Across the Sea Sneak Previews – Lost Ep. 6.15

This could be the big one we’ve all been waiting for. Jacob and MIB’s story. Also confirmed is that the 2 boys we’ve seen in the past are indeed 2 different boys – A young Jacob and MIB.

***Slight spoiler****
Also confirmed by the cast list (as well as the writers) that Lapidus is not dead afterall. Why he’s not dead? I dont know. I cant imagine what more purpose he’s going to have in the show other than a potential escape off the island on the plane.


The motives of John Locke are finally explained.

Written by Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof
Directed by Tucker Gates

Naveen Andrews as Sayid
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
Emilie de Ravin as Claire
Michael Emerson as Ben
Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus
Matthew Fox as Jack
Jorge Garcia as Hurley
Josh Holloway as Sawyer
Daniel Dae Kim as Jin
Yunjin Kim as Sun
Ken Leung as Miles
Evangeline Lilly as Kate
Terry O’Quinn as Locke
Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana

Guest Cast
Mark Pellegrino as Jacob
Titus Welliver as man in black
Allison Janney as woman
Kenton Duty as teenage boy
Ryan Bradford as boy in black
Lela Loren as Claudia
Ivo Nandi as oldest hunter

202 thoughts on “Across the Sea Sneak Previews – Lost Ep. 6.15”

  1. Sorry guys I’ve been MIA on you I had to regroup. I enjoyed the post on the other link and I must say jonathan has got me really thinking. As for this episode I believe this will open pandora’s box and answer some major questions. But normally with answers there is more questions and probably a WTF at the end.

    Jason, you still with us buddy? I haven’t heard from you in a while. TL at least it looks like Sawyer should be around 7 more days.

  2. Wild theory here…

    I just watched the second sneek peek. With the whole idea that this is a timeloop and some of the characters have been coming to the island for a long time, what if the two guys killing the boar are Sawyer and Jack? The one guy had long blonde hair…might be Sawyer?

  3. KB, i was thinking that was Sawyer too. This may sound silly but when the guy grunts when he pulls the spear out of the boar in the sneak peak it sounds like him!!!

  4. guys…..the man in the trailer who kills the boar…isn´t Sawyer!! Watch the guest star list! There is no regular cast member in this episode (excluding the MIB actor)

  5. C.P.L.- Somewhere on the internet I read that the small guest list is just a ruse to throw us off, and that there may be some of the regulars in this show. What a great way to shock us. I guess we will find out in 2 days. By the way Chris, how are you??????

    I think it was Adam who first suggested that it was sawyer killing the pig. Good eyes Adam– you just may be right.

    Richard7669- Glad to see that you have regrouped. I am glad that sawyer is still around, or I would be in a corner in a fetal position crying like a baby!!!! I will be sure to have lots of booze over the next few episodes just in case Sawyer gets whacked.

    KB- glad to have you back!!!!

  6. TL…..if this is real stuff what you found out about the characters for the next episode, then I believe you!
    By the way, I´m doing great, thanks for asking. How are you, KIM??

  7. C.P.L.– I don’t know if it is true, but that is what I read!!! And, thanks for asking, I am fine, but for the fact that Lost is ending and I fear that sawyer is going to die!!!

    Jonathan- I have been giving some more thought to you saying that jack “flashed to the island” in season 1 episode 1, which is why he landed in the bamboo in stead of the beach. I am becoming more convinced that he was flashed there because when jack and kate were talking about the crash, jack did not remember it but Kate did (she said she remembered the whole thing). Now hen they flashed off of the Aljira flight, and we know for sure it was a flash, neither of them remembered it. So maybe when you get flashed somewhere you do not remember it, thus proof that jack flashed.

    Another thing is that there were 3 things I can recall that makes me think that jack might have been to the island before.

    1. In All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, after jack gets knocked out by Ethan and wakes up, he tells Kate “I am not letting him do this.” Kate says “not letting him” probably confused, and jack says “not again”. So, could it be that jack has been in this situation before???

    2. In There Is No Place From Home part 3- in the end when they are in the helicopter raft just before frank saw Penny’s boat, Hurley said he could not believe that Locke moved the island. Jack said “no he didn’t.” Hurley asked how he knew that but jack did not have a chance to explain because frank saw the boat.

    3. This one is weak, but in the pilot, when he was telling Hurley to watch Claire and if the contractions came to “call out to him.” But he never told Hurley his name, and I am guessing it was because he assumed Hurley knew it.

    Well, I am rambling. I’ve got lost fever!!!!

  8. TL- I can see all good points but I honestly think you’re reaching. Remember Rose talked to Jack and he told her he would stay with her until her husband arrived. They both remembered that. He had to be on the plane.

  9. i just wach the sneak peek 2 and on slow and i saw sayid jack and sawyer first other on the island

  10. Hey Richard7669!!! I do think jack was on the plane. But, I also think that Jack has been through that loop more than once, and was flashed off the plane before IT crashed, which is why he does not remember the crash.

    I guess I just want some damn answers to this time loop deal!!!! COME ON WRITERS. TIME IS RUNNING SHORT. I just think the Pilot holds a big key to the mystery, which is one of the reason why they are replaying it. I can’t wait!!!!

  11. Ron- I think you may be right. I think I only saw Sayid and Jack.

    One of my lost buddies has suggested that just like Miles and Chang, and young Ellie and Daniel could both be in the same time loop at different ages, the same could be true of Desmond and Widmore, and therefore, there is a strong possibility that Desmond is Widmore’s father. He also thinks that Desmond and Penny are Adam and Eve.

    I don’t know about this, as it seems a bit far fetched. Any thoughts???

  12. Where did Ben dissappear to?
    I can’t remember seeing the bug eyes for a while!

    And where did Miles go? did I miss something?

