The Last Recruit Sneak Previews: Lost Ep. 6.13


“The Last Recruit” – Alliances are forged and broken as the Locke and Jack camps merge, on “Lost,” TUESDAY, APRIL 20 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Lost” stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Ken Leung as Miles, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Terry O’Quinn as Locke and Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana.

Guest starring are Andrea Gabriel as Noor “Nadia” Abed Jaseem, Sheila Kelley as Zoe, Kimberley Joseph as Cindy, Dylan Minnette as David, Teresa Huang as surgeon, Skyler Stone as EMT #1, Todd Coolidge as EMT #2, Yvonne Midkiff as receptionist, Christopher Amitrano as Burditt, Kasim Saul as guard, Steve Boatright as Mike, Mickey Graue as Zack and Kiersten Havelock as Emma.

“The Last Recruit” was written by Paul Zbyszewski & Graham Roland and directed by Steve Semel.

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  1. Thanks for posting Scott.

    I agree with others who said that Jack is the last recruit–that is, the last one Flocke needs to convince to leave the island.

    Also, interesting conversation with jack and flock about John needing to be dead before he could use the body. That makes me think that Ben was totally a part of the plan to not only kill john, but to convince jack to help get him back to the island. So, was he working for Jacob or MIB???? We need answers about bug-eyed Ben.

    It seems to me that when Sun saw John on the stretcher she had a flash to the island when she was frantically running scared from him before shoe bonked her head.

    Last, I just heard that there will be a 2 week hiatus for Lost coming up, but I don’t know if it is after this or the next episode. If true, THAT TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!!!1 WTF!!!!!!

  2. One more thing. When Desmond saw Hurley at Mr. Cluck’s, he said that he saw Hurley on Oceanic “about a week ago.” Well, has a week really passed??? I mean Desmond was wearing that same sexy suit that he was on the plane, and he went from the plane, to Widmore, to collect Charlie, to the hospital, to Ellie, then to meet Penny that night. So it seems like only a day or so.

    Then Sun seemed to go to the airport, to the hotel with Jin (sorry Richard7669) , and the next day she is shot. By contrast, John got fired, went to the employment agency, worked enough days for Ben to get to know him, and then got run over. So, something is wrong with the time.

  3. I can’t wait for tonights episode. sucks that we won’t have any lost for 2 weeks!!! well atleast Chuck’s back on.
    totallylost are you female?
    Oh and just checked my tv guide list and lost comes back on May 4th so it looks like just 1 week. is the finale going to be on a sunday? that’s what I heard, does anyone know for sure?

  4. So I say we make our guesses now, before tonights episode about who the last recruit and see who is the most perceptive about our favorite show. anyone?

    mine is Jin.

  5. Total….I agree…Jack just may very well die… If he does however… I feel it will be during the Season finale… To me this all makes sense because it also relates to the various stories within his tattoos….

  6. 33 minutes. I’m down with Jin being the last recruit. Miles is def on the short list to go away. It could be Kate since she’s only with Flocke because he didn’t kill her in the temple.

    Here’s what I say. Kate has a choice again between Sawyer and Jack (yawn) and she gies with Sawyer hince the lady recruit. There I’m done time to eat sushi grink G&T and watch lost. 29 minutes to go see you guys after the show.

  7. Hey folks. I am screwed as I am again on the friggin west coast. I will sign off now until after the show, but will comment tonight. You guys are soooo lucky!!!

  8. Jason- I have 2 hours to go. DON’T WAY THAT MY GUY SAWYER IS A GONNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That may drive me to drink!!!!
    He needs to stick around and be reunited with Juliette in another world!!!!!

  9. Sorry, I meant don’t “SAY” that Sawyer is a gonner. Can’t handle that. I will wait for 2 hours because the Lakers are on TV.

  10. SPOILER so Claire is the last recruit? This has to be Total’s favorite Sawyer one liners this season especially the Burt Reynolds crack LOL.

    I liked this one but it seemed to me it was setting up a better one next episode. Not a lot of answers. Thank GOD that Sun finally found Jin Nd we can move on. Didn’t Ilana look good in that outfit?

    I don’t think Sayid shot Desmond but we’ll wait and see. Sawyer and Sayid is now a zombie LOL.

    I still don’t think Jack will embrase Flocke.


    @ Richard7769: I think Jack is the last recruit. The last recruit of Flocke, although I like you believe that Jack won’t be with him for long. I’m beginning to think Desmond is the new Jacob in the side dimension. He’s popping up in everyone’s life, offering advice and helping them along the way.

  12. Hey folks. I just watched the episode. And, the Lakers won so I am doubly happy.

    Let me start with the confirmation that smokey was Christian. Am I missing something but does anyone remember when Sun, Lapidus and Ben went to the Barracks shortly after returning to the island, and John was outside. How was smokey impersonating Christian then??? WTF??? Also, was that really smokey impersonating Christian at Jack’s office, or was jack hallucinating?? I mean it does not seem that smokey could go off island, so who was that??

    So, Smokey’s plan to leave the island was been really involved. From getting John to move the island and leaving, making sure he was killed, and using Ben to get him back to the island. Does he have more people on his side that we are not considering??

    Richard7769- When I saw Ilana I immediately thought of you!!!!

    For me the Sun and Jin reunion paled in comparison to that of Penny and Desmond. They have been apart for so long, and it was just ok. Also, speaking to each other in English just did not work for me given that it was not their native language. I guess they needed us to see that Sun snapped out of her bogus English-block.

