Across the Sea Sneak Previews – Lost Ep. 6.15

This could be the big one we’ve all been waiting for. Jacob and MIB’s story. Also confirmed is that the 2 boys we’ve seen in the past are indeed 2 different boys – A young Jacob and MIB.

***Slight spoiler****
Also confirmed by the cast list (as well as the writers) that Lapidus is not dead afterall. Why he’s not dead? I dont know. I cant imagine what more purpose he’s going to have in the show other than a potential escape off the island on the plane.


The motives of John Locke are finally explained.

Written by Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof
Directed by Tucker Gates

Naveen Andrews as Sayid
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
Emilie de Ravin as Claire
Michael Emerson as Ben
Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus
Matthew Fox as Jack
Jorge Garcia as Hurley
Josh Holloway as Sawyer
Daniel Dae Kim as Jin
Yunjin Kim as Sun
Ken Leung as Miles
Evangeline Lilly as Kate
Terry O’Quinn as Locke
Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana

Guest Cast
Mark Pellegrino as Jacob
Titus Welliver as man in black
Allison Janney as woman
Kenton Duty as teenage boy
Ryan Bradford as boy in black
Lela Loren as Claudia
Ivo Nandi as oldest hunter

202 thoughts on “Across the Sea Sneak Previews – Lost Ep. 6.15”

  1. Wayne Rooney, you have to be joking. And if you are not , you asked the most difficult question i could think of.
    Its like if you asked to fill you in on the Bible, maybe worse.

    Scoopie, you are right, the fake mom had both roles all together.

    While she protected the island, smokie was also inside her.

    Once Terry O’Quinn said he could confirm he was smokie, but not MIB. I guess it makes sense now.

    My question: if the fake mom wasnt dead, MIB would have become the Smoke monster anyway?
    Anyone who goes through that source becomes a smoke monster?

    I dont think so. I guess he only became it because she died and was then released.

    That raises a major question, follow me.

    Her body was there, so she was dead. Thats what some people use as an argument to say she couldnt be smokie, cause there wouldnt be a body left if it dies.

    But maybe if smokie is killed in the proper way, like she was, there will be a body indeed.

    I mean, if Flocke is killed, his duplicated body will lay down on the ground, he wouldn just evaporate.So there would be two Lockes bodies on the island, the real one and the duplicated. I guess thats also what happened with the fake mom.

  2. So, I’ve read all these theories about last night’s episode. Here’s my beef with all of this; to the writers of Lost, DON’T LEAVE IT OPEN TO INTERPRETACION!!!! With only 3 hours left now, you give us this??!! If the mother was Smokie, freakin’ show us!!! Don’t just kinda talk about these “rules”, explain them. What’s the point in showing the dudes killing the boar and not showing their faces? A perfect time, as well, to show the statue being built. If the well was caved in, how the hell did it ever get finished? I wouldn’t be so worked up, but with 3 hours left, there’s NO WAY they should put this episode together the way they did.

    I guess I was just expecting more…

  3. And to the dude who watched for the first time last night, you should have just stayed the hell away. This show will cause you nothing but headaches, sleepless nights, and a feeling of walking around confused and pissed off for six years…

  4. Okay, So I re-watched the episode something I’ve never done before. I thought this episode MUST have something to it. The following is mostly snippets of parts I thought were interesting or just plain observations. Its a wee bit long sorry if boring.

    Jacob is dressed in white clothes like the Fmother–any thought for why?

    The real mother when she first appears to MIBoy is dawned in the white light from the light-hole. Does the island itself have a presence or being? It seems like the island chose MIBoy for some purpose rather than Jacob. It seems MIBoy was promised by his MOTHER he could leave the island but Fmother says he cannot leave…Fmother only says he cannot leave but in actually he can chose to leave–free will.

    In one scene; Strangely Fmother mother seems sick. Maybe sick of being captive to the island.

    The way off the island that MIB has found is using the white light via the donkey wheel which later is used to send Ben and Locke to the location in Tanzania. He cannot use that method after he is ‘killed’ (loses his physical form).

    When MIB and Fmother meet in the tunnel, MIB is building
    “…A system that channels the WATER and the light..” (why the water also) so MIB can leave the island. Fmother initially says MIB can’t leave but now she sees his plans and knows he will be able to create a way off the island.

    As spoken by Fmother the light-hole is “Life, death rebirth, its the source; the heart of the island” going down ‘there’ would be much worse than dying. Someone needs to translate what Fmother says when she pours the drink Jacob drinks. Her time is over and Jacob is the replacement and he will have to find his replacement later.

    MIB was def the original replacement but because MIB wants to leave Jacob is the only choice.

    FMother kills all MIB’s people but leaves MIB alive. Interesting. She wants him to kill her, since now Jacob is the protector she can die.

    Before Jacob throws MIB in the light-hole the conversation is “you can’t kill me Jacob she made it that way”
    “don’t worry brother i’m not going to kill you”
    hes going to throw him in the light-hole to a place “much worse than death” as Fmother said. I think the ‘much worse than death’ is being captive on the island forever.

    MIB is now in a place much worse than death hes lost his humanity? he lost his physical appearance? hes prisoner to the island? or as said above he can never leave the island.

    damn kate has aged since the first season…same with Locke and Jack. 6 years in the making. this comment has no bearing on the actual episode just an observation.

  5. Maybe it’s been said before, but watching (the weak) episode I thought it was clear that MIB is not the smoke monster.

    The light is normally goodness, and has good virtues, like peace and harmony and tranquility, etc. When Allison Janey (AJ) kills the brothers’ mother, she commits, essentially, the original sin which begins to create the smoke monster. She is the guardian of the “good” light, and she is connected to it, but she ends up committing serious EVIL, and all in the light’s name (as a means to get the light a new protector). So her evil act corrupts the light, and the smoke monster begins to form, albeit a weak neo-smoke monster.

    This new smoke monster is able to manifest itself briefly as MIB’s real mother, and gets MIB to turn against AJ. (He does this by telling MIB the truth about his real mother and his people, just like Locke is now getting people to turn on Jacob by telling them the truth about a lot of things).

    Now, Jacob does the same evil thing that AJ did, but in some ways, worse. At the point he beats MIB dies, Jacob is (like AJ before him) the guardian of the light and connected to it. Jacob kills MIB out of hate and anger. And, worse, he uses the light as his method of execution. This totally corrupts everything the light stands for. He magnifies the original sin, and by doing so, it is enough to fully create and release the smoke monster.

    MIB is dead. Smoke monster is not MIB. The smoke monster is the corruption of the light because of what AJ and Jacob both did.

    Incidently, I’m not sure AJ killed the villagers. If the smoke monster did that (even though not fully powerful to escape whatver weakness/limitation he had at that point), then it would have been a great way to blame AJ and completely manipulate MIB (like the smoke monster later manipulates Ben).

    I also don’t think the brothers couldn’t really hurt each other because of anything AJ did. I think she just said that to them (parents say crazy things like that a lot). Nowadays, smoke monster can’t hurt Jacob because they come from the same source (both have the good/bad sides of the light. Also, the temple- it was built on the light, and so the water can save, but also corrupt people.