  13. CPL, thanks, great link.

    TL, excellent points, welcome aboard.

    I will ask you a favor. Rewatch the first scene of the pilot with this in mind. I posted it already, but check this out and tell me what you think:

    After Jack runs like a maniac straight to the beach (strange behaviour for someone who would have crashed in an unknown place), once he gets to the beach its all quiet and he first looks to the right side, where there is nothing , then he hears screaming, and for the briefest of time we can see a glimpse of the left side of the beach over Jack’s shoulder, behind the bushes, , AND NOTHING IS THERE. The beach is empty.

    In a split second Jack goes to that left side, and just there, a few steps from him, its the whole wreckage of the plane,and all those people shouting, really close to where he was before when we saw over his shoulder, so it appeared out of nothing. It seemed like he walked through a portal or something. There’s no way it was all there when he first arrived at the beach.

    Also, less important, watch this carefully: when Jack is laying down in the forest, there is a black cylinder on the ground , near his left shoulder , and it doesnt look like a bamboo, but rather a sort of baton like the one Ben used when he moved the island and travel 3 months into the future.

    One more thing, when he is running to the beach, his father white tennis shoes is hanging from a tree. Thats odd. Remember that his father coffin was later found by him near the caves empty and closed.How did that shoe end up there?

  14. 4. WARNING:

    MiB/Flocke can’t kill the candidates, BUT Kate isn’t a candidate!

    So I guess MiB will use this fact as a LOOPEHOLE!

    I mean that MiB will go after Kate now.. but not kill her.. instead he will try to use her somehow.. to “trap” or “eliminate” the three candidates left (four with desmond). Some kind of BLACKmail I guess. (Btw, Claire could be in the same kind of danger. But I don’t think Flocke can use her in the way he can if he “traps” Kate).

    8. About all the people from the temple who was following Flocke:

    Maybe they are with Richard & Ben now?

    15. About Kate:

    Seems to me that many people don’t like Kate (at least in season 6). But I have to disagree. Her reason to return is GREAT. She returned to the island for finding Aron’s mother Claire (and bring them together somehow..).

    16. Where is Vincent?

    23. Where is Bernardh & Rose?

    42. I can’t link the two timelines together! Every time I think about it, I only get more and more confused!! LOL!

    108. Desmond!


    Here is a link to what Jonathan’s been talking about. I understand all his points except the liquor bottle again puts him in the plane before it crashes. Then again he looks up to the sky before he starts helping out as if to say “again?”

    I could see it both ways look at the clip and let’s talk about it.

  16. I posted a few days ago that i thought the characters have all lived out multiple lives out on the island and have been brought to the island in all the previous lives they have lived. So when they were barbarians in like 1500’s to the present day.

    I also think the guy who kills the boar is sawyer!!!

    Do you not read what I write!!! Bastards.


    Either way I think this is probably like the 10 or 12th time all of the characters have been to the island.

    just because your in the guest cast doesn’t mean you couldn’t be the guy who kills the boar. guest cast just means that you are not in the regular cast but in the show.

    Allison Janney is in the guest cast and has won like 4 emmy awards. she is a very well known actress and i think she plays the mom of jacob and mib.

  17. That is def at least sawyer if not sawyer, jack and sayid. No doubt!

    I think I’m right on this one. They have all been to the island multiple times.

  18. I totally disagree with the theory the losties being the only island people just in different time periods! No Way!
    I am sure we´ll see in the next episode that there were never losties before!! I have no doubt about this!!

    When the ocenic plane crashed it was the first time for everyone, there is no possibillity Jack or others knew where they are because they already lived this all through. I don´t even like the idea of this and it makes completely no sense..

    There is no Saywer thousands of years ago killing a pig on the island!
    There is no Jack waking up in the jungle for a second time and knowing where he have to go to and also what to do…

    I respect all the great theories of you guys here but i just have to disagree in this case, sorry..

  19. Agree 90 % with C.P.L.

    After watching seas 1,epis 1 again, the only strange thing I could see was when Jack was running to help near to the crashed plane. He seems to run a very short distance on the beach but suddenly he is “in the middle” of the caos.

    I don’t think Jack or anyone of the oceanic people have been on the island before the crash. (Well , Cindy was there before but that is a totally different thing).

    The two boys are clearly Jacob and MiB. Of course I can be totally wrong of everything. Dead is dead. Lost is lost.

  20. C.P.L.– If you are wrong will you fall on your sword, just like I did when i finally agreed that flock was bad???? (lol!!)

    Jonathan- I have now re-watched that opening scene several times, and I am now 99% convinced that jack came from one timeloop to the scene on the beach which is another time loop. It could have been him going through some portal as well. There is no doubt that the beach was empty over his left shoulder. NO DOUBT!!!!! And, when he finally saw the wreckage, it was very close to where he entered the beach.

    Although one could probably argue that it was just poor editing, but I want to give the lost creators more credit than that. Even the liquor bottle in his pocket does not bother me because we do not know which loop he was in when he put it in hos pocket. Shheesh- this is so confusing.

    As for the black cylinder by Jack’s left shoulder, i think it is also there when Jack flashes off the Aljira plane. And, the white shoe which should have been on Christian’s foot, is another clue that something is amiss.

    I think those first few minutes of the show are the key to the whole thing, and we will find that out soon.

  21. Jonathan- I noticed 2 other things in the pilot part 2.

    First, it showed Charlie in the front of the plane snorting heroin. When the turbulence starts he straps himself into the first seat in first class. So, how is it that he did not crash with the pilot, but ended up on the beach??? I mean Boon and Shannon were in business class and ended up on the beach, but Charlie was very close to front of the plane. WTF???

