The Candidate – Lost Ep 6.14

Update: 2 sneak previews have been added for The Candidate.I wasn’t able to come across any sneak previews for this weeks episode, but here’s what I have. It seems like since there is so little in terms of previews that its going to be a big episode and they didnt want to give anything away early. Got some pretty interesting characters popping up in the Guest Cast as well.


Jack must decide whether or not to trust Locke after he is asked to follow through on a difficult task.

Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Jim Galasso
Directed by Jack Bender

Naveen Andrews as Sayid
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
Emilie de Ravin as Claire
Michael Emerson as Ben
Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus
Matthew Fox as Jack
Jorge Garcia as Hurley
Josh Holloway as Sawyer
Daniel Dae Kim as Jin
Yunjin Kim as Sun
Ken Leung as Miles
Evangeline Lilly as Kate
Terry O’Quinn as Locke
Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana

Guest Cast
Dale as Charles Widmore
Kevin Tighe as Anthony Cooper
Sam Anderson as Bernard
Katey Sagal as Helen
Fred Koehler as Seamus
Maile Holck as nurse
Casey Adams as Wheeler
Ken Elliott as orderly
Christopher McGahan as Paul
Alan Seabock as sub captain

179 thoughts on “The Candidate – Lost Ep 6.14”

  1. Jason – Great memory on the mouse trap comment by Locke.

    Really enjoyed the episode (just got the new tv hooked up too so no matter what was on there I would of liked it anyway).

    So is only canidates that can kill other canidates?

    Or anyone can kill them but FLocke can’t and they can’t kill themselves?

    I would think the later but I am not sure.

    I sort of feel that Jack is sort of in the position Locke was at the begining of the show trusting that the island has a plan for them and Sawyer is in the position Jack was originally in of questioning and causing bad things to happen because of not trusting.

    Good calls also on the death watch list, once a character has completed there arch it always seems to end with there death.

  2. Man, why did they have to kill off Sun and Jin. I havent cried that hard since Pay it forward. so sad so sad.
    I had a feeling Sayid would redeem himself by sacrafice.
    that was one of the best episodes ever. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
    what I’m still puzzeled about is, why was it so easy for them to acquire the sub. didn’t make sense to me. where the hell was widmore? His men were there shooting at them,but like someone said earlier, you can’t kill smokie with bullets.
    And if widmore wanted to really keep our losties safe, why then does he not just tell them what the fu** is going on instead of beating them into submission.

  3. – Jones, this candidates killing rules are really confusing.

    What if MIB cant kill ”THE CANDIDATE” , i mean he cant kill the one candidate who will replace Jacob, but he could kill the other ones.

    He doesnt know wich candidate is the special chosen one.

    So he gathers them all together and bombs everyone, but he knows in advance that ”the candidate” will survive and thats why he tells Claire that not everyone died in the sub. How could he know that?

    If so, you may ask why didnt he try to kill each one of them before, to find out who was the one, and then have him killed someway.

    Carlton Cuse explains to EW that the reason MIB tried to take everyone out in a single action is because “if he killed just one of them, everyone would know what he was up to”.

    – MIB knew in advance about the bomb on the plain, because he picked up the watch from the dead guy BEFORE he entered the plane.

    He probably put it there in first place or Widmore did it with his knowledge.

    I guess it was all staged to gain their trusts and he may be side by side with Widmore. Like the cages rescue, it seemed like a hoax, a staged escape to make the losties follow him.

    And the sub take out, he could perfectly have gone alone and killed all Widmores people, since bullets cant harm him.

    Again i think it was all staged for him to have an excuse to be left behind. And Widmore’s men shot Claire because it was the only way to make Jack enter the sub.

    I guess he didnt put them in the airplane because there he would have no excuse to be left behind.

  4. Jason- It was Miles, Ben and Alpert who wired the plane. I am not sure how they got in there given that Widmore’s goons were guarding the plane, but they obviously managed given that flocke found the already wired C-4.

    By the way, jack, kate, hurley and lapidus knew that Richard, ben and miles were going to the barracks to get the c-4 to blow up the plane. So when flocke showed them the c-4 from the plane and shamelessly claimed that it was widmore, why didn’t anyone say “it wasn’t Widmore you jerk.” And, even if they did not say it, it should have been a major clue that Flocke was playing them. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Biglostfan- I am with you. It was way too easy to acquire the sub. Wouldn’t it have been easier to lock the hatch if you wanted to keep it secure, and especially as the pylons were no longer there??? Sheesh.

    Richard7669- How are you today. I feel bad for you. Thanks for not blaming sawyer.

  5. Jonathan– I think you are right about Flocke and Widmore now that you explain it that way. I just thought that Ben, Richard and Miles put it there, but why not just blow it up as soon as it did. I mean they have been MIA for awhile.

    But it is hard to believe that Widmore and MIB are totally in cahoots in this whole thing, but anything is possible.