    More to follow.

  13. It was nice to see that Sawyer has not been blindly following Flocke, but has been working on a plan. For a minute there I thought Jason’s prediction was going to come true and Zoe was going to shoot him. Wwwhhhheewww. He also looked very hot in his cop clothes.

    WTF with Widmore’s guys turning on Sawyer. At first Zoe said “it is ok, I know him” but when Sawyer told him where flocke was she turned on them. Why??? What did I miss??

    Where the hell are Richard, Ben and Miles?? Are they having trouble finding the Barracks to get grenades??

    I feel sorry for Sayid, and we at least know what is motivating him. NO WAY THAT HE SHOT DESMOND!!!!! NFW!!!

    At the end when Flocke said to Jack “You are with me now” besides being totally creepy, it was almost as if FLocke was telling Jack that he owed him. Also, what a switch for Jack wanting to stay on the island.

    I guess the makeshift sonic pylons do not affect humans, as Jin and Sun had no problem with them, nor Sayid when he grabbed Desmond.

    Last, I want to give mad props to Terry O’Quinn for great acting. He is brilliantly playing Flocke as a mysterious, desperate, and somewhat scared man who has staked his whole life on this plan whose outcome does not seem certain. WELL DONE Terry!!!!

    Oh and Richard7669- Yes Sawyer’s Bury Reynolds line was classic!!!!

  14. Total…. If one follows my theory of Space Time, Imaginary Time, and Real Time…. It is actually very possible that Smokie can appear off island….

  15. Alright, this episode wasn´t exactly what i have expected, but maybe that´s just my first impression, i have to watch it again. It seemed this episode was more like an intro for the remaining few episodes, so i am thinking next episode is going to be wild. I just saw the new trailer for the next episode and it looks like MiB is starting to kill Widmore´s people on the hydra island.

    Widmore is a bad ass!! I really start thinking he´s only interested to have power over the island and nothing else. The losties are just pawns for him. So i hope MiB is going to kick his old ass!!

    What can i say about the last recruit. Who is it actually?? Jack?? It wasn´t mentioned! My thought on Ben was totally crap! However it does not matter…

    Sayid didn´t kill Desmond, right!? At least i believe that! I also believe Sayid isn´t gone 100% bad, there is still a breath of sanity in him! I think that because he sees through MiB´s personality and knows the man is just lying to everyone, so to him. Sayid was always a man of deeds. No one could fool him! Why should that have changed….

    The funniest thing for me was what MiB said to Jack about John Locke – “he was not a believer, he was a sucker”

    They need to kill Claire out. She is just annoying around with her dirty look and stupid comments!! She is the first on my death list! But she needs to stay for a while till Aaron is born in reality 2….

    Could it be that Locke in reality 2 is now remembering too. I mean he should. He had a near death experience and he is dead in reality 1. But what crazy stuff will he remember?

    Demsond is like Jacob in reality 2..

    Jack will fix Locke completely!! he´ll walk again

  16. In the last scene, when Flocke tells Jack: ”Dont worry , its gonna be ok. You are with ME now…” i am sure it was John Locke speaking.

  17. Well I thought this episode was really good.
    I have to agree it does seem as though Desmond is sort of a JACOB character now. Haven’t seen Jacob since Desmond showed up either. Maybe Desmond died off the island and Jacob was able to claim his body like MIB did Lockes. That is my guess.

    All of the characters in the alternate time line are converging on one another. Desmond is really making it all hapen off the island similar to Jacob. So I believe Jack is now a bad guy too. Although at this point admittedly I have no idea how many sides there are or who is good or bad. I don’t even know what good and bad is. Is good totally pure from evil or is good being able to do bad things to get good things to happen???? Maybe MIB is good and Whidmore and Jacob are bad? I have no idea. Either way I think Jack and Desmond are sitting on the beach in the last scene of Lost. Each taking over a position similar to Jacob and MIB. That is what Desmond always meant by “see you in another life brotha”

    There is no way Sayid killed Desmond. Desmond was able to talk to him (similar to MIB/Jacob) and get him to help him. He promised Sayid something I’m sure to get that done. Maybe something similar to Dogan. Nadia will always be alive but you must spend the rest of time in the Temple…or something like that.

    Desmond is 100% a Jacob like character now. I have no doubt.

    I wonder how Jack and Flockes relationship off the island effects it on the island and vice versa.

  18. kate is not a candidate and there fore the island has no use for her. she might be on the death list……finally!

  19. How about Jack finally taking a leap of faith!

    What I also found interesting is Ben who killed Locke… in some sort of way is helped him to keep him alive.

  20. Look how the more Jack humbles himself the more confidence he has in the sliding world (real time)…. I still can’t put my finger on his son… something about this character and us not knowing who the mother is… is strange.

    Watching this episode… for some reason the thread of Juliet and Sawyer came back into my mind… I remembered the story Juliet told Sawyer last season of why they may not be meant to be together. I AM SAYING THIS NOW SO LET IT BE RECORDED….JULIET WILL MEET SAWYER SOON ….. AND SHE WILL DELIVOR CLAIRE’S BABY…..

  21. Adam… I think you are EXACTLY RIGHT… about who is actually good or bad…. I mentioned last week that from my perspective this question will actually never be answered… so that way… the debate can continue…

    However… they (Damon and Carlton) are obviously Star Wars fans and they seem to respect the closer those series took on. So I just may be wrong about them not defining for us who is actually bad or good…. however… I my stomach still feels they will leave it up to the viewer.

