Everybody Loves Hugo Sneak Previews – Lost Ep. 6.12


Harold Perrineau Guest Stars as Michael

Cynthia Watros Guest Stars as Libby

“Everybody Loves Hugo” – Hurley agonizes over what the group should do next, and Locke is curious about the new arrival to his camp, on “Lost,” TUESDAY, APRIL 13 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Lost” stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Ken Leung as Miles, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Terry O’Quinn as Locke and Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana.

Guest starring are Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond, Harold Perrineau as Michael, Cynthia Watros as Libby, Francois Chau as Pierre Chang, Lillian Hurst as Carmen Reyes, Bruce Davison as Dr. Douglas Brooks, Kenton Duty as teenage boy, Samm Levine as clerk, Jesse Smith as waiter and Archie Ahuna as Tito.

“Everybody Loves Hugo” was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Dan Attias.

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  1. Remember guys what they said about Desmond early on,
    that he is the game changer.
    somehow I think that he’s like the other losties in the sense that MIB nor Jacob can kill him, but what makes him different is that they can’t recruit him to either side.
    Maybe Desmond is the 3rd party or plan c.
    maybe just maybe Desmond can create an alternate solution.
    like a free pass or if he can somehow regroup the two realms then our losties wouldn’t have to go with Jacob or MIB. He will find another way. wow!! totalylost your right,I am brilliant.

  2. Biglostfan, good point!

    Flocke first told Claire that he was 3 people shy of having enough to leave…then later told Sawyer that he needed Hugo, Sun and Jack to join them because, just as they needed to be together to return to the Island, so they also need to be together to leave “this god-forsaken rock”.

    I guess we can exclude Sayid and Locke from the candidates.

    So they would be:
    1 – Jack
    2 – Hugo
    3 – Sawyer
    4 – Jin or Sun
    5 – Kate? ( her name was on the lighthouse)
    6 – ? Desmond? ( he saw the little boy, just like Sawyer did, while Richard didnt, so maybe only cadidates can see him)

  3. Jon, good point!!!
    that only the canidates can see the little boy. I totally forgot about Richard not seeing the kid.
    totally supports my theory, thanks!!

    this is way out there but what if the little boy that we are seeing is MIBs hummanity. my theory is that MIB and Jacob killed each other over the love of a woman, possibly their mother, and because this is such a horrible sin, God punished them both to this place in search of their hummanity. and MIB is running from his,but Jacob wants to embrace it. obvoiusly we have seen Sayids hummanity disappear and now he is offically on MIBs side. does this make sense to anyone?

  4. Biglostfan- WOW!!!! you are on a roll today. Right on!!!! Great theories. Your brain is spinning just like mine. It is hard to say what happened between MIB and JACOB, but we will find out in the episode that is called something like Across the Sea.

  5. GREAT POINTS ALL OF YOU!!!! I have one or two.
    First the two boys one had blonde hair the other brown I believe they are Jacob and MIB both trying to “figure out the game”.

    Second I believe Jack trying to let go puts him in position to replace Jacob by letting others make a choice and him following to see what happens.

    Third MIB saying that the reason he chose Locke was because he was stupid enough to believe the Island had a purpose for him makes me believe Locke was gullible and therefore easy for the overtaking but I liked CPL theory on why Jacob saved him.

    Last i heard this and thought it was funny….. How did jack know Ilana had dandruff????????? He found he head and shoulders on the beach…… LOL

  6. Jonathan –

    Agreed, consigliare it is!

    I don’t think Flocke can be smokie the whole time for the same reason TL mentioned.

    I gotta be honest Flocke is the smoke monster and MIB, there is no argument about this anymore is there?

    If we are to believe that the candidate is one of the people on the wall then we have only a few choices. The last recruit could be any number of people. Hopefully it’s someone we are not thinking of.

  7. richard…I am watching season 3 now I just watched last night the episode where Locke gets tricked into picking up the hitch hiker undercover cop… Remember…Locke fit the profile then too!!! Who these writer are amazing… Poor Locke:-(… I hope he is really Locke in the sideways and he remembers and rebounds spiritually!!!