  6. Also I’m thinking that what Jack said was right. that Flocke wanted them all in a small inclosed area so that they had no chance of escaping, so they would end up trying to kill eachother.
    but Jon I like your theory of why he put them all together and knew that the candidate would not die therefore proves who excatly the candidate is.
    I just don’t think that Flocke can kill any of the candidates directly.
    and thanks TL I didn’t even think about Richard, Ben and Miles putting the C4 on the plane. good catch. I just assumed it was widmore.

  7. Here is another thing to consider in thinking about whom is in cahoots with whom. Let’s say that flocke and Widmore were working together. Why would he want his only ride blown up??? Does he have a backup sub somewhere off the coast so this one was disposable?? Is he really a pilot and could fly the plane of the island??/ WTF????


  8. BLF, that list that Widmore mentioned also made me think he is connected with MIB, cause it was on MIB’s list, in the cave ceiling, that Kate was not a candidate.

    In Jacob’s lighthouse she was number 51 on the list of names .

    So it seems Widmore has MIB’s list.

  9. TL, I was thinking the same thing. does widmore have a backup sub. how will they get off the island. maybe the orchid is still an option. remember real Locke asking Richard how to get off the island back in the 50’s. of course Richard never told him,but I always assumed Richard left the island on a sub though.
    what if Richard and co were working with Widmore. we don’t know what’s been going on with those guys.
    and don’t forget the sideways world, I don’t think we have seen the last of Jin and Sun.

  10. TL, Widmore and MIB’s relation could go both ways, there are hints in each direction, and a lot of loose ends, but so far i’d say they are together.

  11. Jon, I get what your saying, but what makes me think that they are not in cahoots is something that Flocke said to Sawyer about Jacob had a thing for lists and numbers.
    And when Flocke showed Sawyer the cave, did he say that the names was his list, did MIB write those names on the wall. even though I think we did see him cross out Lockes name.
    I totally think that widmores methods are that of a King Douche Bag but I really don’t think hes working with MIB.
    I hope they show us some sort of back story on Widmore.

  12. Another possibility about Widmore is that he has no plans on leaving the island, so who cares about the sub. I mean he did say he had been looking for it for 20 years and he told Ben it was HIS ISLAND.

    Also, why isn’t widmore looking for Desmond?? Is he done with him.

  13. Tl, hey maybe thats why widmore was not on the shore shooting at Flocke and co because he is out looking for Desmond, that would explain his absence and why it was so easy for our losties to comendeer the sub.Sorry I’m the worst speller.

  14. Jonathan- you are right that the Widmore/MIB relation could go either way. At this moment I am leaning towards them being in cahoots.

    Where the hell is Jacob??????????????????

  15. One more thing.

    Who built the nice bamboo staircase for the plane?? MIB could have just flown in there.

    Also, did Lapidus really think that he could get a full on damaged jet to roll down a short dirt runway and pick up enough speed so that it could take off??? NFW!!!! If that was the case why didn’t he do that the minute they crashed. COME ON FOLKS!!!!!

    If Jack had not come back to let the losties out of the cages, Kate could have climbed through the bars like she did before.

    Sorry folks. I am still reeling from the carnage last night, although not as bad as Richard7669.

  16. I agree with whoever said it, I don’t think whidmore wants to leave the island. MIB and Whidmore do seem to be working together so I agree with that too. I think everyone except Jack will die on that island and then they will live out their lives in the sideways world even though they have knowledge of their lives on the island. Jack will end up killing smokie. I think Jack will fix Locke in the sideways world and when Locke can walk in that time line he will not be able to walk on the island time line and jack will be bale to kill him. Then he sinks the island and “the end”

  17. One important detail that shows that MIB and Widmore share the same agenda:

    MIB put the bomb in Jack’s backpack.
    He had to be sure that Jack gets in the sub.
    So Widmore’s men shoot Kate, and not Jack , wich they could if wanted too, forcing Jack not only to go aboard the sub but to open his backpack in search for something to heal Kate, thus finding the bomb.If he dint find it at that time, i guess it wouldnt go off by itself, it only did cause Sawyer tampered with it .

  18. I don’t think Jack can be killed. he was right out in the open firing at king douche bags men and didn’t get shot once. I think the bomb went off because Sawyer and Sayid didn’t believe Jack. How many times now have we heard, I wish you would’ve believed. its all about faith. when you believe good things happen, when you’ve lost faith bad things happen to you.
    Locke died because he lost faith.
    Ben got a tumor because he lost faith.
    same with Jack and his appendix.
    but now that Jack believes:
    the bomb did not go off when Richard tried to kill himself.
    and more to come I’m sure.
    hey Adam that would be cool if in sideways world Jack fixes Locke which makes him parallized again on island and Jack kills Flocke. but unfortunatly they made it seem like Locke does not want to be fixed. I hope I’m wrong. maybe if Locke off island comes to terms with his guilt it might change things on island with smokie.

  19. Biglostfan and Adam- great points about locke getting fixed off island will doom him on island. I mean they made a HUGE point about locke not wanting to get fixed. I mean who in a wheelchair does not want to be fixed. WTF???

