The Candidate – Lost Ep 6.14

Update: 2 sneak previews have been added for The Candidate.I wasn’t able to come across any sneak previews for this weeks episode, but here’s what I have. It seems like since there is so little in terms of previews that its going to be a big episode and they didnt want to give anything away early. Got some pretty interesting characters popping up in the Guest Cast as well.


Jack must decide whether or not to trust Locke after he is asked to follow through on a difficult task.

Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Jim Galasso
Directed by Jack Bender

Naveen Andrews as Sayid
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
Emilie de Ravin as Claire
Michael Emerson as Ben
Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus
Matthew Fox as Jack
Jorge Garcia as Hurley
Josh Holloway as Sawyer
Daniel Dae Kim as Jin
Yunjin Kim as Sun
Ken Leung as Miles
Evangeline Lilly as Kate
Terry O’Quinn as Locke
Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana

Guest Cast
Dale as Charles Widmore
Kevin Tighe as Anthony Cooper
Sam Anderson as Bernard
Katey Sagal as Helen
Fred Koehler as Seamus
Maile Holck as nurse
Casey Adams as Wheeler
Ken Elliott as orderly
Christopher McGahan as Paul
Alan Seabock as sub captain

179 thoughts on “The Candidate – Lost Ep 6.14”

  1. Woo – first post!!!

    Um, not got much to say now. IStrange that Bernard’s listed but not Rose. Maybe we’ll see him in the alternate timeline? Or perhaps he’ll bump into Sayid or Desmond or Richard’s group while out on a boar hunt – let’s not forget hardly anyone’s left on the main island now!

  2. WOW- I guess slime-ball Anthony Cooper will rush to his son’s side, although he may be a good guy in that timeline.

    And I agree Scoppie- where is Rose?? Also, as you mentioned the main island, did the rest of Locke’s followers die in the missile attacks (like Cindy and the kids), or are the rest of them near where they will cross to Hyda Island??

    Last, definitely people are going to die. I hope Sawyer is not first.

  3. People are gona die – FOR SURE!!!! But i also believe the writters will make it in a way we all will be satisfied with it – FOR SURE!!!!

    …as i said once before……in this case (end of the show) i believe in the writters!! I mean i can´t imagine that six years Lost went by and the end is just a bad dream or something else…never!! The show is gone to big as to end it in a lame way, at least i hope and i believe that they won´t screw this up! I saw some interviews from Carlton & Damon talking about the end, it always seemed they are exactly knowing what they are doing and that it will be an epic end!!….so i believe in them….

  4. With Lost coming to an end, i will state my overall understanding of it all, matching some theories that are online.

    I always thought the island is on a timeloop, thats been repeating over and over and over, every time with slight changes and maybe with different people. I guess there are countless timelines so far, each one of them is just ”progress” towards and ending.

    In the pilot episode, there are some hints that Jack was on the island prior to the crash of oceanic 815, and he seemed to know a lot more than the other losties. Perhaps some others have been there before, but he is the one who has some conscience about it.There are also some strange references of them being dead.

    Some of the hints:
    – on the plane, he acts weird, sort of preparing for the crash;

    – when he wakes up in the jungle, he is not on the beach,just like when ajira crashed and he time traveled, and he has a strange cylinder next to him, similar to the one Ben had when he woke up in Tunysia;

    – he runs towards the beach, knowing exactly where to go, and once there he hears screamings, not the other way around;

    – he knows about the cockpit and planes, and refers thats because he had flying lessons;
    – when charlie, kate and jack are chased by the smoke monster,he saves charlie and suddenly disappears, then shows up some time later and surprisingly identifies the pilot of the plane as the body hanging in the top of a tree;

    – charlie said at the time to kate: we were dead, i was dead…explaining how jack saved him

    – when Kate is stitching his back, he seems to know some things about her;

    – some time later he says they have to burn the bodies of dead people and not burie them, cause ”any bodies we burie wont stay buried for many long”

    – jack said to kate on the beach: ”three days ago we all died…we should be able to start over…it doesnt matter who we were, what we did before this, before the crash”
    ( jacob said something like this

  5. jonathan….good observation but a lot of things you mentioned can be interpreted ambiguously! Think how you would feel if you would crash on an island and survive the safe dead!!!!

