Everybody Loves Hugo Sneak Previews – Lost Ep. 6.12


Harold Perrineau Guest Stars as Michael

Cynthia Watros Guest Stars as Libby

“Everybody Loves Hugo” – Hurley agonizes over what the group should do next, and Locke is curious about the new arrival to his camp, on “Lost,” TUESDAY, APRIL 13 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Lost” stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Ken Leung as Miles, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Terry O’Quinn as Locke and Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana.

Guest starring are Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond, Harold Perrineau as Michael, Cynthia Watros as Libby, Francois Chau as Pierre Chang, Lillian Hurst as Carmen Reyes, Bruce Davison as Dr. Douglas Brooks, Kenton Duty as teenage boy, Samm Levine as clerk, Jesse Smith as waiter and Archie Ahuna as Tito.

“Everybody Loves Hugo” was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Dan Attias.

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  1. Thanks for posting Scott!!!

    I cannot wait. It is also finally time to get Hugo’s story.

    I am still wondering how a plane will help smokey get off the island. Also, wouldn’t it just be easier for Ilana to kill Lapidus who appears to be the only one able to pilot a full on jet, than traipsing across land and water with 200 year old unstable dynamite that so easily took out Arzdt?? Or, is that another hidden skill that Sayid has??

  2. Sayid can make a bomb from chewing gum and a hair dryer didn’t you know that? He also used to be a limo driver. BEWARE!!!!!!

  3. Richard6659- If Sayid used to be a limo driver, then he would also have easy access to an airline passenger manifest!!!!!!

  4. Hey folks. I am off on vacation, so will not see the show or post until next Wednesday!!!! Enjoy the ride and I will catch up later!!!


  5. So Hurley and Michael are finally going to get their reunion, huh? Think the big fella’ll still be pissed at him for murdering Libby?

    Interesting that she’s on the cast list too, I’m betting she’ll feature in the alternate timeline, possibly as happy Hurley’s potential love interest. Whether or not the writers will be able to wrap up one of the biggest conundrums (conundra?) of the show – what the heck she was doing in Hurley’s mental ward waaay back – remains to be seen, but it would an incredible achievement if they managed to.

    Whatever – it’s a Hurley episode, and that should mean laughs, cheeky de-constructions of the Lost formula and revelations you’d never expect. Can’t wait…

  6. im starting to buy the love theories as it seems in the 2nd sneak peak that it might be part of this episode. i wonder why or how that love has anything to do with the show. interesting…

  7. I just finised watching Season 2…….AGAIN!!!!! I know… I know…. NO LIFE! Anyway… does anyone remember Hurgley’s episode in the mental institution and his “friend” Dave…. at the end before Dave jumps off the cliff he says to Hurley…. “see you in another life”.



    Great episode!!!

    – So we find out what the whispers are…

    – Love is indeed the catalyst for enlightnement…

    – Who the hell is that little boy? He smiled in a creepy way…

    – Desmond has the exact knowledge of what happens in both timelines , thats why in the sideways he said to Ben he had a son, and i guess thats why he ran over Locke, cause Locke had tried to kill him on the island..

    – The well…with the wheel chamber…i didnt recall it being there after the Orchid was built…but it seems it was… Ben turned the FDW in 2004, while Locke did it before 1867…so Widmore probably wants to take advantage of the time travel properties of the island…

  9. spoiler…

    Hurley is totally being a bad guy right now

    manipulating things for what he wants.

    he wasnt talking to jacob at all in this episode…..so far….

  10. ok he isnt bad. jonathan u must get the show before i do on the east coast usa cause you def had stuff posted b4 i saw it. no worries i didnt read it until it was over. i am totally confused by the ending except for that desmond has total knowledge of both timelines like jonathan said. but hurley seems to also have knowledge of both times now also since he just had the same type of vision that desmond had last week. interesting.

    there was no coming attractions for next week. that sucked

  11. ok he isnt bad. jonathan u must get the show before i do on the east coast usa cause you def had stuff posted b4 i saw it. no worries i didnt read it until it was over. i am totally confused by the ending except for that desmond has total knowledge of both timelines like jonathan said. but hurley seems to also have knowledge of both times now also since he just had the same type of vision that desmond had last week. interesting.

  12. missed the preview of next week tried to erase that part of post…no clue how it ended up like that

  13. It looks like Sayid shoots Desmond. I believe Desmond hit Locke with the car to get him to Jack at the hospital. Hurley was frickin haliarious. The lost souls are the creepy sounds.

    Good for Hurley to have his date. Christ I’m mote confused than ever. I need an asprin.

  14. WTF with Ilana. Dammit I just have sun now and if she blows up I’m throwing the TV out the f’n window.

  15. Richard… no doubt….SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER…..

    I had said after the first episode.. That everything would be resolved afer Jack “fixes” Locke…

    I also stated Desmond is Jacob… maybe not in true form but as a symbol…. did you notice how this episode was in someways similar to last seasons finally when Jacob went around touching people… It seems people remeber things when they are touched (obviously)…

    There was much more to this will post later…

  16. Adam, i did watch it before you did, thats why i warned about spoilers so i’m glad you didnt read it !

    I watched online the canadian broadcast, wich is aired two hours before the american…

    About Hurley and Desmond, i think there may be a difference on their knowledges.