  8. Richard7769 re the comment about jack letting go and becoming like Jacob who guided others. Right on!!!!!! Jack has been a miserable failure trying to fix things, and letting go is his only salvation.

    Adam- I think you are right: Flock=smokey=MIB. I am still not 100%, but 99 at this point!!!! I want to wait until the MIB/Jacob episode!!!

  9. Richard, I’m with you on Jack letting things go and watching what people do like Jacob. not so sure about the joke though.
    And Adam was that a question about whats been established or was that a doubt you were having?
    Jason I don’t remember that scene, can you expand on that?

    And also I was wondering did anyone ever bury Locke’s body?
    as we know that smokie can only take the form of dead people, and that’s why everyone was so adament about buring the bodies. maybe if his body is buried thats why smokie is stuck in his Locks form. I just can’t remember this happening.

  10. Big, Locke was buried by Ben and Ilana, remember Ben’s speech, saying sorry to murder him…

    Maybe he is trapped in Lockes bodey because Ilana burned the cabin and he cant hide there anymore…remember she told Bram that someone else but Jacob was using it..and she is the one who said he was trapped…

    Adam, there is no discussion anymore about Flocke being MIB and SMOKIE, the argument is about Flocke being Locke…

    I guess the cave ceiling was MIB’s list, not necessarily the same that Jacobs, in wich Kate was…

    Lapidus could be a candidate, i guess Ilana said it sometime…and he might be important for the smoke monster, since smokie killed the pilot in the first episode and remember that Lapidus was the one who should be there…

  11. So who could be “the last recruit” and for whom?

    I thought it could mean that it´s gonna be a new Flocke member, as Ilana said once about MiB after leaving jacob´s beach that he is gonna recruit now people, the candidates will be shown as i understand it in one of the next episodes which is also entitled the same..

    Wich person could be the last recruit? If i have to guess, maybe…..it´s BEN!?!? After his reference person Ilana was blown to the moon he is kinda alone now and i don´t know, for me it seemed a little bit Ben is just waiting quietly in the back only to strike back as he always did somehow……and now after the two groups merged MIB would have an easy way to pull him over again. Ben was also the first one touching Locke after Desmonds attempted assassination in the other reality…, so i woudn´t be surprised if he is acting once again as a bad guy..as most of the time before..

    However, isn´t it poor seeing always Locke having such extremly bad “accidents”, indeed not the luckies person on lost….probably even on earth..

  12. No long post this time, just an observation.

    Went back and re-watch season 2. In the 1st episode, when they meet Desmond, who is living in the hatch, Jack knows him from somewhere. Later in the the episode, we find out the Desmond and Jack ran into each other at the same stadium that Desmond finds Penny.

    Listening to their conversation, it sounded like Desmond know Jack. His advise, I believe, is from the alternate timeline. Meaning that that was a flash sideways way back in season 2.

  13. Can anyone explain what Michael did that he is stuck as a ghost on the island?

    findmekate: I disagree with that being a flash sideways. Desmond and Jack discuss Sarah and that storyline is definitely part of the original island storyline and before the LAX landing. All the flash sideways storyline is from after Flight 815 landing safely in LAX.

  14. I’m thinking Michael is stuck on the island because he broke the rules by killing someone on the list; Libby?

    From what I’ve read elsewhere the mysterious boy we’ve seen is the same person in every scene. There are not two different boys. The difference in physical appearance is probably due to the scenes being shot on different days and the make-up artist not dressing the boy up the same way or they didn’t use the same actor…

    I’m guessing the boy is a young Jacob due to the conversations Jacob and MIB had about the rules and the boy reminding MIB of the rules.

  15. Scott, i guess Michael cant ”move on” because he deceived his friends ( even it was for a good cause) and killed Anna Lucia and Libby.

    If he cant ”move on”, does it mean we wont see him in the sideways?

    I also think the boy is the same, maybe a bit older…I can only think of him being Jacob…by the way, that boy looks a lot like Matt Damon…

    CPL, maybe my bets for the last recruit are Desmond and Lapidus…probably wrong…

  16. Jonathan and Scott- While Michael said he could not move on, I still think it was MIB impersonating Michael to manipulate Hurley into thwarting Richard and Illana’s plans to blow up the plane, and to get the candidates to his camp.

