The Package Sneak Previews – Lost Ep 6.10

Episode F113 – “The Package”


Sun and Jin desperately continue their search for one another, and Locke confronts his enemy.

Written by Paul Zbyszewski & Graham Roland
Directed by Paul Edwards

Naveen Andrews as Sayid
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
Emilie de Ravin as Claire
Michael Emerson as Ben
Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus
Matthew Fox as Jack
Jorge Garcia as Hurley
Josh Holloway as Sawyer
Daniel Dae Kim as Jin
Yunjin Kim as Sun
Ken Leung as Miles
Evangeline Lilly as Kate
Terry O’Quinn as Locke
Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana

Guest Cast
Alan Dale as Charles Widmore
Kevin Durand as Keamy
Anthony Azizi as Omar
Andrew Divoff as Mikhail Bakunin
Sheila Kelley as Zoe
Fred Koehler as Seamus
Chad Donella as desk clerk
Natalie Garcia Fryman as Ms. Kendall
Larry Joshua as Burditt

42 thoughts on “The Package Sneak Previews – Lost Ep 6.10”

  1. I CALLED IT… The package…. I’m just saying….

    Also this episode is supporting more and more my theory about time… (Space Time, Alternate Time, and Imaginary Time)… I’m just saying…. What F’in GREAT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. **********SPOILER ALERT*********


    WTF IS wrong with Widmore???????? Before I saw Desmond I was beginning to think that he was a good guy. BUT, when I saw poor disheveled Desmond I WAS PISSED. What kind of grandpa takes his son-in-law away from his wife and child????? What the hellllllllll?????? Unless Widmore is truly good and knows that Desmond is the only one who can stop MIB from getting off the island.

    OK, calm down.

    I don’t believe MIB for one minute that he needs to get them all on the plane for him to leave. NO WAY. I think he wants all the candidates on the plane so that he can crash it and kill them at once. He has no shame.

    AND, Sayid- the guy feels nothing. Isn’t that what MIB said to Sawyer in the cave– that he used to be able to feel, was in love, etc . . . ??? Poor Sayid. And, Claire is getting played for sure. Even she knows it.

    Last, given that MIB went to the Hydra island, every theory about him not being able to cross h2o is shot to bits. Why go over now and not later, unless the real intent was to get Sayid to do recon on the sub. This MIB guy is so shamelessly shifty that I do not know what to think. Sawyer knows something us up as well.


    Jason– Richard is out of the country so will not see Sun without her shirt until he gets back on Friday!!!!

  3. ***********SPOILER ALERT**********

    I have a few more things to say, and dammit, I am going to say them. First, Sun losing the ability to speak English. At first I was like “LAME” but then I thought that perhaps she is somewhat stuck between the island and sideways– parallel off-island universe where she does not speak english. Also, I guess she is on her way to Jack’s hospital to be treated for her bullet wound, where Claire just so happens to be. Also, did anyone notice Sun’s weird stare in the mirror before she opened to door for Keammy??

    Is is possible that Charles needs to use the electromagnetic properties on the island to defeat smokey, and he needs Desmond to us it, as he got a blast of that and survived??? Also, is it possible that Desmond, Ellie and Widmore are together in the sideways universe and working together to help those on the island??

    Last, did flocke kind of tell poor Claire in a round about way that as soon as he is done with Kate (who is not invited to the Aljira flight) that she can go ahead and kill her for snatching Aaron. Or, did I get that wrong.

  4. Totallylost: MiB can’t cross water as Smokie. He even made a reference about it to Sawyer. “You think if I could do that I’d still be on this island?”

    Flocke implied that Claire could kill Kate when Kate’s usefulness is over.

  5. I am starting honestly. This episode wasn´t one of the best. I would say, average! But fits into the Sun & Jin episodes, they were always a bit boring……However

    Desmond is back, finally!! Seems he´ll be a sort of weapon Widmore is using against MiB. He could be the last left person who can kill MiB. Desmond is different because the rules don´t apply to him so he probably can kill MiB without being strapped by the island rules, means even if he talks to him he still can kill him. least i believe that..

    Sun´s sudden english problems, wasn´t that weird?? It seemed it happened because she was also not able to speak in the alt time line enlgish, at the latest when she got shot.
    It´s a real mess when a pregnant woman gets shot!! but Jijeon (their daugther) is still alive in the normal time, so the baby should be also fine in the alt time line. It seemed the two time lines are so strong connected, that everything what happens in one time line happens also in the other time line just in another sort of way. (hey jason)

    What´s Widmore planning on the island, obviously they are searching after electromagnetic fields, but what they are gonna do with them??
    Widmore meeting MiB, that was lame!! I thought it would be more thrilling if they meet once….., it will be probably in the next few episodes….