  6. I agree with CPL although I don’t think Jonathan’s theory is wrong I just think you can interpret it either way. I’ve heard the Jack theory before but I don’t think I agree. The evidence I don’t think is overwhelming. One reason I don’t think that was mentioned is when they came back on the Aljahira flight they flashed to the ground they didn’t crash. Maybe Jack was there before because it doesn’t seem like he crashed with the rest of the people, and he ended up in the same spot it seems both times.

  7. I also here what sounds like sawyer say “he doesn’t need you kate”

    because she isn’t a candidate?

  8. i have a feeling Claire will do some bad things to the losties, like killing some of them. If this will be the case i really hope she kills k a t e, i mean what is she still doing here??? by the way, Kate´s horse what we saw in one of the two first seasons – wasn´t it the same what middle-aged Charles Widmore was riding on the island when he was still the leader of the others…….but totally unnecessairly question in my eyes (kate and the horse – WTF?)

  9. yeah right jonathan…..also great lost untangled stuff, btw i love lost untangled. i always watch the new one after each new episode…..the puppet pierre chang is the best character at all….really funny!! Who never watched till now Lost Untangled then you have to see this, it´s really worth it and also after every episode it´s a very good summary what just happened. So i can just recommend it to you guys……

  10. So was there a new episode last night? The DVR didn’t record at neither mine nor my buddies house. Was there a new episode? Did I miss it?

  11. In the enhanced ab aeterno it is said that the Black Rock left England in 1845 and was never seen again.

    Richard went aboard the ship only in 1867, cause thats when they showed him in the Canary Islands.

    So the Black Rock sailed more than 20 years till it got there and picked up Richard?

    Something is wrong…

  12. Jonathan- I have to give you credit for laying out that stuff about Jack. I agree with C.P.L. and Adam though, that those things can be interpreted in many different ways.

    As for that clip (Thanks C.P.L.), I am sensing a bit of desperation in Flocke, as if all the different promises/lies he’s told everyone (claire, sayid, etc) are beginning to fall apart, and he is desperate to get everyone on the plane before they find out and turn on him. And, he does not seem to have any plans for who will fly the plane. WTF??? Isn’t that important. Also, he clearly is not deterred by the sonic pylons. Has something changed in that regard???

    AAAANNNNDD, clearly Jack sees through Flocke now. The question is what will he do.

    DAMMITT that we have to wait another week. This is killing me. And, RonPaulFan, you did not miss an episode as last week was just a replay.

  13. Here is another question why did we spend so much time with Jack’s grandfather i thought they would have tied him into the timeline somehow?

    Also why does MIB need a gun? Nothing has stopped him so far?

  14. Are Desmond and Penny married? If they are not, shouldn´t be the full name of their child Charles Widmore?? crazy!
    But it´s probably referred to Charlie Pace!

    richard…..good question about jack´s grandfather. i was also wondering if we´ll see him again. If not, then why introducing him into the story..

  15. Richard7669- I think that flocke carries a gun as it gives him the appearance of being a protector and in charge. It is all part of his good guy scam of the others. Where is hunting knife???

    Also, I read this crazy theory elsewhere that we should not totally count out Ben as “the” candidate because the whole list of candidates has been a ruse to keep smokey occupied so that Jacob can finish grooming Ben who has been slated to take over all along. So, Jacob is basically conning smokey all along. I know, crazy, but anything is plausible on lost.

  16. You guys Ive been looking at other sites and people talking about maybe Jacob is really the bad one. I don’t get that. The phrase that keeps sticking with me is when he was talking to Richard Alpert he said if I have to show them the right way then there’s no need it has to be their choice. He’s always let whomever make the decision. The other is MIB has always wanted to kill. How could that be good?

    Am I wrong here?

  17. i cant see jacob being bad but im sure we are in for a few twists so who knows.

    i dont think dez and pennys kids name would be whidmore. it would be whatever dez’s last name is.