    – I have the feeling that sideways Hurley remembers his island version , but on the island he is not aware of the sideways Hurley, while Desmond’s conscience goes both ways, he is at the same time aware of both timelines equaly.

    – Did Desmond really think it was Locke on the island? Didnt he know he had died?
    If he didnt know it was MIB and thought it was Locke, then i guess he ran over sideways Locke to make him remember the island and not for revenge.

    Desmond was retaliating Flocke

    Richard, from what we’ve seen so far, there must be only one hospital where people get taken in LA, and its Jack’s.

    The whispers reveal was kind of kick and desappointing after all this time.

  17. Great Episode

    Never expected Ilana having the same destiny as Arzt had.

    Seems Desmond has really a clue what´s going on, i mean he was driving over a man in a wheelchair, wwwooowwww

    The little boy with dark hairs we saw this time, i believe this is young MIB and the other boy with blond hairs we saw a few episodes before was young jacob!! but i could be wrong because the boys are looking very similar, first i thought it was the same person, but they could be also just brothers then there have to be a similarity……we´ll see

  18. jonathon you are an idiot yea that well is gone did you ever think there could be more then one well idiot?

  19. Jonathon the more i read your stuff the dumber i think you are. Obviously Desmond is the only one as of now that knows about the alternate universe. Juliette knew first she told Sawyer It worked, because as she was dying she went there. I swear to god this show isnt that hard to follow some people like Jonathon are just too stupid to know. Wow then i read Jason’s response he is worse congarts Jon you arent the dumbest person on this weird little chat thing ou guys got going on. Watch this season over Jason you fucking retard. He’s Desmond and will always be Desmond. BTW Hurley takes over Jacobs position fags.

  20. Wow….then there is Adam you suck to dude, How the fuck are you people so stupid? Please answer me.

  21. haha Tyler…your a loser blogger…go back to the Desperate Housewifes forum you penchod lmao STREET FAM.

  22. Tyler –

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    You will post insults non-stop on this message board because you have nothing better to do, not a single friend to hang out with. Your impossible to read comments are boring, lame, infantile, horribly misspelled and lack any creativity or humor. You will continue to post that we are dumb and stupid and the show is easy to watch. I use to call people dumb or stupid when I was 11 years old too.

    Good luck in life, your going to need it…

  23. Tyler….Thank you but first….

    You are a dumb ass… I was not saying Desmond was “JACOB” learn to fucking read aaaannnnddd … learn to read between the lines…. more importantly… your DUMB ASS supports what I said about Desmond being “replacing” Jacob. What are you stupid?! However, Desmond hasn’t necessarily “replace” Jacob in true form because he isn’t going around touching people.

    Tyler… there is nothing that supports your idea 100% as to Juliet knowing both time lines because (YOU ASSHOLE) we have not seen her yet in sideways time line…..
    Though….I do appreciate your theory on Juliett and you could possibly be right we will wait and see. Tyler…me personally would love to read more of what you have to post and your ideas on where the show is going…even with the insults….

  24. Now that that’s out of the way. Jonathan I agree with you now that I think about it Hurley off the island remembers the island but on the island he doesn’t remember the off island stuff. I don’t know about the well thing but it makes sense. I think the preview makes it look like Sayid shot Desmond but I don’t think that’s going to happen Richard.

    I don’t think Desmond is Jacob either. I just don’t follow the logic on it.

    Llana dying was so anti-climactic.

    Something about the conversation between Jack and Hurley made it seem like Jack is finding his purpose like Jacob said. He is following and not leading. Letting go is how he put it. letting go of some kind of authority or sense of responsibility?

    I still think Ben might back stab them and it also seems like the group following Flocke might not be liking where he is going.

    Whidmore is doing whatever he is doing for selfish reasons for sure.

  25. Best just to ignore the Tyler Kid.

    That being said good idea on the reason behind Des mowing over Locke in the sideways timeline there Richard7769. I was 100% lost for that one, of course it could also be the Flocke is trying to kill him in the main Timeline and doing something to him in the sideways will effect the main timeline (I use “main” timeline for a lack of a better word)

    So the only thing that I can think of that Ilana actually did for the show was to bring Sayid back to the island and provide a bit of eye candy. Not much of a protector if you ask me lol.

  26. Adam, you were so brilliant in your response to the toddler.

    Now lets talk business:

    Faraday’s conversation with Desmond made us believe that the sideways world was created with the bomb explosion.

    The point of creation of the sideways should be 1977, from the explosion of the bomb on.

    Remember that in some dharma videos Chang used a prostetic left arm.

    He injured or lost his left arm in a drill of the swan site, before the bomb went off.

    So, if his arm was lost or injured by then, shouldnt he be still injured or using a prostetic arm in the sideways?