  20. Yet another astonishing installment, Series 6 is by far the best saved til last! Answers are coming thick and fast now, and next ep’s revelations about MIB and Jacob should deliver once more. There was just so much packed into forty five minutes, God knows how much they’ll cram into the final feature length edition.

    Anyway, first off R.I.P. Sayid, Jin and Sun (I’m still not 100% on Lapidus just yet either), it’s kinda lame how they killed off all the non-westerners in the space of ten minutes, but they all had great goodbye scenes, even if the Iraqi DID turn out to be a suicide bomber… sorry, but I had to say it.

    C.P.L. I could not disagree with you more, how is finding out that Flocke is Evil with a capital E not an answer!? Or that he can’t kill the candidates, only they can kill each other? Or that Desmond is still alive and that Jack is the one who has to save him? Or that alternate reality Locke turned his dad into a vegetable? And as for Jin and Sun dying together, that was perfectly set up, the writers knew what they were doing.

    I’m still sure that Desmond has to pull the collective consciousnesses of the losties into the alternate reality in order to rescue everyone. I was so sure that wheelchair Locke had a flash when Jack told him he wished he’d believed him. And what was with him remembering the button while he was in hospital listening to the beeps!? The Locke we all know and love is in there somewhere, even if he is dead, and that means the rest of them can be pulled through too…

    Of course with three (or four) characters dying at once, ANYBODY could be for the chop now – Sawyer, Hurley, Kate, Ben, Richard, Whidmore, maybe even Des or Jack! Who knows?! This episode was a proper gamechanger, and it’s kinda frustrating that we’ll be whisked back to ancient Egypt or whatever next week.

    Other stuff:

    How does a centuries-old smoke demon know how to set up an extremely complex-looking bomb? He hasn’t even read Of Mice And Men! Seriously, that was the lamest thing about the episode; I know he can take the experiences and memories of whichever corpse he imitates, but when the heck did he meet dead James Bond?!

    How will alternate Sawyer react to meeting his drooling, wheelchair-bound nemesis? And how will normal Sawyer react when he wakes up and realises he got played BIG time and ended up killing a bunch of his buddies?

    Flocke marching towards Whidmore’s various henchmen shrugging off bullets and snapping necks: Bad. Ass.

    Right, gotta go to bed – big day tomorrow, got an election over here in Charlieland, and I still haven’t decided which candidate to vote for…

  21. It´s very interesting to see the relationship between Jack and Locke. In the sideways world is Locke the one who is not the believer and Jack the one who believes. He knows he could fix locke completely but Locke don´t want to believe because of blaming himself of what he did to his dad. Crazy reversed world! Locke had def. a dream of the island because of his near death experience. We saw this when Jack stands in front of his bed in the hospital and Locke was speaking a few words, like “push the button”! So i think Locke was obviously dreaming of the island and when he left the hospital and Jack said that he wished he would believed him, what was always by the way Locke´s ultimate line to Jack and i think he knew exactly in this moment of something but didn´t want to say a word.
    I like the sideways world, it´s like their life they never had and it´s cool to watch it even when i not really know yet what´s up with it…

  22. Scoopie….?? Locke being evil is something new? This was more than obvious before, only because it was not confirmed in one of the past episodes it doesn´t mean it´s not that way. The other stuff….don´t know what you mean but i think you have to read my posts more carefully….

  23. Scoppie- the suicide bomber comment: Brilliant, and I see why you had to go there.

  24. OK– I just had my second look.

    Jonathan- I am 80% with you on MIB and Widmore being in cahoots. The whole dock scene is the problem I am having. After Kate got shot everyone else was basically a sitting duck with little cover, but no one else was shot. There were too many of Widmore’s men there for them to miss. NFW!!!

    I am not 100%, however, because of the bomb. If john had been with the losties when he found the c-4, ok. But, when he went to the plane he had to look for it. If he and widmore were in cahoots, why bother to plant it on the plane??? Just give him the goods and be done with it. I still think Richard Alpert put it there (although if he did why not blow it up immediately).

    On that note, did flocke have a “how to build a bomb with only a battery, airline wires, and a digital watch” book in his backpack??? WTF?????? That bomb was way too sophisticated for him to have built in that little amount of time.

    Flocke could be playing Widmore as well, as he has no shame in trying to get off the island.

    Uh, does anyone have any idea what Sawyer’s plan was when he told Jack to dump flocke in the water??? Was it just to but time to get away before he morphed into the smoke???

    Last, is it safe to assume that the visible darkness in Sayid disappeared after talking to Desmond, as he was definitely his old self when he was explaining the bomb problem on the sub. RIP my friend.

  25. C.P.L. – yes, there was plenty of speculation and suggestion of what Anti-Locke was capable of up to this point, but this was the first time we saw his full plan in action – Now we KNOW he wants everyone dead, just that he can’t kill them himself.

    I thought it was great that he used Sawyer’s conning instincts against him, very similar to how he used Ben’s conniving against him at the end of Season 5. Sawyer will probably be just like Ben from now on – a shell of his former self…

    We also know that MIB can sense when candidates die – he knew the sub had blown and that Sayid, Jin and Sun were all dead while he was still stood at the dock – he had that whole “disturbance in the force” thing going on.

