Happily Ever After Sneak Previews – Lost Ep. 6.11

Looks to be one heck of an episode judging from that list of special guests!

LOST “Happily Ever After” (Season 6 Episode 11) – Desmond wakes up to discover he’s back on the island, on “Lost,” TUESDAY, APRIL 6 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Lost” stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Ken Leung as Miles, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Terry O’Quinn as Locke and Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana.

Guest starring are Dominic Monaghan as Charlie, Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond, Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, Fionnula Flanagan as Eloise Hawking, Sonya Walger as Penelope “Penny” Widmore, Fisher Stevens as George Minkowski, Sheila Kelley as Zoe, Fred Koehler as Seamus, Kayren Butler as doctor, Ben Cain as MRI tech, Grisel Toledo as Nurse Tyra, Sundra Oakley as lawyer, Haley Williams as assistant, Jonathan Arthur as Simmons, Gerard Elmore as clipboard guy, Hannah Bell as nurse, Christopher McGahan as techie #1 and Steve Boatright as goon #1.

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  1. We all know Dez does not play by the same rules… I said a few weeks ago (begining of this season) Des can float between what I call Imaginary Time Space Time and Real Time… I am going to stand by this theory…


    I’ve been looking forward to this episode almost as much as Richard Alpert’s episode. Let’s hope that Desmond does not annihilate Widmore when he finds out he is on the island. Des looked PISSED, especially as he said he was never going back.

    I am going to get some Sushi and some Saki so I am ready.

    BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love me some Sushi TL. Saki I can not handle. I believe this is going to open a lot of doors tonight. I can’t wait. 30 more minutes.

  4. I will not be a spoiler, but for those of you who thought that ab aterno was the best eposide ever… well, to me this is the best eposide yet!

  5. I won’t throw any spoilers until tomorrow because of TL being on Colorado time but DAMN I loved this episode. There is a WTF at the end but definately a good episode.

  6. Desmond rules! It was a punch to the stomach!

    One of the best episodes ever, like The constant and Flashes before your eyes.

    Jason, you are right on to something with the imaginary world! I see the alttimeline as a blend of Vaniila Sky and The Truman Show .

    It seems that it was indeed the electromagnetic energy of the swan site that led them to another timeline…

    as well as the EM energy released by the turning of the FDW triggered the time travels……

    So much yet to digest …

  7. Never before the Desmond model ”see you in another life, brotha” made so much sense!

    Desmond is the link between the timelines. He is the constant of them.

    When Penny touched him, was like he traveled between realities…Many references to the episode ”Through the looking glass”…

    Ms. Hawking and Widmore had it all planned …They are always one step ahead…

    I dont think i can sleep…

  8. This was, to me, one of the best episodes in Lost that I’ve ever seen. So many answers, and people from long ago showing up. Also, weird things happened, like Faraday showing up, Penny, and Charlie. And did you guys notice when Desmond was in Witmore’s office, while he was on the phone, and Dez was looking at the model of the “Black Rock” (the boat that Richard Alpert came to the island on), in the background, there was a painting on the wall and there was a scale, with a black rock on one side and a white rock on the other. Just like in the Man In Black, or “Flock’s” cave where he took Sawyer, there was a scale with the black and white rock. He threw the white one in the ocean as an inside joke. But, I just wanted to point that out to all of you. If you DVR’d it, watch it over. It’s cool.

  9. i have to watch again. it casually referenced other episode titles and important dialogue from other episodes. desmond does seem to be all their constants. he probably has to just get them to see that there is another reality that they are in. or something like that. should be interesting. great episode

    whidmore is a good guy…

  10. Adam… Is Charles reaaaallly that good or is he selfishly doing aaaaalll he can to keep Dez away from his daughter.
    In the sliding time which now seems to becoming “Imaginary Time” in my time theory. Ms. Hawkins was very adiment about Dez staying away from Penny…. and of course her and Big Papa are married.

  11. The experiment Widmore made with Desmond was to create the casimir effect that Chang talked about in one of those dharma orientation films, while holding one rabbit in his hands. Widmore recreated the dharma Vault.

    Widmore had a rabbit there too…

  12. I am not sure it was the Black Rock he was looking at. I thought it looked more like a race sailboat. Like some kind of reminder of the way Desmond got to the Island in the first place.

  13. I also said after the first episode that I feel all this will boil down to LOVE. This was also suggested in the episode where Flocke was sharing that he too was once in love…. I forsee us the viewer discovering that statment in some episode.

    I am also begining to think Jacob and Flocke are maybe using everyone to go back to a time to course correct their lives… (just an acute theory)

  14. Montreal SAWYER… HOLY SHIT YOUR PICTURED SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME…LOLOLOLOLOL Looks like a Crack Baby on a roller coaster ride that ran into a Hurley Bird head on!