    I mean, what happened before the spliting of time shouldnt remain the same on the sideways world? Things changed from the explosion on or was it something else before that wich split the timelines?

  27. jonathan…….the alternate timeline is a complete other reality! it has nothing to do with the old happenend world which “blew” up in ´77. It´s like they were all new born, only that some of the people had a complete other life like hurley, others like kate are stupid even in other wolrds.
    So said in the other reality is pierre chang a normal man or whatever and lives with his son miles together but in our current timeline he had his accident by the swan and lost his arm, probably died as it should be i believe…

  28. CPL, Ben and his father were on the island before 1977 in the original timeline, so in the sideways they’ve been there too.

    Sawyer’s parents killed themselves because of Anthony Cooper in 1976 in the original timeline and in the sideways it was the same.

    I think things changed from 1977 on.

    What had happened so far should be the same.

  29. Hey folks, I am back. Here goes!!!!

    Illana said that if the plane leaves that “thing” (i.e. MIB) won’t be able to leave the island. How is the plane leaving tied so closely with his ability to leave or stay. Richard also seems convinced about the plane being the only thing keeping flocke on the island, and is pretty frantic about it. Maybe it is not the plane leaving that is the issue, but the candidates leaving. Any thoughts???

    Sorry for you Richard7769 about Ilana going the way she did, but I was starting to get pissed when she was shoving stuff in that bag, thinking that the writers were just being sloppy with the story line, then “BANG.” That shut me up. So does that mean that her purpose all along was not to protect the candidates, but to just let them know they were candidates, kind of like Ben said?? What gives. It does not seem to fit given that she said she was preparing for that mission HER WHOLE LIFE. WTF???

    Was the apparition of Michael really Smokey???? I was thinking that because Smokey has an interest in not having the plane be blown up. Also, when Michael said that he was one of the ones who could not move on, that fits Smokey to a tee, especially given that Christian told Michael on the freighter “you can go now.” Something is not right here, so I think Hurley is being had by Smokey.

    While I agree that Desmond is not Jacob, he is a lot like Jacob now, prompting people to move towards their destiny. He has a zen like purposeful aura about him. And, he looks HOT in that suit and sun glasses.

    Also, when flocke asked Desmond “Do you know who I am” my first thought was that Desmond did not know that locke was dead. But then it seemed like Desmond saw right through him, and knew he was not locke, but was playing him as part of the plan to save the island.

    More to follow.

    Tyler, relax!!!

  30. Here is more.

    Flocke had a strange expression when Desmond told him that Widmore blasted him with electromagnetism. I wonder if that is why flocke took him to the well. Also, isn’t it ironic that Desmond ends up in the very place that Widmore is looking for. I don’t think it will be long before he is found, and for sure he is not dead. Also, I do not think that this is the well housing the flying donkey wheel as Zoe said there were many pockets of electromagnetism on the island, so I think it was just one of them.

    What was in the sack that Hurley picked up after Ilana died??? It looked too small to be the bag of ashes she had of Jacob.

    CPL, I think you are dead on with the new kid appearance being a young MIB, while the previous one he saw with sawyer was a young Jacob. And, yes, it seems like they could be brothers.

    Did anyone notice that when Ben rolled Locke over after the car crash that he had the same expression when Jacob revived him after falling out of the window???

    Nit Pic No.1. Where did Ilana get new clothes, while everyone else is in their same rags, and Lapidus is still wearing that same dirty pilot’s shirt??? Was there a secretly buried stash at the old camp site or something??

  31. Adam, the “coke bottle glasses” comment. Thanks for the howl!!!!!

    Jonathan- I agree with you that the explanation for the whispers was lame. But I think it was a lie, as I am pretty convinced that smokey was appearing as Michael to manipulate Hurley into getting the remaining candidates to flocke’s camp, as he told Kate near the beginning of the show.

    Richard7769- I will hope that Sun sticks around until at least the finale so you do not go under!!!!! Please do the same for Sawyer, as I will be depressed if he dies.

    I vote for Miles to be next on the death watch list. He has not purpose, and it is time for him to go.

  32. guys I’m sorry but Sayid needs to go!!!
    Watching this episode reminds me of just how important “the constant” was and is.
    I think the constant for everyone is what will connect them to the other timelines.
    Desmond has figured this out and is trying to get everyone to find their constant to the other side.
    remember Faraday said that Desmond was his constant. saying that he knew him in both worlds.
    I wonder if this has anything to do with the first time we saw the back story on Faraday and we saw him watching tv about the oceanic plane crash and he was crying but didn’t know why.
    And I still believe that love is playing a bit factor to all this. I mean everyone in the alt line has love but on the island they are all in constant search of it.
    Remember at the dharma camp, Jacob loves you as god loves you.

  33. Oh and I think I did read somewhere that we will get a back story on MIB and Jacob from when they were little kids, like 700 bc.
    And I do think that the kids that MIB is seeing are him and Jacob.