    Also, Cindy was following Charlie to the bathroom when the turbulence starts. She stops and makes the announcement to buckle up. So how did she end up in the tail section?? Did she run back there in the middle of the turbulence?? WTF???

    Jason- please tell us you are still alive. Jones and Karen, what about you???

  22. Can’t wait for the falling on the sword by CPL!! LOL

    Maybe Jack came from the time loop that is now the sideways world. Maybe he flashed from the time loop in which he safely makes it back to LAX.

  23. Adam- That was a good thought on the flash sideways didn’t think of that scenario.

    CPL- I have fallen on many a sword it only hurts a little.

  24. TL, great points about the plane.

    Sayid made a comment to Kate in the episode ”the moth”, season 1, explaining to Kate that there was no way they could have survived the crash the way they did.

    What if the reason Locke could walk again is because they ended up in a timeline from the past, in wich Locke wasnt injuried yet ouside the island.

    Remember that other time Locke was in the well and injured his leg and couldnt walk again? Maybe there he went to a time he was already injured off the isalnd so destiny sort of course corrected it.

  25. can´t wait for tomorrow´s episode, will be a huge step where a lot of things should be revealed and finally we get the backstory of MIB and Jacob! i´m especially curious about the man in black – who the hell is this man? what´s his real name, anybody some ideas? i have no clue

  26. Ok C.P.L. When you fall on your sword (and you will), make sure you do it in all capital letters so we can clearly see it. And, at a minimum, address it to me, Adam, Richard7669 and Jonathan!!!!!!! (lol, lol, lol). Notagoodcandidate- you need to do the same!!!!

    Jonathan- Yes I remember that conversation with Kate. Come to think of it, with the exception of the dead and the marshall who had a piece of metal in his chest, the survivors all had very minor injuries. Even Rose was just unconscious, but barely injured. Uh, when a train going the fraction of the speed of a plane and is on the ground crashes you get deaths, broken bones, and internal injured. But no so with this crash. WTF?????????????????

    I think I need to go back and look at some other things a little more closely. And, I agree with Jonathan that it is a good bet that John was not healed by the island, but crashed before he was hurt off island. Good call.

    Also, my mom called me from LA and said that there was a story in the newspaper that someone tried to Break into walt’s house, and there was a shooting with police as he was trying to flee. I don’t think walt (aka Malcolm) was home or injured. THEY BETTER LEAVE WALT ALONE!!!!!!!!!! He needs to show up for the Lost reunion show.

  27. don´t be so sure TL, if you are wrong i expect the capital letters from you! (lol) i hate being wrong but that´s lost

  28. C.P.L. If I am wrong (slim possibility!!!), it will for sure be in capital letters, and directed to you via first name!!!!! (Chris!!)

    As Richard7669 said, falling on the sword only hurts a little, and we have all done it, case and point being when Lost bamboozled us with the John Locke “dead is dead” deal!!!!! We actually thought he was alive. Am i wrong???? Wow. Talk about being scammed!!! Still shell-shocked over that . . .

    ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. CPL, it seems that if some kind of time loop is confirmed you will get sincerely annoyed, not for being wrong, because we are all wrong most of the time.

    I can feel you would be truly disappointed.

    Is that how you feel about it or only my impression? Do you think it would be a bad story telling?

    I am sure tomorrow there must be some answers .

  30. Adam (re: post 17)

    My bad! I never saw you writing that you thought it was Sawyer.

    TL (re: post 23)

    I have also wondered about the positioning of the passengers. I’ve never heard anyone else talk about it. Good point

  31. My thought on tomorrow beside finding out the history of the island, that Jacob and MIB are brothers and possibly the name of MIB.

    I believe we will find out Adam and Eve.

    Just my belief. Here’s another if it is Sawyer (which I doubt) then we shall confirm the loop.

  32. Totallylost

    I have no sword to fell on, but I have an axe..

    I don’t know how it feels to fell on it.. but ok – I will do it if jonathan and you are right but..

    ..I don’t think you are!!

    Generally speaking, I think 99.9 % of all theories about Lost is dead wrong..

    I WILL BE VERY VERY VERY IMPRESSED if you are right on this! Honestly speaking, all this timeloop thing is simply too much for my poor brain..

    BUT I have to say (after rewatch the pilot), it’s a bit strange how Jack suddenly was in the middle of the “crash area”. But again – oh.. I don’t know.. don’t know..

    I guess, if I rewatch Lost hundreds of time.. it will not help me.. only get more and more confused.. F–K!

    🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 😉

  33. It seems like MIB and Jacob would be brothers but maybe they are just two boys from different mothers who grew up on the island together.

    I would love MIB’s name. That is what i think I’m most waiting for!!

    I don’t think there is a time loop per say. I just think that they have lived out multiple lives on the island. At some point in each of their lives through history they have been brought to the island. In the preview above I think we are seeing a point in time when the lost characters from 100’s of years ago ended up on the island and are hunting animals. I think it is under the same pretense as it is currently. They were all stranded on the island in some way. Like MIB said the come they fight and destroy and it all ends the same. By they I think he meant the Lost characters.

    Here is a BIG question though. If Jacob summoned the losties there in someway way as an adult he clearly didn’t get them there as a young boy. He looks shocked that there are even other people on the island in that preview, so who brought them there.

    I think we might find that the older lady in the clip brought that pregnant women to the island to have her kid or kids on the island….Jacob and MIB.

    I also agree with whoever said 99.9% of theories are dead wrong so who f-ing knows.