  15. Last one… I promise… (ok my fingers are crossed)… But something came to mind.

    I remember seeing a promo of a huge steel boat coming through the fog…. It was not the submarine… I wonder if… “it’s Penny’s Boat” coming to the island to save Dez.

  16. Thats a really video, Jason, i’ve seen it before.

    Sharp eye, John, i ll need to see it again.

    In LA X timeline, apart from Desmond, it seems like all the others can only have a flash of their island timeline while experiencing a low state of conscience, like sleeping or near death…it was like that to Charlie and Daniel…i wonder how Desmond will make them all see their other lives…

  17. Scales on the wall. Widmores office. Shown several times.

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
    …and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

    No more clues

  18. Hey folks. WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. My mind is spinning so much right now that even the vodka and tonic I had during the show can’t stop it. WTF. Where do I start.

    Can I be a girl for a minute and say that the suave GQ Desmond business man thing was pretty hot.

    Here goes. Jonathan- I agree– This episode was a mix of Flashes before your Eyes and the Constant, 2 of the best Lost episodes for me.

    Clearly we have reality 1 on the island and reality 2 off the island. With the exception of John in reality 2 (for reasons I don’t yet know), none of the 06 has the all important LOVE. Kate is running wild, Sawyer has no Juliette (or Clementine) and is just getting a slice wherever he can and got dumped by Charlotte, Sayid has Nadia but she is with another man, Jack is divorced and alone, and Sun and Jin are just shakin-up when they can, but clearly cannot be together without daddy picking Jin off. Outside of the 06, Charlie is without Claire, Claire is miserable, Desmond has no Penny, Daniel has no Charlotte, and we don’t yet know about Hurley. Somehow the lack of love separates these 2 realities, but I don’t know how.

    The only 2 happy in reality 2 is Eloise, as she has her precious son Daniel back whom she killed in reality 1, and John who has Helen. There is more to Eloise than meets the eye. She may be bad.

    So reality 2 happened because of the initial release of energy when Des pressed the button. Does this mean that the goal is to get Desmond to set of a second bigger electromagnetic discharge so the island is sunk with smokey on it, thus trapping him forever??

    Does this mean that Widmore wants things to be right-ed (that is get rid of reality 2) so that he has a grandchild and Penny is happy??? If so, that would make him a good guy, Adam!!!


  19. Sorry- meant to say above when Des turned the failsafe key and the hatch imploded.

    Here are my questions.

    1. How did Sayid know to collect Desmond. I mean I don’t think that smokey knew “who” the package was when he sent Sayid to do recon. Or, did he??

    2. How did Widmore know about Des getting an electromagnetic jolt, as He was not around when he turned the failsafe key.

    3. The look on Desmond’s face was strange when he so willingly went with Sayid. It almost looks as if in addition to seeing Penny, Jacob perhaps told him what he needs to do to defeat smokey. Is that possible, given that Jacob is clearly a spirit??

    One more thing– Nice line with Widmore and Des on the McCutcheon scotch, and a 180 degree switch from Widmore previously saying that 1 sip was worth more than Desmond.

    And, my 2 nitpiks. Jin’s leg has been so miraculously healed by the healing properties on the island that he doesn’t even limp a mere 2 or so days after the bear trap. Second, what kind of material made Desmond’s suit such that it get’s trashed and wet and then dries quickly with no wrinkles?? I’d like a pair of pants made out of that please!!!

  20. Last thing:

    MontrealSawyer- I don’t want to date myself, but when I saw your picture I thought of the baby in an old late 70’s/early 80’s move called It’s Alive. That baby in that move was the think that scared me the most, and you’ve got it dead on. Please tell me that you do not look like that (LOL!!!)

  21. I come here to read all these great insights to clear up my confusion……….GREAT EPISODE!!!.Just wanted to know what desmond plans to achieve by showing everyone their alternate lives……I mean what do people in this LAX timeline plan to do about the other timeline because like it was mentioned earlier the people in the actual timeline can release electromagnetic energy to end the LAX timeline but what can the people in the LAX timeline do to effect the outcome……..

  22. What if reality 2 were brought to the island to meet reality 1? Big Bang, island sink!

    I think that is the point. Widmore wants to merge the realities to get the reaction. Don’t know how that involves MiB and the rest, but it would stir up things getting them all together. On a side note, do you think reality 2 Jack will want to take a swing at reality 1 Jack, and vice versa. (For know other reason then being himself)

    What if the MiB battles and defeats the good from the reality 1, only to find out that (and of course, at the same time) the same people (reality 2) show back up on the island. He might feel that Jacob is breaking the rules, then break one himself, and be doomed for eternity, or until the movie.