  34. I bet MIB’s real name is Ash and he originally went searching for the necronomacon and didn’t say the words right and is searching for a way home.ha ha,just joshing.

    oh and by the way in the previews they were playing the song from Charlie and the chocolate factory if anyone cares, ya know when he takes everyone in the tunnel on the chocolate river, it’s also on a Marlin Manson cd.

    it says
    there’s no earthly way of knowing
    which direction we are going
    there’s no knowing of where we’re going
    or which way the wind is blowing
    is it raining is it snowing
    is the hurricane a blowing
    not a speck of light is showing
    so the danger must be growing
    the fires of hell are glowing
    is the grizzly reaper mowing
    yes the danger must be growing
    for the rowers keep on rowing
    and their certainly not showing
    any sign of …..?

  35. Biglostfan!!!!!! You are totally out of control with the Marilyn Manson song!!!! Brilliant. Also, good call on the constants possibly being the connections between time lines, and Desmond’s purpose to get them to realize it. Again, brilliant!!!!

  36. TL- welcome back and it doesn’t matter any more with Sun. I still have you and big lost fan.

    On Ilana though I did have one thought. She kept saying this was what she was here for to protect the losties. In the hospital she looked fairly beat up. Maybe Jacob promised to keep her alive as long as he needed her and in return he made sure she didn’t wind up like the other lost souls wondering around the island. When Jacob was sure the rest were heading in the right direction and she did her job DAM she was done.

  37. Jones- re post 33. When I read that you got me thinking about how stuff in the alt time line can really affect things in the island timeline.

    Also, I am guessing that the passenger manifest that Desmond’s trusty chauffeur (that was for you Richard7669) got for him led him to both Hurley and Locke. So, clearly, the electromagnetic blast Desmond got gave him some instructions about what he needed to do to the off-island folks as part of the on-island plan.

    And, I agree with whoever said it (I think Jonathan) that the purpose of hitting Locke with the car was to get Locke near Jack so Desmond can work his magic on Jack off island.

    Interestingly, Claire is at that hostpital too, so maybe something happens to her, Sayid’s brother is there recovering from his beat down so Sayid could interact with them, and Sun/Jin are going there to to deal with her gunshot wound. Having these folks at the SAME hospital at one time has to have some significance.

    Now about my honey Sawyer, and Kate, I am not sure how Desmond will connect with them.

  38. Richard7669- great thought about Ilana and her purpose. I am still not sure if there are lost souls on the island, but anythign is possible.

    And, don’t abandon poor Sun yet for me and Biglostfan!!!! She may do another sweater button down just for you that will blow up your DVR!!!

  39. I’m twenty five, and have no tolerence for the stupid. How Jonathon can watch this show and not understand what happened when the nuke went off is beyond me. My insults are funny and witty and I was picked first. Oh and i’m in honor society. So i find it amusing when i check up on a website about my favorite show, and see these huge lost fans, that are just so ignorant to what this show is, and where it’s going. Adam man, way to sac up and not be like the rest of these homosexuals. Stick up for yourself, don’t blindly put someone down about a childhood you made up for them to make yourself feel better, Talking shit on blogs is fun, not tough. I swear to god some of you people need to lighten up, but man next weeks episode is gonna be sick!

  40. Tyler…. 25???? Honors Society??? Usually at 25, as far as anything relating to education, one would be boasting about what graduate school he or she is going to… But you boast Honor Society…. Adam…I think you are on to something with this person… Eitherway, Tyler….what are your theories on how the show will end???

  41. Here goes…. I said this a long time ago and I will say it now again….

    1) One premise of show is about Love. As we see…so for Sayid as he said it…feels nothing….why??? because he can’t be with the woman he loves in the sideways. Atleast for now, unless something changes in either time. Plenty of more examples can be given of love but I think they are by now obvious…we will have to see later how the rest of the losties fit into the love theme. Watch…LOVE will be the last word…

    2) The other premise is about Faith and Destiny…..Jack WILL fix Locke… Locke in the sideways time line has no Faith in hisself to ever walk again…therefore Jack needs to help Locke get to his Destiny… Jack on the island has slowly but surely gaining in his Faith which has effected the sideways time line for him. As Jack is getting closer to his Destiny on the island…it is allowing him to get to his Destiny in the sideways time…That Destiny is to have Faith that he can Fix Locke. Thereforeeeeee here it comes….. So Locke can be happily walking around with the woman he Loves. (That is if they don’t kill her off)

    3) Good vs Evil…. I feel they will not answer this question by the end of the season or ever for that matter…Why??? Because they would rather have Losties continue the debate of who is actually bad and allow each individual to bring his or herself into the show to keep it alive through a debate. What is interesting is all debates about whether Jacob is bad or MIB evil or Jacob is good and MIB is evil or Neither are good or evil all seem to be valid points of view.

  42. Big…. I agree… they need to decide what to do with Sayid… I would really hate to see him go but damn…. Can someone shake the shit out him and wake his ass up?!

    When Llana blew up I was like WTF!!! For me she was only important in bringing Sayid to the island… I am still wondering why the hell Ceasar was on the show….