  18. was jacks grandfather really that important of a character? id say we never see him again. he s insignificant

  19. Hey folks. I think that Jack’s grandpa falls into a category of things that would have been answered if the show were to continue. But, no time for that now.

    Given that the the first scene of this season was a snapshot of the main island underground, instead of maybe seeing jack, Locke and Vincent sitting on the beach, it might be the surviving losties on hydra island watching the big electromagnetic event going off and sinking the island with Desmond in the middle of it. Then them leaving to return to the real reality. This would mean that Rose and Bernard would die, as they appear to be the only ones staying on the main island. But not everyone lives.

  20. I am still thinking that MIB lied to Jack when he said it was him impersonating Christian when the plane first crashed. Instead, I think it was actually the trapped soul of Christian who would not be able to “pass on” (unlike Libby) because of his treatment of Jack. I say this because if I recall correctly, right before Christian told Michael “you can go now” on the freighter, Michael heard the whispers??? Am I right????? Therefore, that would mean that it was really Christian, who may have been working for Jacob even then.

    I think that other times smokey did impersonate Christian, as I think he flashed Jack when he, Kate and Charlie were cornered by him right after the pilot was killed, and knew that his dad was his number 1 issue. This same flashing is what smokey did to Richard Alpert when he was chained to the black rock which allowed him to conjure up Isabella to manipulate Richard into killing Jacob. This makes me think that when smokey flashed John, that is how he found out about Anthony Cooper, and maybe he was really smokey.

    Who knows. My mind is seriously wandering because I think my Lost withdraws are starting. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE TO GGGGGOOOOOOO BBBBBBAAAACCCCCCCKKKKKK……….

  21. I believe the next episode “the candidate” is reffered to Desmond!!!! Yes right, he has to be the last candidate!! Forget Jack!! Remember MiB walking with Des through the jungle to show him the well where he planned to kill him. Knowing he is gona kill des, suddenly one of these weird kids appeared, this time it was the darker one, just watching and smiling at MIB. (“IGNORE HIM!!”) Des saw him too and we know the same happened to MiB when he was with Sawyer. This means the kid is always appearing when MiB is trying to break an island rule, so said to kill one of the canidates. Desmond is a Candidate, probably the last one.

    Also, Sayid def. didn´t kill Desmond! On the contrary, as i believe Des pushed Sayid to the good side again, ok maybe sort of……we´ll see

  22. Maybe the key lies with the limo driver after all they control the universe…….LOL.

    Maybe Jack’s grandfather is no big deal. Could it have something to do with blood lines? Maybe not. The line where MIB and Jacob are on the beach and MIB sees the ship. They come they fight they die but everything in between is progress. Maybe everyone dies and it starts all over again but they lasted longer than anyone else does…. I could see this being the ending.

  23. s 3 ep 6 I do

    on Hydra Island, Jack does spinal surgery on Ben. Pickett is upset by this and says to another Other, “Ben just put his life in the hands of one of them!” He draws his gun. “Shephard wasn’t even on Jacob’s list

    so what is Jacob’s list ?

  24. shadn- good call on the conversation with that SOB Pickett. Sometimes I think that this list thing is a ruse. After all, why were Cindy, Zack and Emma on a “list” Something is very screwy about the whole thing, but I doubt we will get an answer to it as time is running short.

    And, I think that MIB’s cave is perhaps his attempt to figure out who Jacob thinks is a candidate, instead of definitive proof that those crossed out are not candidates.

    C.P.L.– you are out of control!!!!

    Richard7669- Are you going to be ok is Sun get’s offed in the next few episodes????

  25. damn it DAMN IT DAAAAAAAMMMMNNN IT….!!! Those sneak peaks are BRILLIANT.!!!! Is it me or did sound like Claire is going crazy again.

  26. Jason I used to live in Buckhead. I can find you dude.

    TL- I will survive however what will you do if Sawyer goes first?

    I still think we have another MAJOR twist coming up.