  23. I can clearly see this was a epic episode for all of us.

    Here are my thoughts

    Which timeline will Widmore try to destroy? The one where he has a grandchild but no contact with them and his son is dead? Or the one where he has his wife, son, daughter, and the man that he knows (YES HE KNOWS) away from his daughter so he can control their destiny?

    Eloise knows what they are doing, I think the bomb as Daniel referenced last night started the alternate time line. I don’t know so much that LOVE has in it but rather it gives the Widmore, Eloise people a chance to “correct” the mistakes that they made after they left the island.

    John, good catch on the painting and the ship. In the constant episode in widmore’s office there was a painting of the polar bear.

    And on Charlie I believe he’s wanting to die because then he could have the feeling for Claire he had again and it wouldn’t be a mystery but a memory.

    In my friend’s totallylost words here are my nitpicks. Sayid which tells Flocke he feels nothing cries OW when hit by a dart and then still doesn’t kill women why? He has remorse?

    That’s what I got for now.

    Montreal did the baby get delivered or chew it’s way out?

  24. This is a theory of mine that is far out there, has no bias for coming to be, and is most likely wrong, but it would be an interesting if it was true.

    There are five major religions in the world today, and 16% of the world’s population is non-religious. Strecthing here a little, but what if the Oceanic 6, plus Ben Linus represent those religions, and one yet to come.

    Although we have been with the same religious thoughts for about 2000 years now, religious views have change throughout history. The Sun, the moon, the gods of Olympus, the planets, are to name a few. I know it sounds mad now, but if you asked a ancient greek warrior who he believe would save his soul, without hesitation, he would say Zues, or one of the gods. Sort of like a student of Islam or Christianity now. THEY believe they are RIGHT. So to get back to the point, religious views have changed throughout time.

    Who represents who?

    Ben – Judaism
    The others in thier Temple. Ben was their leader, and when he turned the wheel, he was off the island, but looking to get back to his land.

    Jack – Chritianity
    At the sacriface of himself, he is always doing right by ohters.

    Kate – Non-religious
    She always does what is best for herself. Her flaws make her a human being, she is ready to follow, but is always in the moment.

    Hinduism – Sun
    I do not know enough about the simalarities other then it is a far east religion.

    Islam – Siyad
    Same as above. He looks the part.

    Hurley – Same as above. He is fat like Budda.

    In my theory, Aaron would represent the new religion that is coming. The island is bringing people from all the other religions to convert.

    Like I said just a half-cooked theory. But if you look at the island dynamics, each of these players have followers, or people who would fight for them. Jacob is the Mib, he represents God, or a god, or a person of a spirtual nature. The MiB is the wrath of Jacob! They have waited long enough for a world religion of peace and love to emerge. Humans has continually let them down, this is their apocalyspe. Take a small study sample of the world, see how they would react to a place of Eden, give them weapons, and see if they detroy each other. They continually do. Time for a change.

    In 2000 years, people will be believing in the “Book of Lost.” I’m sorry, people don’t read anymore, “The DVD of Lost.”

  25. Richard….

    I feel Widmore & Eloise are both trying to destroy island time…. Eloise to be back with son… Widmore to try and control Des from EVER being with Penny. HOWEVER!!!!! What we saw when Des touched Penny’s had he flashed back(sideways) to the island once again…maybe suggesting… Des’s disruption of time movement(in this case disruptin the back home timeline)… No doubt in my mind this ALLLL ABOUT LOVE AS FLY ON A WALL MENTIONED.

    Now…. what does this all have to do then with Jacob and MIB????? My guess and I will say this again is that the same time issue will somehow come into play with the two of them and we will see some sort of course correction that will allow the two of them to fix a situation in time that MIB started to really Hate Jacob…. Home how they both had to of lost someone they both loved… THIS ONLY MAKES SENSE… Don’t know why but just does to me….

    ….we do know that in the Old Testament Jacob and Esau have a falling out and Jacob works to gain the love of his brother back…..


  26. Jonathan!!!! thank you SO MUCH!!!!

    So with that in mind… Real time’s(island time) “Imanaginary Time” is the OFF ISLAND time. aaaannnnd

    Real time’s (off island time) “Imaginary Time” is the ON ISLAND.

    Space Time is the time between the two.

  27. TL, maybe Widmore and Eloise knew about Desmond from Faraday’s journal.

    Interesting that in the flashsideways, aside from Desmond, the ones who had a glimpse of the previous timeline were the ones who died on it…Charlie and Faraday.

  28. I think that Adam might have a point….he said that desmond is the constant of all the characters on the show…when desmond was in the hospital, we saw on the brain scanner the numbers 37,215 and 46. when we add them up, it gives the total of 308 !!! jaacob said in the lighthouse episode that someone was coming to the island, and he told hurley to look at 308… coincidence !? i think not ! desmond is gonna do something big with the remaining losties.