  22. Again…. again…. again…. Desmond is the “manifestation” of Jacob… Not actually Jacob persay…. but somewhat of the symbol… as is….. like as… subtle replacement but different… role of Jacob in the sliding world… Now I am done with that subject. Until I can say…I told you so.

  23. They said it to each twice. Once in the sideways and once in the island time. Jin and Sun said we will never be apart again or something to that affect. I consider their names as 1 on the candidate list or from the wall. i think Kwon refers to both of them. Although since they are not married in off island time Kwon could just be Jin as Paik is Sun’s maiden name. I do believe they will operate as one now.

    I also don’t think Jack can be bad forever. He has got to become good again. He will have to talk to Desmond. IDK….i’m confused about what is going on!!! hahahah

  24. Jason –

    You could be right but so far Desmond appears to be Jacob to me not a manifestation.

    I do agree on your bad guy good guy thing. Maybe we will never know. I think we will be able to determine at the end but it all could just be a jumble aslo. I do think we will get closure on all the big things that need to be answered.

    They will all come together for a common goal of the group. Live together die alone.

    i also heard a theory that MIB is the original Adam from the Adam and Eve skeleton and that is his Lost love. So he does know what it is like to lose someone as he stated previously. Thought it was interesting….

  25. Totallylost- I believe in the scene you were referring to Christian met Sun and Lapidus then sent them to the barracks to wait for Locke. While Ben was walking to the barracks he asks Locke where he went to and he said he had something to do then Ben tells Sun and Lapidus that Locke is waiting outside i don’t believe they were the same at anytime.

    Like all of you I feel that this was an episode to set forth the next few until the climax but they could have left us with a better cliff hanger. Also in the previews didn’t we see Sayid shoot the gun into the well? What up with that?

    the last four episodes are labeled
    The Candidate
    Across the sea
    What they died for
    the end

    What they died for seems to lead me to believe some if not most of our losties are biting the bullet. I really hate that this is going to end. i am looking into the new show happy town. Looks interesting.

    Jason “if” Sayid the Zombie LOL did shoot Desmond could he be manifested into say Jack or one of the others that are killed here soon?

  26. Ive been reading ur guys posts all season since i cant watch. i just buy the dvd in december, but i am a huge fan. which episode explains richards backstory? or has there not been one?

  27. it is called ab aeterno and it was about 2-3 weeks ago i think. very good episode too. I cannot wait for the MIB and Jacob story.

  28. Jonathan –

    I read the article with the writers/producers above post # 10.

    Like most of their interviews it didn’t say much. I have heard them talk about the end though before and they mention every time that they aren’t going to do a definitive ending that is going to leave everyone with the “answer”. I realize that we will not get some of the show and that’s fine. If they give us a Soprano’s ending then shame on them.

    For instance what they said about the numbers. Now sure there could be a few more questions about them answered but at the same time we know what their overall meaning and purpose is. As far as the writers are concerned the question about the numbers is answered. I agree, that’s all I needed on them.

    If the ending of the show is the same as the numbers answer, I’ll be happy. I won’t know the entire scope of how they came to be or whatever but it does answer the biggest question about them. What the hell are they for and what do they mean?

    So if the ending doesn’t answer all my questions I’m good, as long as they don’t leave it open for interpretation. It just seems like they are going to leave it open ended and I think that sux. To me I believe they are they know we won’t be satisfied.

  29. I would be also satisfied if we get “just” the most important questions answered. What everything is about, the main plot. There is no need for answers on every little question what happened in all the seasons, even when there are lot of them.

    What i think is not important but necessarily to be answered is the Adam & Eve skeleton thing. [Adam….very interesting theory about MiB and a woman being them]. Here is what i think….the skeletons are Zack & Emma, you know, the two kids, a boy and a girl. They were caputured by the others in the beginning. It´s really just a guess…but i stay with it till we know more…

  30. I agree I don’t need all the little BS things I just want to know the main points, plot etc… and what happens to each of the characters.

  31. Adam, probably they wont explain everything, but they said there will be no Soprano’s ending like…no snowglobe…And i dont think Jack is bad, he is not in MIB’s side, cause MIB wants to leave and he wants to stay… I guess this episode sort of brought Jack to the center of the action..

    The best line i’ve read in a review of this episode:

    ”…Back on the Island, a whole lot of stuff happened, but it actually seemed like nothing happened at all”.

    Dogen told Sayid not to let MIB speak to him or all would be lost; MIB told Richard not to let Jacob speak to him or all would be lost; Claire told Jack he had signed on to Team MIB as soon as he let him speak..whats up with this speak thing? Persuasion? MIB spoke to Sawyer and didnt convince him…

    My guess is that Christian’s appearence for Jack off the island was indeed a ghost…like Charlie’s to Hugo in the sanatory, by the way, i think Hugo told Jack at the time that someone was gonna ”visit him”.

  32. Can´t wait for the episode “Across the sea”, which is the Jacob & MiB story we all are waiting so long for.

    The episode “why they all died for” or somehow… really bothering me. It cleary means to me everyone is going to die. So i was thinking about the reason for that.