    All in all, it was okay!!

  6. When your soul is dammed to hell, you dont feel the pain, the love, the excitement anymore. The only thing he will feel is the hunger to kill, tear apart. (Sayid)it’s only a matter of time, but thought is that like Christ the way he was treated before he was hung on the cross, is the way we are seeing him now at the hands of his captors, but then again between Desmond and Hurley, Christ can come in all sizes, appear to you as a loving nurturing person. As for the one’s who appear with the MIB is only his catalyst for the real damage to come, they have no clue what they are totally in for. As for Jin and Sun, never reaching or finding each other, let me explain my theory of a lost soul, a dammed soul that will in my catholic sense is in purgatory and will remain until Christ’s return. Sun is not the tormented soul here, Jin is and it’s no wonder that he’s lost trying to fins the one he loves. So many lost souls never cross over, they wonder around aimlessly lost, hence the name.

  7. I take back what I said earlier about whatever is in that room was to capture the MIB. Although Widmore know of the smoke monster from his earlier days on the island, he had know way of knowing that it took Locke’s form, and was now on the verge of escaping the island.

    I think he is after something else. I think that he got or found the island via Sun Kwon. She visited him before she went back, and he must had some devise to track her. He has been looking for the island for to long to just find it by luck.

    Jin Kwon’s knowlegde of the electrified zones is the only reason he is important to Widmore.

    I don’t think Desmond returning to the island has much to do with the MIB. I am not sure why he was brought back, he did not do much on the island other then push the button.

    I have my doubts about Sawyer being the new “Jacob,” but he seems to have the “I’m not on anyside,” down pat. His attitude reflects best how Jacob felt. Let them figure it out on their own.

    Obviously Sun not being able to speak English has to do with her sideways flash. She did not have an affair, she did not learn to speak English.

    I don’t know, it is easier to sit back and watch!

  8. findmekate….i do think desmond is somehow important at stopping MIB fom leaving the island. Widmore told Jin about the package, how we now know was Desmond and that is how he wanna stop MiB. Please don´t ask me how!? but i can imagine it has something to do with the island rules which doesn´t applies for desmond….

  9. – I was wondering if there is a connection between the timelines…maybe the wormholes that Chang talked about…so one could go from one timeline to another…

    – it was weird that Widmore told Jin that if MIB leaves the island, everyone would ”cease to be”…so maybe the LA X timeline was the one created by MIB leaving the island…

    – TL, well noticed about Sun looking at the mirror…i guess all the losties have looked at mirrors in the LA X timeline and it always had something strange about it….

  10. It took me a minute to recognize Michial, a.k.a Patchy, without his patch!!!! It is interesting how he got shot in the same eye he had the patch on in the alternate universe.

    By the way, good job by Keammy. He had the right amount of sleeze, mob attitude,and humor in this episode.

    C.P.L. How are you??? I agree with you that Widmore needs Desmond to stop MIB and it definitely has something to do with the electromagnetism and possibly the fact that Desmond may be immune to it, as well as unaffected by the time shifting/travel issues.

    I also think that he is on Jacob’s side, which means that he and Ben are on the same side.

    Jonathan, Jones, Karen, Adam, Scoppie, WTF???????????? Where are you??

  11. I’m right here, but at work so can’t stay, loved this ep and will comment later.

    I know it’s nothing to do with the discussion but I’d just like to recommend Kick Ass to everyone who happens to read this. It’s a wonderfully entertaining popcorn treat – even Nick Cage is good in it! Seriously, drop everything and catch it as soon as you can.

  12. I’ve been watching Lost since the beginning. I’m a big fan, but…I’m disappointed in this season. It’s just been more of the same. Never thought I would say this but “I’m bored with it all.” Come on writers!

  13. Intriguing:

    At minute 29:50, Keammy says to Jin while putting that tape in his hands..:

    ”just in case you figure out whats about to happen to the ISLAND. I cant have you freaking out.”

    Keammy certainly knows a lot about the connection of the timelines…and if he knows , Widmore does too…
    thats why Widmore said to Jin that if MIB leaves the island, everyone will ”cease to be”… meaning another timeline will be created and things would happen differently to everyone.

  14. More to support this:

    When Flocke is talking to Claire, he says that after he gathers everyone he needs and gets off the island, WHATEVER HAPPENS HAPPENS, in a clear reference to Faraday’s Whatever happened happened.

    I thing what he means is that after leaving the island, another timeline will be created, so whatever happened happened in the previous one .

  15. Jonathan- Good catch on Keammy’s comment. I had to listen to it twice, but he definitely said “Island.” Wow. That is also a very plausible theory about MIB’s escape creating a new time line. It could also be that once Jacob was killed and the ash ring broken, the LA X time line was created. You are brilliant my friend!!!!