  29. As some of us said, i guess Desmond is the 108 Jacob talked about.

    He is the sum of all the numbers ( candidates).
    He is the one who was saving the island by pushing the buttom every 108 minutes.
    He is the one who will save them all by showing the truth and giving them a choice, as well as detaining MIB.

    I guess he will sacrifice himself for that.

    I wonder who his father was…maybe Jacob?

  30. I thought the scene at the end where Des agrees to go with Sayid was really weird. Does anyone thing its possible Des actually died in the test and that his body was taken over by either a MIB or Jacob, or is he just had an epiphany and is a man on a mission?

  31. I thought the rabit experiment we didn’t actually see a duplicate rabbit created but rather two time threads overlapping…??? That was my take on it.

    I mean when we saw all the time jumping last season we saw character see others but not themselves….

  32. Jonathan re post 40- I think you are right on, and that Desmond (and perhaps not Richard Alpert) is the key to this whole thing. I also agree that the losties will have a choice of which reality/life to live.

    Scott re post 42- I also thought that it was strange how easily Desmond went with Sayid. I am not sure if it was because it was not really Des, or because whatever his mission is, going with Sayid will make it easier.

    Was it just me or didn’t Claire tell Kate in LA X or one of those episodes that her baby’s name was Aaron, even though she told Desmond that she did not know if it was a boy or a girl. What gives???

    Also, didn’t Desmond have a wedding ring on when he sat near Jack on flight 815?? Or was that my imagination too.

    I was thinking that Widmore’s 20 year drive to find the island was not to exploit it for personal gain, but prompted by some foresight into MIB’s plan to leave. But then I thought of the freighter whose goal was to remove Ben. Why go all that way after 20 years of searching for the island just to get Ben when Desmond, the key to the whole thing, was already there?? Something is amiss here.

  33. Findmekate- post 33, unique and interesting theory!!!

    Jason my friend, re post 35- It is possible that instead of Jacob trying to off smokey, he is trying to restore him so that he will be happy, which will end this whole thing. So, you may be right about Jacob’s intentions.

    Last, is it possible that when the hatch implosion caused the ash break and set smokey’s final plan in motion. I am thinking that it did much more than just what we saw.

    I am waiting to hear comments from Jones, C.P.L. Scoppie and Karen!!!!!

  34. Hot damn, another astonishing episode! Any more like that, and this series will qualify as the best-til-last.

    What I love about the side flashes is the guilty voyeurism of knowing these people for actions they’ve never taken , knowing how they’ll react even in utterly inverted situations to the one they may have been in before.

    When Charlie was telling Dez about the woman he saw (some of young Master Merry’s finest ever work I thought) – was it Claire? Or was what he felt when he died briefly the same thing Dez saw, did he see Penny? Or possibly his own death? That might explain why he’s so chirpy.

    (Loved his reference to Jack – “some sodding idiot” – half an hour later he’s barging past him in a corridor).

    It’s great to have Desmond back, he was always so great at being the most normal character on the show… apart from the electromagnetism and the gift of foresight of course. He may still be the key to the whole thing, pun intended.

    There were just too many knock out moments in this episode – Dez’s other button, Elouise’s chilling warning, Charlie’s jaywalking and drastic bath, Faraday’s hat (what’s the betting he hasn’t plucked up the guts to tell Charlotte he loves her in this reality too, although she IS busy with Sawyer at the moment).

    And then Desmond arrives back on the island, grinning, with an idea in his head about setting off a nuke and seeming every bit as brain-washed as Sayid, who he then happens to meet… everything is coming together but with every layer of answers unpeeled there’s another layer of questions beneath it! But then, this is Lost, that’s the appeal.

    And the best thing about it all is I can imagine future episodes being better.

  35. I personally feel Dez is all in a state of “all is good” because he has already experienced time jumping and how a “Constant” can course correct… Now again him knowing this and experiencing the time jumping again… he sees another life of which him, Daddy W get along like father and son… aaaaaannnndddd he meets “again” the love of his life…

    To me this is simple… all he has to do is be a role player in “real time” and he can achieve the life he desires to have in the “imaginary time” (See Post #36… and all the other headache making time theory posts I’ve made)…. This way he won’t have be pushing a sodding button the rest of his life.

    Of course… all can change…. Even with Eloise barking “whatever happens…happens..”

  36. Total…you just may be right….

    included with that… maybe Jacob has actually been manipulating MIB to course correct!

