I pass work hours now 🙂 ?

    Greetings from Egypt everyone.

    P.S. It will be great if a some sort of group is created so that all members would be together.

  77. Hurley as the new ‘Jacob’ created the sideways world so everyone could be together! It was his ‘gift’ to everyone… or maybe it was Jacob before he died?

  78. I guess last night it finally sunk in….
    No popcorn, No Sushi, No wine, No Lost…..
    I was sad for awhile and also happy that ABC gave us six years to enjoy the show and have it end on it’s terms.

    I really don’t have a lot to comment about and I guess I wanted to say to TL, Jonathan, Big Lost Fan, Jason and Adam along with the rest I really enjoyed you guys and to Scott thank you so much for this forum.

    Haven’t really heard from Jason I hope you’re okay dude.

    Thank you all for reading my post and comments. I really hope we can find a show and connect again. Until then namaste and take care. God bless.

  79. I loved it…. !!!! They had not choice but to leave room for questions…. This is what continues the legacy of dialog of the show. Leaving room for ambiguity of interpretation is soooooo sooooo sooooo important… I have mine. and will definately share. However, what is most important for my me to get off my chest… IS THANK YOU ALL (AND ESPECIALLY SCOTT) for helping literally being a part of some of the best years of my life. I NEVER in all of the 38 years of my had I imagined I would ever be a FANATIC over a show…and that show…. spill over and touch me and my life the way Lost has. This site is the first site I have ever blogged on… At times I would meet trekkies, or star wars fanatics and say to myself “Wow… how can a form of entertain touch people in such a way..???” Well this show has touched me. It feels good to be a part of group of fans that have a certain common language and views THAT CAN only be shared by that group. I am going to miss Adam’s incredible make you laugh wittiness and at times sarcasm… Richard’s genuine good guy words transcending the internet.. Total’s hyped up take on the world of Lost passion and the desire to share at all costs by the push of the keyboard by each finger… Jonathan’s Einstein deconstruction, analytical approach to ever fascet of the show… Tyler’s WTF moments (lol), Karen’s… simple sum up of the way things are with observation aaaaaannnd questions… Big’s….. “Hey…what about this part you all have not talked about observation” CPL’s theories who I found myself almost 100% inline with… and Scott’s every once in a while pop in the conversation in a short and simple kind of way… then we all do a “Shit Scott just posted” moment to ourselve’s.




  81. I personally feel they have left room to bring back another form of the show 10 years down the line.. with a hint of the current cast maybe 2 or 3….. but not in every show….. IF…. they Damon, Carlton, and J.J. are the fans of the shows and movies that they referenced time and again throughout the years aaaaallll of them had sequels or were part of extending beyond the original series. I truly hope they find a way to reinvent the part 2 and take it above an beyond the likes of Star Trek the next generation…..

  82. Hey guys, prolly a little late to comment since all
    the cool people probably stopped reading! haha!

    BUT I thought Jack seeing the plane flying at the
    end was a cool nod to 28 Days Later… maybe
    and all of them sitting in the chapel…after
    I emotionally cleared I laughed coz it remined
    be of the South Park where michael jackson didn’t
    realize he was dead and all the dead celebrities were
    stuck at the airport waiting to leave…

    good stuff tho
    cheers guys!

  83. sideway world…it’s only Jack’s heaven..because he’s the only person that had a realization that he died. Everyone else only had flashbacks. Lost started and ended with their main character.

    Somehow..with the unanswered questions..i’m thinking movie…

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