    Taking into consideration the conversation Mr. Friendly and Michael had when Michael was trying to shoot himself off island, and the fact that Christian said “you can go now” to Michael right before the freighter blew up, told me that Michael paid his penance by allowing his friends in the helicopter– the same ones he totally screwed before, to escape. So he squared his debt to the island. Also he was not technically “on” the island when he died. So these 3 things coupled with the timing of Michael’s appearance to Hurley, makes me very suspicious.

    However, I have been wrong MANY times before!!!!

  17. I was looking T next weeks clips and I noticed Suns note says ” you did this to me” I wonder if it’s for Jack or Flocke. I would assume it’s Flocke.

    TL- I hate to disagree with you but I think Michael was himself. I think Flocke was too busy throwing Desmond into the well. But like you I’ve been wrong too many times also.

    Did anyone catch Desmond knew his childs name when Ben asked him at the school?

  18. Richard7669- Holy Smokes!!!! Great catch on Desmond and his son’s name. I totally missed that.

  19. i just watched the show (late, as always!) and thought it was very good. someone mentioned about how desmond is a sort of jacob in the real world, and i absolutely agree with that. Des knows what’s going on in both timelines, but is he dead now? PErsonally i dont think so, i dont think he would be killed off just like that.

    second: the kid. someone mentioned the bizarre devil-strange smile he gave, kinda sick… to me this is little mib, because after all, MIB is a spirit reincarnating in those that are dead. However, tell me something: why did jacob ask Ben to kill locke if MIB was to possess his body to do bad ? i dont necessarily think that jacob represents good.. am confused by mib’s acts though, none of them seem to be pure evil or pure goodness

    third: wow tyler, what’s with all the agressivity ? we’re in an open forum to discuss our points of view on Lost and respect is foundation! good answers guys, we dont take shit from no one

  20. ah also, i thought Michael couldn’t die !! some sort of Richard gift/curse… the eternal life. so how come he is erring in the island??

  21. and this opens another theory. Michael asks Hurley to ask Jacob to tell him what the island is. That he had told him once (J to R). So the island is not an island but it is something… and as there are souls wondering in the place, couldn’t it be some form of purgatory? meaning, the place were these souls are being kept before going to heaven or hell ?

    purgatory…that sounds really creepy!

  22. jonathan…. The other good thing about Donnie Darko is the theme song…which is a remake of Echo and the Bunnyman’s “The killing moon”

  23. Jason, thats really a great great song.

    I just mentioned that film because it envolves time travel…

    Karen, as a candidate, i guess Michael couldnt kill himself or even die until he fullfilled whatever his destiny was…i guess after Christian appeared to him, he could die…if i am not mistaken, Michael was Ben’s spy on the freighter…

    Desmond is surely alive…and when Richard asked Hurley to ask Jacob what the island was, he was expecting as the answer a ”cork”, like Jacob told him long ago.

    Now he is stuck there for the bad things he did…

  24. For some lucky people who can go, taken from Carlton Cuse twitter:

    3:20 PM Apr 17th via web Lost LIve: The Final Celeb. 5/13 Royce Hall. Our Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino will conduct a program of music from LOST and…

    LLTFC:5/13 … Also a special preview screening of the last episode of LOST before the finale. And special appearances by mem. of the cast.

  25. lol on Tyler post # 48.

    Dude, I’m 23 soon to be 24 and LOST is my favorite show, but you cannot insult other fans on their opinions and theories of the show. They’re really really interesting.

    P.S. Get a life.

    A1C Campos, USAF

  26. jonathan – post 92 – thank you!! I have privately been expounding the theory that Locke died on impact and that MIB took him over and that was the reason he could walk, the island didn’t actually cure him.

    I’m going to push another tenuous theory as well, about the book ‘Bad Twin’ – what if MIB and Jacob are actually 2 halves of the same person but different personalities, and that is why one cannot directly kill the other? A bit mad that one, but I’ve warmed to it lol

    Also – am I the only one to be weirdly reminded of Arnie’s Total Recall where his memories were implanted, but he starts to remember his real life. Something Eloise said to Des makes me think she is in on this memory manipulation thing – ‘because you’re not ready yet’, as if his brain isn’t ready to accept the whole truth or maybe he hasn’t yet been conditioned enough to agree with her way of thinking…….