    Okay, so we don’t know the WHY to any of this, and yeah, that’s the BIGGY, but I get the feeling a look back to the distant past might answer this next week.

    Me, I’m just enjoying the drip-drip teasing of information the writers are giving us, and I’ll miss it to hell when it’s gone. What the f*ck am I gonna watch in Lost’s place? Glee?!

  26. TL……very good point about Sayid had changed into the older one he was before the darkness “claimed” him! Since Desmond talked to Sayid it really seemed he changed a lot.
    Des is like the new Jacob. We know that if Jacob or MiB talks just a few words to anyone, this person “believes” in him. So Desmond taking over Jacob´s place seems to be at the moment the right thing but what about Jack? Where does he belong to? stays to be seen…

    Widmore and MiB being in cahoots? It looks like they really are but it´s hard to believe it because of what MiB said about Widmore. He was not happy at all when Widmore came to the island. They met just once by the pylons on the hydra island and it didn´t look like they are friends. Everyone always talked about a “War” coming to the island, Widmore is part of it and also MiB, so it´s hard to believe they are together. I just don´t think so. ..but who knows..

    So Widmore has a list. It have to be Jacob´s list otherwise why did Jacob mentioned to Hurley that someone is coming to the island anyway!? The others had always lists and MiB said that Jacob had always a thing for numbers and lists. We never saw or heard something about MiB using lists or similar things!

    ..but i could be wrong of course…

    Scoopie….ok you are right! NOW it´s confirmed MiB is the bad one and he isn´t allowed to kill one of the candidates! end

  27. On May 4, 2010 the Sun set for the final time…..

    Sun-Hwa Kwon along with an unknown male lost their lives in a tragic accident in the South Pacific.

    Sun was born on March 20, 1980 to the Pak family. She was brought up to respect the musical arts and the traditions of the Seoul community.

    Sun was married (by mistake) to Jin-Soo Kwon. Her husband was killed on Oceanic flight 815 from Sidney to Los Angeles on September 22, 2004.

    Sun was presumed dead until January 7, 2005. Sun along with 5 other survivors were found and later she returned to Seoul and became an owner in her family’s business.

    Sun gave birth to a baby girl Ji Yeon and she will reside with her family in Seoul.

    Sun will be remembered as a shining star among the universe, with her charisma and charm she could brighten any scene with only her presence.

    There was no explanation regarding her death we just know the Sun won’t rise today and that is very sad.

    In lue of flowers the loved ones have asked for there to be donations to the Dharma corporation for their further development in environmental programs.

  28. @Jonathan post #46

    Desmond is special because he is the only person, aside from his friend on the hatch (that was there prior to him than died) that is not on the same time line as the losties on the island, thats why theres an episode of faraday on another time line trying to reach him on the hatch to tell him to do some stuff on his present time line, he than recalls it has memories and starts doing what faraday told him.

    Desmond is a time constant, he is the only person who can move consciencly between 2 different time lines.

  29. Unfold, good call.
    I always believed to be several timelines, from infinite time iterations.

    Thats what i posted last year, and thats what i still believe :

    Jonathan on May 14th, 2009 at 2:14 pm Said:

    – Jacob and his enemy seem to live an eternal loop.
    Things happen always the same way. They know how it will end. They say to each other back in 1800’s while staring at the ship:
    “They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same.”
    “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that, it’s just progress.” -Jacob.
    What Jacob means is that the ending is always the same, changeproof. In their timeloop, Jacob doesnt die, so the man can’t kill him.
    In order to change things, there has to be a flaw on the loop, the so called loophole.

    – To reinforce the JACOB X ESAU theorie.
    In the Bible, Esau sold Jacob his first-born birthright for some stew Jacob was making.
    Thats why in that scene they showed Jacob cooking that fish, and the other guy ironically said, ”I just ate”. They were refering to that biblical story, cause the last time he was fed by jacob he lost really precious in those ancient days, by selling his right to be the oldest twin.
    Sawyer once was reading a book called ”the bad twin”.

  30. Nice one jonathan, im not rulling out the possibility of millions or even infinite time/iteneration, im just observing those we saw, as of now they are showing us a couple of them, 30 years back, 3 years gap, and the sideways, still there are questions that i would like to see in these last episodes:

    -What is Christians relevance on the whole story, how he ended up related to the island (it probably is just a cheap way to influence Jack’s path)

    – How MIB became the smoker monster and who exactly is he and jabob ( they are suposely the 2 boys that keep apearing, one of them beeing blonde, jacob, and the dark haired one beeing MIB)

    – What is the relevance of the statue and the whole mystic egypt theme, the smoke/temple inscriptions on the walls, at first they said the smoke was a defence mechanism of the island, looked like an ancient egypt one, than they made it look like it was some sort of punishement cage on that temple for the “lost souls” or something.