    I guess I want to know why MIB needs the plane to escape. That just does not make sense. I mean there has been a sub on the island for most of the time the losties were there, so why not just commandeer that. It is not like there were sonic pylons on hydra island at that time. I still think that getting all the candidates on the plane and letting it get destroyed (not directly by him because of the rules) is the plan for him to leave, as opposed to him needing to be on the plane.

  16. TL, i am sure he says ”whats about to happen
    TO THE ISLAND”, even though the subtitles in english say ” whats about to happen ”TO YOU ”.

    About the submarine, if i’m not mistaken, Locke destroyed it with C4 in 2004, and MIB didnt use it before that because he was trapped like he said.

  17. this episode was boring. the desmond thing was so obvious to most of us. nothin else worth while happened.

    i dont think he said island tho jonathan, but it would be interesting if he did.

    whidmore a good guy??? seems to be. i think he will do bad things to get good things done tho.

  18. Adam, english is not my mother language, so i might be wrong. I just read in DarkUfo a guy who heard the same…anyway…

    – I’ve read something today that is interesting.Check it out, by Marc Oromaner:

    ”At the end of the Lost In Myth column last week, tspete posted a comment that I find very intriguing. He stated that he liked the idea of comparing the island to a cork because of its parallels with the whole button pushing exercise in the Swan station. His thought was that just as the button had to be pressed every 108 minutes to reset the system, Jacob and MIB are doing the same thing with people. Not pressing the button would destroy the world, just as letting MIB escape would destroy the world. After Locke lost faith, Desmond turned the failsafe key. This is like Locke’s downfall and Desmond possibly being a key to the island. So, is this all the same sequence of events, only one being through DHARMA and science, and the other being through Jacob and faith? Immediately, I realized he was onto something, and based on what we learned this week, really feel he’s onto something.

    While I don’t remember where I heard it, about a month ago, Damon Lindelof (I believe) mentioned that we’ve already seen the scenario that’s now being played out in the final season, we just don’t realize it yet. Lost has been about the dichotomy of science and faith since the beginning. Perhaps it is now beginning to illustrate the point it was making all along—that they are not opposing forces but one and the same. That for every scientific element we can recognize in the world, there is a spiritual one that represents it. As they say in kabblah, “As above so below.” This is exactly the sort of “bigger picture” element that I’m talking about that makes what we’ve been watching so much richer for me. Yes, the bigger picture has always existed within the mythology of the story, but I have really been hoping that at some point a curtain will be revealed on the show and we will finally get to see what has been behind it all along. We now have some solid clues.

    Thinking back to the Swan station fiasco, Locke had lost his faith that the button had to be pressed because Ben had hinted that it was all pointless. The two of them then were responsible for causing the system failure that caused the pocket of energy in the island to begin to escape. Specifically, the sequence of six numbers were not entered into the computer after 108 minutes and this is what caused all hell to break loose. In the last moments however, Desmond decides to sacrifice himself by turning a failsafe key, destroying the Swan station and causing him to be reborn. This seems to be the exact same story we are seeing now.

    Instead of six numbers preventing the energy of the island from escaping, we now have six people representing those very same numbers. The energy of the island is illustrated as the black smoke monster which has taken the form of Locke. During the Swan station failure, Locke had lost his faith and almost caused the energy of the island to escape. Now, Locke’s image has given Smokey a way to escape from his island prison. Jacob seems to represent the faith of pressing the button—that which had been keeping the energy of the island contained. But the combination of the soulless/fake Locke and Ben kill Jacob, just as the real Locke and Ben brought about the end of the button-pushing. This led to releasing the energy pocket that would’ve destroyed the island had Desmond not stepped in. Desmond did however, using a failsafe key.

    Now, we see that, just as Eloise Hawking promised, the island isn’t done with Desmond yet. Widmore has brought Desmond back to the island and considers him to be his secret weapon against fake Locke/Smokey. Based on what we’ve already seen then, Desmond will likely once again sacrifice himself to prevent Smokey from escaping the island just as it seems imminent that he will do so. My guess is that just as Desmond destroyed the Swan station, he will somehow destroy the island, leading to it being underwater as we saw at the start of the season. Just as the Swan station had to be destroyed to prevent the energy pocket from destroying the island, now the island must be destroyed to prevent Smokey from destroying the world. But then is that it? Will this be how the series ends? How will this connect to the flash sideways? Hopefully, there is still way more to this. The question though, is what? …”

  19. Jonathan- All I can say to the above is wow. So much stuff has happened over the years that it is hard to tie it to other events. Perhaps Desmond’s heroic act of using the fail safe key is more important that it first appeared.