    As for potential “candidates,” they get eliminated when they fail to show that they won’t act in ways that could corrupt the light. That is, acting selflessly, morally, etc, which makes them good candidates. Acting out of hate and anger and selfishness threatens to corrupt the light, and makes them ineligible candidates. Jacob is looking for someone who won’t re-corrupt the light (like he himself did), which may also be why he’s scared of directly interfering with people on the island.

    Ok, that’s my theory.

  6. Rlost- Let me say “BRAVO” for that theory. Well done and a very plausible explanation for whatever the hell happened last night. My Lost hat goes off to you.

    Scott(not that one) I agree that MIB lost his humanity and is chained to the island when he was shoved into the light. I still am not sure who he “loved” as he told sawyer. was it his fake mamma???

    KB- I feel your pain.

    Wayne Rooney- Do as KB suggested and run like hell. You might be better off.

    Notagoodcandidate (hello Sweden)You have been on a roll today. Keep up the great posts!!!

    Scoppie- I also think that fmom had both roles. Great insights as always.

    Richard7669- Where are you. I need you. Biglostfan, ronnie, Karen, Jason–WTF????????

  7. If you rewatch the episode as soon as MIB stabs Fmother she seems to wisper a name it sounds like Jose.

  8. TL- I have a theory see if you can follow this. On the island now people other than Hurley can see dead people. Sawyer saw young Jacob but Richard didn’t.

    Jack hasn’t seen any dead people and neither did Jacob. Could it be the island only shows itself (the spirits) only to those that it knows will do wrong and no longer be a candidate?

    Jonathan my friend I hope you weigh in on this one too.

  9. Richard7669- Hi. Are you saying that my Sawyer might do wrong?????????? NFW!!! Ok. I am better now. That is, however, an interesting theory. I mean poor smokey has been surrounded by dead visitors. Excluding Hurley, I am trying to remember if anyone else saw a spirit, and I cannot think of one.

    I still need to re-watch a second time. I’ll look for fmom’s whisper.

  10. my first thought was that fmom was not smokie but rather summoned it to kill mib people like ben did to keamys men in season 4. if she was smokie then there shouldn’t have been a body when she was killed because we saw lockes body in the box while smokie was walking around in locke form. i dont know

  11. I had a thought about the Island, pregnancy and children. I am thinking that children and babies are a great way to find a replacement island protector. So when real mom showed up and had 2 babies, fmom wanted to groom them to take over, so real mom had to go. Result=bashed in brain.

    Once smokey came about he somehow kept visitors from getting pregnant (minus sun for some reason.)to keep Jacob from grooming a suitable candidate from birth. Maybe that is why Walt, Alex, Emma and Zack were targeted for capture, as they could have been candidates even though they were not babies.

    By the way, isn’t it interesting that 4 babies came to the island from women who accidentally ended up there. First real mom, then Danielle, and then Claire. And, neither of them raised their own children.

  12. You know, intially I did wonder whether FMother might have been…. Older Kate. Gone back in time and given the title of island protector – all those numbers were just to throw Smokey off the scent…

    But yeah, just a theory, and one that would REALLY piss people off if it turned out to be true!

  13. JacobStopOlder re-99 and Scoppie re-100,

    4. You are probably right about the effect from the “wine” Jacob drank (and the spoken words from Fmother could also have done some magic).

    8. And yes.. when Jacob saw what happend to his brother in the Light Source it seems very unlikable that he wanted to go through it volantairly.. so therefore I kill my theory of Jacob being transformed to a White Smoke (after a visit in the Source).


    15. I’m happy you like my posts. I like yours (and all others) too!

    I will rewatch the episode again later (when Sun is going down.. so I can see it better on my laptop).

    16. Many good posts from.. You All Everybody!

    23. You All Everybody, keep the good work up! It only ends once but for now.. We (mostly You) are making PROGRESS!

    42. Let’s solve this fu–ing episode! LOL!

    108. I have faith in you all.. You are the GOOD GUYS!

  14. Jonathan –

    I’m totally with you, after this episode I don’t think MIB was a bad dude. Just wanted to get off the island. After this episode I’m kind of like anti Jacob. Although I don’t know if anyone is bad or good anymore. I can’t say that Jacob is bad cuz he didn’t seem to be to me. He does seem easily manipulated tho.

    I don’t think he killed MIB (WHATS THE FUCKING GUYS NAME ALREADY) I just think when he went into that stupid light hole he was changed and the black smoke is his negative energy or something. So he is dead and the black smoke can just take his shape. Who fucking knows.

    This past episode opened up new doors and didn’t close anything major. It was good to get adam and eve but they didn’t really show us what impact that has on anything…IMO.

    I can’t wait for this show to be over!! did I read that someone saw his first episode last night??? don’t even bother dude!

  15. Slight spoiler for next week
    .Ana lucia is making a comeback as well as Rouseau and Alex

    This episode was the worst reviewed by fans and critics for this entire season. for a long awaited episode that is truly pathetic

    Results are on

  16. ok ok we got an explanation baba… frankly i didnt like this episode, thought it was v boring. Im looking forward to Lost’s end, at long last !

    is Jacob’s bro’s name ever going to be revealed ?

  17. 4 I’m probably wrong here but didn’t Fmother spoke to Claudia (= the real mother) in another (= not english) language when they first met? But.. nevermind.. can’t be that important.

    Anyway, that Fmother brought Claudia to the Island. She wanted someone to replace her.

    8 Also, she knew MiB would kill her. That’s why she let him live after destroying “his” people & village. I believe she could have killed anyone of the twins it she wanted, because it was she making the rules!

    So.. she wanted to be killed and released.

    15 Pure speculation.. I guess she went trough the Light Source at sometime (maybe the Island brought her there). That explains why she knew about the consequencies of going in that hole.

    16 Prediction about the finale: I think Flocke/Smokie will be killed in someway. I believe Jacob will whisper some helping words to Hurley. And after that, Hurley and Jack will take Flocke’s body to the Light Source..

    23 ..and now.. what will happen? .. a rebirth of John Locke! Because now the Black Smoke is destroyed (yeah.. it has to be Desmond to kill that evil Smoke).

    42 A funny little thing.. I’m a twin too.. and I’m living on an island.. and my brother doesn’t.. and he was the darker one.. I have to stay on “my” island.. I’m saying no more!

  18. Adding to my previos post, number..

    16 Jack will fix John Locke! In both worlds! Mark my words!


    I remember Richard could also see a dead person.. his wife!

    Or was it Smokie? Guess it was.

  19. About Benjamin Linus & Charles Widmore and “The Rules”

    4. They had to follow rules too. Ben stayed on the island. Widmore left it (was forced/banished).

    8. Widmore seemed to broke a rule when Ben’s “daughter” Alex was killed.

    15. But WTF.. I don’t understand! 🙁

    16. Another thing.. the best candidate.. someone wrote something about this..

    23. Well, I guess it looks somehow that Jack Shepherd is going to be Jacob’s replacement. But I can’t forget when he tried to kill John Locke (back in season 4 I think).