  27. My daughter goes to school up in Buckhead!!! I stay right downtown in Cabbagetown area! Have that limo driver bring you over?! 😉 and have him pick up EVERYONE ELSE ON THE WAY!!!

  28. DDDAAAMMMIITTTT- C.P.L– I can’t get either link to load. WTF??????????

    Richard7669- I have convinced myself that Sawyer will live, so I guess I am not prepared. I will, however, have a good measure of booze when I watch each remaining episode just in case.

    Also, I agree that something big is going to happen that will truly be an all time shocker. Something crazy like Walt being smokey or along those lines. I hope my weak heart and nerves can handle it.

  29. In season 2, when Walt appeared to Shannon soaking wet and spoke backwards ”“Don’t press the button, the button’s bad”, was it really him? And why did he speak backwards?

    I dont think it was him as they knew him, cause at the time he was being held by the Others.

    Was it MIB?

    I dont think so too, cause Walt wasnt dead, and i guess MIB can only take the form of dead people.

    Maybe it was a Walt from some other timeline and thats why he spoke backwards, it may have to do with space/time issues.

    And when Walt appeared to Locke in season 3, after he was shot by Ben? Who was it?

    I guess it was also a Walt from some other timeline, not MIB.

  30. doesn’t seem to me like we are going to get walt answers unfort.

    Every interview with the writers bothers me. They hint at answering the 1 big mystery yet there are far more than that. Damon in this past interview says we want to answer that one big question how do these time lines relate. I don’t think that is the main question.

    What do you guys think is the main question that needs to be answered?

    For me it is What is the Island or what is the relevance to the island in relation to the characters or the rest of the humanity?

  31. Adam,here are my questions:

    – What is the Jacob/MIB war/game?

    – How did they end up on the island?

    – When did the timeloop started?

    – How did MIB became the smoke monster?

    – What exactly is the island?

    – Why were these losties picked up as candidates?

    – Why was Locke the one chosen by MIB?

    – What is the sideways world?

  32. Adam , if they dont answer these vital questions, it would be so disappointing!!!

    These are crucial mysteries that need a closure.

    I am sure the ending will still make us debate for a long time to understand it, but without the pivotal answers we wont get to a conclusion.

    Some much minor doubts that i have, to wich i dont expect any answers:

    In the mobisode ”So it begins” Christian tells Vincent to wake up Jack, because he has WORK TO DO.

    Walt appears to Locke in the massgrave after being shot by Ben and tells him he has WORK TO DO.

    Anna Lucia appears to Hurley as a cop, pulls over his car and tells him he has WORK TO DO.

    What work would be that?

    Are all these visions the same entity?

    Was it MIB or Jacob?

    But Walt wasnt dead, and Anna Lucia was off the island, so how come would it be MIB?

    Can Jacob take human forms too, even from a person who is alive like Walt?

    Why all these visions have the same speech?

    Also, in the season four finale in a flash forward, Kate wakes up and receives a phone call from a man who speaks in reverse. The translation of that speech: “You have to go back, the Island needs you.”

    Who was that?

  33. I would add one more major question:

    – Why is Desmond special?

    We can figure out its because the discharge of the Hatch implosion, but i guess Locke was there too and it didnt make him special like Desmond.

  34. – What is the Jacob/MIB war/game?

    – How did they end up on the island?

    There are a few I don’t think we need or will get

    – When did the timeloop started?
    Only because I think we know when. When the donkey wheel got turned.

    – How did MIB became the smoke monster?
    I’d like to know but don’t think it’s imperitive

    – What exactly is the island?
    100% important

    – Why were these losties picked up as candidates?
    Interesting and I’d like to know but not sure if we get it.

    – Why was Locke the one chosen by MIB?
    Because he left the island died and came back. I think we already go this. If not I don’t think we get it.

    – What is the sideways world?
    It’s what would have happened if the plane landed safely in LA.

  35. I think the Desmond question is already answered by either him finding his constant or the electromagnetism explosion in the hatch.

  36. Hey all. My questions primarily center around the island itself. That is, what is it, why is it so hard to find, why you have to be on a single heading to approach it, why the unique properties like time displacement, electromagnetism and healing powers (locke, patchy, rose), why pregnancy problems, why it needs a guardian and has evil on it, and why can it be “moved” with a flying donkey wheel.