    The island is the “cork” to keep the evil trapped inside. The whispers are dead people´s lost souls which can´t move on because of what they did. Then we also have the Cerberus security system a k a MIB (Locke). We all know Cerberus is the guardian of the underworld. Alright, putting them all together i think we can assume the island is something like the “door-step” to hell, at least a part of hell or the underworld.

    In reality 2 we saw that already dead people remembering on something from reality 1, except of Hurley & Desmond so far. So if this is going to be true and everyone has to die or IS ALREADY DEAD – maybe they were all killed at the h-bomb explosion in the season five finale and then the island sunk because of the explosion!?!?
    Assuming they are going to die, what the hell is reality 2?? Sort of heaven, hell, or between, i really have no idea!! So i need you guys to help me out here. I definitely believe all the losties are going to die, so sad this sounds, i also believe the writters have a very good explanation for that, otherwise it would be nonsense. Therefore i believe into the writters…

    Now i am too confused to write more about dead people and weird alternate universes…….stop

  33. jonathan…´re right about the weird stuff if Jacob or MiB are talking to you then you are lost….WTF

    Also the off island ghosts make totally no sense to me!! How could that actually be if everything bad and evil is trapped on the island!

    adam…i think lot of people are just expecting to much of the show. i mean you can´t expect to get answers for everyhting what happened. that´s like you wanna know what the cook´s recipe is, you won´t get it ever…….that´s somewhere the same with the writters…

  34. If MIB has been posing as Christian, then was it truly MIB who appeared to Michael on the freighter, or was that just an apparition???? I just cannot see MIB giving Michael absolution for his crimes.

    Adam- interesting possibility of Adam and Eve being MIB and his lady friend.

    CPL- I am as confused as you.

    Did the rest of the “others” die in the Widmore bomb attack?? I would hate to see Zack and Emma blown up.

  35. Is it possible that when Smokey told Jack he was Christian that he was lying?? Why would he care if the losties needed water anyway??? I mean I don’t think a whole lot of truth comes out of his mouth, case in point being his pretending that the little boy that Sawyer and Desmond both saw was not really there.

    I guess my problem is with the apparitions of Walt– first to Shannon before Anna Lucia whacked her, to Sayid, and last to John when he was shot. Was that MIB when we know Walt was always alive off island??? WTF. Something is very wrong here. Also Yemmi- to what end would smokey impersonate Yemmi. And what about Harper??? What gives. Is there more than one person using poor Christians body, like maybe Jacob.

  36. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had a frightening thought. Remember when Claire was blown up by Keammy’s men at the Barracks, and was loopy from that moment on. Well, she told Locke in the Cabin “I am with him now.” Well, Smokey said almost the same thing to Jack after the explosion, that is: “you are with me now.” Does that mean that Jack was killed in that explosion and was claimed by smokey???? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Another good line from last night: When Sawyer said that Claire was drinking Locke’s koolaid!!!

    By the way, I am sadly wishing that Caesar and Bram were still around instead of Zoe. I don’t like her at all. She needs to go. Maybe she was the one Juliette shot in the canoe.

    By the way, the first reunion that Sun and Jin had in season 2 was much better than this one. And, why didn’t they get zapped by the sonic pylons.

  38. The thing that keeps bothering me is what Flocke said to Jack about Locke being a sucker thinking that there was a purpose for him on the island. It seems as if Jack is following Locke’s footsteps in that reguard.
    And wow Widmore is a major Douche!! It sure seems as if he knows the only way MIB can leave is if they are all together and he is just going to kill them all so that this never happens.
    I’m sooooo ready to see someone kill that stupid Zoe bitch!!
    And the way Desmond was talking to Sayid, it was almost like Desmond was convincing Sayid with his words like MIB and Jacob are doing.I’m telling you guys that Desmond is an alternate plan. Plan C.

  39. TL- I sure hope you are not right about Jack being dead now after that explosion. good insight though.

    Soooooo who was the last recruit? I gotta watch this shit again!!

  40. I don´t believe jack is a dead zombie now. if something like that happened then already at the explosion of the h-bomb last season. no way but TL – cood call !!

    Zoe is indeed a hot candidate for the death list!!!!

  41. and something else Flocke said to Jack..
    when Jacob chose you ,you were trapped on this island before you ever got here.
    does this mean that Michael was chosen to , cause he says he’s trapped on this island but Jacob is dead and Flocke said now that Jacob is dead they can leave. then why is Michael still trapped there. maybe when MIB leaves all the other souls can leave too.

  42. BLF:
    Michael is trapped because he did bad things on the island.
    What happens before the island is irrelevant .

    Flocke said trapped to Jack not in the same meaning of Michael, but meaning that his destiny would take him to the island no matter what.

    What i understood from Flockes words to Jack, as i said in post 28, is that when Flocke said ”me”, the real Locke’s conscience had rised at that moment, because of the near death experience that sideways Locke was having with Jack. Jack is alive and kicking.

  43. Flocke confirmed to Jack that he was Christian on that specific ocasion that Jack asked about. He didnt say more than that.

    I am not sure that we can assume for sure that Christian was always MIB…i have my doubts…

    By the way, Christian’s body is missing in both worlds…

  44. Anyone catch the last line Zoe said ?
    She said “we got him” and then they had no problem in bombarding Locke’s camp. I think there’s a specific person wanted and when they made sure they had him, it was OK to kill everyone, coz they DON’t HAVE DESMOND YET.

    There is something weird about widmore for sure !

  45. Everyone,

    I thought this was a really good episode and an excellent set up for what’s to come – whatever that might be.