    42. But there is no 100% pure good candidates left, is it?

    108. ?

  20. 108. Would be so cool if Jacob’s replacement would be..

    Bernard and Rose!!!


    Sorry for many posts. I’ll restrict myself now. I’ll be back when rewatching after SunDown!

  21. richard7769 RE 119,

    You are right! At least that’s what my bad-english-ear thinks.

    Could this mean his name is Josef?

    I remember from school, Jacob’s twelve sons. The last two was Josef and Benjamin.

    I’m dissapointed of/to the writers here. Looks childish not to give us his name in a clear and proper way! Shame on you!

    108. But.. wait.. I have watched all this final season for free.. so I guess I (we?) have no rights to complain..

    Well done richard (or who ever observed this first)! Progress!

  22. Scott (not that one) RE 104,

    Agree on your obs. about aged Losties. That was the first thing I noticed when rewatching the pilot episode. Adding Sawyer to your list.

    Live together – Die alone!

    But.. WTF, where is VINCENT??? (the replacement of Jacob ;))

  23. I think that smokey is still jacobs brother just because as the brother wanted to get off the island and smokey also wants to get off


    thats why they wont tell the name of the other brother.. that btw i found verry stupíddddd !! mentioning all the time jacobs name and the other onee neverr…

    and another reason that i think that smokey is jacobs brotheer is because nowww they are playing with jacobs rules like the brother told him… someday he is going to make his own rules and he has to play alonggggg…

  24. Adam, Adam, Adam- I need to devote this entire post just to you. When I read post 114 all I could think of was the poll Scott did way back about who is good and who is bad, and your absolute insistence that MIB was bad (as well as MIb=smokey=flocke). I fought it until I could not deny it anymore and fell on my sword as I said I would. Now you say that MIb is not a bad dude. WTF????? (LOL).

    Well, nice to see that you can fall on your sword. I am officially off mine!!!!

    C.P.L– take note of the art of falling on your sword as you are definitely next!!!!

  25. Notagoodcandidate: Re post 118- You are right that Richard saw his wife, whom we know was smokey. Also, I just remembered that Desmond saw one of the boys.

    Also, re post 117- 2 things. I agree with you that fmother whet through the light at some point. Also, totally brilliant thought that at the end of the day jack will take Lock’s body to the light and send him through where he will be reborn. I think that he loved the island the most and would be happy to be its eternal guardian. I mean there had to be another reason why it was so important for John’s body to be brought back to the island.

    Richard7669- I watched the video and it is hard for me to make out the words. What do you think it means???

  26. Everyone in here is speculating MIB’s true identity, well i could be wrong, but as far as the whole connection goes, MIB will most likely be/become Aaron, his name is Aaron, thats why nobody says his name, not to mention all the backstory, past of the characters Jacob/Aaron, told by Mr, Ecko and so on..

  27. Decided to finally join one of these message boards, mostly b/c this show is too much to go through alone. LOL

    Anyway, I’m also going with the idea that Jack will send Flock back into the light cave. I don’t think it was a coincidence that we saw Jack push Flocke in the water (also I think Sawyer even told get “Just get him in the water…”), and MIB originally went into the cave through the water. A resurrected Locke is a good bet to protect the Island.

    Also (I didn’t see this connection mentioned), I don’t think MIB killed FMother b/c he snuck up on her and didn’t allow her to speak. I think she knew it was coming, knew she had a replacement, and allowed it to happen. Much like Jacob allowed Ben to kill him. Even Ben questioned why Jacob didn’t fight it.

  28. jonathan, Re: Post 87
    “MIB was alive when Jacob pushed him into the Source, so inside there he turned into Smokie, so technically he wasnt killed, but only changed his ‘’shape”.”
    As you stated, that is what I think, hence the reason that MIB states that Jacob stole his body.

    MIB is evil. He may have been born that way and may have taken many years but he is still evil. The writers have even done an interview after the episode “the canidate” in which they say that the major point of that episode is to show that MIB is evil and will stop at nothing to get to his end game. Hence trying to get all the canidates into the sub to blow them all up.

  29. Welcome Don’tKnowAnything the show involves so many things it adds a lot to get other peoples thoughts on a lot of subjects.

  30. I can see why a lot of people didn’t find the episode that great and I would have to agree that the placement of it towards the end of the series is probably a poor choice but when I think about it where else could you show this episode where it doesn’t ruin a lot of things that came before it.

    I think people are getting hung up on the wrong things in this episode. What does it matter what MIB’s name is when there is nothing in our history that we can relate it too. It is a new idea (at least I think so anyway). The statue we can relate to the Egyptians so what is its name how does it relate to the show, and on and on. Those things are ideas where we have previous knowledge, the light, FMother, MIB, are all things that we have no idea about, it is meant to be left open. Personally I think it is great.

  31. Post 118 – NAGC:

    I dont think Richard saw Isabela when he was talking to Hurley.
    He felt her presence but he didnt see her, only Hurley did.

    Richard couldnt see young Jacob also. Kate cant see him too.

    Desmond and Sawyer could.

  32. hahahahahahahhah

    TL – –

    Well you have to admit up to this point MIB just killed and manipulated. I totally judged the book by the cover I guess. After this episode he doesn’t seem bad although he has done bad things. It “seems” that he just wanted off the island and who can blame him??

    Here is something though:

    The Fmother claims that people are lying, corrupting selfish beings. By lying to her kids, telling them partial truths about people and keeping them in the dark and in a way manipulating them, isn’t she the selfish one? How can she talk that way about humans if she is in fact the one who has shown all those bad qualitites?

  33. Adam– not only is fmother a liar and scammer, but it is beyond cold blooded to kill a mother 1 minute after she gives birth. I think that was the lowest thing that has been done to anyone on this show to date.

    The only person who is close to being that low is Locke’s dad for stealing the kidney and dumping him out of the window. Third is probably when Widmore told Desmond that he was worth less than a sip of McCutcheon scotch.

    Jonathan- Didn’t Richard see Isabella after smokey flashed him and appeared to him as her in the ship shortly after they crashed?? Other than that he did no see her.

    Jones- I agree with you re post 131.

  34. – Smokie predates MIB.

    Remember the wall glyphs we’ve seen before, showing the worship of the smoke monster, they are definitely Egyptian hieroglyphics that would predate Jacob or the MIB’s arrival on the island, so it seems that the monster was there for a long time .

    Also, in the village , after everyone is killed, they show a corpse with just like the same wounds of the pilot of oceanic 815.

    – I think the fake mother needed a replacemente for her job, so she is the one who brought Claudia to the island, knowing she was pregnant, just how Jacob brings people too.

    The one person would gather her protector role and smoke monster burden.

    But when the second baby came out she was surprised, cause she wasnt counting on that.

    MIB was her favorite for the job, but after she saw MIB wouldnt choose to succeed her, she gave the job to Jacob, carefully advising him to not enter the Source.

    So she let MIB kill her knowing Jacob would be mad and push him into the cave of light( i know its a stretch, but the woman had powers).

    Mission accomplished, she split in two her job and used the boys, specially her favorite one, MIB.