  43. Welcome back TL, short vacations…I guess MIB is ”trapped” in Locke’s body, so it was indeed Michael .

    He mentioned he could not ”move on”…so i guess he is not in the sideways world.

    I wonder if Aaron will still play an important role on the show. We never heard from him anymore on the island timeline, but he will soon be born in the sideways.

    Back in season five i thought he was Jacob…( i bet you enjoyed this one, (Mary)Tyler( Moore).

  44. (Mary)Tyler, shed some light in my humble stupidity and tell me why Pierre Chang hasnt aged at all from 1977 to 2004, while Ben’s father has…

  45. Jonathan… what about Jiyeon too. I remember when Claire had snapped on Sun when Sun said to Claire a mother should never leave her child (Season 2). Well seasons later we discover Sun also leaves her child behind…. we know the ramifications of Claire leaving but this has not been shown in anyway effecting Sun and Jin. I mean… we already know Sun is not pregnant (yet) in the sideways time line.

  46. Jason- remember when Sun was shot she told Jin she was pregnant. The magic wond found the rabbit so to speak.

    TL another button and it wasn’t my DVR blowing up :-).

    I keep thinking the island is the keeper of the souls good enough not to go to hell but bad enough not to get into heaven. Paradox maybe.

  47. Richard7669-LOL!!!!!

    Jason- I completely forgot that Jack had given Locke his card at the airport for a consultation, and that Locke was afraid to call. Well done!!!! Somehow Desmond knew this and took that nice little BMW and ran him down so that Jack can spring into action, and both of them get fixed. You are totally right: destiny, destiny, destiny. Finally the sideways world is starting to make good sense.

    Like I said earlier, there are a whole lot of folks converging at Jack’s hospital, which Johnathan (who is not “stupid”!!!!) said was the only one in town!! Claire, Aaron (in utero) Jin, Sun, and Sayid (if he visits his beat up brother). Maybe even Kate if she tries to escape from custody and get’s beat up by Sawyer.

    Miles, time to go. Sayid too if he continues as a zombie. Poor sap.

    I am waiting for my guy Sawyer to take action against smokey, as he is clearly suspicious of him. DO SOMETHING instead of asking questions from someone who cannot give a straight answer and is clearly shifty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. By the way, the next episode is called the Recruit and the next after that is the Candidate. Any ideas who they are??? I am guessing that the recruit is someone we’ve seen before, and the Candidate is either Walt or Aaron.

    Dammit- if the Walt and Aaron mysteries are not resolved I will be PISSED.

  49. Michael is def not MIB. They made it clear that MIB is only able to be in Lockes body.

    They are all converging on the hospital, good call. I’d guess they will all meet in like a waiting room or recovery room and it will come together.

    The blowing up of the bomb was suppose to change their lives only to the point where the plane lands instead of crashes. Maybe by Jacob being killed and the bomb going off in the alternate reality he wasn’t able to go around and check them from childhood. He couldn’t manipulate their lives so their lives played out differently than if Jacob was involved.

    There is a Jacob and MIB episode in 3 weeks titled from across the sea. In next weeks episode it is about the merging of the two groups on the island and who is aligning themselves with each other as well as Locke going to the hospital where Jack is.

    The next two episodes title The Last Recruit and The Candidate should be interesting. The Candidate episode seems self explanatory, we will find out who it is. I’m sure it will be someone we know. The Last Recruit I think is someone we are not thinking of or someone like a Walt, Aaron or Sun/Jin’s kid. But the writers have a way of wording an episode in a way that throws us off track, so who knows.

    Honor Society, picked first, funny, witty and humble too!
    You sound like a well rounded person, how did you become such a douche bag?? If all that was true you certainly wouldn’t need to defend yourself on it so it’s clearly BS. You are so far above us all and are obviously insulted by our lack of intelligence and understanding, that you signed on again to read our comments on the show. Talking shit on blogs is pathetic and immature. Your clearly not putting your multi-faceted talents to good use. You choose to instead serf the internet in hopes of trading barbs to not insult us but, to make yourself feel better. We don’t make things up about your childhood to make ourselves feel better. I see you spend most of your day’s playing along on The Price is Right at home in your boxer shorts guessing the price of tampons and tomato sauce yelling at your mom that your favorite incredible hulk t-shirt needs to be washed and that you pissed your race car bed again. Your pathetic and insignificant existence makes me wonder what the honor society even means anymore, because it sure meant a lot more when I was in it.

  50. I really think the reason Desmond ran over Locke was so he would have a near death experience like he did so that it would wake him up to the other realm.
    but then again,Hurley didn’t need to have one, he just kissed Libby and the memories came rushing in.
    And also I think that it is interesting that the people in the alt realm who have awaken to the other side, are all people who have died on the island. well the ones who had experienced it first anyway.
    Charlie- dead on island
    Faraday- dead on island
    Libby- dead on island

  51. hey wouldn’t it be neat if at the end of all this they show us a flash forward on the island where Aaron, Ji yoen,Walt, Little Charlie, and any kids I’m forgetting, all grown up,end up on the island,they see Jack (as he is the new Jacob) and one of them says, Guys were are we?? and then fade to black. the end.