    Morning Sweeden…

  34. Jonanthan…..i won´t be disappointed if i am wrong. I mean the loophole thing we are talking about was first confirmed by MiB, before that we all had no idea about this! So i believe there is a timeloop but just for MiB & Jacob! The losties are in my eyes just people which were brought “accidently” to the island like hundreds before them! Just for progress (whatever this should mean)!! It is proofed by the names we saw in the lighthouse that the losties are not the only ones! I just can´t and won´t imagine i.e. Sawyer kills the pig thousands of years ago

    I read somewhere that it was confirmed we´ll get in today´s episode a lot of info about MiB. How he became the trapped smoke monster; family issues; who are adam & eve,..etc….
    ..should be very interesting….

  35. We are really getting to the point now where the answers are going to be coming pretty fast.
    I really want the answers to a lot of the questions of the show and I think tonight we will get into what MIB and Jacob’s story is. I just hope that it is done right and not a let down. Sometimes knowing the answer isn’t as good as trying to solve the riddle.

    High hopes for tonight.

    Not sure what to think about the loop and possibly having Sawyer and/or Jack and/or Sayid kiling the pig. Sort of leaning towards C.P.L’s thinking, which I am sorry to say C.P.L. but that almost definatly means that you are wrong. I am still waiting for the Dharma people to have a polar bear turn the donkey wheel, LOL.

    For some reason I think the Adam and Eve story may be answered tonight given the nature of the show. I think that MIB is somehow related to them, actually think that adam is MIB in his form before he became the smoke monster and eve was his love that he talked about in a previous episode. Eve’s love and vise versa was what kept him from becoming evil or the death of Eve was what made him become evil.

    Possible spoiler about the cast list above (although I don’t think it is)
    Noticed in the cast list it says Frank is back however I think he died on the sub and he will be there on a sides ways or some other type of flash.

  36. I was thinking that very same thing about Desmond and Penny, being the modern day Adam n Eve. I was thinking of Kate as the Mary Magdalene type, because given the circumstances leading up to what different role those two ladies play back then in the time of Christ, and the present, unless you can find Kate in another type roll and her position in it. Claire is like that of the Virgin Mary and that her son is that of Christ. The guys remind me of the 12 Apostles that sat at the table with Jesus. Someone brought this to my attention the other day. Some people believe in reincarnation, so if this were to say that these people reliving this over and over again . . .then we are talking more about than just 2000 yrs ago. We are talking about us as humans having come from more than just one life, we are repeating it. Scary isn’t it? I find this fascinating myself. LOL

  37. We better get an answer as to what that damn flying donkey wheel is, and maybe even why it is frozen!!!!!!

    Jones- great thoughts on whom Adam and Eve may be. I think am going to stick with them being Desmond and Penny, but I will probably be wrong!!!!!

  38. 10 minutes left in this episode and i think it sux….hopefully it picks up in the last few minutes.

  39. Adam- I actually liked it. I’ll collect my thoughts and long post later. One thing I caught was when Jacob’s mom told him that it had to be him reminded me of when Sayid told Jack in the sub it has to be you.

  40. its just my opinion richard. i didnt get enough of the whole dynamic of thee 3 characters. def didnt answer enuf. Can anyone tell me conclusively what the light is? no. whats mib’s fuckin name? if mib died then what is he now? what does the light do? maybe because i didnt understand entirely is why i didnt like it. hope u guys can shed some light.

  41. i will gladly fall on my sword then watch that episode again!!! haahahahahah

    why cant mib leave? he seemed in the right most of this episode, not that i thought jacob was wrong but i think the mom played them both.


    So MIB is not Smokie after all!!!!

    His body was taken by Smokie after he died, just like Smokie took Locke’s body. But it was no longer Jacob’s brother. It was like FMIB.

    So Flocke is the Smoke Monster, but not MIB!!!!

    TL, we we right about that one at least.

    When Jack found Adam and Eve he said to Kate that the bodies must have been dead 40-50 years based on the deterioration of their clothing. That doesnt fit with when they died, that should be in the 1800’s i guess.


    Thinking about it, there are two ways to understand it:

    Smokie is something like the spirit of MIB after he was thrown in that cave


    Smokie already existed and was stuck there

    I have to be honest, i didnt like the episode.
    That bright light cave was lame. Raised more questions than answers.

  44. Minor Spoiler…

    I thought it was odd Jack hid the black and white stones from Lock… now looking back at it.

    Has the time loop been put to rest then? and the losties visiting the island multiple times in different lives/times?

    I think we just found out Jacob failed his mission of protecting the light.

    We know Smokie can assume dead peoples bodies… so he was just using his own dead body when we saw him the first time ever.

    Soooo for me MIB = SMOKIE = FLOCKE STILL!!

  45. Scott, i think that their fake mother was the smoke monster before.

    When she said thank you to MIB after stabing her, it was like she was getting rid of a curse, like being a smoke monster.

    Thats why she could destroy that village that way and knew about what happens to who enters the light cave.

    I am thinking about something envolving Locke and that light cave…but i have to work it out in my brains.

  46. And also, only being the smoke monster his mother could have put so much stones and closed the well.

    Its like she already planned their destinies, giving white shirt to Jacob and black to MIB.

  47. Sorry guys cant sleep.

    In season 1 , after Locke first met the smoke monster, he told the losties he had looked in the eye of the island, and seen a bright beautiful light.

    Could it be the light of that cave?

  48. I do not think anything at all in the first several seasons have anything at all to do with the finale. I honestly believe that the writers had planned on a story of being lost on an island and lost on an island alone. They eventually ran out of things to write about so they started making stuff up as they went along. I believe there have been some very long nights for the writers trying to go backwards and find out how to cover their butts to come to a conclusion that makes the viewers happy. Either way, I have enjoyed the ride and hope another show will fill up my TIVO again soon.