    Beyond that, I am with Adam and feel that the other questions will not be answered, and especially those specifics about the characters, except perhaps Jack.

  37. – Adam, i guess the sideways world is much more than just
    ” what would have happened if the plane landed safely in LA”.

    We know it connects somehow to the island world, so its not an independent world, a what if world.

    Why is that? Why they connect to each other? When did it really start? I dont think it was the bomb.

    Are MIB and Jacob there?

    The sideways was the main change in the way of telling the story, so we need more explanations about it.

    – About the timeloop i refered, i think it goes waaaay back in time, at least since we first saw Jacob and MIB on the beach in the 1800’s, so theres more to it.

    – I guess Desmond being special and having the rules not applied to him needs further explanations, specially concerning his past and his parents.

  38. Thank you Jonathan for post the link….

    I am currently reading a book by Michio Kaku called Parallel World. Which discusses String Theory, the expansion of the universe, and 14 dimensions. All of this then factored into time…. A GREAT READ IF YOU ARE INTO THE PHYSICS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!


    When I was watching season 3 and the episode where Juliet goes to the try to get the medicine for Claire…. in the background there is this strange symbol on the tree… When watching it… the camera takes obvious take in getting the symbol shot in the picture…MORE THEN ONCE…. I WISH SOMEONE ELSE WOULD WATCH THIS TO NOTICE THIS TOO…SO I CAN DIALOG ABOUT IT WITH SOMEONE… (I will try to find it online too)

  40. Jason.. I think that’s the same symbol that they brand Juliette with when she killed one of the others.

  41. Hi,

    We are talking about what mysteries we would like to see cleared up. Here are some of mine (if the answers are already known then I would be delighted if anyone would put me in the picture):-

    I want to know why the (was it US) military came to be on the island back in the 50’s, and why.

    I want to know how Dharma came to be on the island in the 70’s, and why.

    I want to know what the deal is with Polar Bears etc being on the island originally – especially since they have stopped appearing in recent series.

    I want to know why there seems to be some kind of ‘portal’ to the desert in Tunisia (and maybe others too) and how they have been used.

    I want to know what the deal is with Ellie back in what I will refer to as the real world (not the current paralel timeline). Though I am intrigued by what role she seems to fulfil in the paralel timeline too.

    I definitely want to know who built the ancient buildings on the island – including the Temple, the statue and the wells. It would have taken very many people to have made these constructs – so what happened to them.

    Were there other survivors from the Black Rock running aground? There was a Whidmore on the vessel wasn’t there, or was it a Hanso? Because he was called by name when he bought Ricardo as a slave. Also why was it important that Ricardo spoke English?

    There would be loads more questions if I had time to think of them, but these will do for starters.

    Any takers on these?????

  42. 2 sneak previews have been added to the post. Looks like Locke might be “the candidate” referred to in the title.

  43. Scott- I think you called it about John. I am not sure that it works with the whole “dead is dead” concept, but this is lost!!!

    Jason– Thanks. I will look.

  44. I thought Jack meant a candidate for surgery?

    By the way, I’ve always enjoyed reading all the posts on this site. You’ve all got great imagination.

  45. Completely random and off topic but Richard7669 did you know that Sun posed in the February Maxim issue… well just one pic from what I saw.

  46. Scott- thank you but got it saved as wallpaper my friend.

    Here is a random thought see if you guys follow me on this. Jack seems to be the key on both time lines. He has gotten people killed on the island by making bad decisions that has eventually has cost lives by doing things his way.

    Back on the second world he is now making the decision on Locke by saying he is a candidate thus taking his life in his hands again.

    My thought being if Jack kills Locke in the surgery then MIB wins but if Jack let go and has Locke make his own decision then Jack wins by not deciding. Does this make sence? I know what I’m trying to say but I don’t think I’m articulating very well.

    Also I believe when Desmond went through the machine that Widmore built he became Jacob.