  52. Great call on the Island-dead being the first to “remember” BigLostFan, following that logic Shannon, Eko, Anna Lucia, Michael, Alex, and Juliet Shepherd (I’d put money on that being her new second name) will start remembering in their alternate lives too… although Mikhail and Keamy didn’t seem to remember anything before they ate lead!

    Remember another possible outcome of the reunion in the hospital – Locke and his dad are still friends, and with Locke senior visiting his car-struck son what’s the betting he’ll run into Officer Ford at some point?

    I’m thinking Richard, Jin Lapedas and Ben will stumble across an old well with a Scotsman down it next episode…

    Oh, and I can’t go without saying hi to our new friend Tyler.

    Hi Tyler! Is Tyler your real name? Or is he your alter-ego like Tyler Durden in Fight Club? You know, someone tough and aggresive and confident and imaginary because your own real ass is such a pussy? I’ve probably spoilt the plot of Fight Club for you because you won’t have see it yet because you’re thirteen, but you probably wouldn’t understand it and think it was about homosexuality anyway. Please, please continue to write on this site, you’re hilarious, and we all enjoy mocking you and watching others mock you. Have fun masturbating and crying yourself to sleep tonight like you always do.

  53. Jonathan and Adam- Thanks for the thoughts on Michael. I guess I believed that even though smokey appears to be permanently trapped in Locke’s body, he could still use apparitions to deceive people.

    If, however, we assume that Michael was really a soul that could not move on (unlike good Libby that could), then what was his motivation for coming to Hurley??? I would have to guess that he made a deal with smokey that if he helped get the rest of the candidates to him, he would be released from his situation, which he clearly does not like. So, that would mean that Michael has not changed—he is still willing to sacrifice others to escape the island. Or, perhaps he made a deal with Jacob to do the same because it is part of his plan. Who knows, but I am suspicious of him.

    Oh yeah—best line of the show—when sawyer was talking to john about when it was time to leave as flocke was skinning that branch. Flocke said something about it’ll tell me, and my guy Sawyer said “you talk to wood now.” I loved it. Thumbs up for sexy Sawyer!!!

  54. One more thing. Biglostfan- great thought on the island dead who have awareness off island first.

    I was also thinking, could there be another reason why Desmond struck John with the car?? I initially thought it was so that would come in contact with Jack, which would in turn wake him up to the island stuff, or fix him, or affect the on island stuff, or interact with Claire, Aaron, Sun, and maybe Sayid.

    Now, however, given how violent it was, and Des is a real good guy, maybe he found out something about john when he got zapped that we don’t know, and John needed to go. Perhaps off island John is somehow possessed by smokey, and so long as he lives off island, he can use John’s body on island. But if dead, he cannot do that. Or maybe smokey is John’s constant, and if dead, smokey cannot operate as he is now.

    I am just speculating, but there has to be a reason for the extreme level of violence committed by Desmond. I mean it was violent when Juliette’s husband got hit by a bus, when Nadia was hit by that car, and even when Michael got hit by the car but survived. This, however, was inexplicably BRUTAL. WTF???? I refuse to believe that Desmond is bad.

  55. Big…DAMN!!!! you just may be right on the Des hitting Locke thing!!! great angle!!!! I sure hope you are right about the ending/…Why???? Because that could mean 10 years down the line we have a new show called Found!

  56. I have LOST on the brain.

    I was thinking about Widmore and these 2 timelines. Please forgive me if someone has already said this, but I am thinking that Widmore is on the island to create a second bigger incident that will destroy the off island timeline in favor of the on island one, so that his darling Penny and grandson will live (with or without Desmond).

    And, this is important because the LA X or off island timeline is the main thing that has given smokey a chance to make his great escape. So, once the LA X timeline is destroyed and a new candidate is selected, things go back to normal. Then everyone gets rescued (except Bernard and Rose and Vincent who want to stay, and Sayid who is a walking time bomb) and live happily ever after.

  57. TL, i agree with you. Widmore seems to want to to destroy the sideways world. He wants to keep MIB on the island or even kill him and make some use of the electromagnetic energy of the island. I am not sure about Ms. Hawking , it seems she wants the opposite.

    Do you think Widmore knew that Desmond could wander around both timelines? Cause probably after all of them get ”visited” by Desmond and in some way get aware about the island, if they could choose i think they would vote for the island…

    Talking about timelines, how many timelines can there be? And what if the island timeline is just a sideways world for another timeline, lets say, Jacob’s and MIB’s original timeline? It sounds crazy i know…

  58. Jonathan– I have a feeling that Widmore somehow figured out the deal of the timelines, and while he has honorable intentions in destroying the bad one, he probably also intends to exploit the islands properties at the same time. I mean the guy is ruthless. I also think that part of sending the freighter to the island was to investigate the electromagnetic properties while also getting revenge on Ben for outing him from the island.