  49. Hey folks. My first impression is that the episode was just ok. I guess my expectations were just too high, and I guess I wanted answers with high drama. But, that did not happen and I am disappointed. But, I digress.

    Here are my points.

    1. Smokey and MIB. I am still somewhat confused. I agree with Jonathan that Jacob’s brother is dead. I also think that his spirit lives on in the smoke because we know that Jacob had a conversation with that spirit when the Black Rock was coming, somewhere in the 1800’s according to Ab Aterno. Clearly the smoke was using MIB’s form which was familiar to Jacob.

    2. Their mother. Does the fact that she appeared to MIB mean that the island is truly inhabited by those who cannot move on, and they can appear as needed to complete a task, or help someone find their way. In this case I think it was to get MIB to the right people. Why jacob could not see her is another damn question. Sheesh.

    3. Jacob’s job- Scott(not that one)– I agree that Jacob failed in his job to protect the light. I guess that when Jacob in his anger pushed MIB down the bogus looking light hole, the light went away and the darkness (evil) was formed. Therefore Jacob’s job changed to keep the dark from escaping. I remember when smokey told Sawyer there was nothing to protect, so maybe that was true.

    More to follow below

  50. Jonathan- Even though jack though the cave bodies were there for 50 or so years, he was clearly very wrong. In fact, I have to think that they were there way BEFORE the Egyptians got there because they had pictures of the smoke in their hieroglyphics.

    How did the “woman” fill in the well and kill the others so easily?? Was she some kind of smoke too?? WTF????? We should have gotten an answer to that.

    It does not seem that Jacob has any special powers. So how does he get off this island?? Is the next candidate supposed to restore the light??? If the light is/was near the electromagnetism, then it seems like only Desmond can do that job.

    The Rules- We did not get an explanation about them. Yet still, Ben and Widmore talked about them as if they were well established. Have they been deceived in some way. WTF???

    The flying donkey wheel- I guess smokey prompted other visitors to the island to dig up the well, install the wheel, and test it. Or, maybe he did that as the smoke. Who knows.

    I am a little pissed right now. We really know nothing. well, until tomorrow . . .

  51. Great episode! And thanks for all new Questions! LOL

    Thanks to jonathan, TL and all you people who has expressed your thoughts after this interesting episode.

    4. I agree about Jacobs brother is dead (probably).

    8. The Fmother told Jacob after drinking “We are the same now”. Wonder if it changed/transformed Jacob in any way?

    15. Yes, it seemed like Jacob had no “power”. My theory about this is – LISTEN CAREFULLY NOW:

    I think Jacob will go to that Light Spring/Hole. He will GO IN TO IT! And he will come out as a LIGHT SMOKE!

    What I’m saying here is that I think this Light Spring will transform anyone who goes throw it…

    Jacob’s brother transformed to a Black Smoke and Jacob will transform to a White/Light Smoke.

    Well, not exactly transform. The source killed Jacob’s brother and I guess it will kill Jacob too.. But then it will release a White/Light Smoke simply because Jacob is of that “colour” (don’t ask me why! I have NO idea, LOL).

    If I believe my theory is right? Well.. of course!!

  52. I liked the episode.

    Really how were we expecting that they were going to explain a smoke monster. It had to be something of an unknown to create this because there are no current scientific reasoning that I know about that could create a smoke monster. Time travel on the other hand has sort of a basis in today’s knowledge and would be easier to accept.

    I like how they showed the creation but left the actual process and reasoning out, there was no way to do it. I guess I sort of see it as where did we as humans come from, sure we know a lot of evolution has taken place to get where we are right now but where did we come from, God, then where did he come from, or star dust, where did that come from……. this could go on and on never with a final answer.

  53. So I guess all of the swords will have to start to come out here now – Adam, nice job getting on it early, lol.

    Although I was totally off about the reason and about who Eve is, I got the MIB=Adam part right. Sorry everyone but it has been a long time since I was right lol.

    Jonathan – I never thought of MIB not being smokie the same way you are thinking but you could be right.
    I do think the other way though that “Smokie is something like the spirit of MIB after he was thrown in that cave” as you have put it.
    The reason behind it has to do with MIB’s and Smokies motives. MIB left Jacob and the FMother (Fake Mother) as a child because he found out that he didn’t belong there and that he wanted to go home. Same motive as Smokie/FLocke today. Also he told Kate that story about having a crazy mother (in this case I think he is referring to FMother).

    I think that FMother said thank you as she died because MIB had finally released her from her duties to the island/light. A very long job that nobody else understands lol.

  54. One thing is clear now. Both Jacob and his brother grews/grows/ages (sorry, I can’t find the right word). But this ageing process seems to be very slowly for them.. or??

    Or maybe not slow at all? Black Smoke – what ever it is – took (first) the shape of JBrother, and everytime he appeared in that way the body was in the same age I think.

    And clearly – Jacob hasn’t been older from the time we first saw him at the beach (a couple of centauries ago?).. What does THAT tell us?

    Why should Jacob stop grewing older when he was an adult?

    The reason could be (from my previous post) that it ISN’T REALLY JACOB! IT IS THE LIGHT SMOKE! FJacob!!

    Anyone else who has another theory about WHY JACOB DOESN’T GETTING OLDER? Please express it. Love to here it!

  55. just watched the new episode and because i had really low expectations before that i liked the episode! It was good on it´s own way! We got answers for the things they mentioned to be answered before the episde. Not very original but good. The white light is really weird!! How did they come to such an idea, could be much better done but the way it was described was good enough to know what they were meaning.

    The black smoke emerged with the white light! Should we assume it was because of MiB`s dark soul or would this happen to everyone who goes into it? and did the white light disappeared after the black smoke flew out or does it still exist?