  47. Richard7669- Are you suggesting in post 64 that the death of Locke off island is one of the keys to defeating MIB, and that Jack solidifies his role as the new leader if he sits back and let’s another make the decision instead of stepping in???

    As for Des/Widmore, are you suggesting that the electromagnetic blast from Widmore reincarnated Jacob into Desmond???

    You are out of control!!!!!!

  48. jonathan this is major spoiler !!
    i justt read one partt and i regret itt !
    sooo peopleeee DONT READD THISSS !!

    PS: maybe this is not an original but still if it is then MAJOR SPOILER!

    guys im upset because i dont think we are going to get all the answer!

  49. I am weak so I read it. If true it would be MAJOR spoiler. But, I think this one, along with the other one Scott posted, is fake. I still believe that the writers are so anal that they would never let anything this big get out. Also, the timing of this is all wrong.

    I say “trust no one.”

  50. Guys, i warned you,IN CAPITAL LETTERS, those are MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

    I dont know if they are true, but i dint read it, i dont like spoilers, but there are some people who do like , thats why i posted it.

    If you are not a spoiler fan, dont read it.

  51. NO SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Lost” Series Finale Airs Immediately After the Special


    “Lost: The Final Journey” celebrates the show by taking a look back on how it all started in 2004, what it took to produce the seminal show in Hawaii, and how it became a phenomenon in the U.S. and around the world. Past and present cast members will share their experiences working on the show and their thoughts on its coming to an end. Also examined will be the dynamic characters, themes and innovative storytelling, plus an extensive look at what has transpired during the current season as a primer leading into the finale, which airs immediately after this special from 9:00-11:00 p.m., ET.

    “Lost” stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert,Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Jeff Fahey as Lapidus,Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Kim as Sun, Ken Leung as Miles, Lilly as Kate, TerryO’Quinn as Locke and Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana.

  52. i saw there are spoilers and im not reading them so i cant respond to any of this until after the show. but …

    jonathan back to an earlier post i do think the sideway world is more than them just landing safely but i think it all centers around that. thats where it starts i think

  53. TL- you have articulated much better than I on all my thoughts. Thank you my dear.

    Also I believe the pages are fake. I trust no one.

  54. I think it is time for a death watch list.

    I say that Sayid is toast first, as I think he redeemed himself after talking to Desmond. Thus, he has no purpose and I will be happier dead. Too much of a tortured soul.

    Then Widmore. It is time for him to get his due. Maybe Zoe will go with him.

    Then (sorry Richard7669) I say Sun and Jin. They are reunited, their story is done, so they should go together.

    After that, I believe my baby-doll Sawyer will go. Boo-hoo, sniff-sniff.

    Anyone else care to speculate????

  55. Sadly I agree that they are going to start bumping off characters, probably starting with Sayid who def in my opinion has not killed Des but has actually given him a helping hand to climb out of the well.

    I think sideways world is an illusion created by Eloise, Widmore et al to stop the Losties from remembering the island, much like the Village was created and Number 6 was gassed and taken there and told it was all normal. Hey, maybe Smokey is Rover’s island cousin?

    Des is now remembering and is helping others to remember, but remember that Eloise said he wasn’t ‘ready yet’, what did that mean? He obviously has to be central to this illusion as we know the rules don’t apply to him. I think if he can get everyone to remember their time on the island, it will stop the illusion and they will find themselves back on the island but in actual real time.

    Back at the very beginning of Desmond’s story, Brother Campbell (he with the pic of Eloise) told Des that he was obviously ‘meant for a greater purpose’ – was Des being set up all along maybe with Eloise in the background pulling strings?

    There is no rational reason why so many characters that presiously were dead are now all in the same city and most converging on Jack’s hospital – even if it is in a body bag. I anticipate a few more familiar faces popping up in the off island illusion such as Anna Lucia, Juliet, Michael, maybe Walt if they can get around his 7′ growth spurt, I’d really like to see Mr Eko, and I like the idea someone else posed that he might be a priest at Jack’s hospital.