    As for Ellie, since she offed Daniel on island, of course she wants the alt timeline to remain where she has her nerdy little boy. But she secretly knows that she cannot stop the universe from course correcting, which is inevitable.

    And, I also think that if someone does not destroy the alt timeline, the natural course correction will step in, and it will be catastrophic.

  59. Jonathan…ha ha… very good! I had eluded to that early… I think last week or the week before that this just… I know… could be reaching… but just could all be a sideways for both MIB and Jacob. However…. from my point, if this is so…. the way for Jacob and MIB to back to normal is for Jacob to gain the Love of his brother back…

  60. it looks like a near death experience in the sideways world is the key to get back your thoughts from the current island time…..i know except of hurley, but he is jacbos right hand so maybe the rules affect him in another way….or because he is a candidate?

  61. CPL, you are right, Sun remembering FLocke changes what’ve seen so far, where love was the main element to recall the memories from the island, either triggered by a near death experience or not.
    Before Sun, the ones who remembered did it concerning the person they loved on the island.

    And except for Desmond, at least one of the couple had died on the island.Maybe Sun and Jin didnt remember anything from each other cause they are both alive on the island.

    Libby, Daniel and Hurley – love ( without near death experience). We dont know if Charlotte recalls anything…

    Charlie and Desmond – love (with near death experience).
    I guess Penny will be enlightened soon…

    Sun – if she remembered Flocke, there was no love involved…

    Lets see how it works for Locke…Will he remember dying and MIB?

    Jason, i know its a stretch, but it would be cool if there was another timeline.

    Do you think sideways Locke could have been MIB all along?

    Just as a curiosity, so far Desmond, in his visits a la Jacob, has acted in the opposite way of him:

    Hurley: when Jacob visited him, told him specifically to go to the island. Desmond was very subtle with him, just planting a thought about Libby in his mind.

    Locke: Jacob healed him from a possible death and Desmond caused him a possible death.

  62. CPL good call on Sun. I guess Jonathan is right the near death experiences seem to trigger the thoughts.There is still a big time difference between the two worlds.

  63. Adam, about what we were talking in the other post, you mentioned Jacob does not interferes in peoples choices, and that may be true while he was alive, but since he died things changed. Lets take Hurley for example.

    Lately Jacob’s been telling Hurley what to do and what to say…for instance where to go on the temple, what to say to Dogan, where to take Jack…well i guess Hurley is special for him in some way, cause as i mentioned before , among the ones who were touched, he was the only one to whom Jacob directly told he had to come back to the island .

  64. Some people have remembered via near death some people from love. I think remembering the alt time lines isn’t following a clear pattern so there is something else at play. Off the island people that seem to know are Whidmore, Eloise, Desmond, Faraday and Sun. But Penny and Jin clearly don’t. I don’t think we can say with certainty that people remember through just one particular way right now. I think there may be other factors involved besides near death and love. Maybe depending on what type of experience that gets you to remember the alt time line will determine which person you follow…Locke or Jack (for lack of a clear leader of that group)

  65. Jonathan –

    That’s a reason for me believing Hurley will become the Richard character if at the end of the show there are replacements for Jacob, Richard and MIB. Hurley will be the Richard equivalent.

    Jacob can’t tell individuals what to do. He must get them to do what he would like by getting someone else to get them to do it for him. That was the reason he incorporated Richard into his life. Dead or alive I think he has a go to person that he asks to get other people to do things. Like Richard and now Hurley.

    He doesn’t talk to anyone else but Hurley now and Richard before. So he isn’t getting other people to do things and go places. He gets Hurley to push them in the right direction…

  66. Instead of (Tylering) or speculating about this weird episode, does anyone have an idea about who will be the last recruit (name of the coming episode) ?

    In the preview of the coming week episode, there is an explosion and someone (probably a girl) standing in front of Flocke with a device (may be a detonator) in her hand. Can she be the last recruit ? if not who is she ?

  67. I haven’t read every comment so if this was said before i apologize.

    The reason Des had to run over Locke is because there are 2 ways to remember the real timeline. First,by seeing your truelife, Hurley doesn’t realize truelife because he thinks she is crazy until he kisses her. Some people can realize true love, just with a glance, others know with the first kiss. The second way is by a near death expierence.

    Or now that i think of it, maybe you can’t see the other timeline until you realize that which you found on the island, Love or Death, in some cases both.

  68. Acer… To me It looked like the lady that came with Widmore… The on with the glasses. I personally feel the canidate is going to be Aaron and will somehow be brought back to the island.

    Everyone else… Obviously whay is going to happen this next episode is Jin and Sun will be reunited…. Keep in mind we don’t know how Sun gets hurt??? We also don’t know if some how Sun and Jin kiss actually kiss before this scene…. for me what makes sense… is there reunion on island effects a certain reunion off island… That is just me. Though I do agree there still maybe no one particular way as to how exactly people remember….but for now… it seems to support the love direction.