    – Interesting to notice that the Senet game had 6 stones( candidates?), 3 light and three dark.

  35. Adam RE 133,

    Agree on everything you wrote about the sick/evil Fmother!

    About good and evil humans:

    The only 100% good person I can think of in Lost is Rose. Everyone else seems to be able to kill a human.

    (So if you here me Rose, you are welcome to “my” island!
    We can play chess if you want. What colour do you prefer?)

    Dead is dead. Rose is a Rose.

  36. Is it just me or does referring to the Fake Mother as Fmother crack anyone else up? She was one bad woman.
    I am just so glad to see that Jack seems to be back to being the hero I know he is supposed to be instead of the wimpy, crying mess he was portraying for a few seasons.

  37. Totallylost,

    Thanks for the word “reborn”! Sounds so much better than rebirthed!! 🙂

    Another thing.. Jacob doesn’t getting older.. So why did he need a replacement? But it looked like Fmother was ageing (grewing older or wtf it’s called in english, lol).

  38. Roni- I agree that it is silly to call people fake, real, and by the colors they wear (like man in black), but we only have the writers to blame for that, as they have refused to give these folks names. Those SOB’s!!!!!

  39. Its the third pregnant woman we’ve seen arriving on the island: Claudia, Rosseau and Claire.

    The fake mom was like Jacob is now, so she could bring people to the island.

    Fake mom brought Claudia cause she was pregnant and because she wanted her replacement, who maybe has to be born on the island.

    If this is how it works , Jacob should be succeeded by Alex , what didnt happen, and now the one should be Aaron.

  40. Jacob and Esau is a classic Bible story, detailing how Jacob and Esau are two brothers fighting for their birthright. In the Bible, Jacob is a quiet, intelligent, crafty being, much like Lost’s Jacob.

    Esau, on the other hand, is an impulsive hunter and gatherer who blames Jacob for stealing his birthright. So Esau tries to get one up on Jacob and take power over him, perhaps like the mystery man did to Lost’s Jacob last night.


  41. i know its an old arcticle but it makes sense. even more sense now that we are certain they are brothers

  42. jonathan, Great Video!

    4. And I want to agree with you about Aaron. But it feels like there is too little time left (three episodes) for Aaron, doesn’t it?

    8. Maybe that hole thing just was a “false trace” to us all from the writers? (LOL).

    16. More about Claire. It feels to me like Flocke really have positive feeling for her (like a father-daughter relation). What can be the reason?

    23. Is it because the real Locke is still part of Flocke? So Flocke is a “mix” of MiB, Black Smoke and John Locke? Remember clearly that John Locke really cared about Claire!

    42. Or is it because she also is a crazy mother? BUT! BUT! BUT!!! Claire is a bit crazy because of Flocke!! (but being left on THAT island and without her baby Aaron for three years should have made most mothers crazy, I guess!). And more.. what did MiB do to his crazy “mother”?…

    108. Anyway.. my gut feelings says that FLOCKE WILL NEVER KILL CLAIRE BECAUSE HE CARES FOR HER! And the reason to that is.. THE REAL LOCKE IS STILL THERE DEEP INSIDE HIM!!

  43. Say Hello to my son! Fake Christian to John Locke.

    That tells me (well.. I’m probably wrong) that Jack’s real father (Christian Sheperd) was still a part of Fake Christian.

    Seems to me that when ever Smokie took the form of a dead body, he also got a bit of the personality from that person.

    Come on guys! It really has to mean something when Flocke said “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”… Or was it a “false trace” too?

    Anyway.. I’m very thankful to the writers of Lost (and all people involved (Vincent too!)).

  44. NAGC, check my post 73.

    My current vision of MIB/smokie is this:

    Smokie predates MIB, based on those anciente egyptian glyphs showing it , and what happened to the village inhabitants and the way the well was filled.

    Smokie either was embodied in the fake mom or she summoned it like Ben. But i think smokie needs a bodie to wander around, so i guess it was in the fmom’s.

    Smokie is an entity that sort of merges with the souls of the person whose body goes into the glowy cave.

    He retains the memories and personalities of each one.

    When MIB, the brother of Jacob,entered the source, his soul merged with smokie, and left his body, so technically Jacob didnt kill him, but took his body and imprisoned his soul, wich is now trapped on the island.

    We dont know how exactly Locke became smokie, i guess they will show us that. Did Locke enter the source? Maybe that time he said he saw a beautiful white light…but it was a long ago..well,wait and see.

    I think that the first impression that this episode leaves is a bad one, kind of lame, but after thinking about it and rewatching it, things start to clarify and get more profound.

    Wonderer, yes, we’ve talked about Esau/Jacob from the bible, and some of it matches indeed, but i guess the story will go other ways.

  45. Also about smokie:

    Since he has embodied MIB for the longest time, his personality traits , like the obsession with getting off the Island – are deeply rooted.

    When smokie was Christian, he said to Locke ”say hello to my son”.
    Flocke said ”dont tell me what i cant do”.
    When smokie merged with MIB, it said ”they come, they fight, they destroy….”, it was his fake mom’s memories.

  46. While we are debating who came first Smokie or MIB, we should add the chicken or the egg! I don’t think there was a smokie before MIB but I do believe there was some other supernatural being manifested by the Fmother.

    Did anyone catch The real mother was dawned in the white light of the light-hole when MIBoy first saw her? I think that is important–it was the actual island talking to MIBoy.

  47. jon…it couldn´t be fake mom´s memories speaking out of MiB because as you mentioned already what Fchristian and Flocke said once! It´s their memories and don´t forget, Fmom said to Jácob and MiB this “the come, destroy…., so it is also MiB´s own memory and not Fmom´s!! Both of the twins wanted to know if their fmother was right about all “people” being bad. MiB ran over to live with them and to see if it´s really how mother said and she was right! He said to Jacob that mother was right, but Jacob was at this point the one who had doubts about what his mother said about the humans being bad. Remember their conversation they had after Jacob visited MiB after a very long time again. They played their game and it was like MiB and Jacob changed their opinions about humans…..

    hope you know what i mean…

  48. Jonathan:
    I like your thinking about the Glyphs however I feel you are making a big assumption. How do you know that glyphs were present before the point that we see MIB go in the light and Smokie come out.
    While MIB and Fmother were in the well with the light talking I don’t remeber seeing any glyphs, and this is before the donkey wheel was in place. To me that means that the Wheel was finished after MIB became smokie and the glyphs, along with the people that created them and the statue came after that point also.
    So as far as we know smokie was created when MIB entered the light. Although if Fmother is not a smokie then in order to do that damage she is one tuff mama. Here is a thought though, what if there is a settlement of others on the island at that point willing to do Fmother’s bidding, similar to the temple and current others willing to do Jacob’s bidding. Boy I wish they just had to explain that one. But all in all if smokie was a seperate thing before it merged with MIB is sort of unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

  49. Hello,

    First of all i would like to thank you all for your comments on lost.
    I’ve been reading your comments since last season and I finnaly decided to make my first lost post 🙂

    Everyone have been talking about the cave of light and water that we saw on this episode and that nobody saw on the previous 5 seasons…

    I was thinking…is it possible that the temple was build above this cave of light at the request or with the help of Jacob?
    This would be done to protect the cave from “unpure” men and women.