    One last thing – I am hearing a rumour that Mr Eko might be coming back, I assume in the sideways timeline. I do hope Flocke’s Jesus stick-in-the-making wasn’t for nothing!

  27. Bring Back MR. Echo: I think you are the first one to suggest that MIB and Jacob may be 2 halves of the same person. Very intriguing and well done, but I am not sure how likely. We should get our answer soon.

  28. I am going to make a guess as to who is the last recruit. I will probably be wrong because with Lost I normally am, but I think the last recruit is going to be Kate. I don’t think she is one of the Candidates even though her name was on the Lighthouse dial. I think it’s very important that her name was not on the wall of the cave. And I think this is how she is going to tie back into the story with the candidates.
    I also got the impression in one of the last episodes that they pretty much implied that Sun is the Kwon that is on the Candidate list. So it makes me wonder where that leaves Jin.

  29. Roni I’m on board with Kate being the last recruit and I’m with you on Sun being the Kwon in question. BBMr. Echo i don’t know about the two halves being one theory I can’t see it but I’ve been wrong before.

    BLF- Nice picture upgrade!

  30. what about the last recruit being Jin, as he is the only one now that is separated from the rest of our losties. remember Jin is still with Widmore on hydra island. all of the other canadates are together.

    thanks Richard!

  31. So I’ve been thinking about MIB in Locke’s body and why he is now stuck in his form.
    I mean what makes Locke so special when there are so many dead bodies on the island.
    and I’m thinking that the reason is, that Locke died off the island. just as Claire was able to give birth on the island because she got impregenated off the island.
    but then Christian died off the island and was not buried and was reanimated like Locke.
    maybe MIB was stuck in Christians form as well until a new dead off the island body was brought there.
    He used the forms of people that would get him what he wanted. I don’t know, does this make sense to anyone?

  32. Biglostfan. Very interesting theory to explain why smokey is trapped in Locke’s body. Other than Christian and Locke, I do not think anyone else has died off island, and been brought to the island. Hopefully we will get an answer to that as well.

    1 day to go folks!!!!!!! I am looking for Sawyer to be a hero!!!

  33. 1. ABOUT MiB stucked in Locke’s body:

    I thought MiB was stucked in Locke’s body because Jacob was killed?

    Before that, he used – for example – Alex’s body. So he could switch from Locke -> Alex -> Locke.

    But AFTER the killing of Jacob, he is stuck in Locke’s body.

    Maybe I’m wrong here?

    2. ABOUT FChristian:

    Was it MiB? Is it confirmed? I still wonder why Christian’s body wasn’t in the coffin. Well, maybe MiB took it away/hide it somewhere? Not important to the big picture, of course.

  34. Crazy thought: what if candidate 42 – Kwon – is neither Jin or Sun, but Desmond…

    He could be secretely a Kwon…we know nothing from his past..

    He was order 42 in Mr. Cluck’s chicken, while visiting Hugo..

    Sorry to be delusional sometimes.

  35. Big… you are welcome!!!

    Roni… great thought on Kate…I never even considered that angle…I really appreciate yours on that one.

    Not… I think you are right about how MIB is Locked in on Lockes body(Sorry couldn’t resist the “Locked in”). And I agree I feel Jack is the Canidate…. but…who will be the last recruit?

  36. Jason: “…MIB is Locked in on Lockes body(Sorry couldn’t resist the “Locked in”)..”

    Locked in! Very good Jason! Why haven’t I seen that before?

    I guess most of you have seen episode 13 by now. I “struggle” with “to see or not to see”. That is the question. Here in Sweden, we are 9 weeks behind/after. So yesterday there was episode 4 here in Sweden.

    And spoken english is difficult for me. I miss some stuff. But I can’t wait nine weeks to catch up! So I guess I’m “stuck” with the “live” broadcast/streaming here on internet. After every episode I can read the “recap” and improve my understanding. And after that see the episode one more time. Yes.. that has to be the melody! Swedish television sucks!

    Go Desmond! Fight 4 LOVE! (But what the fu.. happend to Rose and Bernard on the island??)

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