  37. Jason, when i said duplicated i meant exactly what you wrote…the experience made a double rabbit appear, from a different time…i didnt express myself right…

    TL, Desmond indeed had a ring…and great insight about love…it made me think…

    Can Ms. Hawking be working with MIB? I mean, this flashsideways is like a built up world made according to each one’s expectations and reminds me of MIB’ promises to them…
    Locke is the only one who has love…and he was MIB…

  38. Scoopie, the driver was Minkowski, the radio operator of the freighter who died in Desmond’s hands , due to side effects of time travel. He also seems to know something…

  39. Here’s another thought how the hell is a limo driver going to get a flight manifest? Maybe he could ask one of his lady of the evenings?

    So the theory now is when Desmond turned the key it started a new time line in an alternate world? I don’t know because Eloise and Widmore how would they know they were in the wrong time line?

  40. All of your points are very interesting. I don’t think LOVE has anything to do with it though. It would so out of left field if it did after dealing with time travel, religion, candidates etc..

    Desmond’s role seems undetermined at this point but clearly other people know whats going on. Charlie, Hawking and Faraday were all aware of things. How much is undetermined.

    My initial thinking is Hawking is bad and Whidmore is good.

    The woman who came out of the police station with Charlie when Dez met him looked like Michaels Ex-Wife, Walts mom. It’s interesting because Michael is in next weeks episode.

    I think Dez is going to try to get all the other passengers to realize that they were in another time, many of them have had glimpses to it. When Jack saw the scratch on his neck in the plane being one. I won’t mention the others but you all know what I mean.

    Just like before the island time all the characters are coming into contact or crossing paths again. Not sure what that means.

    Faraday said the time line they are in is because he blew up a nuclear bomb and they are in an altered reality. They should be in the island time line that is their original time line and probably never should have been altered.

    I think Dez knew that Sayid is a bad guy but went with him to not let on that he knew Sayid is bad.

    By Whidmore being good I mean that he is going to go against Flocke who is bad. He is I’m sure out for some selfish reason.

    I am positive the two time lines will meet somehow.

    You should read all the coming weeks episode titles. One is called the last recruit another is the candidate and also one called what they died for. Very interesting. I think the last one could mean adam and eve and not necessarily a current character.

  41. Richard7769- Ok, I am laughing at the your comment re the limo driver getting a passenger manifest. That was good. Also, was it just me (being female), but who in LA goes stair running alone in a stadium at night, and when a man walks up to you, you do not break out and use the mace or stun gun and run??? What the Hell. I would have been long gone, unless of course that was Sawyer walking towards me with our without a shirt!!! But, I guess they had to get Penny and Des together somehow, so I am happy.

    Adam- I agree with you that Eloise might be bad. I also think that she serves as some sort of universe course-correcting agent, hence her office at the Lampost. We are not done with her yet. Also, I do think that Desmond needs to get to the candidates to convince them to make a choice, which is why he went with Sayid.

    Does anyone want to put someone on the death watch list???? We have not had one for a while.

  42. I guess I kind of owe the writers an apology for whining about my perceived uselessness and part boredom of the flash sideways. I am beginning to think that those guys are brilliantly brilliant for the way they put this together and are unfolded it. With 7 episodes plus the 2 hour finale, it is going to be great.

    Hats off to Damon and Carton!!!!!!!

  43. Last one for the night.

    Scoppie said in post 47: “And then Desmond arrives back on the island, grinning, with an idea in his head about setting off a nuke and seeming every bit as brain-washed as Sayid . .”

    That got me thinking. Zoe said that she was hired to find the electromagnetism pockets on the island, and was using Jin to do it because of the maps he made in 77′. So if another electromagnetic discharge needs to go off to course correct, trap smokey, and/or set things right, how can that happen?? I mean something has to generate enough force to release that electromagnetism. So what do we have? It’s not the flying donkey wheel, and Widmore’s makeshift shock-shack hardly seems powerful enough. So, this brings me back to, as Scoppie said, ”setting of a nuke” which means jughead. I mean we do not know for 100% sure that it detonated. Yes we saw a flash of light, but we also saw that when the hatch imploded, and the island moved.

    So is it possible that jughead can be retrieved from the swan site and used??? Or perhaps the big jughead under Dharmaville has some spare explosive parts that handy Sayid can use to create some sort of explosive devise (provided that he can still think). And, given that Desmond is the only one who can get close enough to the electromagnetism without getting fried, that is the plan.