    We already saw what the water in the temple’s pool did to Sayid…basically he was reborn, so probably the pool’s water is the same as the cave’s water.

    What I find strange on this “theory” is the fact that nothing happened to the guys that put Sayid under the water. Could this be because their bodies were not totally under water?

    What do you think?
    Any comments on this?

    Sorry for any english mistakes 😉


  50. Jones– you lost me on the first part of post 155. But, interesting point about there possibly being other others on the island that did her bidding. I am thinking that is more likely than fmom being another smokie.

    Isn’t it also interesting that both fmom and smokey want off that island, but Jacob seemed perfectly content, unless he fooled us all when he allowed Ben to stab him.

    Nuno- Great thoughts about the temple. And, given that Jacob knew where the light source was, he would certainly have an interest in protecting it and not allowing anyone to go into it.

    Or, it could be that the original source is still hidden and what is in the temple is just a lesser potent outlet of the light that heals. That is why the guys who dunked Sayid were not transformed

  51. Good Evening from Sweden to You All Everybody!

    Great posts from You All..! I will return to comment on these later.


    My theory about Jacob was in that light cave is REBORN!
    I’ll return later and explain how it all happend!

    Minor Spoiler ***

    Jacob didn’t go into the Light Source volantarly!!

  52. Adam, this is for you:

    In the recent Lost Live Celebration, Michael Emerson ( Ben) said about the finale:

    ”There will be enough loose ends that we will spend THE REST OF OUR LIVES really trying to figure it out”.

    So ladies and gents, be ready for what’s to come…

  53. Guys I need your help. I will be traveling on Tuesday is there any websites I can get to watch the show from? I don’t think ABC updates until after 2am….. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

  54. @Totalylost

    The water, in my opinion has nothing to do with beeing reborn, Mr. Ecko once said that Aaron had to be baptized on the water, my hint is that, sayid had to be “purified” before the “pure evil” would reeincarnate in him or infect him.

  55. Someone might have put this (there’s a lot of shit to read on here) already but, did anyone notice the mom saying, “Any answer I give you would just lead to another question” or something like that. These writers are such pricks…

  56. Richard, look in this site on sunday,

    just roll down the page some time before the show in the chat box someone always gives a link to watch Lost online, the best one lately is, but usually there is a specific adress on that they show right before the show. You might need to install the veetle program, wich is very easy. The streaming is excellent.

    Check out here on sunday too, if i have the adress i ll post it.

  57. I just saw on the internet Juliet will be in the next episode! mark this….she is a FBI agent in the sideways world!!

  58. THANK YOU Jonathan!!!!!

    Juliette will be Jack’s ex I almost believe. And she will probably have a fling with Sawyer…

  59. C.P.L.- I think you are right that Juliette is an FBI agent.

    KB and Richard7669- I am not sure if she is Jack’s ex. I also heard that Anna Lucia is coming back, and I am going to guess that she will still be a cop and is Jack’s ex. He might of fixed her after she got shot.

    And Richard7669- I would be OK if my Sawyer hooks up with Juliette. I want the poor guy to be happy.

    That also makes me think that we have Sayid and Kate in Sawyers jail. If Desmond gets caught and ends up there, he has a chance to “steer” them and Sawyer on the right path just as he did Claire, Hurley, and John, even though John was done in a violently twisted way. I can’t remember if he has been in touch with Jack yet ????(memory loss).

    Anyway, I also do not think that any of the remaining 03 plus Kate and Claire will die this episode because there are 2.5 hours in the finale, and what good will it be if they are dead. Instead I think the person on the top of the death watch list is Widmore (that SOB), and hopefully crazy Zoe. Wouldn’t it be fitting if Widmore met his end at the hands of Ben for killing Alex?? That is my vote. Anyone else??

    Notagoodcandidate- Hello Sweden!!!!! Re post 158- I am still waiting for your theory about Jacob, the cave and the light. WTF?????? Let’s have it!!!!!!!

  60. Hi guys,

    Hello from Portugal!!! 🙂

    the pool that we saw in the temple where they put Sayid underwater is surely the same where Richard went with young Ben.
    This pool’s water surely have healing (as we saw with young Ben) and reborn (as we saw with Sayid) properties.

    I don’t think that this has anything to do with baptism.

    As i said on my previous post i believe that the temple was built above the cave of light and water that we saw on the last episode.
    Probably on the last episodes we will see some secret chamber that will lead to the cave itself. This cave in the temple will surely have a very important role on Lost finale.

    We already saw a secret chamber that the losties used to escape the smoke monster when it attacked the temple…so i clearly believe we have much more to see in the temple.

  61. TL post 157:
    It had been previously said that the glyphs worshiped the smoke God but I think it was implied that it meant that FMother must be a Smokie. I was just trying to point out the timing (using the fact that the glyphs were not present, or at least I did not see them, when Fmother visitied and bashed MIB’s head). FMother could be smokie but I think another way all those people were killed and the well filled in is through a clan of others that were doing FMothers bidding.

    Sometimes it is so hard to actually say what you are thinking about the show. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for some of our foreign language friends here on the site. Great job to everyone.

    KB post 164:
    I caught that line in the episode but had not thought about it the way you have. Great pickup. Could be the writers ultimate kick to the groin of the fans.

  62. @ Nuno

    I dont exclude the fact that it has certain properties, but i do believe baptmism has a big role on the show, since Mr. Ecko specificaly said that Aaron had to be baptized and so on, but i guess we will see in the next episodes, i do support the idea (i thought about this also days ago) of a new secret chamber aka sort of darhma new site, that we havent seen before.

    But to be honest, at this point, it can be anything, and they can say pretty much anything they want, they already put a character in saying, “you can ask anything but that would lead to more questions”, that says a LOT on their part.

    Btw Nuno, im Portuguese also..

  63. I think it´s true Juliet will be in the next epsisode, even if it´s no where stated and i couldn´t find her on any guest list or somewhere else! In the clip i saw on the internet it showed Juliet waking up alone in her bed, beside her was an FBI badge with her face on it! it was one of this typicall lost beginning moments where we see a person opens his eyes…

    Don´t know what to think about tomorrow´s episode!? After the last few episodes i lost a bit interest for the show. Damn writters, they could do this all much more better!!!! It´s like they have actually no idea what they are doing, just trying to make the best of it without a real plan! that sux

    This time i really believe the next episode isn´t going to be good! The last one before the grand finale!!!! ..hope i´m wrong..

  64. Hello from Sweden! Thanks to you all everybody, for great posts!! I still feel there is MORE in this episode.. If we just had a couple of years to analyse & discuss it.. then maybe – just maybe – we could find some answers in there..

    Totallylost, things happend to me in life outside Lost (yeah.. booring stuff) but now.. I’m back!!!

    First, continuing my previous post where I claimed I’ve figured it all out, about Jacob & going into the light cave (not voluntarily)…

    Well.. who could “force” Jacob into the Light Source? And why?