    – Why Walt could predict the future just like desmond could with Charlie and so on (walt drew a bird on that paper that would hit the window on an episode)

    – Why is walt so important and relevant to the story, they made him seem so special and yet theres no more answers to that since than.

    – The whole tunisia thing, why is that a specific point to return once you turn the wheel on (i dont know if this as been aswered or not but i dont know the reason)

    And why does that relate to geology studies of Charlotte in finding those bears we keep seeing on the island, i get that they proly use them as an experiment to se where they end up after turning the wheel, but how? and why are there polar bears in the island in the first place.

  31. Post #122

    The question how will Sawyer respond to realizing his actions led to his buddies dying? The same way Jack did is my guess. Instead of leading he will let things happen and realize the island is in control. Him and Jack seem to be working a bit more together even though Sawyer pulled the plugs on the bomb he still trusted Jack to dump Flocke and in the previous episode circle back to run away from Flocke.

    Jonathan can you explain your last post a bit more. It seems very logical but i just dont understand it fully.

    In the preview the person who stabs the pig looks like sawyer to me….anyone else??? Maybe the losties are also in an eternal time loop and in each life they live they end up on the island. I bet they have all been to the island in each life they have lived. you know how someone says maybe in another life I was a dog or a cat or whatever. Maybe they have all been to the island in each previous life they have lived. thats my guess

  32. Adam, i guess the island is on a timeloop, going on for ages, and Jacob has been bringing people to the island from ancient times, so each timeloop happens with slight differences( progress), envolving different people and candidates. Maybe even the Jacob we know succeeded another person who was in that role before, so as MIB.

    In the pilote episode, like i said before, there are many hints that Jack has been to the island before, and maybe all of them did.

    The first theorie to show up last year was regarding Esau/Jacob from the Bible and it fits.

    Jacob and Esau were twins. In Genesis 25:23, God tells their mother Rebekah “Two nations are in your womb and two people from within you will be separated; one will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.” This verse gives clues to the rivalry betwen Jacob and MiB.

    The firstborn Esau by right was entitled to the family birthright but Jacob bartered for it when Esau was starving. Just as we see Jacob offer MiB some fish to eat in their conversation, the first conversation between Jacob and Esau found in Genesis finds Jacob cooking and offering Esau food.

    They were refering to that biblical story, cause the last time he was fed by jacob he lost really precious in those ancient days, by selling his right to be the oldest twin.

    When Esau he realized what he had done and swore he would kill him (Just like MIB said he would kill Jacob).

  33. Jonathan –

    Going off that theory. I think like your theory with jack, that all of these people have been to this island in different time periods together. So when they were back in the bible days to today. Each time the same things happen but there is progress.

  34. Richard7669– Well said eulogy. We are all mourning with you. Are you going to mourn with me when Sawyer gets whacked????

  35. C.P.L.– thanks for the links. This story gets more and more bizarre, and we have little time to get answers. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. TL- I’ve already written His ulogy. Just kidding. Of course I will. I’m here for you doll.

  37. well said eulogy indeed! but u guys sure that sun + jin are dead? last time i saw jin he was pretty much alive – bringing sun some flowers …

  38. Dan- you have a point. They are alive in the sideways world, but we don’t know if it is real, permanent, or otherwise. I guess we will find out soon.

  39. I just rewatched the Pilot episode, and i am quite sure that Kate and Sawyer didnt crash with the oceanic 815 plane.

    They are not seen until things calm down, and Kate comes from the jungle.

    Like Jack, they seemed to have woken up somewhere else in the beach, probably after time traveling from some other timeline.

    I was already sure that Jack didnt crash at the time, now i add two more .

    They will not show the pilot episode for granted before the season finale. There’s a lot hiiden in there for us to see.

  40. Jonathan- I am trying to figure out if you are smoking crack, or are still shell shocked over the episode this week!!(LOL). Actually, it is probably Richard7669 who is shocked.

    But I will look at the pilot again, and see if you are crazy or not. It is an interesting theory, but I wonder if it is something that can be explained, if true, in the limited time we have left. For the life of me I cannot remember Sawyer’s first few minutes on the island, so maybe there is something there . . .

  41. NO WAY IS WIDMORE IN CAHOOTS WITH FLOCKE. sorry to be so blunt but I see a lot of support for that possibility and I just won’t believe it!! (I also still believe Ben is good and will remain good) Widmore might be selfish and want the island for himself but he knows MIB is really evil and if he leaves the island everyone is SOL. The plane was rigged to kill Flocke and everyone else would have been collateral damage. If Smokie has no body to manifest (think how many pieces Locke’s body would have been in) what would happen to MIB? He is ‘stuck in Locke’s body as has been stated in previous episodes.

    Flocke gave Jack the C4 bag because he wanted him dead if he wasn’t on the sub. This is assuming Flocke thought Jack would try and disarm it; remove a wire at some point in time.

    Does anyone find it shocking that Flocke was in the water when Jack pushed him? He can’t cross over the water as Smokie, maybe when wet he can’t be Smokie that’s why Sawyer wanted him in the water? or K.I.S.S. would say if Flocke is in the water that would slow him down and give everyone time to get in the sub and close the sub hatch.