    In my opinion Jack was the last recruit, much like Claire might have been MIBs first one. Somehow I do believe Jack is in a “death like state” after he was hit by that blast, same as Claire at the end of season 4.

    What puzzles me completly is the fact that MIB could only assume the look of someone who already had past away. On the other hand this might have just been another lie – or set up.

    What Kate is still doing on the show, no clue. As for poor Desmond I think Sayid really shot him. Really liked Lapidus from the moment he was introduced back in season 4 – but what he’s doing as a main character on the island in season 6 is totally beyond me. He hasn’t even been shown in the flash sideways… so far.

    I got a bad feeling that no one will be left standing when all is said and done. That upcoming episode titled (a few weeks away anyway) “What they died for” sounds very definite. You guys might wanna grab a pen and a piece of paper the night that episode airs to keep the body count.

    As we look onto the series end soon I kinda get the feeling that not everything Jacob said was true but most of what MIB is saying is a lie. But the big back story for both characters is not far away, can’t wait for that.

    TL – good thought in post 53 regarding the canoe scene. It hasn’t been revealed yet who was chasing the time travelers in early season 5 but it would make more and more sense if those chasers were Widmore’s people. Isn’t that Zoe character brilliant and pathetic at the same time? 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next episode – that hiatus sucks!

  46. I think I get the Star wars reference.
    Anikin turned bad because of LOVE!!! in case no one has seen the more recent of these, Darth Vader is Anikin.
    MIB was probally good at some point. come on makes sense. Christian (as MIB)to Jack- Jack I am your father.
    Anikin had 2 kids. –Jack and Claire. boy and girl. ya I know I’m really reaching here.
    maybe Jacob is like Obe one canobe. use the force Jack!lol

  47. The featured characters in the coming episode “The Candidate” is Jack and Locke . . I think that means Jack is the candidate !

  48. Acer-7. I just re-watched the episode and also caught Zoe’s “we got him” comment. Well, there were only 3 “hims” there– Lapidus, Sawyer (my guy) and Hurley. I was thinking Lapidus is the one they want because he can fly a plane and thus killing him is part of keeping smokey on the island. Still the comment was strange.

    And, who had a “line of sight” on flocke, as Zoe said, that would allow here to accurately drop a missile on him????? Also, what makes Widmore think that a missile can kill him? WTF???? That does not make sense

    Please allow me to have a girl moment, but when Jin and Sun were being reunited, everyone was smiling except poor Sawyer, who looked like he was crying. No doubt thinking about Juliette. That poor lovable thing. I feel bad for him. He just needs a hug. OK, I am done!!

    Biglostfan- added to the Anakin reference, when Sawyer said “who is Anakan” to Hurley that rang hollow for me as he had previously called Hurley Chewie. If you know Chewie, you know who Anakan is, as Obi Wan Kenobi told Luke about him in Star Wars (My all time favorite movie).

    Stephan- I agree that it is hard to know who is telling the truth and who is telling lies.

  49. Adam… NO DOUBT… That theory just may be correct… I recall mentioning that the writters slipped into Flocke’s conversation with Sawyer on the log that he mentioned to him that he at one time had been in LOVE!!!! I recal after that same episode that I felt that was a significant statement which for me, personally, lead to really observe one of the threads of the show IS about LOVE. So in saying all of this it would not surprise me one bit that Adam would be MIB… and Eve be who knows… but if so… I sure bet Jacob sure has a hand in the death of the two… by some sort of accident…Therefore leading to, atleast from my perspective, Jacob trying to gain back the love of his brother.

    ….oh Adam…one more thing…GREAT REMINDER OF THE “LIVE TOGETHER DIE ALONE” quote!!!

  50. My thoughts are that the timelines are already converging. Notice that Jin did not say ” I accidentally shot you.” He said, “You were shot.” He and Sun seemed to know something more than what was said in the hospital and she sure reconognized Locke. Jack went back for Locke, not the Smoke Monster. He is saving Locke in the other timeline and probably reversing his paryalisis. I am sure Locke is in that Smoke Monster and Jack will save him somehow. Sayid is probably going to die a heroe’s death, most likely saving Jin, as that is what he did in the other timeline.I also doubt that he killed Desmond. He is not with Naydia in any timeline. Desmond knows that no matter what happens he and Penny are destined to be together. Kate and Sawyer will wind up together and I wouldn’t be surprised if Juliet is David Shepherd’s mother.Whether Hurley and Libby get to stay together I haven’t figured out yet. As well, I have no idea how Frank Lapidus fits in, except maybe he can pilot the sub? As for Claire and Aaron, I don’t know either. I still want to know…. where the heck is Vincent?

  51. Stefan… I think you are 100% correct!!! I personally don’t see any other way because then the two time threads will continue….. The only way I see one to be the more dominate is to have all the players die… and I personally only see that happening as the island folk dieing…….. or is for some reason… the don’t that dog gone donkey wheel will need to be pushed again…. I do remember when they first showed the wheel… Ben looked up as if there was more in the donkey wheel room to see….( I am really going on a tangent now) but I have always wondered if we see actually get to see what has in that room, cavern, etc.

  52. Char… I personally don’t feel the time lines will converger….they are however linked by Space Time… Me personally… I feel one timeline will have to be distroyed not linked with the other.