    I don’t think Kate will die, after rooting for Claire to keep her word and kill her then failing to and changing her mind, I think the opportunity to bump her off has gone. I think Sun and Jin won’t make it but at least they will be in each others arms when they get the chop. I’m in 2 minds about Ben, I would really like him to have been playing Jacob and MIB all along, as he ‘always has a plan’.

    Jack will be fine – he has to be, he’s the only doctor in the city/on the island. Hurley will be ok too as they could not possibly be so mean as to do anything truly horrible to him. Frank will be ok, they’ve brought this character into the main group so quickly and I think they will need him to fly the plane off the island maybe.

    There’s speculation that Miles gets shot, I hope not, his double act with Hurley is sooooooo funny and they could so tour with that, and they both see dead people, perfect pairing.

    One last question, does anyone else think it may be important to know who Penny’s mother is? Are Penny and Des secretly related and that is why Widmore is freaked out at the 2 of them getting together?

    Forgive my ramblings, I am suffering from Lost withdrawl and am booking in for counselling after the finale is over!

  56. Bringbackmrecho- well done on post 81!!! I will be heading to rehab for rapid detox, and then to intensive counseling.

  57. I still believe the sideways world is that what happens after the island time, after the end. However this all plays out, i think the island will sink somehow in the end and after that the other reality begins. I just can´t imagine that these two realities are happening at the same time…….they losties all remembering stuff from the island like a memory they forgot, as the same happened to Desmond in season 3 i think, where he always saved charlies life because of his memories which emerged again and again……

  58. Sayid, Sun & Jin on the death list? I don´t think so! Sun & Jin had just their reunion so it would be a bit to fast to kill them immediatelly out.
    Sayid probably changed the sides….again?….so i don´t think he have to go now…

    Lapidus, Claire, Kate…..on the Death List!!

  59. Okay guys here is my death list in the order I believe they are gone.

    Miles – too bad so sad.

    Sun and Jin- They need to go raise their baby. (i’m really the father by the way but I’m afraid of Sun’s dad so I’m letting Jin take the fall.

    Claire- The nut finally cracks and Flocke takes her out before she does any more damage.

    Hurley- I believe he goes as far as Jacob needs him to take Jack then he goes on.

    Kate- I see her going before Sawyer, this gives Sawyer a purpose to go aganst Flocke.

    Sayid- I believe he hangs in until close to the end and Flocke realises he isn’t all with him then he takes him out himself.

    Sawyer- (sorry TL but he made it father than any one else) I believe he will do some unselfish act to forgive Jack and save him then he goes on to meet Juliette in the other demintion.

    I still believe the last scene is Jack and Flocke on the island and Flocke tells Jack how bad he wants to kill him. Jack hands Flocke a white stone and says “yea I know”. Fade to white.

  60. Many good posts here, from you all. Great!

    My contribution here about WHO will stand as THE ONE AND ONLY CANDIDATE who will replace Jacob…

    It will be…

    John Locke!!!

    But.. wait! Isn’t he dead?? Yes.. kind of.. BUT!!
    I say, MiB did a HUGE mistake when he took John Lockes body!

    Yes, I think Jacob knew/saw what was coming.. Remember when that little kid (Jacob as a child?) told Flocke “You can’t kill. It’s against the rules” (or something similair).

    And Flocke replied “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”, in an angry and typical John_Locke_Mode”…

    What I’m trying to say is that I don’t think that John Locke is 100% dead (on the island).. And maybe Jack’s surgery in the other timeline can affect Flocke in such a direction that John Locke can take over/control the body!!!

    It’s alright if you all think this idea is crazy, but..

    BUT! BUT! BUT!


    And I think it means that there is still hope for John Locke! I know you are still in there John! Take CONTROL of YOUR BODY! Come back! You are really SPECIAL!

    I hope Jack’s surgery will succeed! John Locke = The Candidate!

    Forgive my bad English and have a Nice Whatever everyone!

  61. Richard7669- LOL!!!!!

    Notagoodcandidate- I like how you think. If it is true, then I will know for sure that you work on the show!!!

    Do you think we may see the Hurley bird (Jason’s favorite) on more time??