    Widomore putting the losties in the cage was most likely to bate Flocke and side tracked him while Widmore was out doing something more important; find Desmond the person he brought to the island to kill MIB or something we’ll see in another episode. Widmore knows Flocke’s plan involves the losties so why not play keep away and delay Flocke’s plan?

    I’m not sold on the time-loop theory and/or I may not be fully understanding it. I think MIB and Jacob with the “only progress” quote is referring to other groups of people that have been on the island. We know the island has had many groups of people on it going back hundreds of year before the losties arrived. I don’t think these other groups are the losties we see now… or are the losties from another life. When we first see Jack after the crash, to me he looks shocked…stunned “where am I, how did i live through a plane crash”. Didn’t the dog lead him to the beach?? It wasn’t that he knew where to go in my opinion.

    Besides when the island was kicked off its axis and started time traveling, the time line from ancient times to ‘the incident’ is linear. From the incident to present there are two linear time lines running in parallel that LAX characters are just becoming aware of as we’ve seen in recent episodes.

  42. Scott(not that one) I never considered the fact that Widmore might have put the c-4 on the plane to make sure he never left. I assumed it was Richard Alpert because he was going to the Barracks about a week ago to get c-4. But, you are right that Widmore is aware of the danger of MIB leaving, so in his mind the greater good would allow for collateral damage while stopping MIB from leaving.

  43. Jonathan,

    Help me understand your post 145. Why do you think Kate and Sawyer werent on Oceanic 815 if the show clearly showed Kate with the FBI agent on the plane when it crashed? I might have missed something, i don’t know.

  44. Brooks, TL and everyone, i know what i said seems crazy, but i’ll explain it again. I’m just trying to imagine something out of the obvious, and its possibly wrong, but the time for loony guesses is now that the show is coming to an end. And here is the place to do it.

    Of course they all were in the Oceanic 815 flight, we’ve seen them there.

    I think its all a time loop, so only in this context what i say makes sense( to me). I respect everyone who disagrees and i am glad they do, thats what makes it fun.

    I always thought Jack didnt crash with 815, because of the way he first woke up in the jungle and for many hints i already mentioned many times, like the way he ran into the beach and some other stuff.

    Like in the Ajira flight. He was in the flight, but he didnt crash with the plane, instead he time flashed to some other time. And woke up the exact same way then the first time.

    The same happened to Kate and Hurley , they were in Ajira flight, but they didnt crash with it too, they also time traveled.

    So after rewatching the pilot episode, the same feeling i always had about Jack not having crashed with 815 i felt about Kate and Sawyer, because they way they showed up in the accident site.

    Its just a guess, nothing else, there’s no strong evidence to support it.

    And in this timeloop context, i wouldnt be surprised if we see some of the losties in the next episode, back in Jacob/MIB times.

  45. Jonathan –

    I agree about the aljira flight. None of them landed with the plane they were def flashed out of the plane. I think you can make a case for jack in the pilot episode too. I will respectfully disagree with you on the other characters. But I guess we’ll see.

    I still think that all the characters have been to the island before or brought to the island before to play all of this out over different time periods(going 100’s of years back in time), but whatever needed to be accomplished never was (jacob calls it progress).

    This time is obviously different.

  46. Scott post#147

    I completely agree with you in every point you said!! It´s exactly what i think too!!

    I respect all the other theories because of what Jonathan said…..the show is coming to an end and when if not now we can speculate how everyhting could end.

    But i just can´t believe the losties are the “only” people on the island, repeating in a timeloop again and again…..that would be just kinda bizarre. NO WAY

    I also not agree that Jack or other people were not on the oceanic plane in the pilot. We had so many flashbacks and flashforwards which explained how they ended up on the plane that it would be crazy if this all was for nothing!!!!!

  47. From my friend Dan.

    There is no “one chosen candidate” yet. Until their names were crossed off of the list in the cave, everyone was a candidate, and therefore unkillable by the smoke monster. Somehow (likely through choices they make), people are able to disqualify themselves from being on the list (John Locke did this when he lost faith in the island). After losing this candidacy (when their names are crossed off), they are then vulnerable to the smoke monster. As they made a point of saying on the last episode: Kate is no longer a candidate (her name got crossed off the list), so she can be killed by him. If my memory serves me correctly, right now, there are 3 candidates left: Jack, Hurley, and Sawyer. The MIB cannot kill any of them. He can, however, try to convert them to his side (like he tried to do with Sawyer, and successfully did with Claire), or he can try to get them to kill each other (like he did by planting the bomb in Jack’s backpack, counting on them blowing themselves up trying to disarm it). While all evidence points toward jack being the final winner of the “New Jacob” title, Sawyer and Hurley’s names are still written inside that cave, and still not crossed out. They are all protected from direct attack by the MIB… If he tried to kill them all to see which one is left standing, they would all be left standing…..