  44. This is my theory about Lost in totality and I am just basing this on my imagination and check this first time watching the series by starting to watch it in the Final Season. So I do not have all the intricate details of previous seasons as you folks do. I must say, I should have watched it when it first started but somehow I just cant sit and watch too much sitcom. However since I do not have any basis of previous season’s stories, I am really enjoying this season as I am able to piece more things and almost every character is see is “new” to me. So here is my quick theory about this and like i said, it is just my imagination working and I could easily be 100% wrong. So here goes:

    There was a nuclear explosion that wiped out humanity or majority of it at some point. When that point was, I am not sure. Pockets like the Lost island are the only ones remain that can harbor life due to a magnetic shield of some kind that protected it from the nuclear fallout and radiation..continued.. below

  45. Either a nuclear explosion or a EM pulse ripped time and space in that region to reveal a new parallel universe, where every human beings life has multiple choices and dimensions. The Oceanic flight hit the magnetic shield of the island which then disintegrated. Since Desmond was also on that flight, he along with the ones remaining can all can withstand the electromagnetic impulse. However Whitmore said “my son died here” in that electromagnetic chamber, which means that his son could not withstand that impulse. Thus people who are alive on the island now from the original flight are the ones that survived the radiation and can possibly survive the electromagnetic pulse. The nuclear explosion however seems to have created or exposed a multiverse universe, as in a parallel universe. Where our one life lives in many dimensions and the choices we make or not make are explored in all of them. But accepting our “death” in this one dimension, we can perhaps live our life in the other parallel universe that makes us “happy” or that helps us pursue what we really “love”. Also notice the time scale. Desmond was out for just few seconds after the EM impulse, however in the parallel universe the time scale is stretched, thus he was able to experience a longer reality.

  46. Great episode! but one thing doesn’t makes sense. why would desmond want the names of the people on the plane? only charlie and daniel felt it and daniel wasn’t on the plane, so why would he think the people on the plane has anything to do with it?

  47. Help me out guys, its complicated:

    There were two timelines ON the island.

    The original 2004 timeline we’ve seen for 5 years and the present 2007 timeline , wich is a timeline altered by the losties time travels to the past. For example, in this 2007 timeline, there’s a photo of the losties in dharma and Jin’s name is in a dharma map.

    Then we can assume this 2007 is a continuation of the 1977 in wich they set off the bomb? I guess so.

    So if the bomb did explode in 1977 and the plan worked, was the swan ever built in this timeline?

    After the flash when Juliet hit the bomb, they ended up in this 2007, in the swan site…I think it was implied that the way they found it was the way it got after Desmond turned the failsafe key…

    So, if there was a swan built in that place, and Desmond was there pushing a button, the bomb must have not exploded…or it would destroy the site and swan would necer exist…

    its so confusing…

    shed some light in my tormented brains please…

  48. Haven’t read all the posts yet so sorry if I’m duplicating. Did anyone notice Hurley’s imaginery friend? When Desmond enters an elevator for a split second you can see a guy dressed in all white… I thought it looked like Hurley’s imaginery friend. Any thoughts?

  49. Jason- you’re an artist correct? I’m writing a newcomic book and I need someone to illustrate it. It’s called the limo driver. Able to get manifest with a single call. Able to pick you up at the airport and save a bus of school children at the same time it’s the limo driver. You know Obama ran this whole healthcare reform through his driver before signing it. What’s the problem? Next elections I’m voting for the limo driver. Sandra Bullock F U Jessie I’m taking the limo driver to the next Oscar’s.

    The limo driver. LOL!!!!!!

  50. Post 45 Totallylost
    Desmond and Claire interacted in the airport before Claire was with Kate in the hospital and had the epiphany about her baby’s name, Aaron.

    Post 59 imfiction
    I think Widmore meant his son died on the island not in the electromagnetic ‘Shock-Shack’. Which I assume refers to Daniel Faraday.

    Post 62 jonathan
    My take is: The losties on the island in 2007 are in the timeline where the Bomb did not blow up. The incident in the 70’s was hitting a large pocket of electromagnetic energy that like the donkey wheel sent the 70’s losties through space time to 2007. In this timeline everything on the island we’ve seen happened.
    The plane landing safely in LAX is the timeline where the Bomb blew up. The swan was never built and the island sunk; no Darmaville, no Losties. I wonder where Jacob went?

  51. TL post #57

    Maybe in the new off island time line there is a bomb on the island that was never detonated and is still sitting in the ground or wherever. So maybe Dez will have them go back to blow it up and course correct again.

    Desmond is Faraday’s constant so maybe because of that it will allow him to be aware of both time lines and make things happen on the island to help the cause.

    After thinking about it maybe love does play a part in the whole thing. Maybe they all will remember the island time line by remembering the person they loved? Was that the basic idea you were getting at Jason? I don’t think it is the be all end all but maybe that’s what gets them to recognize the alternate time line.

    I still stand by that the time lines will meet each other because one time moves slower than the other and they will catch up.

  52. Richard7769- You have mental problems!!!!! Perhaps you need a little more “SUN”!!!!!!!!!!

    Infiction- Real good theory for someone who has not watched the show since day 1. Your guess is as good as anyone ‘s!!!!!