    Sorry richard ooooohhh so sorry….. for sun…

    damn show made me cry… damn it…

  63. FUCK! Why couldn’t it have been that whore Kate! Dammit I’m done for the night.

    I would have gotten her out of there. I hope someone breaks a branch 18 inches up Flocke’s ass.

    I’ll post more tomorrow. For all you Lapidus fans sorry about shaggy too.


    Ok, enough of that.

    Richard7669- I am sorry. I wish I could pour a cold beer down your throat to comfort you. The whole posieden adventure watery death thing was hard to watch. Not sure why Sun did not tell Jin to live for Jin-yeon. But, I will not speak ill of the dead. Please do not hate Sawyer.

    I am, however, slightly pissed at Sawyer for causing these deaths, but I understand why he did not trust Jack b/c of what happened to Juliete.

    Sayid-farewell my little torturer friend.

    Lapidus- Since I did not see a body, I am not convinced he is dead. Shaggy-come back to us.

    Now to Locke- That SOB. I WANT HIM DEAD FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am TOTALL miffed at this point at the carnage that he unleashed with his lies. Dammit Jack- never put on a strange backpack!!!!!

    Obviously, the C-4 in the plane was put there by Richard et all. Not sure why it was unexploded or where they are, but I guess we will find out in 2 weeks.

    Claire- SNAP OUT OF IT AND DITCH LOCKE. He’s no good.

    OK- I’ll take the night to grieve then process and regroup tomorrow.

  65. One more thing.

    Why were Widmore’s men shooting bullets at the smoke?? I mean if you have to put a sonic fence up to stop smokey, isn’t it clear that bullets will not work???

    I am loving the whole Jack being confident and figuring out Locke’s game. He has come a long way.

    It was nice seeing Bernard without his castaway look, but why would a dentist have jacked teeth like that????

    DESMOND IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. as all of us expected, a lot of dead people this time. I can´t believe they killed Sun & Jin, they just reunited. This means to me the writters are really idiots!! Instead of killing stupid Kate or Claire they are killing Sayid. Shame on the show. Hope the next episode is getting much more better because i believe more n more this all ends bad for us VIEWERS!!!!

  67. Locke is bad – what for news!?
    Jack said the right lines in this episode. He said exactly the truth about MiB need to kill all to leave the island. Also right were Sayid´s words about Jack: “it´s going to be you” – the candidate!!

    All in all this wasn´t AGAIN what i had expected before! It´s so damn annoying to see those idiots shooting on MiB the damn smoke! How stupid are these people actually?

    Sorry guys, but i am really pissed of! When there are only 4 more episodes left they should give us more! This episode wasn´t bad of course but also not what i had expected….

  68. I’m in morning.

    TL- I don’t blame Sawyer and Sayid took one for the team. My only hope is that they torture Kate for the last three episodes.

  69. CPL, Adam, and Total….. YOU WERE ALL RIGHT!!!!!


    Locke will conceed to get fixed…. I am curious is Widmore, Eloise, aaaaannnnd Flocke are in on it all together…

    I still remember seeing a battleship in the previews a few weeks ago…. will that be Penny coming to get her man?

  70. I could not help but think of the episode when Locke talked about the Mouse Trap game while watching this episode.

  71. The last two episodes did not move us forward to answering any questions about anything, but 3 dead in one show, now that’s getting us to “The End.”

    It does look like the MiB episode is next. I hope it provides us with answers.

    I am getting married on May 22nd, I hope my new wife understands that on the first day of our honeymoon, she can take a two hour nap during the season finale.

    I have no new theories, just going to let it play out. I am surprised that Sun & Jin went down with the ship. Not as surprised that Syiad sacrifaced himself.

    I do have some answers to other questions:Not Spoilers

    Juilet is now saving the world from aliens.

    Jack’s wife is now rising another family in California.

    Charlie is off herion, but is now high on power trying to send the world into black outs.

    Desmond’s wife is trying to stop Charlie.

    These are all sideways flashes if they never boarded the plane, or knew someone on the island.

    These writer’s covered everything!!

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