    Yes.. the Black Smoke did it.. I believe MIB/Smokie was very “pissed off” on/at/to Jacob (because what he did to him, threw him in the water/light source so he lost his body).

    So.. Smokie soon took the shape of MIB.. (maybe we should call him Fake MIB (FMIB)???).

    Then I thougth he somehow “forced” Jacob into the Light Cave.

    And.. that’s how Jacob became the White Smoke!

    (Now.. my food is calling, but I’LL BE BACK!)

  65. continuing..

    So I thought it should have been very logical/plausibel that MIB took revenge on Jacob and somehow got him in to that light cave. And following all this white & black colour thing, I felt a White Smoke where missing (and needed to be add on).

    But.. I’ve been thinking more about that and have ended up MORE LOST THAN EVER!! HEEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEE!

    So – for the moment – I don’t know what to think… A White Smoke.. feels like it doesn’t make sence. On the other hand – who wouldn’t be EXTREMELY PISSED OFF in MiB’s clothes (or Smoke.. 😉 after being so badely treated and thrown in the light cave by his brother??

    I would like to see Jacob’s face when he sees his brother or Fmother again! Because then it will be Smokie.. so I think I should call them Fbrother (or FMiB) and Fake Fmother (or FFmother! :))…


    I’ll be back to comment your very interesting opinion about MiB/Smokie and so on. I’m sure you are light years closer to the “truth” than I am! 🙂

    The Others,

    Great post from You All Everybody! I would like to return and comment about some of them!

    THERE ARE MANY REALY BIG QUESTIONS LEFT, WHICH HAS TO BE ADRESSED! It’s so easy to spit out a zillion of questions.. and so damn hard to answer a single one.. 🙁

  66. Jonathan –

    Very disappointing that Ben (Emerson) said that. Do they really not care that the fans want answers and don’t want it to be open to their interpretation? I can’t stress enough that I hope we are not left in the dark.

    There will always be things that one of us wants answers too and some of us could care less about. Hopefully they don’t fuck this up…

    I quit Flash forward 2 weeks ago so I’m glad it was canceled. That show started hot and really faded. So much about it sux now.

  67. I wonder if it can be like this..

    There was a Smokie inside of fakeMother (like it is now in Flocke). After Fmother was killed, the Smokie part of her returned back to the Light Cave. As soon as a body came into the cave again (assuming Fmother sometimes long before was in there), the monster was released again.

    And now.. if in some way Flocke can be killed.. the Smokie will again be “pushed back” into the cave again?

    I admit this is no good theory! All this f–ck–g pieces don’t fit together!!! 🙁 Lost drives me CRAZY!

  68. Jones- Thanks– now I get what you are saying.

    Notagoodcandidate- I am as “lost” as you.

    Nuno and Unlost- After reading your posts it got me thinking. In this episode MIB said that he spent 30 years looking for the light cave. But since he could not find it he was seeking to tap into the light and water to channel it so he could “leave this place.” When Fmom asked why he said that he “did not belong there”

    First, how does he know that??? My guess is that his real mom/ghost told him where he came from and how he accidentally got to the island. Second, if the temple housed or was above the cave of light source and had an underground chamber leading to it, then why didn’t MIB stay there and try to find it after he killed everyone in the temple. I mean as far as we can tell the temple has been protected by Jacob through Dogan et all, and MIB has not been able to get in. So I don’t think that the temple leads to the original light source.

    I do think that MIB is still looking for the original source of light and once he goes through it, it will release him from being the smoke, and part of that plan was offing any protectors of the light, like Jacob and his candidates. Maybe if you go in once you die, but if you go in again you can live again. Fmom did say that in the cave is life, death and rebirth. So maybe that is how MIB can “leave”

    If anyone already said this, sorry as it is hard to remember what everyone says.

    I am hoping for answers tomorrow. And, Widmore is a gonner. I hope Ben does it.

  69. – Adam , check it out, about FF cancelled:

    – About smokie again:
    ( Jones, you are right, for us foreigners its not easy to organize our ideas in english – um abraço especial aos amigos portugueses):

    – Some people say that smokie was not impersoned in fake mom because her body was left there in the caves and if it was smokie there would not be a body left.

    I see two possibilities:

    1 – We never saw smokie being killed before, and maybe if it is killed in the proper way ( by knife, without speaking first), there will be a body left, and it wouldnt just vanish in the air. Maybe it can be done to Flocke as well.

    2 – Fake mom was at the same time the island protector and impersonated by smokie, and being both at the same time allowed her to have a physical body and also the shape of smoke.
    The monster rules as we know them just existed from the moment that the roles of protector of the island and smoke monster were split in two different persons, due to the birth of the twins.

    I am quite sure that if she wasnt dead MIB would not loose his humanity and be impersonated by smokie as he did.

    -About MIB and Locke being special( this is pure speculation and guessing ):

    MIB seemed to know how to play Senet when he first got the game.

    If the island is in a time loop, where things keep repeating with slight changes( progress), the reason for MIB to know how to play it maybe is because a past version of himself has already been to the island.

    What leads us to the famous test Richard did with young Locke. Remember Locke had a drawing of the smoke monster on the wall. He was asked to choose items wich already belonged to him, like if he was trying to find if Locke had this kind of inate knowledge.

    Even if there are some people who dont agree, i am sure Locke picked three items: first the compass, then the pile of ash and last the knife.

    When he picked the knife Richard was disappointed and left.

    I never really understood why he did that, and people say its because he didnt chose the compass, but Locke did chose the compass.

    Maybe Richard was looking for someone to substitute Jacob as a protector, and he realized that Locke in fact had inborn knowledge about smokie , maybe for being impersonated by it in a previous version of himself.

    Locke was the first to meet the monster face by face, and unlike the others, he saw a beatiful white light.

    Perhaps fake mom, MIB and Locke shared this inate knowledges, these gifts, like knowing when it was gonna rain , seeing dead people.

    Possibly thats why, among the all, Locke was the one chosen to die and come back to the island to be impersonated by smokie.

    The meeting of Richard and Young Locke( i lost count of how many times i’ve already posted it):

  70. My irritated two cents…..

    It seems like the part of the problem is that they are running out of time to answer a lot of these questions. I understand not every could or should be overtly explained I get that. But there are a lot of things that this show should explain upon completion. Frankly, that’s inexcusable because they planned for this to be the last season a long time ago. It’s not like they just got notice of a show cancellation and had to throw something together. So what do they do? They ADD more questions and characters at the beginning of the season!

    So now we have 3hours left to explain the general purpose of the island, the significance of sideways timeline, the candidate(s) and why they were chosen, the temple, why that guy was chosen to run the temple, the magical healing pond, the powder smokey can’t cross, smokey itself, the light in the cave, the “rules” of the island, blah blah blah… we can go on and on. And don’t forget there has to be time for the dramatic good-byes, sentimental moments, and the final battles between Jack & FLocke, Linus & Widmore, etc.

    I dunno… sometimes I think the writers are a victim of their own success. They created something so original and awesome, that the finish cannot be as good as the build up.