    Hmmmmm…. Maybe the “Others” are merely a tribe of candidates that didn’t make the cut 😉

  48. Johnny C–I agree there is no one chosen candidate yet, although some seem to be better candidates than others.

    Don’t forget Desmond as a candidate… the mysterious boy appeared when Flocke was with Desmond (reminded him he can’t break the rules). Rather than killing him, Flocke threw him in the ‘well’ sending Sayid to do the dirty work.

    BTW I still contend there is only one mysterious boy… the difference in appearance is probably an oversight due to shootings on different days or the boy is a different age each time we see him.

    The season is closing and WHO KNOWS what will end up happening or how things became the way they are. This show is bizarre; anything could happen. I love reading all the different ideas and opinions so keep them coming! Thanks ‘Original’ Scott and all the posters.

  49. I don’t remember Desmond’s name being on the cave wall so I’m not sure he is a viable candidate.

  50. You’re right it didn’t show his name but Flocke didn’t kill Desmond and easily could have so it has to mean something.

  51. Jonathan- I went back and looked at the pilot. In addition to Jack waking up apart from all others, which is significant, the fact that he was pretty unscathed seems to suggest that he flashed there, just like with the Aljira flight. I mean he was pretty far from the front of the plane (where the pilot was) and the middle (on the beach), so if he were “flung” out of the plane he would have to be more beat up. But, he was not. Also, he did say he had no memory of the crash. How do you forget that unless you did not crash???

    What also struck me was the fact that he RAN right towards the plane, almost if he had lived that moment before and somehow knew the plane had crashed. I don’t know about you but if you woke up disoriented in a patch of bamboo, do you immediately start running, or are you like “WTF” and cautiously look around first. But not jack. Once he saw the liquor bottle from his pocket it was like he knew what was up and took off towards the beach. Aaaannndd, how did he know to head to the beach unless he had lived that moment before? It was quiet in the woods so it is not like he heard Shannon screaming.

    Anyway, you may really be on to something. I take back the crack smoking comment!!!!

  52. Jonathan- I also tend to agree with you about Kate and Sawyer as they are both totally unscathed after the crash, and come from the jungle.

    Last, Jin, Hurley, and John were all by the plane when it crashed, so if they were candidates, I am not sure why they did not end up in the jungle.

    I still think they were all on the plane (or a plane) at some point, but flashed off before it crashed.

  53. And TL, if you watch carefully the first scene of the pilot, before Jack opens his eyes, you can hear a loud noise , like an airplane engine, so maybe the plane crashed when he was already lying there.

  54. Also, please notice this.

    When Jack wakes up , he looks to the bottle in his pocket, seems to remember something and runs to the beach.

    Once he gets there he looks to the right side, where there is nothing and for the briefest of time we can see over Jack’s shoulder, behind the bushes, in the left side , AND NOTHING IS THERE.

    The camera then shows another angle, and suddenly Jack comes to the wreckage, in the left side, really close to where he was, so it appeared out of nothing.

  55. Well, the Pilot theories are certainly interesting. But I don’t think the writers will do that to us, it just messes with continuity way too much. Yeah, the island is a loop, but what if this loop goes back waaaay further…

    I know that it states that none of the original cast members are in Across The Sea, but what if they’re just saying that to screw with us? Anyone ever seen the movie Sleuth? The original with Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine, not the shit re-make with Jude Law and, erm, Michael Caine?


    The whole twist of Sleuth is that it’s just the two characters in it and nobody else, but the audience is made to THINK there are more characters in it because the opening credits tell us there will be. But it’s all a trick.

    Now…. what if Across The Sea TELLS us there are no original cast members in it, only for them to pop up on the island hundreds of years ago with young Jacob and Esau/MIB/Flocke/Smokie/TooManyGoddamnNames? What if the donkey wheel gets turned again in the final two episodes and everyone ends up back centuries ago and they meet these two boys and their mum….


    OK – that just sort of came to me while I was typing, and it’s probably total BS and I’m tired as hell, but hey, what else is this site for but weird theories? And it would explain why the candidates are the candidates – Jacob and MIB already knew who they all were BECAUSE THEY’D ALREADY MET THEM HUNDREDS OF YEARS BEFORE!

    Right, too much typing in capitals, I’m making less and less sense and I’m going to bed now.

  56. Can anyone explain to me why Flocke gives a damn about Claire??? Suddenly I am disturbed about his protectiveness around her, sans the bitch slap a while back. For a moment I thought that Flocke was really Aaron, so he was protecting his crazy mother. But, that does not make any sense, unless the timelines are intertwined.


  57. scott post #156

    there is def two young boys. next weeks episode proves it.
    it is jacob and MIB

  58. In the last Oficial Podcast, the producers were asked to talk about the rules that Ben and Widmore have on killing each other.

    They said there are rules but they wouldnt talk about them, and Damon said the audience should watch Matrix reloaded when Neo talks to the Architect.

    If you dont remember, that conversation was all about a time loop that was repeating for the sixth time, being Neo the sixth chosen one.