    I personally saw the originall MiB not as a bad person at all! He just wanted to live his own life and was punished for that by his crazy mother who seemed to have special abilities.
    I think we are led to believe she killed all the people in the viilage and also burned it down! She also managed to close the hole in time! Did she was a sort of “smoke”? I don´t think so. We saw that the black smoke was created when Jacob threw MiB into the light, black smoke came out! MiB´s soul worked like a “catalyst”! but the cup of wine the fmother gave Jacob to drink was definately something special what gave them powers somehow!

    TL….i´m waiting!!
    The answers aren´t well done but this time i prepared myself for nothing to happen and i wasn´t disappointed.

  56. If Fmother can be Smokie then Jacob being like Fmother now should be able to be Smokie. Since we have no proof Jacob can be Smokie I still say MIB from light hole foward is Smokie. How did the Fmother kill everyone…I guess it only seems logically she must have either deceived everyone and filled the hole using explosives or F… she can be smoke. I’m like a dog chasing my tail.

    Remember when MIB as Flocke (or whoever now) said that Jacob stole his body. Might be referring to the moment Jacob threw MIB in the light-hole. MIB lost his life/physical appearance but lives on as the Smoke monster with all those perks.

    The blade MIB used to kill Fmother wasn’t that the same blade Dogan gave Sayid to kill Flocke?

    Matrix reloaded… the only way to kill Smokie/MIB/Flocke is to bring him back to the source. Back to the light-hole??

    I’m thinking MIB/Smokie is somehow behind Dharma. To learn about the island in hopes to get off.

  57. About the rules.

    MIB found the game on the beach and made up his own rules to that game, there was a comment later on while the two young boys were playing that Jacob complained about MIB’s rules and then MIB said something along the lines of that someday Jacob will create/find his own game and then he can make up the rules. I think that Jacob bring the people to the island is his game to show MIB that humans can be good.

    About MIB’s name not being revealed:
    Like the light that Jacob was suppose to protect I think MIB’s name was not revealed because we are not suppose to be able to relate it to anything that we know from the study of our past. It deals with the unknown part of us that we may never know through science and history (i.e. spirituality, faith, where we come from).

    So Dharma, Egyptian, and other references are known to us and give us a relation of how long this island has been around and may also allude to how many times Jacob has played his game.

  58. Didn’t Fmother say to JBrother that he can’t die? And something about that the light hole/source couldn’t kill him but instead doing something worse? I have to check the recap on this.

    Now I think that Black Smoke really is Jacob’s brother. Deep inside, and with more power of course.

    I guess Fmother also went into the Light Source some time (and maybe regret it).


    But WHY does he now want to kill EVERYONE? Or at least the candidates? Is he only afraid for the one replacing Jacob? And why didn’t Jacob let him leave? Was it because he knew that he was “changed” after going into the Light? That he wasn’t his real brother anymore?

    Sorry for many posts & bad english. Looking forward to hear everyones theories now!

  59. Ok, I guess I’m not as enthused as most. The trailers all said “no more questions; it is time for answers to be revealed.” I thought it was a pretty lame episode that was too long and was kind of like pulling over at a rest stop while traveling. Ok, we have history on the people that represent good and evil. But I didn’t need an hour to figure that out nor a pretty lame light hole to establish the origination of bad smoke. Imagination is much better than reality so why not just describe what happened, and move on. That setup could have been done in a 15 min flashback, then get back to the action of ‘current’ day episodes and the struggle. Always going back in the middle of action has been the lowest rated episodes.

    I agree with someone else who mentioned the writers are doing their best to weave items into the final episodes to bring it to a close even though I don’t think they had any idea it would go this far. I just hope it is not a disappointment after so much time.

    Folks joke at work and say it will all be an episode in Hurley’s head and he’ll be sitting in the loony bin looking at a snow globe of an island.

    I think it will be the finale when any real questions are answered. I still don’t see why the O6 came back. Looks like a waste of life and time so far or some pretty lame folks who can be talked into anything. Would you have gone back? Hell no.

  60. What if “Brother” was MIB name and Desmond has been calling out to him the whole time?…….. LOL.

  61. I trust FakeMother when she told them they couldn’t kill each other. So Jacob’s brother didn’t really die. He was transformed/changed into a Black Smoke. And lost his body at the same time.

    After that he took the form of his own “killed” body.

    16. Can someone explain WHY Jacob stopped grewing older?

    23. I wonder what did their real mother mean by saying “you are special” to Jacob’s brother?

    42. Did Fmother brought RealMother to the Island?


  62. Thats what i understood, after a (short) night of sleep.

    MIB is not Smokie.

    Smokie assumed his shape after he died, like he did to Locke.

    The monster is an independent entity, wich existed before MIB died.

    His fake monster was the monster. And maybe before her it was someone else.

    Thats how she slaughtered all the people in the village and put the stones in the well, and thats why she knew what would happen to who goes in that light cave.

    The monster retains the memories of those people whose bodies he has taken.

    Remember the first time we saw MIB and Jacob in the beach, MIB said:

    ”they come, they fight, they corrupt”.

    Well, thats exactly what his fake mother said before to him and Jacob, so it was her memory speaking.

    Just like ”dont tell me what i cant do” is Locke’s memory speaking through the monster.

    And smokie as his fake mother was only killed because MIB didnt let her speak first, he stabbed her from the back without letting her talk to him, like that rule we’ve heard about killing Flocke withou him speaking first.

  63. For the moment.. I feel more Lost than ever.. Please someone, explain Lost to me! All the pieces don’t fit together for me.. That rubik’s cube is so much easier to solve (well, I did never solved it but anyway).

    But despite all this confusion in my head, it feels like there were something more in this episode.. some answer there.. right in front of us.. but now I’m not able to see it!