    I wonder….if Sun will lose the baby…and this will be the writters way of writting out Jiyeon from the storyline on the island time so when it catches up to the sideways time… there won’t be a contradiction

  69. Adam, i dont think Jacob ever told Richard what to do, and this bothered him a lot.

    Remember what Richard said when Hurley told everyone that Jacob was telling him to go to meet Flocke?

    Richard said that Jacob never tells people what to do.

    That time at the Black Rock he lamented to Jack that Jacob had promised to share his plans with him, but did not do so before he died. And also he was surprised when Ilana said that he knew what to do next…

  70. Well in the scene where Jacob dunked Richard in the water he said he doesn’t like telling people what to do or help them realize their purpose. But then he said maybe I don’t have to do it and then offers Richard a job. To me that meant that he would get Richard to move people in the right direction. Richard would do what Jacob could not in the sense of getting people to realize their purpose.

  71. Adam, lets then agree that he was Jacobs consigliere… like Robert Duvall was for Don Corleone…

    About Locke/MIB, i have been reading many stuff…

    Do you think that sideways Locke could have been MIB the whole time?

    Or , more twisted than that, do you think that the John Locke we knew from the start of the series was already MIB…

    Well , he fits that profile that MIB made…had a crazy mother…was human…loved and was loved… by Helen…was betrayed…by his father…

    I dont have a clue how all the rest would fit in, but it made me think about it…

  72. Mike, thats some good insight about the love or death thing.
    So I was watching fringe last night and something hit me about the similarities.
    they were talking about De javue (sorry can’t spell)
    and said that when you experience this feeling its means that you are on the right path to your destiny.
    what if in the alt realm when they experience de javue ( the island experiences they had) is really just telling them that they are on the right path maybe to remembering where they are suppose to be.
    I know it’s not excatly the same but like I said, there are similarities.

  73. Oh and something else that was on fringe,(sorry to keep bringing this up,I don’t work for fringe or anything)
    but they also have two parallel worlds that are slighlty different and Walter found a way to get to the other universe by using a high powered electromagenism to open a hole to the other side.
    I wonder if this is the same for Desmond.
    And I don’t think that Michael is trying to hurt anyone but I’m a little confused about him blowing up the boat and then Christian saying “you can go now”
    If Christian was inhabitied by Mib, when why would he blow up the only way off the island if he’s trying to leave.
    well now that I think about it, it would make sense that he was trying to keep the oceanic 6 on the island and not let them leave because I think I recall Flocke telling someone that in order for him to be able to leave he has to get all the canidates together and they have to leave the same way that our losties got to the island. right? doeess anyone remember that, or am I delousional.

  74. Jonathan– In post 70 as I was trying to figure out why good guy Desmond would be be so cruel in running over John, I thought that it was a “constant” thing, or that somehow when Des got zapped he found out that smokey was possessing Locke. I still think that is a very strong possibility. Stay tuned.

    But, as for him being Locke since the crash, I also thought that at one time. But, the problem is that John met smokey 2 times–once when smokey flashed him, and the second time when smokey tried to drag him down the hole. So because of that I think that John was John on the island. I don’t think there are 2 smokey’s, so there is no way smokey could have been John at that time.

    As for who could be the recruit or candidate– I am putting my money on Walt or Aaron being one of them.

    C.P.L. (aka Chris!!!!) Good call on the near death experiences. Also, thanks for the link. Clearly Sun is disturbed by seeing John, and I want to know why.

  75. The only thing I have with the theory of Locke being MIB the whole time is that Jacob touched him and said “I am sorry this happened” I just don’t think Jacob has that much touching power to put the MIB into Locke.

  76. Mike– good thoughts. But I have to wonder why John would need to remember the on-island stuff where he is dead. Will that allow his spirit to become one of the “whispers” or will it stop smokey from using his body?? I can see how each other lostie has something to gain the alt timeline except poor john. I mean Dead is Dead.

    And what about Ben- He does not seem to have had any type of awakening through love or daddy’s sickness (even though he was clearly lusting over Alex’s boobs at school!!!)

    John getting mowed down by Desmond does raise one more question, and that is what was so important about John that smokey chose to inhabit his body???? I think that is one of the keys to what is going on here.

  77. Biglostfan- you are not delusional, but brilliant.

    Jason- re post 96. You just gave me a thought. When John died, maybe Jacob revived him because he knew MIB would inhabit him later, and that was all part of the plan, hence the “sorry” comment. That is, sorry, that I am not letting you die here as you should, but you are going to go through hell in the future.

  78. Unless Widmore and Ms. Hawkins are in on the fun with Flocke…. I just find it difficult even now to think that Locke off island is Floke…Why???? Well (for now in terms as what has been revealed in the show so far) Widmore is also off island in the sideways aaaaaannnd and is on island in the on island time. Now if Widmore and Flocke have problems on the on island time….Why wouldn’t they have problems on the off island time…. In Des’s last episode it suggested Widmore and Eloise are masterminding the sideways time… So is one to assume Widmore has patched stuff up with MIB in the sideways time if we are to assume MIB made it off the island to the sideways??? I don’t know… I just don’t think so… That would mean Widmore would have ample time to take out MIB.

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