  53. Jason- you know I agree with you on one timeline will have to be destroyed. I also feel that whomever stays on the Island i.e.: Locke, Jack, Sayid needs to die in the other time line for them to stay on the island. I don’t think they can stay in both i.e.; Libby or Juliette, they now belong to one time line.

    I like TL who the hell is guiding the missiles on Flocke? I think that they want Lapidus. It also looked like most if not all Flocke’s followers are all voices now. It may be just Flocke and Jack. Remember Flocke was good to Desmond until he looked him in the eyes and asked him “what’s the point of being afraid” Flocke then realizes why Widmore want’s him and tosses him in the well.

    Also remember if smokie wanted to get off the island so bad why did he kill the first pilot in season one?

  54. Hey folks. A few things.

    1. When John was in the ambulance he said “Helen Norwood, the woman I “WAS” going to marry.” WTF with the word WAS??? Remember that Helen was dead when John got back after turning the flying donkey wheel. So, was that John’s “flash” that may have quickened his on island spirit??

    2. I am now convinced that Sayid did not shoot Des, because after Des did his zen talk to him, Sayid realized that Nadia would never take him back if he sold his soul to the devil for her. She is anti-violence. In fact, when Sayid came back to the house right before miles showed up, Nadia realized he had done something bad and was not happy. DES IS ALIVE.

    3. When Zoe came to Flocke’s camp, how come she did not just call Desmond by name?? WTF with “you took something that belongs to us.” The fact that she did that tells me that Widmore et all do NOT want the 06 to know that Des is there. Not sure why though.

    4. After the bomb blast at the end, Jack had a similar cut as when he saw a cut on his neck in the bathroom on the plane. This tells me that despite flocke saying “you are with me now” Jack is going to have his epiphany, and con flocke so that he fulfills his purpose.

    Well, that is all.

    Jones, Karen, Scoppie– where r u???

  55. I like the star wars reference because our next episode is may 4th which is national star wars day………………may the 4th be with you jack.

  56. Great theories indeed but still… 🙂

    OK, so MIB was the one enjoying the island and impersonating our characters (christian, ecko’s bro, walt…etc). Actually, I thought that MIB and Jacob may have shared these characters but now we know it is MIB.

    So, why was Jacob the one in the cabin and not MIB ? If MIB is the bad one, he should be trapped and not let to wander as he likes. We find Jacob the one who is trapped and surrounded by the circle of ash. May be for something he did ? and does Hurley breaking the circle of ash the only obstacle left to free him ?.

    Something doesn’t make sense here, anyone ?

  57. Acer, regarding your post.

    Was it MIB all along in the cabin?

    Is he the one that said ”help me” to Locke?

    I tend to say yes.

    He was Christian in all his appearences on the island?
    I guess so…

    Off the island i cant be so sure…

    …but the smoke detector that went off in Jack’s office seems to indicate it was smokie.

    And on the freighter, telling Michael he could go now, after setting up the bomb, i guess it would be good to MIB if Widmore couldnt find the island, so it must have been him also…

    But if he was trapped in the cabin, how did the Smoke Monster showed up so many times on the island? Why did the cabin move ? I cant answer those.

    Who’s eye Hurly saw on the window? At the time i thought it was Locke’s.

  58. Has anybody seen the new star trek movie directed by j.j abrams? it deals with the same alternate time paths theory. just an observation.

  59. Post 108 –

    I have seen that star trek. good movie and the time line thing was a big part of the story.

    Jack is def not dead. I don’t even think Claire is dead.

    All along I think Jack being the candidate was everyone’s choice. I still think it’s him but would not be surprised if it wasn’t just because it’s way to obvious and the writers don’t typically deal in the obvious…

  60. Adam, check this out, its from a review of last episode, i guess you’ll like it, i guess it matches the way you feel, by Chris Kirkman :

    ”Now, I know that this show is all about mysteries, and there can’t just be a ton of intrigue and suspense and smoke monsters and four-toed statues and us not find out at least a little bit of something about something, but most of you can’t deny that revealing those small mysteries in such a hamhanded way is very disappointing. I don’t need Michael showing up out of nowhere and telling us that the whispers are he and some other lost souls trying to find the john in the middle of the night. Similarly, I don’t need one of the most fascinating and terrifying creature/characters in the history of television to sit me down in the middle of the jungle and explain that he took the form of a dead surgeon in order to lead his son to water. It’s just not right.

    I’m not sure if any of you were Alias fans back in the day, but I sure was, and these last couple of episodes – while entertaining and mostly fun – are starting to take on that strange air of “we may not quite know what we’re doing” like the last four episodes of that wonderful series. It’s sort of like watching Game 6 of the 1986 World Series and seeing the Mets start to wage that sickening comeback against the Red Sox and then seeing that ball roll, in painful slow motion, through the legs of Bill Buckner and you get that feeling, deep in the pit of your stomach, that lets you know that you’ve just seen the wheels come off the wagon.”

  61. so I just watched the Richard episode and I was wondering how the hell Isabella got to the island? she was not on the ship she died at the canary islands. how the hell did her ghost get there?
    So I was thinking remember when Richard was stuck in the boul of the ship and the smoke monster came in and looked at him and did that camera flashey thing he does, well what if smokie is like looking at Richards memories and he is the one that congured up Isabella in order to control or manipulate Richard by figuring out what would motivate him to do his bidding.
    like smokie did with Ben and Alex, and Eco and Yemmi. didn’t yemmi say to echo, you are talking to me like I am your brother.
    I think that MIB is completly lying about his limits.
    MIB is using love as a tool.
    Oh and I noticed that Richard said the same thing to Isabella that Jin said to Sun. that we will be together forever. I’m telling you I still think that Jin and Sun are Adam and Eve. I think the Kwon canidate is them together.
    Still how did Isabella get to the island???????