  71. jonathan,

    After reading your post 73 and 149 again I think your picture are not so far away from mine. Let’s see how it all plays out.


    I still believe (or maybe I don’t!) that Jacob was in that light cave too.. Sorry about my OBSESSION of that thing! LOL!


    4. We All Everybody.. are talking about the Real Mother (when she appeared to young MiB). Are we sure about the “Real” thing here? Could it be the Fake Mother instead?

    8. But.. then WHY didn’t Jacob see her? Ok.. it probably was the Real Mother.

    15. I agree with those who think in lines with that the Temple is somehow connected with the light cave. Maybe even the light cave is somewhere there?

    16. But.. BUT! BUT! BUT!!! I admit I don’t remember where that wheel was!? Or.. was it in the Orcid (can’t remember the name). Yes it was, wasn’t it? But where was (is) the “Orcid”? Far away from the Temple??

    23. What I’m trying to say is… Isn’t that a good way out (to leave) the island? Using the wheel again! And there was the light too, wasn’t it??? Or am I dreaming?? Is it too obvious for you all (everybody)?

    42. The point… here it comes… if Fake Christian really was MiB/Smokie then he ALREADY KNOW WHERE THE DAMN WHEEL IS!! We all saw FChristian there when John Locke left the island.. WTF!! Maybe it wasn’t MiB???

    108. Another question from our real world… I guess many of you guys have heard about the ASH FROM THE VULCAN ON ISLAND? What do you think about THAT?? Is it ash?


    Ooooh.. I don’t think I can sleep tonight!!

    Mummy.. Mummy! Where are you! MUMMY! Don’t leave me ALONE!
    What if my mother isn’t my real.. !! 😉

  72. Don’tKnowAnything,

    I couldn’t agree more on what you wrote! I wish deep in my heart that they really can put all this together in the last episodes! Or – even more whishful thinking – that Lost really doesn’t end after ep. 18! One more season!! A dream.. of course.. (?).

  73. About the Vulcan on Island.. a friend told me that the island’s name is Iceland (not Island.. that’s swedish..)

    Sorry for that.. but still I’m afraid that the Smokie is leaving the island Iceland! Remember the POLAR BEARS!!

    And he is using the Vulcan = the Light Cave!


  74. So many more questions…

    The Dharma people? Seemed to me be similar to the Real Mother’s people.. But they had that defense system against The Others (Richard’s people) and against Smokie.

    I wonder.. why didn’t Smokie simply take over a dead body and join into the Dharma people? Later he could leave the island with the submarin.. He could change to Smokie sometimes and kill some persons if necessary.

    Or he could even join Richards people (killing on of them and take his body..).

    I don’t understand WHY he have to get rid of the candidates before he leaves!? I guess the reason is the Smokie part of FakeMiB. If it was only the Real MiB.. then he could just leave.. But Smokie wants to destroy everyone first? And later the rest of the world?

    One thing I’m very sure about… I’m more lost than ever!

    Sorry for all my confusing posts! Forgive my lost soul!!

  75. Totallylost,

    I’m sure Jack’s ex is Ana Lucia!

    And tomorrows episode will be awesome! Kate will be in real danger because Flocke can use the fact that she isn’t a candidate. Claire can “relax” because I’m sure Flocke will never do her any harm (because John Locke is still inside).

    Where is Vincent?

  76. Dontknowanything. I think many of us feel your pain.

    Notagoodcandiate- I still think MIB was impersonating Christian, and that he has always known where the wheel was. He just cannot use it. He needs another way to “go home” wherever that is. I also think it is possible that Jacob could impersonate others as well. But, I am convinced that this will be one of the many questions that will not be answered. Sleep tight!!!!

  77. this show has been a thorn in my side for too long. as many times as i have sworn off of it, it always pulls me back. i think its called battered lost fan syndrome. anyway…theories…
    since desmond is apparently superman he’ll face off against the smoke monster. although they coexisted for years in peace back in the button mashing days.

    and the smoke monster ( in the form of locke ) is now trapped in that form? well that and smoke…i know we have to suspend some disbelief but this is an entity that has impersonated many different people through history: Christian Shepard, Richard Simmons, Elvis…But now he’s stuck?

    the brothers cannot harm each other because the fake mom made it so. and in a drunken stupor deputized the only one with a name. guess because she needed something to put on the badge.

    i know it looks like its supposed to be jack that becomes the new king of the island. if thats true then that means his nemesis can’t die or must be replaced. so who is corruptible? who has he fought before? who has had sex with everyone that jack’s ever looked at? (and given them herpes)

    But i hope that it isnt jack. i want/am expecting a knuckleball. because curveballs are too good from the likes of cuse and dinglehoff. I want it to be Hurley. the millionaire that has lost his best friend, his girlfriend, and his mind..spiderman has nothing on this guy’s losses.

    i saw a milk carton with miles, ben and richard on the side. if you locate them let me know. i’d like to know what the 3rd oldest person on the island, the other other guy who can talk to dead people and the guy who changes sides more than you change your undies are up to.

  78. Hey folks. I read 2 things on another site that I thought were interesting enough to share, but it 2 posts as it is a little long.

    1. The issue about unanswered questions which has frustrated us to no end.

    This guy basically said that it is wrong to think that there would be clear cut answers to all the numerous island mysteries (like the Hurley bird), as the best part of this journey has been thinking, speculating, and discussing things along the way. If we had “ALL” the answers by the end so that we could say “ok, I get it” or “now I understand the whole thing,” that would forever close the book on Lost. But by leaving volumes of unanswered questions the debate can continue, and we can continue to pull together pieces of the overall Lost storyline to draw our own conclusions. This will certainly make re-watching the DVD’s more interesting.

    He likened Lost to interpreting art, or interpreting song lyrics – it’s going to be something different for everyone, but it’s going to be something personal for each person as well. That reminds me of Hotel California by the Eagles where there was endless speculation as to what the hotel was (a mental institution, hell, or whatever), but we never got an answer.

    So without every single answer, he said: “Lost truly becomes a work of art – the type of thing that can be discussed and revisited unlimited times over the years, each time connecting with the viewer in a different way based on where they are at in life.” And, “when you stop worrying about needing the answers, it’s a lot easier to appreciate what they have given us – a whole hell of a lot of entertainment.”

    Well, the guy has a point (but I still want to know WTF was the deal with Walt)

  79. I read the following analysis on another post, AND I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THIS, although I will summarize it because it is very long:

    I think that The Woman was Jacob and Smokey all rolled into one, as she was THE protector of the Island. It sounds like she arrived on the Island “by accident”, just like Claudia and had been there for a really long time. She was the single entity who understood the power of the Island and her job was to protect it, no matter what the cost.

    Periodically, people would accidentally end up on the Island, and she would observe them – which is how she came to develop her views about mankind. “They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt… and it always ends the same.” Unfortunately for The Woman, protecting the Island is a long, boring job – one that she wished that she could give up, to be released from duty and be allowed to enter the after-life . But she knew that she couldn’t entrust the job to a single man – he would probably abuse the power / destroy the Island (or world). But what if she could somehow split the powers among multiple men? A little separation of powers – two entities that are separate but equal who would keep each other in line and serve very different functions – but the combination of the two of them would achieve her desired goal – protecting the power of the Island.