    Scott(not that one)- Post 64– I agree with you re the 2 timelines, and especially that the bomb has NOT gone off in the on island world. That is why I think Jughead will still be used to defeat MIB’s plan to leave.

  53. Adam- I was thinking that in the new off island timeline the island was sunk, as we saw in LA X. But, the thought that Desmond may go back in time to detonate a bomb, perhaps by using the flying donkey wheel, is right on. I mean we know the bomb exists in the past, so why not go back there and bring it forward. Also, I totally agree that Desmond and Faraday being constants in 2 different realities lets Desmond connect with both.

    The more I think if it, the electromagnetic properties on the island had a lot to do with smokey being tied to the island, and when Desmond turned the failsafe key and let out the charge of energy, it freed smokey so he could finally get to Jacob. I re-watched “Flashes Before Your Eyes” yesterday, and the release of energy was so huge that maybe all the remaining energy, which flowed into the swan site, was permanently released. So there is another reason to go back in time to when the electromagnetism was active.

  54. So somehow I think that Ms Hawking in alt timeline and Widmore island time are aware of the other timeline happenings.
    when widmore was talking to Desmond he seem to know all the things that he had given up to make this happen and what things would be like if he hadn’t done all these things.
    and it seemed that Mrs Hawking (widmore) had gotten like a second chance with her son and life.
    I wonder in this alt timeline if Widmore and Eloise had been on the island before like what we have seen in island time.
    We saw them on the island back in the 50’s right? before our losties had blown of the jughead in the 70’s.
    And maybe this all does have something to do with Love.
    It seems like on the island time all of our losties have been searching for someone to love them. and that is what drives them to make certain decisions in their life, thats how they all ended up on the island in the first place.

    Jack searching for love from his father, that’s why he went to austrailia.
    Sawyers love for his parents seeking revenge in Australia.
    Kate’s love for her mom and the little airplane guy, why she ran to Aust.

    I mean love is what has driven these characters to do the things that they do, and why they are where they are.
    does that make sense.

  55. Oops- I meant “Live together, Die alone”– not Flashes before your eyes in post 67.


    AMAM- This whole show has everything to do with love!!!!! Man I can go down the list!!!!!! Especially last nights episode. But even so, so far this season in the sideways time line each have reconnected with their loved ones! Dude SERIOUSLY… this everything to do with that magical word.

    Richard… I am a sculptor, painter, performance artist. Not too good with the illustration portion according to traditional comic figure rendering. Rebuilding my webpage now but I do have some work up you are more then welcome to check out. http://www.jasonsweetart.com/)

  57. My first time commenting on here! Always read the discussion, but after this episode i had to comment!!

    One of the best episodes, thought I was bias because I love any Desmond episode, but glad to read all appreciated it!!

    I’m probably repeating what has already been said, but It really does come down to Love, and without crashing on the island the losties would never have felt the true meaning of love.

    Jack would never know his love for Kate (and vice versa)
    Sawyer – again the same for Kate but also for Juliet (we’ll probs get to see how this plays out in the off-island realty)
    Jin & Sun would never have been together properly or had there child off island (therefore known the love of having a child)
    Des – Penny’s love would be non-existent
    Charlie – the love him and Claire shared
    Faraday – Charlotte
    Sayid – at least when the plane crashed he had Nadia briefly…
    Hurley – Lib and him getting together

    Sayid, Claire & Hurley are the 3 that are not that much better off (or understanding the meaning of love) as much as it would effect others. I can’t explain this and leaves holes in the theory but hopefully next weeks episode will help to understands Hurley’s situation.

    Sayid and Claire I think are actually now doomed to the same ending MIB may face….

    I think it will question the losties on whether they would have preferred to crash – to feel true love and leave life as is or to get what they always wanted (or what they thought they wanted) in life.

    Unsure who this links to MIB & Jacob, but its maybe the island is to open up people, that nothing in the world really matters other than love.

    What a lost love-fest!

    roll on next week…

  58. Welcome LuluLondon- Sayid had a little love for Shannon on island even though Nadia was dead, whereas off island his brother had Nadia. Claire had Aaron at least for a while, and we don’t yet know Hurley’s off island story to compare the 2 timeiles to see how if he came out better.

    I will also add that both Sawyer (my No. 1 guy) and John got some major on island healing when sawyer killed Anthony Cooper. For sawyer it released his life long quest to avenge mom and dad, and for John, he got rid of the no good loser who made his life a living hell. Kate also got rid of that psychopath Marshall that chased her all over the world.

  59. That’s me…lol… Still working the 30lbs off I put on for that performance too… sucks!

    Thanks Jonathan for checking it out.

  60. Jason great site. Okay so we turn the comic book into a broadway play. You better hire a professional trainer if your gonna be a Limo driver. You think Supean was big …….. Here I come to save the day in my Limo I’m on the way. LOL!