  62. Sorry if anyone said that before, but maybe
    Adam and Eve = Sawyer and Kate

    There were two apples in that scene in the police station. He was eating his and offered her another, in wich she didnt touch…

    I read somewhere that Jack found a little bag with the bodies, similar to the one that Sawyer kept in a box in his dharma house, wich he was looking when Kate entered there, after escaping the temple.

  63. Jonathan –

    good call on that stuff but i think kate and jack are the ones to end up together if anything.
    I don’t want to agree with the guy but I have to. Just my opinion that they are giving us these answers in a we couldn’t think of a better way to explain it type of manner. Michael out of no where is kinda bla. The christian thing isn’t as bothering to me because I never enjoyed that character. they never gave us enough on what he was. the fact that he was smokie is an explanation but in the end that whole character was throughout the entire series and we never got much on it. to explain it that it was smokie was weak for sure but they never did enough with christian to warrant me caring about what he was in the end….hope that makes sense

    BLF –

    I also mentioned that the Kwons together might be the Kwon candidate, so im with you there.

  64. I am starting to think that the stories are not parallel. Maybe things that already happened in the sideways are a result of the ”leaking” of things that will happen in the future of the island timeline, a la Donnie Darko way.

    So, the cause of what we see in the sideways is something that will happen in the future of the island.

    For instance, Jack’s wound in the neck in LA X was produced by the missile Widmore would send in the last episode, where Jack had the same bruise.

    Thats why i think that the event the caused the timeline to split was not the bomb, but something that didnt happened yet on the island, something that its still about to happen.

  65. Hey Jonathan– to add to post 85, given the many biblical references in Lost, Psalm 23 states “the lord is my Shepherd” and Jack’s last name is, of course, Shepherd. And, the job of a shepherd is to lead people to safety and/or their destiny as Jacob has done, and needs someone to do in the future.

    So 23 is a very important number, and right now totally points to Jack.

  66. Jonathan,
    I think u may be right, especially that May 23rd is a Sunday not a Tuesday as the usual.
    Besides, Jack is the only one who knows everything from the beginning. There has to be a reason for him being so special for them.

  67. great theories,everyone…
    everything goes with this show

    room 4(more)thought:

    one, hurley definetely wins in his own way,
    he’s got jacob on his side and doesnt go looking for trouble without being sure first(ghost info/dead but willing jacob)
    he’s probably gonna listen to some wacky idea jacob’s saying,
    and play his part

    i think sayeed is going down with a bang,having heard what “enlightened” desmond or “jacob nuevo”
    said,and try to save the others,even knowing he’s already
    deep down the hole MIB wants him to be…he’s gonna pretend,strike MIB,and die trying to salvage his chance in his lady’s eyes

    two,the main zoe hate-thing:

    as des tried to play pin n bowl with locke,
    so “zoe and widmore go crazy” thing is just something we dont fully understand yet..
    i mean really,who knew when dez rammed locke that he was actually playing his role-
    making locke lucky enough to meet the only guy
    who can save his wrinkly butt and make him eat another piece
    of fruit standing and laughing(season one)
    we just have to w8 n see….my opinion?
    dont reallly have one,but if i had to wager, i’d say
    widmore’s taste 4 more power is the cause to the latest set of actions on hydra island
    des wasnt on the boat.zoe has told widmore that she saw those guys too inside MIB’s camp while des was missing(the whole crew of sawyer),so she figures they had all something to do with it and pretty much the reason why des is not with them.maybe that’s why the itchy trigger fingers..

    MIB thinks that the missile attack changed jack’s both
    opinion of things and agenda,making him think that “he’s on his side”….too bad,jack may not trust sawyer,but he believes in hurley.

    please respond and thnx 4 ur attention

  68. latenightlostfan– There is always room 4 more thoughts!!! Good call a possible ending for Sayid. The poor guy has been through so much that it is only fitting for him to try and take out MIB as his final absolution for killing Dogan, Lennin and the guy from Zoe’s camp. So, him going out with a BANG is very likely.

  69. Jonathan… No Doubt…. on the island time sideways time… from my view… that cataclysimic(probably spelled wrong) event will eliminate island time. WHICH….

    I am currently wanting Season 3 and just finished the episode where we meet Ms. Hawkins for the first time (Desmond centric) I strrrrrooooonnnnggglllyyyy recommend I mean STRONGLY recommend watching this episode again. This episode is the FIRST time jumping sideways effecting episode. It occured to me that when Des turns the fail safe key… this is when the “corse correcting time” actually begins. This is way to complicated to explain on a post. All I suggest is watching it and you just may understand without me saying. Eiterhway… in that episode Ms. Hawkins snaps on Desmond… (Just like she snapped on him this season) She mentioned that the Universe has a way of course correcting itself…Desmond argues, eventually, about finding ONE true love… This also sets up that love can course correct the Universe’s rules…. OK… I am rambling on too much here. But please…if you can… ANYONE… go back and watch this episode.

  70. How do,

    not posted for a while, been busy busy, plus weather’s too nice to sit indoors formulating theories…

    Although I said a while back that I thought it would be cheesy and crap if everyone has to choose which reality they’d rather be in at the end of the season I think it’s definitely headed in that direction. Kinda.