    Now all she needed was two people to mold into these roles – and she got exactly that when Claudia showed up, probably accidentally, but it was what she was waiting for which is why she so quickly offed Claudia.

    From there, The Woman carried out her plan, cleverly manipulating the two boys into the roles she needed – a calm, loyal protector (Jacob) and a strong-minded angry enforcer (Anti-Jacob). Ghost Claudia appears to Anti-Jacob (but not Jacob), which helps drive him away. The Woman allows Anti-Jacob to grow up with mankind to understand how terrible it is, effectively giving him the same views that she has.

    Once Anti-Jacob gets too close to leaving the Island with the FDW, it’s go time. The Woman knocks him out, kills all his people, and blocks his attempt to leave the Island. She knows this will infuriate him to the point of killing her.

    The Woman quickly takes Jacob to the Heart of the Island to force him to become the Protector of the Island (note that she doesn’t give him a choice in the matter). She then sends him to collect firewood, to give Anti-Jacob the opportunity to kill her.

    The Woman knew that once Jacob discovered her dead body, he would throw Anti-Jacob into the Heart of the Island, thanks to all the little hints she dropped along the way (i.e. – “you can’t kill Anti-Jacob” and “going into the Heart of the Island won’t kill you, but it will be worse”)

    The plan played out exactly as she wanted. With her death, Jacob became the Protector of the Island without having to go into the Heart of the Island himself. By throwing Anti-Jacob into the Heart of the Island, he became Smokey – gaining all the power needed to protect the Island, but not actually being the official Protector of the Island. Jacob is there to do the thinking, Anti-Jacob is there to do the killing. The Woman’s plan worked.

    Anti-Jacob is basically trapped, like the Genie in Aladdin. Jacob gets to come and go from the Island as he pleases, but always returns because he likes it there – and has a job to do. Anti-Jacob is more of a prisoner to the Island, wanting nothing more than to leave… and so begins everything we saw starting with the scene between the two of them in “The Incident”.

    The end.

  80. Theghostofjohnlocke- “Battered lost fan syndrome.” Thanks for the laugh. That is brilliant!!!

  81. I thought this was a great episode, mainly because it helped back up my theory that MIB was not evil and that Jacob was not good. OK PsychoMum probably didn’t help matters, but Jacob just came over as a sociopath. Even as a young boy he had to be dragged off his brother and stopped from smashing him to a pulp. BIB/MIB seemed if anything to be a pacifist, never even trying to defend himself.

    Also, you can’t blame him for executing a known murderer, that was really the only act of self preservation MIB carried out. However, he knew he had to get rid of PsychoMum before she killed again. I think she either turned into, or summoned Smokie to kill the MIB’s people.

    Jacob doesn’t age because he has drunk the wine that causes you never to age, just like he got Richard to drink it. If the wine made Jacob the same as PsychoMum, then does that mean that Richard is the same as Jacob?

    Also – PsychoMum really didn’t want MIB to leave the island – I think for purely selfish reasons and nothing to do with him perhaps causing harm if he left, eith directly or indirectly, so how come Jacob has managed to leave and come back seemingly when he feels like it? Has that maybe just been a projection of his consciousness?

    Another thing that goes in favour of MIB not being evil is that he can see and talk to dead people and Jacob cannot.

    Finally, in my opinion and I know someone else also called on this, but that game MIB found was not left by PsychoMum, I think she quickly made that up to cover for the fact that it had probably come from a shipwreck which would have given away that there really was some place else ‘over the sea’……

  82. I still think Lost will finish off in a way that is satisfying and ingenious, but I think it will leave questions unanswered because, well, it’s Lost.

    And you know what guys, the more I read some of the pissed-off comments about the writers screwing over the audience, the more I hear the voice of William Shatner famously confronting a bunch of Trekkies:

    “It’s just a TV show, damnit!”

  83. jonathan RE 182, good stuff in that post:

    From your post: “Locke was the first to meet the monster face by face, and unlike the others, he saw a beatiful white light. ”

    I have to rewatch this, but I’ve heard it before (probably from you). I have also seen something about theories of a White Smoke Monster, but I didn’t read these theories partly because I thought it was very unrealistic with two Smokies.

    But now.. this fact about John Locke meeting the Smoke Monster and beautiful white light.. AND.. when it feels like it’s “in the air” that MiB will manage to get Jacob in the light cave too (revenge).. Well… Well… Well…

    It really feels logical that Jacob will in some way get into the light cave and end up as a White Smoke, doesn’t it?

    What do you believe about that jonathan?

    (Btw, very interesting video about Richard visiting young John Locke. Seems like you have a point there, talking about timelines…)

    Totallylost RE 191,

    If you are right about Jacob also can impersonate others.. I think it supports my theory about “Jacob also came into the Light Cave” (and become the White Smokie). Well, I’m surely wrong but anyway.

    The problem I have with Fake Christian is that he appeared both on and off the island. And – as someone said – the beep alarm (fire detector) was on going when he was at Jack’s hospital. That couldn’t be MiB because then he already had success in leaving the island! Hence, it was Jacob.. BUT! BUT! the alarm from the fire detector indicated that it was the Black Smokey.. ! WTF!

    I don’t understand!!! Feels like it is missing at least one more season! There is NO WAY they can put this together and give us the answers on all the Big Q!

    So I can easely agree with your post 193. “The guy has a point”. Yes absolutly. I’ve been thinking in these line myself (and I’m sure many other has too). And I don’t know if I like it or not. I guess I’m not like it.



    Anyone can invent new mysteries to a history! But you need REAL SKILL to create multipel new mysteries which really can be logicaly explained in the end (show that the pieces really fit together)…

    The writers of Lost is really good but.. it seems to me that they aren’t good enough.. I really suspect they all the time had choosen the “easy approach” (of creating new misteries and having no interest in solving them in the end). And for everyone who choose to follow that “easy approach”, they ends up with an UNSOLVEABLE PUZZLE! Because it will be full of contradictions!

    So – if it is like it seems to be – I will say this to the writers of Lost:


    (But anyway, thanks for Lost! I give you eight stars (ten is maximum)).

  84. humans like a good mystery. something to wrap our minds around . we do not like being strung along by our curiosity for 6 years. true once this show ends it will be a long time before i find myself invested the way that i am. because i wasted hours on this show. ive also invested hours in this show. but honestly, i could have done without hurley finding the van. the could have boiled this last episode into 22 min and given me another glimpse into the sideways world. the parallel world where almost everyone’s life is better having not visited the island. of course poor locke still gets run over. but he still gets peggy bundy. is it too much to get ed o neill to cameo as her ex?
    clancy brown is under rated. anyone who can play lex luthor, mr krabs and push a button every 108 seconds is an amazing multitasker.
    “i gotta go get sayid!” – hurley
    “there is no more sayid!” – jack
    jack was never the sentimental type.

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