    🙁 🙁 🙁

    I trust you guys! You will see it! And understand it! Don’t forget to tell me what it was! I’ll wait for your answer..

    ..and thank you for telling!!!

  64. jonathan RE 73,

    4. Interesting thoughts from you. You could be close to the truth BUT..

    I strongly agree with that Jacob’s brother died, because their fake mother told them they could NOT kill each other.

    So Jacob couldn’t kill him, he only “changed” into the Black Smoke.

    8. About the fake mother, surely she killed the people we saw in the episode. I agree in some way that she was some sort of Smoke in that moment. Anyway she obviously had some power (and that’s why I think she brought the Real Mother to the island – knowing exactly what was coming – to find someone to replace her).

  65. Okay… Jacob is looking for replacement(s) to set MIB free. Not necessarily just for himself. He wants to make amends with MIB.

    MIB could have left the island before going down the light-hole–NOW he is really trapped by the island and can only leave under special circumstances. Trapped as Smokie on the island.

    Jacob didn’t go down the light-hole and that is why he was able to come and go.

  66. The only secret left in Lost is how much the writers and producers have been getting paid to sustain this completely senseless story line for so many years.

    I’ve been reading this forum every once in a while to see if it’s just me, or if the pieces actually fit together.

    At this point, I really think that nobody involved had any idea where the show would head towards in season one. They tried to make it up as they go, and according to me, they have failed miserably.

    It’s still somewhat entertaining to watch the show, but I have no grand expectations about it. Good for them for making some money.

  67. Jonathan: Here are my thoughts on post 73

    MIB is not Smokie.
    Entirely possible, but I don’t think so.

    Smokie assumed his shape after he died, like he did to Locke.
    MIB’s & Locke’s deaths were very different, although I think Smokie has Locke’s memories I do not think he is Locke. Also a some point I remember MIB stating that Jacob stole his body.

    The monster is an independent entity, wich existed before MIB died. Entirely possible, but I don’t think so.

    His fake monster(Mother??) was the monster. And maybe before her it was someone else.
    I think the mother could have been a smoke monster however that doesn’t mean they were the same smoke monster.

    Thats how she slaughtered all the people in the village and put the stones in the well, and thats why she knew what would happen to who goes in that light cave.
    Exactly, I think she went into the cave and became a smoke monster thus the reason she told Jacob that something much worse happens then dying when you go into the light.

    The monster retains the memories of those people whose bodies he has taken.
    Agreed, in addition to those that he has flashed.

    Remember the first time we saw MIB and Jacob in the beach, MIB said:

    ”they come, they fight, they corrupt”.

    Well, thats exactly what his fake mother said before to him and Jacob, so it was her memory speaking.
    But she said that to him before he became smokie and also repeated it back to Jacob while playing the game again before becoming smokie.

    Just like ”dont tell me what i cant do” is Locke’s memory speaking through the monster.
    I agree again, however Locke’s motives where to stay on the island but this is not MIB’s or Smokies.

    And smokie as his fake mother was only killed because MIB didnt let her speak first, he stabbed her from the back without letting her talk to him, like that rule we’ve heard about killing Flocke withou him speaking first.
    Good point. Maybe also why she thanked him, she was released from being a smokie herself.

  68. It seems Fmother wanted to die and be released from service to the island where as Flocke just wants off the island–not death.

  69. i agree with the people who said that the mother was glad to be killed because it released her from protecting the island/light or whatever it is that her role was.

    Why did she kill the mother?

    I don’t think Jacob killed the brother because he wasn’t allowed to. I guess MIB can take that form of MIB because he went into that really lame light cave.
    But it would have been nice to get a better explanation of these things. this episode was not good.

  70. Smokie is MIB for sure. FLocke has made it quite clear all he wants to do is leave the island. Sure sounds like MIB from this last episode to me.

  71. Adam, you are right, there was a rule that they couldnt kill each other, so how come Jacob killed MIB?

    His skeleton was there, wasnt it? So he died.

    Only thing i can think of is what if it was not the same skeleton that Kate and Jack found.

    When the skeletons were first discovered by them in season 1 they were separated and not lying side-by-side.

    But i am sure its the same skeleton, so how Jacob broke that rule?

  72. Jones, Jonathan, Notagoodcandidate, Scott(not that one, Adam, C.P.L. — Great points. Jason–WTF??????????? Where are you. I need your thoughts.

    Now, C.P.L.- Neither of us are ready to take a dive on the sword, as it remains to be seen if the losties have been to the island before. I say yes, you say no. Start sharpening the sword now so you are ready at the big reveal!!!!

    I am going to re-watch the episode again so that I can gather my thoughts. C.P.L.– you seem to have been the smart one as you went in with no expectations and thus was not disappointed. I on the other hand thought that this was going to be a pivotal episode, and it was totally lame.

    I still am “totally lost”

  73. Just wait until the season is over with. There is no way they will be able to tie EVERYTHING in together and not contradict stuff in past episodes.

    BTW how many episodes are going to be in this last season?

  74. Still about the rules of not killing each other, one possibility is if MIB was alive when Jacob pushed him into the Source, so inside there he turned into Smokie, so technically he wasnt killed, but only changed his ”shape”.

    Jones, what do you think? Was MIB killed by Jacob?

  75. A light-cave, really?… im still kind of disapointed by this..but anyways, im hoping its a really big room with some kind of cientific purpose to it, like a new darma initiative part we havent seen before.. but it most likely is just magic light, wich is lamme.