    It’s obvious that Desmond is trying to make everyone from Oceanic 815 meet up and have flashes of their times on the island. What we don’t really know yet is WHY? My own theory is that by getting the candidates to ALL experience the side flashes simultaneously they can then escape the island – that is, reality one.

    I still believe that reality one is doomed, that the “alternate” reality was created by Jughead’s detonation, and that reality one will eventually collapse in on itself. For this to happen, all the candidates in reality two must experience their side flashes at once, they will remember both realities and this will bring about the paradox that destroys reality one – and with it Smokey/MIB.

    This is why ol’ Smoke wants Desmond dead – I think Des is the link, the key, the memory-jogger in BOTH realities. I think that by the final episode only the six candidates will be left alive in reality one, but that won’t matter, as everyone else is alive and well in reality two. Their shared flashes in BOTH realities will destroy reality one and transfer the candidates into their other selves in reality two, though perhaps only briefly.

    This will utterly obliterate MiB, the Island, Richard, even Jacob, and I believe this has been Jacob’s masterplan all along. It’s also possible that this complete destruction of reality one is what Richard means by the End Of Everything – it certainly will be, but the alternate reality will continue – history will course-correct.

    What does this all mean though? Really? In layman’s terms, how will Lost end?Yep – IT WAS ALL A DREAM!!! Dallas eat your heart out…

  71. I don´t know, this whole reality one n two thing are a way to strange as to believe they will catch up together or meet at somepoint or something similar. i am more n more believing the losties are already dead. probably they died at the season five explosion. i mean we saw in the sideways mainly the already dead people remembering like charlie or libby. so it makes not really sense why hurely is remembering or desmond. but if they are ALL already dead so that everyone can remember this would make probably more sense.

    The point is why did Jack have this scratch on his neck after the explosion last episode, we remember back in the beginning of the sideways when Jack was on the oceanic plane and he suddenly recognized the same scratch on his neck. where did it come from – reality 1 !? Jack had now a near death experience but in reality one! so, no idea if this has a meaning?

    what i wanna say is if we´ll find out they all died already i woulnd´t be surprised at all….

  72. another thing i started thinking about is Jack fixing Locke in the sideways. we know the two realities interact with each other so what does will happen between Jack & MiB in reality one? Assuming Jack will fix Locke completely so that he can walk again, shouldn´t that affect Locke in reality one in a same way? (MiB can walk of course, he is smoke) We learned the decisions made in one reality will be also made in the other reality, just under other circumstances……or could this mean MiB is trying to convert him into “dark side of the force”

    by the way, lost has a lot of similarities to star wars. Damon Lindelof´s handwriting, as we know he is a big fan of and also co-creator of the newest star trek film…
    Maybe that´s what Lost is about, they wanna show us that there exists a dark side as a good side in everyone and they have to choose which they believe to belong to….so said the dark side is part of the show……

    ..or whatever

  73. thanks jason……i´m as usuall actually guessing, so i have no idea how far i am right or wrong…like most of the viewers too i think…….but being now realistic, Lost season 6 is gone in my eyes much more “normal” in comparison to the past seasons. Probably because they stopped throwing out hundreds of new questions after every episode, as this was the Lost style before….and i think we all went nearly crazy by that….

  74. btw jason…..i need to ask you how do you came on your names for the time lines, you know, space time, imaginary time…? When i saw faraday open his book in the Desmond sideways episode i was completely astonished. The names for the time lines were the same as you mentioned it here before the episode was actually shown! So, did you just guess it or did you read it somewhere before….or are you a lost spy??lol

  75. CPL….

    The map was first intorduced in “The Constant” episode…. At the time the map was introduced when Faraday was flipping through his journal….. I AUTOMATICALLY THOUGHT… that has to be important… later that week some people posted the image online…. I personally marinated on the image for about a year… When I was rewatching season 1 the time issue first came up when Hurley was talking to Sayid and he made a comment about a song playing (Glen Miller’s Moonlight Seronade)…and Hurley eluded to the music coming from a different time. Then he said..”just kidding dude”. When I heard that conversation between the two I said…”NO FUCKING WAY!!!! The writters, HAD to be thinking about time way back in Season1 ?!!!”… Also…When I heard that statement coupled with the rumors that were floating around about Season 5 doing a bunch of time jumping… it hit me that that diagram WAS important. So…I then started to look into Space Time, Imaginary Time, and Real Time theories… low an behold…THEY ARE REAL THEORIES… so I then said to myself OH SHIT!!! When season 5 started and the diagram was introduced again by Ceasar… I sat back waiting to see if some how this would all relate to the time diagrams… Low and behold when this season started… for me… it all did. So again… this is something I had been sitting on for about a year and a half, though not exactly sure how the writters would play the time issue out.

    But what is also extremely clever about time issues the writters have incorporated… are that they have stayed true to the theories… For those who actually question the fiction behind the show as far as it relates to time…The writters have been VERY consistant with time theory…..WHICH…theoritcally could happen.aaaaaaannnnddd this IS something they have been thinking about since FRICKING SEASON 1!!!! MY GOODNESS

  76. oH… I am definately not a Lost spy…. my writting…spelling, grammer, etc. just is not good enough to take on that type of position.

    So… to answer your question…they provided the words…I just applied conductive reasoning…

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