  61. Adam, i was reading something and i need your help here:

    If Jacob is good, why did he order Richard and Ben to do the purge, killing all dharma folks? Where they bad?

    Why kill Juliet’s husband off the island?

    Kidnapping of Walt and pregnant women?

    Was it really Jacob who was behind all that stuff?

  62. Good news:

    ABC has found more time to say goodbye to “Lost.”

    The network has decided to supersize its farewell to the iconic drama, expanding a previously announced one-hour pre-show to two full hours. The special is now expected to air from 7-9 p.m. on Sunday, May 23, right before the two-hour “Lost” finale.

    Add in a special “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — “Lost: After the Final Rose”– airing that Sunday, and ABC is now planning to devote no less than five hours of airtime to the “Lost” swan song.

  63. To support that:

    – Jacob said the island was the cork preventing the evil
    ( MIB) to come out.

    – The hatch was the cork preventing the evil
    ( eletromagnetism) to come out.

    – In the hatch, the numbers were inserted to keep the EM at bay and not get out.

    – The candidates( numbers )job would be to prevent MIB from leaving.

    – Desmond turned the failsafe key to the contain the EM escape .

    – Desmond now will probably avoid MIB from leaving, maybe destroying him.

  64. Jonathan. I think that I agree with everything you said, which seems to solve this smokey mystery. Well done.

    I think, however, that you have to have one basic assumption for that theory to work. First, that even though the hatch was keeping the electromagnetic charge (a.k.a smokey) at bay, that clearly did not prevent smokey from roaming around the island. I mean Dharmaville had sonic pylons up well before Desmond turned the failsafe key, smokey was at the black rock when it crashed, and the pilot was killed before that. Perhaps you have another way of accounting for these smokey manifestations that I have not thought of.

    I guess that the failsafe key allowed smokey to put his plan in motion to destroy the island, which is the bigger cork that contained him, and thus allowing him to leave.

    I hope that made sense.

  65. TL, i dont think that the electromagnetic energy of the swan was Smokie. It was pure eletromagnetism…

    What i said is that somehow Smokie is made of electromagnetism.

    I just made a parallel to compare the similar situations envolving the eletromagnetic energy and Smokie.

  66. Got it Jonathan– yes it makes a difference when you are made of electromagnetism, as opposed to being it!!!!!

  67. JONATHAN!!!!! SLOOOOWWWW DOWN!!! How in the world did that observation come to you …??? YOU ARE FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!

  68. Jason, thanks.
    I dont know if its correct, but it would make sense in the context of the island….i prefer that then smokie being an egyptian entity or something like that…

  69. Jonathan – your questioning of Jacob’s status as good or evil in post 80, do we really know that any of that was Jacob’s doing? We know that Ben Linus was calling the shots in Jacob’s name from the purge onwards, but from last season’s finale we know that Jacob never even met Ben, and didn’t seem to care for him too much (“What ABOUT you?”) – perhaps MiB has been playing Ben all along?

    I want to know what happened to young Ben after Sayid had shot him and Richard took him to the temple – presumably for a dunking in the pool – after which we were told he would never be the same again. Let’s not forget that Richard did this BEFORE jughead was detonated – meaning that alternate-reality-substitute-teacher Ben has been baptised in the waters of Jacob (if indeed that’s what they are, remember what happened to Sayid).

    Right, time to start obsessing over Everybody Loves Hugo…

  70. Jonathan _

    I agree with Scoppie. We can’t be sure that Jacob was making all of those things happen. On the other hand Ben was angry enough to stab Jacob for blindly following him with no real understanding of why other than Jacob wanted it.

    Now remember Jacob didn’t do anything he gave people a choice. They had free will to choose whatever they wanted(Much like God).

    I see what you are saying though, how could he order or behind bad things happening if he was a good guy?

    I don’t remember Jacob giving the orders for all of those things to happen, so I can’t argue that he didn’t ask for it.

    I think Ben still could end up manipulating and be a bad guy. That was always his role. Why would it change now. I’m going with Ben as a bad guy until he truly proves otherwise.

    As for Jacob all of those actions he may or may not have ordered might be a part of lost that isn’t addressed. It might just be that Jacob is good and they (writers) won’t explain those things he may or may not have ordered. Wouldn’t be the first time they do not address a hypocrisy on the show from previous seasons.

  71. After watching the last episode all I could think of was John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s “All You Need is Love”. You all can do your in-depth analysis of sideways this and sideways that but when you get down to the nitty gritty of what’s going on in the chapel – it’s all about connecting with a loved one. OK – I’m an aging child of the 60’s and as I grow older it’s all about keeping those connections.
    I will truly miss “Lost”.

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