    Here is what they talked about, taken from a site:

    ”The Architect is the ‘father’ of the Matrix. He’s an entity from the machine world and he designed the original ‘failed’ Matrix and the current ‘successful’ one. The first Matrix failed because it was too perfect.

    It was a virtual paradise, a utopia for humanity. Unfortunately, humans are not accustomed to living in a perfect world, and the test subjects rejected the simulation because it just wasn’t right. The second Matrix he designed more closely resembled the ‘real world’ of 1999: it was hard, it was dirty, it had death, violence, war, atrocities, and everything else a flawed species would likely create for itself.

    This one also failed, but for reasons that the Architect couldn’t figure out. Another machine program (one created to investigate aspects of the human psyche) stumbled upon the reason for the second failure: a lack of choice.

    If humans were offered a choice, even one felt at an unconscious level, then over 99% would accept the Matrix and live in the virtual world, unknowingly powering the machines. The remaining percentage would choose the other option, becoming a ‘free mind’ destined to become part of the human resistance based in Zion.

    Neo is understandably floored by this revelation. Zion is another level of control by the machines over humanity. It was designed by the machines as a destination for the malcontents that reject the Matrix – a place for them to believe they are free, and deceive them into thinking they have an opportunity to free the world.

    In fact, the machines have a necessary cycle, one that’s been played out five previous times: Zion is built up by those who free themselves from the Matrix, the war intensifies, the One is located, trained, and directed by the prophecy to the Source, the machines destroy Zion, the One picks 23 people to free from the Matrix to begin rebuilding Zion (with no prior knowledge that Zion ever existed), and the cycle begins anew. This is the sixth time this has happened.

    Neo is the sixth One. The machines have destroyed Zion five times before. This cycle is likely what the movie’s title refers to – each time the cycle begins again, the Matrix is reloaded. It’s also a necessary evil for the Matrix – until the Architect can achieve 100% acceptance of the Matrix and eliminate the need for the One, this cycle must play out as described or the system will become unstable and crash”.

  59. Jonathan- that is some good stuff. I have to give it some further thought as to the different ways it could apply to Lost, but is is very interesting.

    2 days to go for perhaps the most important episode on lost!!!!!

    Jason, are you still with us??? Karen????

  60. Totallylost, RE 87.

    This is a VERY late reply to your post.. “If it is true, then I will know for sure that you work on the show!!!

    Do you think we may see the Hurley bird (Jason’s favorite) on more time??”

    I can’t tell you if I’m working on the show or not..
    About the Hurley bird, I’m sorry but I don’t know what it is 🙁

    Now it’s time to feed the BLACK CAT!

  61. Notagoodcandidate– LOL!!!!

    And, how the hell do you not know who the Hurley bird is???? WTF??????

  62. Totallylost, well.. I just watched the Hurley Bird at youtube. So now I know (but what do I REALLY know – NOTHING, LOL!)

    I had completely forgotten about that bird. Guess I didn’t think it was important.. But who knows? Only four episodes left, so maybe there will be more about that little bird?

    And it really sounds it screamed HURLEY! I wonder if MiB could take the body of a dead animal too?

    Btw.. maybe MiB saw an explosion some time long ago.. and there he saw a BLACK SMOKE.. and after that smoke had disappeared (= “died”) MiB took the shape of it!

    So MiB could possibly be ANYTHING he wanted: A human, a bird.. or even a smoke.. (but only “dead” objects).

    But now he is stuck in Locke’s body (“Locked in”).

  63. I have only one question. DID FRANK LAPIDUS DIE? OK, I lied,WHY DID THEY KILL SUN AND JIN?! Notagoodcandidate, I’m sorry to say, the Hurley bird may be a question that will not be answered.

  64. Notagoodcandidate- I am relieved that you remember the Hurley bird. For a minute there I thought you were a complete fraud!!!!!! (LOL)

    And I agree that we will probably never get an answer to that. I think Jason has talked the most about the bird, so he will be the most disappointed.

    And, Thereseafallsupthestairs: WTF with that name???????

  65. TL – Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs – I think Boone was the one that said this in one of those weird flashes.

  66. Thanks Scott. I read it as “there’s a fall up the stairs” I must be getting senile!!!!! I have lost on the brain!!!!

  67. theresafallsupthestairs, (I’m from Sweden and my english sucks BUT I did get your name right (and sure it was a flash from Boone)) about the Hurley Bird I agree with you all, we problably never get an answer to that.

    Totallylost, I don’t know what it mean to be a “complete fraud” but it sounds good.. so I’m happy!

    Well.. I know I’m not on the same level of understanding LOST as you people here are. I suspect many of you have discussed your great (but sometimes a bit weird) thoughts and ideas for many seasons.

    I’ve seen every episode at least one time but my start/debut on internet forum like this was season 6.

    That doesn’t stop me from also contribute my own weird ideas..

    Me too love Lost and to read both logical and weird/crazy ideas from you all!

    After the finale episode I don’t rule out the possibility of that I’ll break down and die.. and after that “wake up”


    and there I will meet those of you other Losties who “didn’t make it”! I’m sure – it will be very exciting! LOL!!

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