    This episode, i liked some aspects of it, the whole last bit about the evil incarnated part i can relate to the lost story, this smoke is evil in its pure form, i always thought of it like an electromagnetic smoke monster and lets be honest its all that is, either it existed before or MIB was turned into it, or awakened it, wich isnt that plausible, since we all think there was a “canditate” to a smoke moster before, and it was the so called FMother.

    The mother and the MIB dont have names, they will most likely portrain a bigger role, im getting a “begging of life ” vibe here..not just because of that Adam and Eve thing, its kinda cheap they wont say there names, because i positive it would lead to bigger conclusions, and thats why this Episode kind of “failed” to some of us.. but im sure they will wrap it up all pretty nicely.

  76. Btw nobody seems to comment on the whole pregnancy problem of the island, its very related to these last episodes, especialy this one, women couldnt have children, and this woman just killed jaboc/MIB mother once she gave birth.

  77. Keep in mind that Smokie doesnt take over a body. It just appears to look like someone else. We have seen John Locke’s body dead on the ground while Flocke was alive inside the shoe where Ben killed Jacob.

  78. jonathan RE 73 again,

    I wrote “I strongly agree with that Jacob’s brother died”.

    I really ment “dissagree”.

    And you are absolutely right about the skeleton, but that only means MiB’s BODY was killed not MiB… he was changed into the Black Smoke.

    Well, only my thoughts but I hope I’m right on this (probably the first time for me, lol).

    And it seems you have come to that conclusion too (in post 87). Or at least as another option.

    QUESTION: If Black Smoke really isn’t MiB, only took the form of him THEN..

    1. Jacob broke the rule of not killing him (seems impossible).

    2. The MiB we saw in season 5 on the beach wasn’t really MiB.. it was FMiB!! (???)

    Seems to me that Jacob’s brother really didn’t die. He became the Black Smoke. But honestly – I’m so confused about it. Intuition tells me: The Pieces don’t fit together!

    I agree with the people thinking that the writers can’t solve Lost.. not the Big Questions.. because they have failed.. they did Lost too complicated.. they became TOTALLY LOST! LOL!

  79. I just finished the episode and I am not current with all the supposed theories but it just seemed to me that Jacob came off as the evil/misguided/unstable one of the brothers who through his own incompetence has trapped his brother, MIB who had learned the truth and wanted to rightly get off the island but now I feel his soul is one with the smoke(which I feel is pure evil)hence I see Flocke’s issue of wanting to get off the island as the inner presence of the original MIB’s true/original desire but the smoke who is part of him is tagging along for the ride is going along for the ride off the island but for more diabolical reasons.

    So I see Jacob wanting to let his brother leave but is at a conflict as he can’t let smokie leave but both are one now also I feel that desmond got immersed in this LIGHT(electromagnetism) when he turned the KEY same as MIB being immersed in the light so I feel only Desmond can truly stop smokie and set the original MIB’s spirit free.

  80. Wasn’t the pool at the temple glowing yellow before Jacob was killed? Could the temple have been erected above the yellow light cave to protect it and to keep out the smoke monster? As long as the pool was yellow, the smokie could not get in. Once Jacob died, the pool turned a different color and smokie was able to come in and kill everyone. Thoughts?

  81. Nigel– You just may be on to something. I mean Jacob was certainly no saint in this episode, and may have totally screwed his brother.

    Mark– Good point about the temple pool glowing. Maybe smokey is repelled by light.

    I still want to know who build the damn temple

  82. Nigel RE 93,

    Thank you for that great post! I think you are right on everything you wrote, even if it sounds impossible!

    Mark RE 94,

    Seems you also have found a very plausibel theory!

    Well done guys! I see the answers are coming now! Continue the good brain work. Like I said before, it feels like this episode really gave us some answers – we only have to see them. (And I can’t, so I need your help!)

    I have trust in you all people!


  83. I return to an important question:

    Why did Jacob stop getting older? He looked exactly the same back then when his fake mother was killed!?

    I can only see two possible explanations:

    4. Something happened to him, maybe when he got his “power”.

    8. He went into the Light Source (and became a White Smoke).

    15. Another explanation from anyone???

  84. Caught Lost for the first time tonight. Looks good. Can someone fill me in on what’s happened so far??

  85. Why did Jacob stop getting older?

    Because he drank that potion his mom made for him.

  86. Well well. Never has a Lost episode been so divisive. First off, I fall on my ceremonial dagger for banging on about MIB and Jacob meeting Jack, Sawyer, Kate etc back in the past and this being the catalyst for bringing them all to the island in the first place.

    For the record I thought it was a good, though far from great episode, and at times I even felt it was spoon-feeding us, especially in the closing minutes when it cut back to Jack, Kate and Locke.

    NotAGood, I thought that when Jacob drank FMum’s wine that she’d mumbled some words over – that was when he became immortal, or at least slow-aging. Maybe this was light-pool water.

    I get the feeling that Jonathan’s right about FMum being Smokie, and that MIB stabbing her before she spoke was the only way to kill it. Again, that’s why she said “Thank you” – the responsibility of guarding the island and its light had been lifted.

    I think one important moment was when the twins were born. FMum didn’t expect twins and it kinda threw her off. It occurs to me that FMum was doing the job of Jacob AND Smokie – light and dark, good and evil, in one person – and she expected to pass the burden of guardianship to one person. However, the twins meant that the role had to be split – one is good, the other evil.

    One other thing – I don’t think MIB ever had a name because he was never given one in the first place. As his real mum said before she got a rock to the face, she’d only prepared one name. This would add credence to the theory that FMum is a supernatural smokie thing – she’s not allowed to name anything – she cannot create, she can only take what she finds.

    Although I enjoyed the episode, I am of the opinion that it felt almost completely removed from what’s happening on the island back in our own time, or of what’s going on in the alternate reality. My belief in the writers is being stretched to its limit…

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