    Well, we will all find out pretty soon as the end is in sight.

  20. This episode as really lame. The series is supposed to be serving us up some answers and yet this was an episode that did nothing of the sort. It did not add to the mystery, but neither did it offer any illumination.

    I feel like you could have missed this episode and rejoined the show next week without feeling like you had dropped the storyline really. In my opinion that’s not good enough now that we are in the home straight.

    I just hope the next episode makes up for this one.

  21. Okay so I almost blew up my DVR in the first seven minutes going back and forth with the shirt buttons. Thank you Carlton I needed that! You know totally lost still rewinds when Sawyer comes out of the ocean after the ship blows up.

    The best line of the year ” why don’t you just change into the smoke thing and fly your ass to the other island. ” frickin priceless.

    I’m still collecting my thoughts and jet lag but my hats off again to Jonathan for his insights. Remember when Desmond flipped the switch and he was running naked through the jungle. He could see things before they happened. I can’t recall if it went away or they just moved on. This may be a factor.

    I’ll comment more probably tomorrow but good thouhts from everyone. I need to do a little more rewinding. I mean unwinding.

  22. Richard7669- I knew the Sun scenes would be your favorite!!!! And, you bet that I rewind Sawyer, and not just that water scene. In fact I found a clip on youtube of Sawyer’s top 10 moments!!

  23. hahaha. Richard I thought of you during that. Jonathan – I didnt mean to make fun or sound like i was making fun. I just dont think he said that. Im going to re-watch the show on tuesday and i’ll listen again.

  24. Adam, not even for one second i thought you were making fun!
    Actually many people think he didnt say ”island”.

    I tried hard to listen him saying ”to you” as the subtitles say, but i always hear ”the island”.

    Happy easter for everyone. I dont know if it is easter somewhere else, but in Brazil its today.

  25. Happy Easter Jonathan and everyone.

    Here is another thought. When Flocke was talking to Widmore he said a man once told me war was coming to the island. It looks like it’s here. Again another Locke referance like when Flocke was yelling don’t tell me what I can do.

    Maybe Locke is in there somewhere.

  26. Jonathan- I really hope they go back and pick up some of these clues but time is definately ticking away.

  27. I dont think they are going back to do stuff like that unfortunately. It sux cause there are a lot of things I’d like answered. Like Walt….whats that kids deal? I felt he was going to be important somehow but since the actor has aged so much they are saying he is probably not a mention of him. I think some things we will have to just write off.

  28. this weeks episode is all desmond so i think we will get a lot of why and how he is coming back and possibly whidmores real intentions since he obviously took him. This episode if done right could be cool. I dont want the flash sideways to be bullshit adn not give us much. dez is important cause “the rules dont apply” so we should find out a bit more of that meaning and if whidmore set dez up to crash on theat island. couldnt have been a coincidence right??

  29. The episode was pretty good, not great though. I don’t know about anyone else but this episode only seemed to answers that they have created this season.

    Do you think in the original timeline that Sun’s father sent Jin to deliver the watch just to get him killed?

    Jonathan Post 21, good one, really like that idea.

    So far the mirror scenes seem to have something to them as mentioned above, Sun has a strange moment just before she opens the door for Keamy, Jack with his surgery scar and Sawyer breaking one after Miles found out about his lie.

  30. Maybe the pockets energy Widmore is looking for are kind of portals to another timelines, the wormholes that Chang talked about.

  31. One thing that’s been bugging me is, why aren’t all of the Losties who went back to 1977 dead? If the destruction of the island somehow caused the alternate timeline we’re seeing this season, I still don’t understand how the Losties from the original timeline just woke up in 2007.

  32. BTW – An interesting theory that I heard this weekend: What if they sideways universe is actually the ORIGINAL universe and the other flashes we’ve seen before this season were as a result of some monkeying with the timeline?

  33. Welcome Etobicoker.I dont think it was the explosion of the bomb that created the timeline and sunk the island…

    i am not even sure if it went off….

    i think it was something else who sunk the island…maybe Desmond… and the timeline could have been created by Jacob’s dead or MIB’s escape from the island.

  34. Etobicoker, and supposing the bomb did went off, maybe they didnt die cause they were candidates touched by Jacob, and their missions wasnt over yet.
    Juliet was not touched and she died.

  35. guys i have a feeling this episode will be pivital in helping us to understand the whole puzzle. Not any other information just a feeling. I’m very excited about this one. (of course not as excited as last weeks Sun episode)

    totallylost- i believe you should have some Sawyer time tonight…

  36. Richard7669–YOO-HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you’ll get a little more Sun as well. Maybe not her unbuttoning her shirt, but I guess something is better than nothing!!!


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